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The Mystery of Frankenstein s Castle

Author : Arley J. Koran
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Frankenstein s Castle

Author : Colin Wilson
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The Mystery Fancier Vol 7 No 1 January February 1983

Author : Guy M. Townsend
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The Mystery Fancier, Volume Seven Number One, January-February 1983, contains: "Captain Joseph T. Shaw's Black Mask Scrapbook," by E. R. Hagemann, "Detection by Other Means," by Bob Sampson, "Joe Orton's and Tom Stoppard's Burlesques of the Detective Genre," by Earl F. Bargainnier, "Bloody Balaclava: Charlotte MacLeod's Campus Comedy Mysteries," by Jane S. Bakerman and "Spy Series Characters in Hardback, Part XIII," by Barry Van Tilburg.

The Frankenstein Film Sourcebook

Author : Caroline Joan Picart
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A compilation of primary and secondary information on the numerous and multifarious film incarnations of the Frankenstein narrative, ranging across horror, comedy, science fiction, pornography, and animation.

Holiday Pleasures

Author : Arley J. Koran
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This collection of exciting stories, featuring good will and joy are waiting to jump-start your holiday mood. Each story was written to add sparkle and inspiration into your life and how you can bring sunshine into the life of others.


Author : Mary Shelley
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More than 200 years after it was first published, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein has stood the test of time as a gothic masterpiece—a classic work of horror that blurs the line between man and monster. “If I cannot inspire love, I will cause fear.” For centuries, the story of Victor Frankenstein and the monster he created has held readers spellbound. On the surface, it is a novel of tense and steadily mounting dread. On a more profound level, it illuminates the triumph and tragedy of the human condition in its portrayal of a scientist who oversteps the bounds of conscience, and of a creature tortured by the solitude of a world in which he does not belong. A novel of almost hallucinatory intensity, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein represents one of the most striking flowerings of the Romantic imagination. With an Introduction by Douglas Clegg And an Afterword by Harold Bloom

The Endurance of Frankenstein

Author : George Levine
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MARY SHELLEY's Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus grew out of a parlor game and a nightmare vision. The story of the book's origin is a famous one, first told in the introduction Mary Shelley wrote for the 1831 edition of the novel. The two Shelleys, Byron, Mary's stepsister Claire Clairmont, and John William Polidori (Byron's physician) spent a "wet, ungenial summer in the Swiss Alps." Byron suggested that "each write a ghost story." If one is to trust Mary Shelley's account (and James Rieger has shown the untrustworthiness of its chronology and particulars), only she and "poor Polidori" took the contest seriously. The two "illustrious poets," according to her, "annoyed by the platitude of prose, speedily relinquished their uncongenial task." Polidori, too, is made to seem careless, unable to handle his story of a "skull-headed lady." Though Mary Shelley is just as deprecating when she speaks of her own "tiresome unlucky ghost story," she also suggests that its sources went deeper. Her truant muse became active as soon as she fastened on the "idea" of "making only a transcript of the grim terrors of my waking dream": "'I have found it! What terrified me will terrify others."' The twelve essays in this collection attest to the endurance of Mary Shelley's "waking dream." Appropriately, though less romantically, this book also grew out of a playful conversation at a party. When several of the contributors to this book discovered that they were all closet aficionados of Mary Shelley's novel, they decided that a book might be written in which each contributor-contestant might try to account for the persistent hold that Frankenstein continues to exercise on the popular imagination. Within a few months, two films--Warhol's Frankenstein and Mel Brooks's Young Frankenstein--and the Hall-Landau and Isherwood-Bachardy television versions of the novel appeared to remind us of our blunted purpose. These manifestations were an auspicious sign and resulted in the book Endurance of Frankenstein.

The Frankenstein Archive

Author : Donald F. Glut
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Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s classic novel Frankenstein: or, The Modern Prometheus, first published in 1818, started a phenomeon that has survived the years and permeated many aspects of popular culture. It has spawned numerous films, television programs, books, comics, stage presentations, and the like, and continues to do so today. Like the Frankenstein Monster, this work is made up of many individual parts, some of which are quite different in their specific themes, but all of which relate to Frankenstein in some way. They consider the untold true story of Frankenstein, Glenn Strange’s portrayals of the Monster, the portrayals of lesser-known actors who played the character, Peter Cushing and his role as Baron (and Dr.) Frankenstein, the classic film Young Frankenstein co-written by Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder (who also starred in it), the battles between do-gooders and the Monster and other horror figures, Frankenstein in cartoons—and much more. Each of the 15 essays, all written by the author, is prefaced with explanatory notes that place the essay in its historical perspective, comment on its origin and content, and where appropriate, supplement the text with new, additional, or otherwise relevant information. Richly illustrated.

Frankenstein revisited

Author : Miriam Borham Puyal
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Este volumen busca reivindicar el legado de Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley y celebrar los doscientos años de la publicación de su obra maestra, Frankenstein o el Moderno Prometeo (1818). Para ello, expone la permeabilidad del mito del científico y su criatura a través de una serie en ensayos que exploran adaptaciones contemporáneas en diversos medios (literatura, cine, televisión, videojuegos, YouTube) que demuestran la relevancia de Frankenstein en nuestros días. Los capítulos permiten al lector conocer las reescrituras populares del teatro del siglo XIX y su impacto en la ficción cinematográfica más reciente; descubrir la influencia de Shelley sobre otras escritoras con un inmenso legado, como es Margaret Atwood; reconocer las distintas apropiaciones del mito en los videojuegos y su reescritura en nuevos formatos audiovisuales; y, finalmente, mostrar cómo la intertextualidad con la novela de Shelley permite enriquecer narrativas que quizá parezcan más lejanas a simple vista. Este es, pues, un volumen esencial para quienes se interesen por las reescrituras contemporáneas del mito, con especial énfasis en la cultura popular o las nuevas plataformas de creación. Borham Puyal, Miriam (ed.). Frankestein revisited : the legacy of Mary Shelley’s masterpiece.

The World s Most Mysterious Castles

Author : Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe
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Castles are among the most mysterious buildings on earth. Their grimly silent stones are signposts to a past filled with high adventure, grim tragedies, and glorious victories. Ghosts, hauntings, and other paranormal phenomena are frequently reported from castles. Do strange paranormal powers lurk among their ancient ruins? The World’s Most Mysterious Castles takes you on a journey through hidden chambers and subterranean tunnels of castles all over the world. Their walls served the sinister needs of spies, traitors, and assassins. Do the spirits of attackers and defenders who died in long-forgotten sieges still linger where they fell? Screams of unbearable pain and despair were muffled within their deepest, darkest torture dungeons. Do they echo there still?