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Marketing Your Library s Electronic Resources

Author : Marie R. Kennedy
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It’s often hard to juggle promoting a library’s e-resources effectively at the same time as building basic visibility within the community it serves. Useful for librarians at any type of institution, this How-To-Do-It Manual guides readers through every step of developing, implementing, and evaluating plans to market e-resources in an approachable and user-friendly way. Kennedy and LaGuardia show how front line librarians can improve awareness of under-utilized resources and increase demand for more of the same, thereby encouraging increased funding. Their book includes Four complete programs from both public and academic libraries A step-by-step organization guide, with a variety of feedback and assessment forms which can be used as models Numerous examples of well-executed plans and outcomes

Library Teen Advisory Groups

Author : Diane P. Tuccillo
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Sample mission statements, applications, membership cards, parent permission forms, publicity flyers, and newsletters can be borrowed or adapted." "Library directors, school administrators, library educators, and librarians who work directly with teens in school and public libraries will be unable to resist such compelling testaments to the value of library teen advisory groups."--BOOK JACKET.

The Dolphin Letters 1970 1979

Author : Robert Lowell
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The Dolphin Letters offers an unprecedented portrait of Robert Lowell and Elizabeth Hardwick during the last seven years of Lowell's life (1970 to 1977), a time of personal crisis and creative innovation for both writers. Centred on the letters they exchanged with each other and with other members of their circle - writers, intellectuals, friends, and publishers, including Elizabeth Bishop, Caroline Blackwood, Mary McCarthy, and Adrienne Rich - the book has the narrative sweep of a novel, telling the story of the dramatic breakup of their twenty-one-year marriage and their extraordinary, but late, reconciliation. Lowell's controversial sonnet-sequence The Dolphin (for which he used Hardwick's letters as a source) and his last book, Day by Day, were written during this period, as were Hardwick's influential books Seduction and Betrayal: Essays on Women in Literature and Sleepless Nights: A Novel. Lowell and Hardwick are acutely intelligent observers of marriages, children, and friends, and of the feelings that their personal crises gave rise to. The Dolphin Letters, masterfully edited by Saskia Hamilton, is a debate about the limits of art - what occasions a work of art, what moral and artistic license artists have to make use of their lives as material, what formal innovations such debates give rise to. The crisis of Lowell's The Dolphin was profoundly affecting to everyone surrounding him, and Bishop's warning to Lowell - 'art just isn't worth that much' - haunts.

The Warren Commission Report

Author : President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy
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Warren Commission Report is the result of the investigation regarding the assassination of United States President John F. Kennedy. The U.S. Congress passed Senate Joint Resolution 137 authorizing the Presidential appointed Commission to report on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, mandating the attendance and testimony of witnesses and the production of evidence. After eleven months of the investigation the Commission presented its findings in 888-page final report. The key findings presented in this report were that President Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald, that Oswald acted entirely alone and that Jack Ruby also acted alone when he killed Oswald two days later. The Commission's findings have proven controversial and have been both challenged and supported by later studies.

Puck s Library

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Wisconsin Library Bulletin

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Being Happy Raising Happy

Author : Maureen Lake
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You Were Born Happy. You Were Born to Be Happy. You Were Born to Raise Happy. Being a mom is a lot of work. Being a mom of a spirited child can be exceptionally challenging. Moms who want to change their stress and anxiety levels and make a difference in the lives of their children and family need to take steps towards wellness. Maureen Lake teaches moms: The reason why parenting a spirited child can cause more stress and anxiety than parenting children who don’t have the same challenges The importance of cherishing themselves and setting clear boundaries so they can nurture their child How to uncover the areas of their lives that are causing the most stress and anxiety How to regain footing by following a five-step process toward peace of mind How to better manage kids and family with a nutrition plan to increase energy and other wellness tips that boost the immune system and create better overall health Designing a wellness program that honestly fits your family and lifestyle takes time, determination, and loving passion. Being Happy, Raising Happy is for loving and caring moms who somehow forgot about their own needs, desires, and the impact they want to make in the world and want to start their journey towards revitalizing the mind, body, and spirit.

Make It Here Inciting Creativity and Innovation in Your Library

Author : Matthew Hamilton
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This is an ideal resource for joining the maker movement, no matter the size of your public library or resource level. • Explains why the maker movement and libraries are a perfect match • Includes makerspace ideas and programs for all ages, not just teens • Written by authors with personal experience creating maker programming in a short amount of time with a limited budget • Supplies ideas and anecdotes from makerspaces and innovators across the United States that will inspire staff at all levels

Additions to the Library

Author : Boston Athenaeum
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Silicon Earth

Author : John D. Cressler
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We are in the center of the most life-changing technological revolution the Earth has ever known. In little more than 65 years, an eye-blink in human history, a single technological invention has launched the proverbial thousand ships, producing the most sweeping and pervasive set of changes ever to wash over humankind; changes that are reshaping the very core of human existence, on a global scale, at a relentlessly accelerating pace. And we are just at the very beginning. Silicon Earth: Introduction to Microelectronics and Nanotechnology introduces readers with little or no technical background to the marvels of microelectronics and nanotechnology, using straightforward language, an intuitive approach, minimal math, and lots of pictures. The general scientific and engineering underpinnings of microelectronics and nanotechnology are described, as well as how this new technological revolution is transforming a broad array of interdisciplinary fields, and civilization as a whole. Special "widget deconstruction" chapters address the inner workings of ubiquitous micro/nano-enabled pieces of technology, such as smartphones, flash drives, and digital cameras. Completely updated and upgraded to full color, the Second Edition: Includes new material on the design of electronic systems, the future of electronics, and the societal impact of micro/nanotechnology Provides new widget deconstructions of cutting-edge tech gadgets like the GPS-enabled smartwatch Adds end-of-chapter study questions and hundreds of new color photos Silicon Earth: Introduction to Microelectronics and Nanotechnology, Second Edition is a pick-up-and-read-cover-to-cover book for those curious about the micro/nanoworld, as well as a classroom-tested, student-and-professor-approved text ideal for an undergraduate-level university course. Lecture slides, homework examples, a deconstruction project, and discussion threads are available via an author-maintained website.