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The New Urban Ruins

Author : O'Callaghan, Cian
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This book provides an innovative perspective to consider contemporary urban challenges through the lens of urban vacancy. Centering urban vacancy as a core feature of urbanization, the contributors coalesce new empirical insights on the impacts of recent contestations over the re-use of vacant spaces in post-crisis cities across the globe. Using international case studies from the Global North and Global South, it sheds important new light on the complexity of forces and processes shaping urban vacancy and its re-use, exploring these areas as both lived spaces and sites of political antagonism. It explores what has and hasn’t worked in re-purposing vacant sites and provides sustainable blueprints for future development.

The New Urban Ruins

Author : Cian O'Callaghan
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This book provides an innovative lens to consider contemporary urban challenges through the lens of urban vacancy. The contributors develop new empirical insights that rethink ruination, urban development and political contestation over the re-use of vacant spaces in post-crisis cities across the globe.

The New Urban Park

Author : Hal Rothman
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From Yellowstone to the Great Smoky Mountains, America's national parks are sprawling tracts of serenity, most of them carved out of public land for recreation and preservation around the turn of the last century. America has changed dramatically since then, and so has its conceptions of what parkland ought to be. In this book, one of our premier environmental historians looks at the new phenomenon of urban parks, focusing on San Francisco's Golden Gate National Recreation Area as a prototype for the twenty-first century. Cobbled together from public and private lands in a politically charged arena, the GGNRA represents a new direction for parks as it highlights the long-standing tension within the National Park Service between preservation and recreation. Long a center of conservation, the Bay Area was well positioned for such an innovative concept. Writing with insight and wit, Rothman reveals the many complex challenges that local leaders, politicians, and the NPS faced as they attempted to administer sites in this area. He tells how Representative Phillip Burton guided a comprehensive bill through Congress to establish the park and how he and others expanded the acreage of the GGNRA, redefined its mission to the public, forged an identity for interconnected parks, and struggled against formidable odds to obtain the San Francisco Presidio and convert it into a national park. Engagingly written, The New Urban Park offers a balanced examination of grassroots politics and its effect on municipal, state, and federal policy. While most national parks dominate the economies of their regions, GGNRA was from the start tied to the multifaceted needs of its public and political constituents-including neighborhood, ethnic, and labor interests as well as the usual supporters from the conservation movement. As a national recreation area, GGNRA helped redefine that category in the public mind. By the dawn of the new century, it had already become one of the premier national park areas in terms of visitation. Now as public lands become increasingly scarce, GGNRA may well represent the future of national parks in America. Rothman shows that this model works, and his book will be an invaluable resource for planning tomorrow's parks.

Futures and Ruins

Author : Nina Lenore Dubin
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The Re Use of Urban Ruins

Author : Hanna Katharina Göbel
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How do urban ruins provoke their cultural revaluation? This book offers a unique sociological analysis about the social agencies of material culture and atmospheric knowledge of buildings in the making. It draws on ethnographic research in Berlin along the former Palace of the Republic, the E-Werk and the Café Moskau in order to make visible an interdisciplinary regime of design experts who have developed a professional sensorium turning the built memory of the city into an object of aesthetic inquiry.

The Boat and the City

Author : Johannes Widodo
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The series Chinese Diaspora and Southeast Asian Coastal Cities adopts an interdisciplinary approach to the materiality of culture from architectural, geographical, sociological, anthropological, cultural, political and other perspectives. Through the knowledge obtained from the tangible living environment, the series aims to increase recognition and promotion of the value of integration of Southeast Asian cultural diversity. The first set of monographs in the series focuses on Indonesia (coastal cities of Semarang, Palembang, Pontianak, Tegal) and will be published in 2005. Subsequent sets of monographs, to be published in 2006 and beyond, will focus on coastal cities of Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, Myanmar and Singapore. The Singapore Chinese Heritage Centre is a non-profit international institution with a special focus on the history and culture of the Chinese Diaspora. The keynote of a monograph series by the Singapore Chinese Heritage Centre, Th

Economic and Political Weekly

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The New Yorker

Author : Harold Wallace Ross
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The New Acropolis Museum

Author : Dimitrios Pandermalis
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A comprehensive look at the eagerly anticipated New Acropolis Museum in Athens, Greece, and the celebrated collection it houses. Marking the opening of the New Acropolis Museum, this book examines both its architecture and the archaeological treasures it was built to house. The building addresses the dramatic complexities of the collection and the site with minimalist simplicity by using three main materials—glass, stainless steel, and concrete. "There’s no way at the beginning of the twenty-first century you can try to imitate even superficially the art of 2,500 years ago," Tschumi says. The "precision of the concept was really what counted." The book provides an in-depth look at the creation of the building, set only 280 meters from the Parthenon, as well as the restoration, preservation, and housing of its exhibits through over 200 photographs, drawings, and texts.

Library of Congress Magazine

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