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The Monet Cookbook

Author : Florence Gentner
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This beautiful book presents 60 of Claude Monet s original recipes alongside glorious reproductions of his paintings, scenes from his life in Giverny, and stunning photographs of the dishes. It s well known that Claude Monet was a gourmand as well as an artistic genius. His culinary journals are filled with detailed recipes and notes about what he ate and with whom he shared his meals. Now, sixty of those recipes are gathered in this elegantly produced book brimming with the colors and flavors of Giverny, France. Each chapter features recipes that were served in Monet s famed yellow dining room, eaten al fresco in the gardens at Giverny, or at several of the fine restaurants along the Seine in Normandy. Beautiful reproductions of Monet s art compliment the recipes, along with photographs of the artist enjoying these dishes with his family, friends, and fellow artists. The recipes themselves, selected for their rustic appeal and use of only the freshest ingredients, range from simple galettes and hearty casseroles to fine souffles, seafood dishes, and delicious tarts, cakes, and other pastries. A fitting tribute to the painter and his legendary aesthetic, this cookbook is the next best thing to sitting at Monet s table."

Monet s Palate Cookbook

Author : Aileen Bordman
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The farm-to-table tradition lived passionately by Claude Monet beckons one to take a culinary journey in his footsteps. Written by filmmaker Aileen Bordman and garden writer Derek Fell, the book shares sixty recipes linked to Monet's two-acre kitchen garden near his home at Giverny, France. Included is detailed information about the vegetables he grew, plus exquisite photographs and descriptions of the house interiors and gardens capturing Monet's extraordinary lifestyle; French tips for entertaining; as well as recipes inspired by his cooking journals and places he visited. Aileen Bordman is the creator and producer of the acclaimed documentary film titled Monet's Palate: A Gastronomic View from the Garden. She has been immersed in the world of Claude Monet since 1980 and has more than 35 years of firsthand experience at Monet's home and gardens. She lives in just outside of New York City in New Jersey. Derek Fell writer and photographer, is the author of two books on Monet, The Magic of Monet's Garden and Secret's of Monet's Garden. He has a strong following as America's most widely published garden writer. His books on gardening, travel and art have been published worldwide and total more than 2.5 million in print. He divides his time between Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and Sanibel Island, Florida.

Monet s Table

Author : Claire Joyes
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One of the most influential painters of modern times, Claude Monet lived for half his life in the famous house at Giverny. It was after moving here in 1883 with his future second wife, Alice Hoschedézanne -- other regular guests included Rodin, Whistler, Maupassant, Valéry, and one of Monet's closest friends, the statesman Clemenceau. They came to dine in almost ritual form, first visiting Monet's studio and the greenhouses, then having lunch at 11:30 (the time the family always dined, to enable Monet to make the most of the afternoon light). Tea would later be served under the lime trees or near the pond. Guests were never invited to dinner; because Monet went to bed very early in order to rise at dawn. All the guests were familiar with Monet's rigid timetable. The recipes collected in his cooking journals include dishes Monet had encountered in his travels or had come across in restaurants he frequented in Paris as well as recipes from friends, such as Cézanne's bouillabaisse and Millet's petits pains. For this book, the author Claire Joyes, wife of Madame Monet's great-grandson, has spent years selecting the Monets' favorite recipes and writing a wonderfully evocative introductory text. All of the recipes have been artfully prepared and brought back to life in Monet's own kitchen by master chef Joël Robuchon. Illustrated with sumptuous reproductions of Monet's paintings, spectacular original four-color photographs of Giverny, selected shots of finished dishes, and facsimile pages from the notebooks themselves, this book provides a fascinating and unique insight into the turn-of-the-century lifestyle of one of the world's most celebrated Impressionist painters.

Monet oder Der Triumph des Impressionismus

Author : Daniel Wildenstein
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Everyday Monet

Author : Aileen Bordman
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Bring Monet’s paintings and gardens to life using this gorgeously illustrated book that will teach you how to create a Monet lifestyle from your living room to your kitchen to your garden—from the documentarian and author of Monet’s Palate Cookbook, with the support of the American steward and all the head gardeners at Giverny. Aileen Bordman has long been influenced by the work of Claude Monet, one of the founders of French Impressionist painting whose esteemed works capturing the simple beauties of fin de siècle French life—from waterlilies to haystacks—have fetched astonishing sums at private auction houses and can be found in the greatest art museums around the globe. With direct access to Giverny through a pair of insiders—her mother, a steward of the Giverny estate, and its head gardener—she transports you to Monet’s garden at Giverny, the third most visited site in France, in Everyday Monet. Combining the history, palette colors, and designs of Monet’s gardens and paintings in this one-of-a-kind volume, Aileen shows how to encapsulate a home and lifestyle inspired by the artist. Filled with insights, step-by-step instructions, musings, recipes, gorgeous photography, and how-to graphics, Everyday Monet teaches how to grow a garden like Monet, preserve a waterlily inside the home, decorate a dining room table or a bathroom inspired by Monet’s aesthetic, and prepare foods that inspire your inner-Impressionist. Filled with lush photos of Monet’s milieu—from the gardens of Giverny to the streets of Normandy—and reproductions of Monet’s most famous paintings, Everyday Monet is a practical guide to finding ways to implement Monet’s beautiful designs into any home and garden, whether you live on a country estate or in a city apartment, and is a memorable keepsake Monet devotees will treasure.

Thyme and Monet Cookbook

Author : Barbara Hall
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Chuck and Blanche Johnson s Savor Oregon Cookbook

Author : Chuck Johnson
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Containing 125 recipes--primarily for wild game and fish--this cookbook is the result of the authors' visits to the state's most popular restaurants, inns, and lodges. Included are historical photos of the region.

The Secret Life of the Seine

Author : Mort Rosenblum
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Mort Rosenblum, a celebrated foreign correspondent, invites us aboard his fifty-four-foot launch tied up in the center of Paris and introduces us to the characters who share his life along the river, ranging from eccentric movie stars and reclusive novelists to barge families just scraping by. He then hauls in the bow line for an unforgettable tour of the river itself from its source to its mouth. The Secret Life of the Seine is a love story between man and boat and the river that they live on, a discourse on the sensual beauty of France and the art of living well. In the tradition of A Year in Provence, Under the Tuscan Sun, and Paris to the Moon, here is what Garry Trudeau called "a moveable feast [with] a top speed of five knots—fast enough for fun, languid enough for dreaming. Take a trip you'll never take: This is what books are for."

Rick Stein s Secret France

Author : Rick Stein
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Real French home cooking with all the recipes from Rick's new BBC Two series. Over fifty years ago Rick Stein first set foot in France. Now, he returns to the food and cooking he loves the most ... and makes us fall in love with French food all over again. Rick’s meandering quest through the byways and back roads of rural France sees him pick up inspiration from Normandy to Provence. With characteristic passion and joie de vivre, Rick serves up incredible recipes: chicken stuffed with mushrooms and Comté, grilled bream with aioli from the Languedoc coast, a duck liver parfait bursting with flavour, and a recipe for the most perfect raspberry tart plus much, much more. Simple fare, wonderful ingredients, all perfectly assembled; Rick finds the true essence of a food so universally loved, and far easier to recreate than you think.

The Impressionists Table

Author : Alexandra Leaf
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"A cookbook for the modern gourmet and a stunning book on the art and gastronomy of nineteenth-century France, The Impressionists' Table evokes the French tradition of dining through the Impressionists' paintings of picnics, cafes, and restaurants, as well as vivid, richly textured still lifes of food." "The book features fifteen complete menus with eight recipes each, along with wine suggestions for each menu. The recipes included here are all drawn from sources that date from the Impressionist era; the majority are culled from cookbooks in popular use at the time. Some, however, are the creations of the Impressionist painters themselves - namely, Claude Monet and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, who were avid cooks. All of the recipes are modern-day adaptations of nineteenth-century favorites with enduring gourmet appeal."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Crohn s Disease Comprehensive Diet Guide and Cookbook

Author : Monet Manbacci, Ph.D.
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A Crohn's Disease diagnosis does not have to mean you or your loved ones no longer are able to enjoy food! Crohns Disease Comprehensive Diet Guide and Cookbook is a helpful and important guide to eating with Crohns disease. This cookbook has great recipes, essential tips for managing Crohns and meal planning samples. With over 130 recipes, this guide is perfect for anyone seeking advice for themselves or about how to prepare foods for their loved ones. Inside you will find: * A brief introduction to what is Crohn’s disease, symptoms, typical medications, and Crohn's awareness * Healthy nutritional choices for Inflammatory Bowel Disease IBD patients * Anti inflammatory supplements and vitamins to reduce the gut inflammation * Different diet options such as low residue and low fiber for Crohn’s auto immune disorder patients * Compares IBD diets with other diets such as paleo and Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS LOWFODMAP diet * Complete lists of foods to consume and avoid * 14-day meal plans for remission periods as well as for flare ups * Over 130 fantastic recipes for Crohn’s patients (safe for gut health) and more! This guide also features the top 75 cooking tips for Crohn’s patients in a series and a sample of a Crohn’s Management Journal! Discover great tips for cooking for Crohn’s patients as well as advice on food preparation and meal planning. This diet book is also a great choice for the health of ulcerative colitis patients. Whether you have been newly diagnosed, are looking for information for a child or other loved one, or have been struggling with Crohn’s for some time hoping for new options, this diet guide and cookbook is an essential addition to your library.

MySQL Cookbook

Author : Paul DuBois
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MySQL’s popularity has brought a flood of questions about how to solve specific problems, and that’s where this cookbook is essential. When you need quick solutions or techniques, this handy resource provides scores of short, focused pieces of code, hundreds of worked-out examples, and clear, concise explanations for programmers who don’t have the time (or expertise) to solve MySQL problems from scratch. Ideal for beginners and professional database and web developers, this updated third edition covers powerful features in MySQL 5.6 (and some in 5.7). The book focuses on programming APIs in Python, PHP, Java, Perl, and Ruby. With more than 200+ recipes, you’ll learn how to: Use the mysql client and write MySQL-based programs Create, populate, and select data from tables Store, retrieve, and manipulate strings Work with dates and times Sort query results and generate summaries Use stored routines, triggers, and scheduled events Import, export, validate, and reformat data Perform transactions and work with statistics Process web input, and generate web content from query results Use MySQL-based web session management Provide security and server administration

Art Cookbook

Author : Heather Eiden
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The projects in this book can be presented to help children develop skills such as cutting with scissors, taping, gluing, and arranging materials to make a collage, painting, sculpture, or drawing. Beyond the physical skills, children can also learn to collaborate on projects, work on art in a respectful manner, and build communication skills.

Ulcerative Colitis Comprehensive Diet Guide and Cookbook

Author : Monet Manbacci, Ph.D.
File Size : 60.12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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An Ulcerative Colitis diagnosis does not have to mean you or your loved ones no longer are able to enjoy food! Ulcerative Colitis Comprehensive Diet Guide and Cookbook is a helpful and important guide to eating with ulcerative colitis disease. This ulcerative colitis cookbook has great recipes, essential tips for managing Inflammatory Bowel Disease colitis and meal planning samples. With over 130 recipes, this autoimmune cookbook is perfect for anyone seeking advice for themselves or about how to prepare foods for their loved ones. Inside you will find: •Healthy nutritional choices for IBD colitis patients •Anti inflammatory ingredients to reduce the gut inflammation •Low fiber diet, low fiber food, dairy free, and gluten free recipes •Different diet options such as low residue and low fiber for ulcerative colitis auto immune disorder patients •Compares IBD diets with other diets such as Paleo and Irritable Bowel Syndrome LowFODMAP diet •Complete lists of foods to consume and avoid •14-day meal plans (the gut health diet plan) for remission periods as well as for flare ups •Over 130 fantastic recipes for ulcerative colitis patients (for autoimmune fix) and more! This guide also features the top 200 tips for ulcerative colitis patients in a series! Discover great tips for cooking for colitis ulceraitve patients as well as advice on food preparation and meal planning. This cookbook is also a great choice for the health of Crohns disease or Crohn's disease patients. The chron patients can see this book as a great Crohns disease cookbook or an autoimmune diet book. Whether you have been newly diagnosed, are looking for information for a child or other loved one, or have been struggling with ulcerative colitis for some time hoping for new options, this diet guide and cookbook is an essential addition to your library.

Clojure Programming Cookbook

Author : Makoto Hashimoto
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Handle every problem you come across in the world of Clojure programming with this expert collection of recipes About This Book Discover a wide variety of practical cases and real world techniques to enhance your productivity with Clojure. Learn to resolve the everyday issues you face with a functional mindset using Clojure You will learn to write highly efficient, more productive, and error-free programs without the risk of deadlocks and race-conditions Who This Book Is For This book is for Clojure developers who have some Clojure programming experience and are well aware of their shortcomings. If you want to learn to tackle common problems, become an expert, and develop a solid skill set, then this book is for you. What You Will Learn Manipulate, access, filter, and transform your data with Clojure Write efficient parallelized code through Clojure abstractions Tackle Complex Concurrency easily with Reactive Programming Build on Haskell abstractions to write dynamic functional tests Write AWS Lambda functions effortlessly Put Clojure in use into your IoT devices Use Clojure with Slack for instant monitoring Scaling your Clojure application using Docker Develop real-time system interactions using MQTT and websockets In Detail When it comes to learning and using a new language you need an effective guide to be by your side when things get rough. For Clojure developers, these recipes have everything you need to take on everything this language offers. This book is divided into three high impact sections. The first section gives you an introduction to live programming and best practices. We show you how to interact with your connections by manipulating, transforming, and merging collections. You'll learn how to work with macros, protocols, multi-methods, and transducers. We'll also teach you how to work with languages such as Java, and Scala. The next section deals with intermediate-level content and enhances your Clojure skills, here we'll teach you concurrency programming with Clojure for high performance. We will provide you with advanced best practices, tips on Clojure programming, and show you how to work with Clojure while developing applications. In the final section you will learn how to test, deploy and analyze websocket behavior when your app is deployed in the cloud. Finally, we will take you through DevOps. Developing with Clojure has never been easier with these recipes by your side! Style and approach This book takes a recipe-based approach by diving directly into helpful programming concepts. It will give you a foolproof approach to programming and teach you how to deal with problems that may arise while working with Clojure. The book is divided into three sections giving you the freedom skip to the section of your choice depending on the problem faced.

Photoshop Fine Art Effects Cookbook for Digital Photographers

Author : John Beardsworth
File Size : 71.47 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"62 easy-to-follow recipes to recreate the classic styles of great artists & photographers"--Cover.

The Biodynamic Food and Cookbook

Author : Wendy E. Cook
File Size : 31.23 MB
Format : PDF
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Illustrated with hundreds of color photographs, "The Biodynamic Food & Cookbook" explains the principles behind biodynamic methods and places it in the context of food and cooking through the ages. Included are supplementary sections on breads, sauces, salads, desserts, drinks, and much more.

Generative Adversarial Networks Cookbook

Author : Josh Kalin
File Size : 49.65 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Simplify next-generation deep learning by implementing powerful generative models using Python, TensorFlow and Keras Key Features Understand the common architecture of different types of GANs Train, optimize, and deploy GAN applications using TensorFlow and Keras Build generative models with real-world data sets, including 2D and 3D data Book Description Developing Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) is a complex task, and it is often hard to find code that is easy to understand. This book leads you through eight different examples of modern GAN implementations, including CycleGAN, simGAN, DCGAN, and 2D image to 3D model generation. Each chapter contains useful recipes to build on a common architecture in Python, TensorFlow and Keras to explore increasingly difficult GAN architectures in an easy-to-read format. The book starts by covering the different types of GAN architecture to help you understand how the model works. This book also contains intuitive recipes to help you work with use cases involving DCGAN, Pix2Pix, and so on. To understand these complex applications, you will take different real-world data sets and put them to use. By the end of this book, you will be equipped to deal with the challenges and issues that you may face while working with GAN models, thanks to easy-to-follow code solutions that you can implement right away. What you will learn Structure a GAN architecture in pseudocode Understand the common architecture for each of the GAN models you will build Implement different GAN architectures in TensorFlow and Keras Use different datasets to enable neural network functionality in GAN models Combine different GAN models and learn how to fine-tune them Produce a model that can take 2D images and produce 3D models Develop a GAN to do style transfer with Pix2Pix Who this book is for This book is for data scientists, machine learning developers, and deep learning practitioners looking for a quick reference to tackle challenges and tasks in the GAN domain. Familiarity with machine learning concepts and working knowledge of Python programming language will help you get the most out of the book.

The Dead Celebrity Cookbook Presents Christmas in Tinseltown

Author : Frank DeCaro
File Size : 90.2 MB
Format : PDF
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The toast of Christmas past is back and not a moment too soon! In The Dead Celebrity Christmas Cookbook, Frank DeCaro serves up culinary delights from Edmund Gwenn's Christmas Cup to Bing Crosby's Sugar Cookies and celebrates the best of the season's movies, TV specials, and music. Recipes from such late luminaries as Natalie Wood, Judy Garland, Burl Ives, Dinah Shore, and even Boris Karloff are featured in chapters saluting fabulous amusements like Miracle on 34th Street, Meet Me in St. Louis, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Pee-wee's Playhouse Christmas Special, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Plus recipes from singers like Eartha Kitt ("Santa Baby"), Elvis Presley ("Blue Christmas"), and John Lennon ("Happy Xmas (War is Over)") celebrate the best holiday platters.

Cranky s Cookbook

Author : Walter Hoving
File Size : 86.36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This cookbook is comprised of recipes collected from many different countries and many different ethnic backgrounds. Every ingredient or preparation that is needed in each and every main recipe can be found within this cookbook. There are also hundreds of tips to the cook as to the handling of food, the purchasing of fresh ingredients, some brief history as to the origin of some of the recipes and hundreds of tips to the cook. Cooking should never be an effort or fraught with labor . it should be fun . So, let's have fun!