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The Night is Darkening Round Me

Author : Emily Brontë
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'... ever-present, phantom thing; My slave, my comrade, and my king' Some of Emily Brontë's most extraordinary poems Introducing Little Black Classics: 80 books for Penguin's 80th birthday. Little Black Classics celebrate the huge range and diversity of Penguin Classics, with books from around the world and across many centuries. They take us from a balloon ride over Victorian London to a garden of blossom in Japan, from Tierra del Fuego to 16th century California and the Russian steppe. Here are stories lyrical and savage; poems epic and intimate; essays satirical and inspirational; and ideas that have shaped the lives of millions. Emily Brontë (1818-1848). Brontë's Wuthering Heights and The Complete Poems are available in Penguin Classics

Darkening Around Me

Author : Barbara J. Hancock
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Seized by a dark genius, Miles O'Keefe has shut himself away in his ancestral mansion for more than decade. Driven by an unquiet spirit called The Thornleigh Bride, he sculpts masterpiece after masterpiece—and edges ever closer to madness. His decadent prison is finally breached by Samantha Knox—a woman who has been to the brink of hell and back. She wants—needs—Miles to sculpt her scarred yet strong and beautiful body, to prove she has survived. She sits for him. His hands shape every curve of her body, indulging passion by proxy. Every glance, every word that passes between them brims with desire. With a single touch, it spills over. But their ecstasy inflames Miles's ghostly muse, as well. The Bride will neither share her house nor relinquish its heir, whom she has possessed for so long. Not without revealing her deadly secret. Before the end, Samantha will stand once more at the edge of the abyss….

Aspects of Lyric in the Poetry of Emily Bront

Author : Maureen Peeck-O'Toole
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The Cambridge Companion to the Bront s

Author : Heather Glen
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Collects essays, based on the works of the Brontèe family, that reflect upon such recurrent themes as family, feminism, and religion.

Last Things

Author : Janet Gezari
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Emily Brontë's poems are more frequently celebrated than read. Ironically, their very uniqueness and strangeness have made them less interesting to current feminist critics than other poetry written by Victorian women. This much-needed study reinstates Emily Brontë's poems at the heart of Romantic and Victorian concerns while at the same time underlining their enduring relevance for readers today. Last Things presents the poems as the achievement of a powerfully independent mind responding to its own inner experience of the world while seeking always an abrogation of human limits compatible with a stern morality. Although the book does not discuss all of Brontë's poems, it seeks to be comprehensive by undertaking an analysis of individual poems, the progress she made from the beginning of her career as a poet to its end, her poetical fragments and her writing practice, and her motives for writing poetry. Last Things also brings the emotions and concerns that inform Wuthering Heights into sharper focus by relating them to the poems.

Romantic Women Poets 1770 1838

Author : Andrew Ashfield
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Andrew Ashfield provides an important feminist document and a genuine means of unravelling Romanticism in Romantic Women Poets, an anthology of some 180 poems from the period 1770 to 1838.

Darkness and Glory

Author : Bronte E.
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Эмили Бронте – это одна из самых ярких английских поэтесс и писательниц XIXвека, средняя из сестёр Бронте, произведения которой отличаются глубоким психологизмом и живостью повествования. В сборнике «Радостно славы и тьмы единенье» собраны лучшие стихотворения автора, которые не оставляют равнодушными читателей во всём мире. Читайте зарубежную литературу в оригинале!

Classic Women s Poetry

Author : A Non
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This diverse collection of classic women's poetry is a celebration of all things female, covering the timeless themes of love, life, motherhood and independence.

The Vanishing

Author : Shae Spreafico
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An anthology like no other. “The Vanishing” brings together one hundred of the finest classic and contemporary short poems. The poems are arranged by length, beginning with John Gould Fletcher’s ninety-nine word “Chinese Poet among Barbarians” and proceeding poem by poem with an ever-diminishing word-count. Each poem is one word shorter than the last. The collection takes its name from the final “fit” of Lewis Carroll's “The Hunting of the Snark”. Like the hero of Carroll’s tale, this collection “softly and suddenly vanishes away,” until a blank page alone remains. Included are masterpieces by Derek Mahon, Helene Johnson, George Mackay Brown, Wislawa Szymborska, James Wright, Edward Thomas, Christopher Reid, Duncan Forbes, Emily Dickinson, Miroslav Holub, Thomas Hardy, W. B. Yeats, Thomas Lux, Louis MacNeice, Frances Cornford, Walt Whitman, Robert Browning, Louise Bogan, Elizabeth Bishop, Edward Lear, Christina Rossetti, Emily Brontë, Anna Akhmatova, Richard Wilbur, Robert Louis Stevenson, Stephen Crane, A. E. Housman, Langston Hughes, Tomas Tranströmer, Michael Longley, Marianne Moore, Howard Nemerov, Thomas McGrath, Patrick Kavanagh, Philip Larkin, Taha Muhammed Ali, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Robert Graves, Anne Stevenson, U. A. Fanthorpe, Amy Lowell, H. D., D. H. Lawrence, Gertrude Stein, Samuel Menashe, William Blake, Bob Arnold, Don Paterson, Ian Hamilton Finlay, and many other outstanding poets. Please view the preview of this book for a full listing of the titles included. At Elsinore Books we pride ourselves on creating beautiful e-books, and devote great attention to formatting, and ease of navigation. This book contains a cleanly-styled contents page that permits easy movement between the poems. We regularly update the formatting of our books, to ensure they will always remain perfectly accessible on all e-reader models. This book is part of the Best of Poetry series, which also includes: The Best of Poetry: Shakespeare, Muse of Fire The Best of Poetry: A Young Person’s Book of Evergreen Verse The Best of Poetry: Thoughts that Breathe and Words that Burn

The Broadview Anthology of British Literature Volume 5 The Victorian Era Second Edition

Author : Joseph Black
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In all six of its volumes The Broadview Anthology of British Literature presents British literature in a truly distinctive light. Fully grounded in sound literary and historical scholarship, the anthology takes a fresh approach to many canonical authors, and includes a wide selection of work by lesser-known writers. The anthology also provides wide-ranging coverage of the worldwide connections of British literature, and it pays attention throughout to issues of race, gender, class, and sexual orientation. It includes comprehensive introductions to each period, providing in each case an overview of the historical and cultural as well as the literary background. It features accessible and engaging headnotes for all authors, extensive explanatory annotations, and an unparalleled number of illustrations and contextual materials. Innovative, authoritative and comprehensive, The Broadview Anthology of British Literature has established itself as a leader in the field. The full anthology comprises six bound volumes, together with an extensive website component; the latter has been edited, annotated, and designed according to the same high standards as the bound book component of the anthology, and is accessible by using the passcode obtained with the purchase of one or more of the bound volumes. For the second edition of this volume a number of changes have been made. Elizabeth Gaskell’s “Our Society at Cranford” has been added, as has Anthony Trollope’s “A Turkish Bath.” Charles Dickens is now represented with a number of short selections. The selection of poems by D.G. Rossetti has been expanded considerably (the entire 1870 House of Life sequence is included), as has that by Michael Field. A selection of poems by two key figures who also appear in the anthology’s twentieth century volume (Thomas Hardy and W.B. Yeats) is also now included. Several of the Contexts sections in the volume have been expanded—notably “The Place of Women in Society,” which now includes material concerning the Contagious Diseases Acts) and “Britain, Empire, and a Wider World,” which now includes a section on the Great Exhibition of 1851. The volume will also include additional visual material—including four more pages of full color illustrations. Inevitably, some selections have been dropped from the bound book; these will all remain available, however, on the anthology’s website component. The most significant change in that direction is Dickens’s A Christmas Carol. As well as remaining available on the website, that work—like Hard Times, Great Expectations, and approximately 100 other titles from the Victorian period, is available as a stand-alone volume in the Broadview Editions series, and may be added (at little or no additional cost to the student) in a shrink-wrapped combination package.