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Quiet Flows The River Jhelum

Author : Jajabor
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Quiet flows the river Jhelum (Jhelum nodir tirey) by jajabor traces the roots of the Kashmir imbroglio, from the ascendency of the Hindu Dogra king Gulab Singh to the throne of Muslim majority Jammu & Kashmir down to the accession of Kashmir with the Union of India and abdication of the throne by the last king of Kashmir, Maharaja Hari Singh. Like a real-life thriller, it follows in the footsteps of the Indian Army in its valiant push to thwart the Pakistani invasion, eavesdrops on the palace intrigue in Srinagar and political manoeuvrings in Delhi and Lahore, and relates the travails of the ordinary folks and triumphs of the military heroes like lt. Complete Ranjit Rai, Brigadier L.Br. Sen, and Brigadier Osman. Lucidly written, based on authentic records, the critically acclaimed book is now out in a contemporary English translation that will shed a clear light on a complicated issue, which refuses to die down.

Narrative of the Expedition to the River Jordan and the Dead Sea

Author : William Francis Lynch
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Narrative of the United States Expedition to the River Jordan and the Dead Sea

Author : William Francis Lynch
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Roads and Kingdoms Two Encounters with the Nazarenes Beyond the River

Author : Alexei Savchenko
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This book solves the long-standing mystery of a Christian monastery near Samarkand, seen and described by two Arab travellers in the tenth century.

The River of Zion

Author : Tommy Welchel
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Ignite your prayers with the Fire of Pentecost! From the Upper Room in Jerusalem to this very hour, the rushing river of the Holy Spirit has been flowing since Pentecost. Today, Heaven is waiting on a bold, courageous host of believers to carry the banner of revival. Author Tommy Welchel is the last living connection to the saints of the Azusa Street revival. In The River of Zion, this spiritual general traces the Holy Spirit's movement from Pentecost to Azusa, and beyond, empowering you to join your prayers to God's ongoing work — for miraculous results! In The River of Zion, Welchel reveals: The prophetic connection between Israel, the Azusa Street Revival, and our present moment in history. Never-before-shared testimonies of signs and wonders from the Azusa Street Revival that will provoke you to believe for extraordinary miracles today. Amazing stories of inspiring miracles, Holy Spirit encounters, and divine connections in Israel, affirming God's prophetic purpose for this chosen nation. Signposts of supernatural times and seasons from different prophecies and Holy Spirit encounters, alerting us to the coming greater-glory outpouring. It's time to ignite your prayers with the power of Pentecost, and usher in the greatest outpouring in history!

Revelations on the River

Author : Matthew Dowd
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At a moment of incredible change and profound disruption, all of us are examining our lives and delving into the meaning of our journey. Through a global pandemic, economic upheaval, and fundamental adjustments in our way of life, each of us are looking for how to navigate the rapids and bends as we move forward in discovery with a desire for connection. Taking us along on his own journey with its ups and downs, renowned thought leader Matthew Dowd presents Revelations on the River: Healing a Nation, Healing Ourselves, an inspirational book of his revelations on key questions and lessons he learned that apply to each one of us. Through an examination of steps in his own personal story along with lessons learned from world leaders in history encompassing spirituality and politics, he reveals both practical and spiritual epiphanies that are applicable to each of us as we struggle to discover the truth in a troubled world. Revelations on the River visits key topics like love, fears and trauma, forgiveness and reconciliation, faith and science, interconnection, and legacies. This examination of values that bind us together and that can lead us to a more enlightened place is an opening for contemplation for not only our own individual worlds, but for those who want to lead in the larger communities and world we all inhabit.

The River Always Wins

Author : David Marquis
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A meditation on movement of both society and nature, based on the author’s experiences as an activist. In short, aphoristic chapters, Marquis explores the power of force and collectivity through the metaphor of water. As an activist, David Marquis founded the Oak Cliff Nature Preserve in Dallas, and has consulted with the Texas Conservation Alliance since 2011. He brings an unerring belief in the connective and healing power of nature to The Water Always Wins.

The Spirit of the River

Author : Karina Arora,
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We’re all travellers; wouldn’t you agree? In this world of constant change, we’re all travellers worn out from carrying excess baggage. Each one of us has our own share of overstuffed backpacks with every kind of emotional and spiritual load. So what happens when a gush of life topples us over, with no one to help us back up on our feet? Zoe, a newly turned adult, with her 18th birthday still a happy new memory, is confronted with the untimely death of her parents. The reality of such a huge loss throws Zoe into the dark corners of grief but leads her on an unexpected journey where she learns to experience life on her own. Armed with the only companion—her dog—Ocean, she sets off into the unknown beauty of Banjar Valley to a camp where people from all around the world come to emotionally reset and refresh. Through tales of broken hearts and missed opportunities, second chances and coloured pasts, Zoe effectively explores her own troubled soul and finds its deep, unshakeable strength. The other residents of Camp Eden become her new trust circle, and as they all grieve over what’s lost, they together learn how to live, love, and move on. While still finding new connections to life, Zoe discovers the surreal possibility of a link between Camp Eden and a family member she never knew she had. Is finding happiness as easy as letting go? Is being free more important than finding someone you can call your own? Discover yourself through Zoe’s story by unravelling the endless possibilities for a joyous and spirited life.

The Early Muslim Conquest of Syria

Author :
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This book narrates the battles, conquests and diplomatic activities of the early Muslim fighters in Syria and Iraq vis-à-vis their Byzantine and Sasansian counterparts. It is the first English translation of one of the earliest Arabic sources on the early Muslim expansion entitled Futūḥ al-Shām (The Conquests of Syria). The translation is based on the Arabic original composed by a Muslim author, Muḥammad al-Azdī, who died in the late 8th or early 9th century C.E. A scientific introduction to al-Azdīʼs work is also included, covering the life of the author, the textual tradition of the work as well as a short summary of the textʼs train of thought. The source narrates the major historical events during the early Muslim conquests in a region that covers today’s Lebanon, Israel, Palestinian Territories, Jordan, Syria, Turkey and Iraq in the 7th century C.E. Among these events are the major battles against the Byzantines, such as the Battles of Ajnādayn and al-Yarmūk, the conquests of important cities, including Damascus, Jerusalem and Caesarea, and the diplomatic initiatives between the Byzantines and the early Muslims. The narrative abounds with history and Islamic theological content. As the first translation into a European language, this volume will be of interest to a wide range of readership, including (Muslim and Christian) theologians, historians, Islamicists, Byzantinists, Syrologists and (Arabic) linguists.

Muslim Rulers and Rebels

Author : Thomas M. McKenna
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In this first ground-level account of the Muslim separatist rebellion in the Philippines, Thomas McKenna challenges prevailing anthropological analyses of nationalism as well as their underlying assumptions about the interplay of culture and power. He examines Muslim separatism against a background of more than four hundred years of political relations among indigenous Muslim rulers, their subjects, and external powers seeking the subjugation of Philippine Muslims. He also explores the motivations of the ordinary men and women who fight in armed separatist struggles and investigates the formation of nationalist identities. A skillful meld of historical detail and ethnographic research, Muslim Rulers and Rebels makes a compelling contribution to the study of protest, rebellion, and revolution worldwide.