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Frankenstein s Castle

Author : Colin Wilson
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The Mystery Fancier Vol 7 No 1 January February 1983

Author : Guy M. Townsend
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The Mystery Fancier, Volume Seven Number One, January-February 1983, contains: "Captain Joseph T. Shaw's Black Mask Scrapbook," by E. R. Hagemann, "Detection by Other Means," by Bob Sampson, "Joe Orton's and Tom Stoppard's Burlesques of the Detective Genre," by Earl F. Bargainnier, "Bloody Balaclava: Charlotte MacLeod's Campus Comedy Mysteries," by Jane S. Bakerman and "Spy Series Characters in Hardback, Part XIII," by Barry Van Tilburg.

Holiday Pleasures

Author : Arley J. Koran
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This collection of exciting stories, featuring good will and joy are waiting to jump-start your holiday mood. Each story was written to add sparkle and inspiration into your life and how you can bring sunshine into the life of others.

The World s Most Mysterious Castles

Author : Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe
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Castles are among the most mysterious buildings on earth. Their grimly silent stones are signposts to a past filled with high adventure, grim tragedies, and glorious victories. Ghosts, hauntings, and other paranormal phenomena are frequently reported from castles. Do strange paranormal powers lurk among their ancient ruins? The World’s Most Mysterious Castles takes you on a journey through hidden chambers and subterranean tunnels of castles all over the world. Their walls served the sinister needs of spies, traitors, and assassins. Do the spirits of attackers and defenders who died in long-forgotten sieges still linger where they fell? Screams of unbearable pain and despair were muffled within their deepest, darkest torture dungeons. Do they echo there still?

The Frankenstein Film Sourcebook

Author : Caroline Joan Picart
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A compilation of primary and secondary information on the numerous and multifarious film incarnations of the Frankenstein narrative, ranging across horror, comedy, science fiction, pornography, and animation.

In the Nick of Time

Author : William C. Cline
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By the famous Big Reel columnist: the story of serials from Universal's 1930 The Indians Are Coming to Columbia's 1956 Blazing the Overland Trail. Fifteen fascinating chapters explain the importance of "cliffhangers" to the industry as audience builders and "product leaders." The serials provided training for actors and served as a "technical university" for people who later made the television industry work. An appendix lists in order of release all of the sound serials from 1930 through 1956, showing titles, releasing companies, chapter titles, directors and several cast members. Superb photographs.

Author :
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A Year of Fear

Author : Bryan Senn
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This eclectic overview of horror cinema offers up a collection of horror films for practically any occasion and literally every day of the year. For example, the author recommends commemorating United Nations Day (October 24) with a screening of The Colossus of New York, whose startling climax takes place at the U.N. Building. Each day-by-day entry includes the movie title, production year, plot summary and critique, along with a brief explanation of how the film fits into the history of that particular day and interesting anecdotes on the film’s production.

Character Actors in Horror and Science Fiction Films 1930 1960

Author : Laurence Raw
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This biographical dictionary presents a stellar lineup of talented, versatile character actors who regularly appeared in horror and science fiction films during Hollywood’s golden age. Many are well known by genre buffs and casual fans—they include Lionel Atwill, John Carradine, Dwight Frye, Rondo Hatton, Dick Miller, J. Carroll Naish, Maria Ouspenskaya, Glenn Strange, Edward Van Sloan, and George Zucco. Some are perhaps not so well known but equally at home in the horror and science fiction films—such as Anthony Carbone, Harry Cording, Rosemary La Planche, Dick Purcell, Elizabeth Russell and Mel Welles. The 96 entries are complete with a biography and in-depth analyses of the actor’s best performances—demonstrating how important these personalities were to the success of their genre films.

Recovering 1940s Horror Cinema

Author : Mario DeGiglio-Bellemare
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The 1940s is a lost decade in horror cinema, undervalued and written out of most horror scholarship. This book deconstructs persistent scholarly discourse by re-evaluating the historical, political, economic, and cultural factors of 1940s horror cinema to recover a decade of horror.