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The Mystery Box Set

Author : Eva Pohler
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This is a collection of stand-alone dark thriller romances with a common theme: narrators draw their listeners in to their haunting tales, and these stories have a shocking, life-changing connection to the listeners. "The story, The Mystery Box, that gives this set its name, is worth the price (and much more) all by itself. It's very hard to classify. Sometimes it's a mystery, sometimes predictable. It's both a horror story and a love story. It will leave you outraged sometimes, crying at others. It will set your nerves on edge, and tug (hard) at your heartstrings. Reading it is like being on a very strange rollercoaster. It will run your emotions from one end to another. In several places, it's hard to read without shuddering, shivering, cheering, rejoicing, and crying. The characters are so well written, the plot so intricate, and yet so simple, that it involves you fully in the story without being aware of it. You start in a simple life, with a bored housewife. By the end, if you aren't crying, or at least have tears in your eyes, you are a stronger person than I. It's one of the best stories I've read in my 74 years on this earth."--Allyn, Goodreads Reviewer ★★★★★ "I would have loved to have three separate books instead of a box set. Each one is a gem by itself; three absolutely different themes, each with special ethos. Imagine what will happen if you can travel faster than light! How about becoming an archaeologist! Each plot has been well conceived, properly laid out in a free flowing manner. It is difficult make a choice between the three divergent books. Only choice is to vote them all in!"--venky. Goodreads Reviewer ★★★★★ "I just finished The Mystery Box Set and all I have to say is be ready for three amazing stories that will keep you reading well into the early morning hours. Many nights I had to set down my Kindle to get some sort of sleep."--Rachel R. ★★★★★ "I have only read The Mystery Box and Mystery Man, but although the "Box" is very, very good, the "Man" is excellent. I did not want it to end. Fabulous writing! Kudos to Eva Pohler, who has not disappointed thus far."--Amy C. ★★★★★ "After reading this box set, I am now a new fan of Eva Pohler! Three totally different mysteries that grabbed me from the first page and had me reading until I was finished. Each one as good as the others. I can't wait to read more of her books!"--Jennie Ersari ★★★★★ "I loved this box set. All 3 books were absolutely gripping. The story lines were totally different, but each so very good. So thought provoking, with surprise twist and turns. I read all 3 books in just a few days, as I couldn't put the kindle down."--Goodreads Reviewer ★★★★★ Grab your copy to begin these chilling adventures today!

The Mystery Box

Author : Bénédicte Carboneill
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Age: From 4 years old Do you dream of becoming an adventurer? Discover Jack and Maddie’s fantastic journeys! This morning, Jack and Maddie have decided to spend a simple day fishing. They certainly did not expect to find a fabulous treasure hidden in the ocean... The Mystery Box is part of the Budding Adventures series. It is a wonderful adventure about friendship and new discoveries. While young children will love the colourful illustrations, early readers will discover the joy to read by themselves. Featured books: • The Planet of the Memoks • A Marmoset in Peril! • The Treasure of Terence the Terrible About Caramel Publishing: Since 1993, Caramel Publishing has specialized in the creation of children’s books. Every year, they create unforgettable stories that are read by millions of children worldwide. Today, their books are more available than ever thanks to the digital era. EXCERPT This morning, Jack and Maddie have decided to go fishing in the sea. Poko is delighted, he loves fishing with his friends. Before leaving, they prepare a nice picnic, take their fishing rods and raise the anchor. Off into the great wide ocean! Suddenly, Poko notices something near the boat and warns the little sailors: “Shark! Shark!” Maddie leans over and bursts out laughing, saying: “No, Poko, it’s a dolphin!” “Dolphin! Dolphin!” He repeats at the top of his voice. Jack is reassured: he doesn’t like sharks very much!

The Mystery Box

Author : Monty Edwards
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A children's poetry book written by Australian poet Monty Edwards

The Mystery Box

Author : Margaret Mochrie
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Woman s Missionary Friend

Author :
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Jackie Harlan Mystery Box Set

Author : Marti Talbott
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Seattle Quake 9.2 - They knew it could happen - scientists had been warning them for years. Yet, nearly two million people living in the greater Seattle area went about their daily lives as usual. A Detective Agency thought they had found a missing woman, an upstart radio station was on the air, and an eccentric banker had just started a round of golf. Thousands were driving on freeways, shopping in malls, awaiting flights, working in downtown high-rises, and on buses in the bus tunnel. They knew -- they just didn't believe it could happen to them. Missing Heiress - The Harlan Detective Agency was the best there was when it came to finding missing people. They were also the most expensive, so it was no coincidence that they were hired to find the heir to a fortune totaling over 1.6 billion dollars. Nicholas Gladstone left everything to a granddaughter he didn't know he had until a week before he died, but which one was it - the maid secretly working in the parent's home, an office worker, or the young woman tragically killed in a car accident? Greed and a Mistress - Mark Barrett thought having an affair was no big deal as long as his wife didn't find out. That was before he got arrested for the hit-style murder of a wealthy old woman. What drew the Jackie Harlan Detective Agency to the fascinating trial in Portland, Oregon was the hope of finding a child that had been missing for years.

Seasoned Southern Sleuths Cozy Mystery Box Set 1

Author : Kelsey Browning
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The first three stories of the USA TODAY bestselling Seasoned Southern Sleuths Mysteries by Kelsey Browning and Nancy Naigle available as a box set! IN FOR A PENNY When Lillian Summer Fairview’s husband up and dies on her, it leaves the last living member of the most prestigious family in Summer Shoals, Georgia, in a hot money mess. Desperate to keep up the family name and give the man a decent burial, penniless Lil makes a shady deal that lands her smack-dab in the slammer. Burdened by her shameful secret and a crumbling family estate, Lil entrusts Summer Haven’s care to her best friend, Maggie, who recruits two more over-fifty ladies to help. But when Maggie discovers that Lil’s restitution is ten times the amount she “borrowed” from the federal government, she’s convinced Lil has taken the fall for someone else’s crime. Will these gals be able to prove Lil was duped, or will the swindler get away with hoodwinking a sweet little old lady? COLLARD GREENS & CATFISHING Southern matriarch Lillian Summer Fairview is settling right nice into prison, until Big Martha, the toughest broad on the cellblock, comes asking for a favor. Her niece has fallen for a guy she met online, and Martha’s convinced Mr. Too-Good-To-Be-True is up to no good. All Lil’s friends have to do is check out the guy and report back. Already tied up with a cantankerous septic system on Lil’s family estate, the grannies don’t have time for another investigation. If Summer Haven isn’t in shipshape before the historic society’s inspection, they’ll be in deep you-know-what. But Big Martha is as persuasive as she is tough, and when the gals poke around, they find the guy doesn’t really exist. Will they be able to track down the elusive Romeo in the scam-filled world of online dating, or will they find themselves in trouble right up to their granny panties? CHRISTMAS COOKIES & A CONFESSION Sheriff Teague Castro made a mistake ten years ago that cost him the love of his life. But Jenny Northcutt has always been the woman for him, and he’s ready to do whatever it takes to get a second chance at love. Jenny is a divorced mother, and she has zero time or energy for romance. But her own mother’s recent move is forcing Jenny to come face-to-face with Teague, the man who destroyed her belief in happily ever. Now, Jenny can’t deny the spark is still alive, but this time more than her heart is at risk. Teague cooks up a plan to woo Jenny, but a local theft could ruin both the Christmas holiday and his odds of winning her over. Now, with a mysterious crime to solve, Teague must once again keep a secret from Jenny. Will their painful past repeat itself, or will they get the gift of a second chance at love?

Sermons from the Mystery Box

Author : R. Douglas Reinard
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Offers a year of easy-to-use sermons for children. An object is presented to the children with a theme for the sermon. Scripture and prayers are also included.

Cozy Cat Caper Mystery Box Set Books 1 3

Author : Paige Sleuth
File Size : 80.46 MB
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Welcome to Cherry Hills, where small-town life can be deadly. This box set includes the first three books in the Cozy Cat Caper Mystery series. If you enjoy light, fun, cozy mysteries without excessive violence, bad language, or graphic scenes, then grab this three-book collection today and join Kat Harper and her two crime-fighting felines in their quest for justice! Murder in Cherry Hills (Book 1) How do you solve a murder when the only eyewitness can't talk? Kat Harper has barely settled back into small-town life in Cherry Hills, Washington, when she spies her neighbor's tortoiseshell cat Matty sitting on her doorstep. But Matty's not making a social call. The newly orphaned feline has just witnessed her owner's violent death. But who would want to kill the elderly Mrs. Tinsdale? Was it one of her fellow animal rescue volunteers? A money-hungry daughter? A local veterinarian with something to hide? Or someone completely unexpected? If Kat wants to put the murderer behind bars, the amateur sleuth is going to need Matty to lend a furry paw to her investigation. But how do you convince a cat eyewitness to reveal "whodunit"? Framed in Cherry Hills (Book 2) What happens when big trouble comes to a small town? Cherry Hills resident Kat Harper doesn't expect her first meeting with the Furry Friends Foster Families animal rescue to kick off with the mysterious absence of another member. But it soon becomes clear why Willow Wu is a no-show; she's been arrested for a crime that nobody can believe. Kat's convinced someone framed Willow. But who would do such a thing? A crooked small-town cop with big dreams? A local teenager looking for revenge? Or the disgruntled caterer who lost out on a lucrative job? With this case hitting so close to home, Kat's determined to find the guilty party. And if she can cajole her cat Matty into lending another helping paw, the amateur detective might just succeed. Poisoned in Cherry Hills (Book 3) Animal rescue can be a deadly business. Murder is the last thing on Kat Harper's mind when she shows up for the Furry Friends Foster Families benefit dinner. But that's exactly what she gets when one of the guests drops dead. Now the focus of the evening has shifted from cat adoptions to catching a killer. Between an old childhood rival, a sister in line to inherit everything, and a couple with opportunity aplenty, there's no shortage of suspects. Kat's going to need all of her sleuthing skills if she hopes to identify "whodunit" this time . . . especially when her cats Matty and Tom turn the case on its head and force her to question everything that happened that tragic night. Fans of Lilian Jackson Braun (The Cat Who Series), Shirley Rousseau Murphy (Joe Grey Mystery Series), Liz Mugavero (Pawsitively Organic Mystery Series), Cate Conte (Cat Cafe Mysteries), Sofie Kelly (Magical Cats Mysteries), Sofie Ryan (Second Chance Cat Mysteries), Miranda James (Cat in the Stacks Mysteries), Kay Finch (Bad Luck Cat Mystery Series), Molly Fitz (Pet Whisperer P.I. Books), and Ali Brandon (Black Cat Bookshop Mystery Series) are likely to enjoy this series as well. keywords: cat cozy mysteries, cozy murder mystery series, amateur female sleuths, whodunit mysteries set in small-town USA, mystery ebooks for animal lovers, animal rescue ebooks, contemporary cozy mystery ebooks, cozy crime mystery books, humorous crime whodunit, murder mystery books starring women sleuths, long-running series that can be read as stand-alones, kitty mysteries, humorous escapist fiction, homicide police investigation, ebooks featuring amateur detectives, criminal investigations with feline sidekicks, cat cozy mystery series set in a small town, animal stories, humor and hijinks, small town fiction starring gumshoe women sleuths, murder mystery whodunits, women gumshoe detectives who solve crimes, pet cozy mysteries, quick uplifting mystery reads, mysteries with cats, small town novice women sleuths with rescue cats, kitty cozies, fun kitty cozies, cozy mystery that needs solving, charming cat mystery and thriller books, murder mystery ebooks, clean mystery series, cozy cat caper mysteries, felines in fiction, small-town detective books with happy endings, series that can be read as stand-alones, amateur women sleuth detective, cozy murder mystery that needs solving, cat caper crime mystery series, animal cozy mystery fiction featuring cats, cop characters in small towns, small town amateur investigators and police detectives, whimsical amateur investigator short reads, novice detective series with standalone storylines, amateur detective series, contemporary murder mystery ebook, cat cosy mysteries set in the United States, American cosy murder mystery series, USA kitty cosies, mystery whodunits, criminal mystery ebooks, cozy murder mysteries featuring cats, cozy criminal mysteries, cat and animal cozies, animal mysteries with small town settings, fictional felony police investigations, gumshoe sleuth ebook, humorous ebooks for adult women, kit lit, mysterious criminal suspects, suspicious death killing, lighthearted animal cozies, mystery books for adult women, likable women detectives, small-town friendships, clean beach reads, ebook downloads, female sleuth gumshoe lead, funny cat books, kitty cozy criminal mysteries, quirky characters with secrets, small-town relationships, criminal foul play, whimsical women sleuths, short fun clean ebooks, mysteries to solve, law enforcement mysteries, women novice detective, headstrong cat characters, humorous crime capers, foster care heroine, feel-good law enforcement fiction, Central Washington State settings, fun wholesome whodunnit, multi-book collection, discounted three-book bundle, cozy mystery series box set, amateur women sleuth ebook omnibus, three books in one

Poppy McGuire Mysteries Box Set 1

Author : Anina Collins
File Size : 84.25 MB
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Get the first three books in the Poppy McGuire Mysteries Series and see why readers love Poppy and Alex and their partnership in solving crime! The Eleventh Hour (Poppy McGuire Mysteries #1) Poppy McGuire has always been a curious soul, but it's her life that's usually the topic of conversation in the small town of Sunset Ridge. But now one of the town's most important citizens has been found murdered, and everyone's life is suspect. What begins as a friendly wager with her old friend Officer Derek Hampton soon becomes far more for Poppy, and she turns to Alex Montero for help, but the enigmatic former Baltimore cop's quiet way hides as many secrets as each suspect they encounter. Everyone in Sunset Ridge has something to hide, but Poppy and Alex are determined to uncover the identity of the murderer. They just have to watch that they don't become the next victims. After Hours (Poppy McGuire Mysteries #2) While life in Sunset Ridge is quaint and charming during the day, what happens after the sun goes down might shock the citizens of this small town. Things are heating up in Poppy McGuire's home town, and it isn't just the July weather. Poppy and her new partner Alex have their eyes opened to the realities of Sunset Ridge after dark when a traveling salesman is murdered in his room at the Hotel Piermont, a common destination for cheating spouses on the outskirts of town. When they find out what he sells, the mystery gets even more interesting. Top of the Hour (Poppy McGuire Mysteries #3) Controversy sells as much as sex, and nobody knows that better than the local radio morning DJ who loves to talk politics. His shows enrage people, but who hated Lee Reynolds enough to shoot him point blank and leave him for dead in the woods outside of town? Poppy and Alex have no shortage of suspects and for once aren't at odds on who they like for the crime. But all is not well between the partners. This time, murder has brought with it a new love interest for Poppy, but Alex isn't happy with this turn of events. Will he lose Poppy, the one person he trusts in Sunset Ridge? Look for The Darkest Hour (Poppy McGuire Mysteries #4) and Happy Hour (Poppy McGuire Mysteries #5) AVAILABLE NOW! cozy mystery, small town, mystery collection, mystery box set, amateur sleuth, female sleuth, detective, amateur detective