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The Natural Superiority of the Left Hander

Author : James Tertius de Kay
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"One person in ten is a left-hander. And every last one of them thinks he's sort of special. Which is probably true . . ." Over 400,000 copies in print!

The Natural Superiority of the Left Hander

Author : James T. De Kay
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The World s Greatest Left Handers

Author : Sandy Huffaker
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From Buzz Aldren to Queen Victoria, the fascinating foibles of the sinister set.

Right Hand Left Hand

Author : Chris McManus
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Seeks to explore the nature of left- and right-handedness in nature and history, addressing such topics as the cognitive differences of left-handed people, the reason Arabic and Hebrew writing goes from right to left, and the reason tornadoes spin according to their hemispheres. (Science & Mathematics)

Loving Lefties

Author : Jane M. Healey
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For a left-handed child in a right-friendly world, tasks that should come easily can seem confusing and frustrating. Parents of the more than 400,000 lefties born annually in the United States have had no resource that deals seriously with the learning difficulties their children face -- until now. Loving Lefties is the first ever guide to address all the issues pertinent to left-handedness: the biology, the physiology, and the psychological and practical effects of being a left-handed child. An essential aid for parents, teachers, and professionals, it covers the history and mythology of the left-handed brain, and offers sound advice on: • recognizing left-handedness in a child • making your child's home and school lefty-friendly • giving your child appropriate direction and encouragement • identifying the advantages of being left-handed • helping your child learn the skills his right-handed parents, instructors, and siblings consider basic. Filled with resource lists, guidelines, quick tips, answers to frequently asked questions, case studies, and anecdotes, Loving Lefties is the essential guide for raising a happy, healthy southpaw.

Left handed in a Right handed World

Author : Jeff Goldsmith
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LEFT-HANDED IN A RIGHT-HANDED WORLD is the most important book ever written for & about left-handed people. It explores the problems & difficulties that left-handers may encounter while growing up in a predominantly right-handed society. It provides awareness & understanding of issues that have been ignored & neglected for far too long, by covering a variety of things that relate to the health, happiness, education & safety of left-handed people. The book disputes the historical portrayal of left-handers as evil, sinister, weak, or inferior people, & discusses the many myths & misconceptions about them. However, it does not go to the opposite extreme of claiming that left-handers have any type of natural superiority. The authors main contention is that left-handers are basically equal to right-handed people in physical & mental ability, but society stifles & hinders left-handers which makes it harder for them to develop their ability. This book is recommended reading for all left-handers, & for parents & teachers of left-handed children. For further information, call 1-800-511-LEFT.

Australian Book Review

Author :
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The Left Hander s Handbook

Author : James T. De Kay
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A compendium of history, folklore, science, and speculation about the advantages and disadvantages of being left-handed in a right-handed world.

The Left Hander s Guide to Life

Author : Leigh W. Rutledge
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A light-hearted look at left-handedness lists famous southpaws and contains information about the scientific phenomenon of left-handedness, tests for determining degrees of left-handedness, and much more. Original.

Left Handers Guide and Reference Manual

Author : John Diana
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Progress in Surgical Pathology

Author : Cecilia M. Fenoglio-Preiser
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The Natural Superiority of Women

Author : Ashley Montagu
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"An iconoclast, Montagu wields his encyclopedic knowledge of physical anthropology to show how women's biological, genetic, and physical characteristics make her not only man's equal, but his superior. Also a humanist, Montagu points to the emotional and social qualities typically ascribed to women and devalued as being central to the attainment of equitable and just social relations."--BOOK JACKET.

The Right Hand

Author : Sir Daniel Wilson
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Handbook of Neuropsychological Assessment

Author : Antonio E. Puente
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The growth of clinical neuropsychology has been unprecedented. This growth has been oriented more toward the provision of than toward the foundation for services. Thus, while a greater number of psychologists are performing a greater number of neuropsychological procedures, there seems to us an uneven parallel growth between these services and the empirical foundations for them. It should come to no one's surprise that increasingly aggressive attacks on the field have been leveled. Despite these attacks, clinical neuropsychology con tinues to enjoy exceptional growth within psychology and acceptance by other health practitioners, insurance companies, legislators, judges, juries, and above all, consumers of our services. Growth without self-reflection is a dangerous enterprise, as is growth without directions. We find it disconcerting that existing and limited "self analysis" has assumed that neuropsychological dysfunction is immune to the same variables that affect psychological dysfunction. Some attention has been paid to the most obvious ones, such as age, but all others have been ignored and/ or misunderstood. This neglect has spawned a body of knowledge replete with questionable data and unfounded conclusions. Hence, it is surprising that clinical neuropsychologists consider themselves to be more scientifically sound than their regular clinical counterparts.

Fragmentation in Ancient Greek Drama

Author : Anna A. Lamari
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This volume examines whether dramatic fragments should be approached as parts of a greater whole or as self-contained entities. It comprises contributions by a broad spectrum of international scholars: by young researchers working on fragmentary drama as well as by well-known experts in this field. The volume explores another kind of fragmentation that seems already to have been embraced by the ancient dramatists: quotations extracted from their context and immersed in a new whole, in which they work both as cohesive unities and detachable entities. Sections of poetic works circulated in antiquity not only as parts of a whole, but also independently, i.e. as component fractions, rather like quotations on facebook today. Fragmentation can thus be seen operating on the level of dissociation, but also on the level of cohesion. The volume investigates interpretive possibilities, quotation contexts, production and reception stages of fragmentary texts, looking into the ways dramatic fragments can either increase the depth of fragmentation or strengthen the intensity of cohesion.

Rules and Meanings

Author : Mary Douglas
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First published in 1973, Rules and Meanings is an anthology of works that form part of Mary Douglas' struggle to devise an anthropological modernism conducive to her opposition to reputedly modernizing trends in contemporary society. The collection contains works by Wittgenstein, Schutz, Husserl, Hertz and other continentals. The underlying themes of the anthology are the construction of meaning, the force of hidden background assumptions, tacit conventions and the power of spatial organization to reinforce words. The work serves to complement the philosophers' work on everyday language with the anthropologists' theory of everyday knowledge.

The Irish Monthly

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The Irish monthly magazine afterw The Irish monthly

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Learning Disabilities and Brain Function

Author : William H. Gaddes
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Some may say that this book is long overdue; others, including myself, will state that the book appears atjust the right time. The latter is likely more true, for it is doubtful that many in the professions would, until now, link issues of learning disabilities with those of neurophysiological dysfunction in the manner in which ultimately must be the case. As a matter of fact, there are those who deny the relationship completely. Lee Wiederholt (1974)1 in his short, but excellent, review of the historical perspectives of learning disabilities, traces the early interest in this problem to the work of Gall (1802), and to his successors Broca (1861), Jackson (1864), Bastian (1869), and a few others. Each of these men would, at the time of this writing, be considered to have interests in the field of neurology, although at the time of their investigations, neurology per se was but a gleam in the eye of the anatomical beholder. A relative detour then took place. Cerebral palsy, in the decades of the 1940s and 1950s, caught the attention of researchers through the work of Winthrop Morgan Phelps (orthopedist) and George Deaver (physiatrist) and one or two other medically oriented individuals. This was related to the writings of W. J. Little (1810-1894). It was, however, Kurt Goldstein, Heinz Wemer, both eminent German scientists, and Alfred A.

Ethics in Ancient Greek Literature

Author : Maria Liatsi
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Interpretation of ancient Greek literature is often enough distorted by the preconceptions of modern times, especially on ancient morality. This is often equivalent to begging the question. If we think e.g. of aretê, which has different meanings in different contexts, we shall think in English (or in Modern Greek or in French or in German) and shall falsify the phenomena. If we are to understand the Greek concept e.g. of aretê we must study the nature of the situations in which it is applied. For it is an important fact in the study of Greek society that the Greeks used the one word (e.g. aretê) where we use different words. If we are to understand properly the texts, we have to view them in their historical and social context. Ancient Greek thought needs to be studied together with politics, ethics, and economic behaviour. Moreover, the best insights can be found in those who confine themselves to the terms of each ancient author's analysis. From this principle each of the contributions of the volume begins.