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The Mountaineers A History

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Traces the history of one of the oldest outdoor clubs in the United States, and describes how it has introduced outdoor skills and conservation ethics to thousands of climbers, hikers, and skiers

A History of Mountaineering in the Alps

Author : Claire Éliane Engel
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A History of Mountain Climbing

Author : Roger Frison-Roche
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Beginning with the first conquest of the Alps in the eighteenth century, the drive to scale the world's tallest peaks has inspired generations of amateur and professional climbers and explorers. In breathtaking illustrations and an exciting, accessible text, Roger Frison-Roche and Sylvain Jouty bring the history of mountain climbing vividly to life. Supplemented by biographies of fifty of the world's most celebrated mountain climbers and a detailed chronology, this thrilling chronicle of the triumphs and defeats that have marked the history of the sport will appeal to mountain-climbing enthusiasts and anyone who loves the great outdoors.


Author : Walt Unsworth
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After John Hunt's successful 1953 expedition he wrote in his diary that at least the Everest story was finished. In fact, it had scarcely begun. The first ascent was the end of a chapter but far from the end of the story. Since those days, well over 300 men and women have stood on the summit of the world's highest mountain, some of them several times, seeking new routes, faster times, or simply to be numbered among the elite who have stood on the roof of the world. Everest: The Mountaineering History tells the truth about many of the world's mountaineering heroes, about the incompetence, the pettiness, and rages, as well as the courage and skill.

Environmental History in the Making

Author : Cristina Joanaz de Melo
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This book is the product of the 2nd World Conference on Environmental History, held in Guimarães, Portugal, in 2014. It gathers works by authors from the five continents, addressing concerns raised by past events so as to provide information to help manage the present and the future. It reveals how our cultural background and examples of past territorial intervention can help to combat political and cultural limitations through the common language of environmental benefits without disguising harmful past human interventions. Considering that political ideologies such as socialism and capitalism, as well as religion, fail to offer global paradigms for common ground, an environmentally positive discourse instead of an ecological determinism might serve as an umbrella common language to overcome blocking factors, real or invented, and avoid repeating ecological loss. Therefore, agency, environmental speech and historical research are urgently needed in order to sustain environmental paradigms and overcome political, cultural an economic interests in the public arena. This book intertwines reflections on our bonds with landscapes, processes of natural and scientific transfer across the globe, the changing of ecosystems, the way in which scientific knowledge has historically both accelerated destruction and allowed a better distribution of vital resources or as it, in today’s world, can offer alternatives that avoid harming those same vital natural resources: water, soil and air. In addition, it shows the relevance of cultural factors both in the taming of nature in favor of human comfort and in the role of the environment matters in the forging of cultural identities, which cannot be detached from technical intervention in the world. In short, the book firstly studies the past, approaching it as a data set of how the environment has shaped culture, secondly seeks to understand the present, and thirdly assesses future perspectives: what to keep, what to change, and what to dream anew, considering that conventional solutions have not sufficed to protect life on our planet.

Pilgrims of the Vertical

Author : Joseph E. Taylor III
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Pilgrims of the Vertical (a phrase borrowed from climber-turned-entrepreneur Royal Robbins) is at once a chronicle of how the sport evolved in Yosemite and a fascinating social history that considers climbing in the larger context of American life...For the general reader, the book makes a fine introduction to the history of climbing and Yosemite's special place in its development.

Hiking Washington s History

Author : Judy Bentley
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For thousands of years people have traveled across Washington’s spectacular terrain, establishing footpaths and roads to reach hunting grounds and coal mines high in the mountains, fishing sites and trade emporiums on the rivers, forests of old growth, and homesteads and towns on prairies. These traditional routes have been preserved in national parks, restored by cities and towns, salvaged from old railroad tracks, and opened to hikers by Indigenous communities. In this new, full-color edition of the first-ever hiking guide to the state’s historic trails, historian and hiker Judy Bentley teams up with veteran guidebook author Craig Romano to lead adventurers of all abilities along trails on the coast, over mountains, through national forests, across plateaus, and on the banks of the Columbia River. Features include: • 44 hikes, including 12 new additions • Full-color trail maps • A trails timeline that connects hikes to key events • Updated trail descriptions • Accounts from diaries, journals, and archives • Historical overviews of 8 regions of the state • Contemporary and historical photographs Bentley and Romano offer an essential boots-on-the ground history of some of the state’s most fascinating places.

Orientalism and Empire

Author : Austin Jersild
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Orientalism and Empire sheds new light on the little-studied Russian empire in the Caucasus by exploring the tension between national and imperial identities on the Russian frontier. Austin Jersild contributes to the growing literature on Russian "orientalism" and the Russian encounter with Islam, and reminds us of the imperial background and its contribution to the formation of the twentieth-century ethno-territorial Soviet state.

Fallen Giants

Author : Maurice Isserman
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In the first comprehensive history of Himalayan mountaineering in 50 years, the authors offer detailed, original accounts of the most significant climbs since the 1890s, and they compellingly evoke the social and cultural worlds that gave rise to those expeditions.

On Top of the World

Author : Showell Styles
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