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The Museum Experience Revisited

Author : John H Falk
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The first book to take a "visitor's eye view" of the museum visit when it was first published in 1992, The Museum Experience revolutionized the way museum professionals understand their constituents. Falk and Dierking have updated this essential reference, incorporating advances in research, theory, and practice in the museum field over the last twenty years. Written in clear, non-technical style, The Museum Experience Revisited paints a thorough picture of why people go to museums, what they do there, how they learn, and what museum practitioners can do to enhance these experiences.

Museum Experience Revisited

Author : John H Falk
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The first book to take a "visitor's eye view" of the museum visit, updated to incorporate advances in research, theory, and practice in the museum field over the last twenty years.

The Museum Experience Revisited

Author : John Howard Falk
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Learning from Museums

Author : John H. Falk
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In the second edition of their 2000 book, John H. Falk and Lynn D. Dierking offer an updated version of the Contextual Model of Learning, as well as present the latest advances in museum research, theory, and practice in order to provide readers an inside view of how and why people learn from their museum experiences.

The German Jewish Experience Revisited

Author : Steven E. Aschheim
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In the past decades the “German-Jewish phenomenon” (Derrida) has increasingly attracted the attention of scholars from various fields: Jewish studies, intellectual history, philosophy, literary and cultural studies, critical theory. In all its complex dimensions, the post-enlightenment German-Jewish experience is overwhelmingly regarded as the most quintessential and charged meeting of Jews with the project of modernity. Perhaps for this reason, from the eighteenth century through to our own time it has been the object of intense reflection, of clashing interpretations and appropriations. In both micro and macro case-studies, this volume engages the multiple perspectives as advocated by manifold interested actors, and analyzes their uses, biases and ideological functions over time in different cultural, disciplinary and national contexts. This volume includes both historical treatments of differing German-Jewish understandings of their experience – their relations to their Judaism, general culture and to other Jews – and contemporary reflections and competing interpretations as to how to understand the overall experience of German Jewry.

Creating Exhibits That Engage

Author : John Summers
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Winner of the 2018 Ontario Museum Association Award of Excellence Winner of the 2019 Canadian Museum Association Award of Outstanding Achievement in the Research - Cultural Heritage Category Creating Exhibits that Engage: A Manual for Museums and Historical Organizations is a concise, useful guide to developing effective and memorable museum exhibits. The book is full of information, guidelines, tips, and concrete examples drawn from the author’s years of experience as a curator and exhibit developer in the United States and Canada. Is this your first exhibit project? You will find step-by-step instructions, useful advice and plenty of examples. Are you a small museum or local historical society looking to improve your exhibits? This book will take you through how to define your audience, develop a big idea, write the text, manage the budget, design the graphics, arrange the gallery, select artifacts, and fabricate, install and evaluate the exhibit. Are you a museum studies student wanting to learn about the theory and practice of exhibit development? This book combines both and includes references to works by noted authors in the field. Written in a clear and accessible style, Creating Exhibits that Engage offers checklists of key points at the end of each chapter, a glossary of specialized terms, and photographs, drawings and charts illustrating key concepts and techniques.

Annual Review of Cultural Heritage Informatics

Author : Samantha K. Hastings
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The premier volume of the Annual Review of Cultural Heritage Informatics (ARCHI), edited by Samantha Kelly Hastings, is the polestar publication for cultural heritage scholars, professionals, and students. Featuring sixteen original works selected by the distinguished editorial board of international scholars, ARCHI presents a broad spectrum of the cultural heritage informatics field. Whether one is interested in cultural heritage preservation, digitization, digital humanities, user behavior, technology, or educational practices, this book is the central source for current and emerging trends in the rapidly expanding cultural heritage informatics field. Major sections of this work include: Best Practices Digital Communities Education Field Reports Technology Reviews By challenging readers to explore a variety of contexts and offering critical evaluation of conventional practices, ARCHI promotes new ideas and offers new pathways of development for the cultural heritage informatics field. No one working in cultural heritage can be truly up-to-date without this essential new coverage of the field today.

Religious Experience Revisited

Author : Tobias Tan
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"Religious Experience Revisited" explores the contested relationship between experiences and expressions of religion. The entanglements of experience and expression are taken as a point of departure to develop a hermeneutics of religion in interdisciplinary and international perspectives.

The Museum Experience

Author : John Howard Falk
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This book provides a thorough introduction to what is known about why people visit museums, what they do there, and that they learn. It offers recommendations and guidelines to help museum staff understand their clientele and their interactions with them.

Multiple Wives Multiple Pleasures

Author : Joan DelPlato
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This is a critical study of French and Britis art and written texts (poetry, literature, travel accounts, art criticism)- orientalist works about the harem produced in the period from 1800-1875. Original readings are provided for over 150 harem pictures, from well-known salon paintings to rarely published erotic popular prints and book illustrations. 'Multiple Wives, Multiple Pleasures' examines these works closely, often establishing fresh contexts for many of the more well-known nineteenth century harem pictures, and often providing a consideration of lesser-known harem pictures that have been rarely published until now.

The Edinburgh Review

Author :
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Friendship and the Museum Experience

Author : Lee Draper
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Raqqa Revisited

Author : Marilyn Jenkins
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Clovis Revisited

Author : Anthony T. Boldurian
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Explore the early days of Paleoindian archaeology in this engaging retrospective of Edgar B. Howard's Southwest Early Man Project, 1929-1937, cosponsored by the University Museum and the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. This book contains a detailed analysis of the world-famous Clovis artifacts, discovered among the bones of mammoths and extinct bison in the Dust Bowl of eastern New Mexico. Blending traditional and current ideas, the authors offer an extended reference to the lifeways of early humans in the Americas, accented by a series of unique insights on their origins and adaptations. Well appointed with photos, line illustrations, and schematics, Clovis Revisited is essential reading for professionals, students, and avocational enthusiasts. University Museum Monograph, 103

Civilizing the Museum

Author : Elaine Heumann Gurian
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Written over a thirty-five year career, the essays in Civilizing the Museum introduce students to the powerful, sometimes contested, and often unrealized notion that museums should welcome all because they house the collective memory of all. Drawing on her experience working in and with museums in the US and throughout the world, Author Elaine Heumann Gurian explores the possibilities for making museums more central and relevant to society. The twenty-two essays are organized around five main themes: * museum definitions * civic responsibility and social service * architectural spaces * exhibitions * spirituality and rationality. And these themes address the elements that would make museums more inclusive such as: * exhibition technique * space configurations * the personality of the director * the role of social service * power sharing * types of museums * the need for emotion humour and spirituality. Without abandoning the traditional museum processes, Gurian shows how museums can honour tradition whilst embracing the new. Enriched by her experience in groundbreaking museums, Gurian has provided a book that provokes thought, dialogue and action for students and professionals in the field to realize the inclusive potential of museums.

Art in a City Revisited

Author : Bryan Biggs
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Building on the groundbreaking book Art in a City by John Willet, which first surveyed the history of visual arts in Liverpool, this engaging follow-up explores contemporary Liverpudlian art by looking at it from alternative perspectives. Exploring and challenging the claim that Liverpool is Britain’s second city for art, Art in a City Revisited surveys key institutional players such as the Bluecoat and the Walker Gallery, as well as the Tate Liverpool, FACT, and the Liverpool Biennial. A volume with rich discussion on the nature of artistic patronage, the changing role of public art, and the social and community role of the artist—including contributions from Sean Cubitt and Mary Jane Jacob—this book is a major consideration of the role art plays in city regeneration and the future of Liverpool as a center of creative industry.

Victorian Hartford Revisited

Author : Tomas J. Nenortas
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The gilded city of Hartford triumphantly returns in this volume, Victorian Hartford Revisited, a compilation of many never before published images of Victorian splendor and incredible architecture. The social, economic, cultural, and architectural center of the state went through unparalleled growth after the Civil War. Demand for new technology made Hartford not only the political capital but the epicenter of the Industrial Revolution in the region. Tremendous wealth accumulated and materialized in the form of extensive estates, historic parks, magnificent schools, churches, public buildings, grand hotels, and a multitude of immigrant housing. This once Colonial port city along the Connecticut River rose to epitomize America's Victorian age, and it is captured within these impressive pages.

George Bellows Revisited

Author : M. Melissa Wolfe
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This essay collection, by scholars from both the United States and Europe, carefully examines the artwork of one of the most important 20th-century American painters and printmakers, George Bellows. It builds on the Columbus Museum of Art’s 2013 exhibition, George Bellows and the American Experience, and the National Gallery of Art’s 2012 exhibition, George Bellows. The volume offers innovative research that explores his oeuvre from multiple viewpoints. The essays challenge widely held perceptions of Bellows, such as his Americanness, hyper-masculinity, patronage, response to the World War I, and his relationship to fellow artist Edward Hopper. This is an essential collection for any serious study on Bellows’ work.

Petland Revisited

Author : John George Wood
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Saco Revisited

Author : Saco Museum
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Saco Revisited reveals an unprecedented glimpse into Saco's history. Vintage photographs from the collections of the Dyer Library and Saco Museum show the energy, industry, philanthropy, and patriotism of the city and its citizens from the mid-19th century to the present day. From the stately homes of early entrepreneurs to tragic fires and floods and the rise and decline of Saco's powerful textile mills, many photographs are presented publicly for the first time.