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Mr Hervey s Contemplations on the night done into blank verse after the manner of Dr Young by T Newcomb

Author : James Hervey
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This Is How It s Done

Author : Eric McCarty
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This Is How It's Done is a spiritual journey through the depths of the heart of the human soul and spirit. The poems contained within are the very words spoken from the heart of the divine within all of us. This collection reveals the intimate side of spirituality in a way that reaches and touches all who read, bringing to light a greater and more profound understanding of all relationships - between friends, within families, between lovers, within ourselves. This book leads readers in a sacred dance of inspired surrender, of blissful letting go of the ego, and of embracing the truth of love. These are the songs of the spirit; the words of the hidden story within-read, and be brought closer to that light inside that awaits your return.

The Night of the Rambler

Author : Montague Kobbé
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This tale of a little-known revolt in the Caribbean is “part literary thriller, part revolutionary study, part epic historical narrative”(Joe Meno, author of The Boy Detective Fails). A sympathetic and often humorous account of an obscure episode in the history of the remote island of Anguilla, in the northeast Caribbean, The Night of the Rambler revolves around a haphazard attempt by a dozen or so locals to invade neighboring St. Kitts, in an effort to topple the government of the recently established Associated State of St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla. Ostensibly, the action maps the fifteen hours that lapse between the moment when the “rebels” board The Rambler, the thirty-five-foot motorboat that will take them across the strait to St. Kitts, and the break of dawn the following day, when it becomes obvious that the unaccomplished mission will have to be aborted. The novel is at turns highly dramatic and hilarious, all the while bringing deep honesty to the often-unexamined righteousness of revolution. “Colorful detours into native lore, such as a rich Dutchman’s fabled courtship of a local beauty, strike grace notes that echo Marquez. . . . Readers . . . will be rewarded with the little-known tale of how the underdog country demanded its own place in the 20th century.” —Publishers Weekly “This is a book about revolution and the underdog, about a small, isolated island fighting for recognition, opportunity and justice; it is a compelling tale about a curious historical episode, but also a vital look at priorities, perspective and the right to live in dignity, issues that, much like Anguilla’s rebellion of 1967, are all too easily forgotten.” —The Island Review “This is a fine novel, a surprising novel, perhaps the first true novel I have read about the nature of revolutions. The Night of the Rambler is ambitious, smart, and successful. It raises all sorts of questions about what revolutions want, how revolutions fail, and why revolutions are necessary—challenging all the while how history remembers them.” —Percival Everett, author of Erasure

Arabian nights entertainments tr into Fr by m Galland and now done into English

Author :
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Been There Done It Won The Medals Got The T Shirt

Author : Keith Frampton
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This is my true story and experiences. I'm just an ordinary guy who was lucky enough to spend 14 years working in a unique and unusual job working for a company called NAAFI where as a civillian I helped run and then managed a small shop on board Royal Navy Warships. Follow my ups and downs. highs and lows share my adventures, laughs and tears as i travelled the world selling sweeties to sailors. I suggest this book is best suited for persons aged 14 and over, as some of the content though mild is very suggestive.

Day Is Done

Author : Ingrid Adams
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What are your thoughts on death and dying? No one seems to like to talk about Death. Do we hate to deal with the reality it brings? This book is an expression of my thoughts on death and dying. Yes it’s the Unknown and yes it can be scary especially if you’re not prepared for it. This book will help you handle the inevitable. Remember death comes like A thief in the night. will you be ready? I can’t say it will be fun but after reading this book you’ll be ready when your DAY IS DONE. ENJOY!

The History of the Conquest of Mexico by the Spaniards Done Into English from the Original Spanish by T Townsend

Author : Antonio de SOLÍS Y RIBADENEYRA
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When the Killing s Done

Author : T.C. Boyle
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'How can you talk about being civil when innocent animals are being tortured to death? Civil? I'll be civil when the killing's done.' The island of Anacapa, off the coast of California, is overrun with black rats which are threatening the ancient population of ground-nesting birds. Alma Boyd Takesue of the National Park Service is the spokesperson for a campaign to exterminate these man-introduced rodents once and for all. Alma, highly self-disciplined with a stubborn streak, speaks as a conservationist, though the fact that her grandmother was once stranded on Anacapa for three weeks with nothing but thousands of crawling rats for company might explain some of her zeal. With days to go before the aerial rat-poisoning, Alma's plan is in danger of sabotage. Dave LaJoy and Anise Reed, a pair of notorious environmental activists, are recognisable from a distance by his knotted dreadlocks and her flame-red cyclone of hair. Dave is an electronics salesman with barely-controlled rages, for whom the plight of the rats is yet another of life's many injustices, along with lazy tramps and second-rate wine. Anise is a struggling folk singer with her own, terrible reasons for getting involved in 'the cause'. From the outset, Alma, Dave and Anise are at ideological loggerheads. But when Alma's sights turn to the infestation of non-native pigs on Santa Cruz - where Anise was brought up by her single mother and a clan of ranchers - the stakes are raised, and the debate threatens to boil over into something much more real... When the Killing's Done is T.C. Boyle's blistering new novel, a sweeping epic of family, ecology and the right to life - no matter what the fallout.

The Night Train

Author : Clyde Edgerton
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In 1963, at the age of 17, Dwayne Hallston discovers James Brown and wants to perform just like him. His band, the Amazing Rumblers, studies and rehearses Brown's Live at the Apollo album in the storage room of his father's shop in their small North Carolina town. Meanwhile, Dwayne's forbidden black friend Larry -- aspiring to play piano like Thelonius Monk -- apprentices to a jazz musician called the Bleeder. His mother hopes music will allow him to escape the South. A dancing chicken and a mutual passion for music help Dwayne and Larry as they try to achieve their dreams and maintain their friendship, even while their world says both are impossible. In The Night Train, Edgerton's trademark humor reminds us of our divided national history and the way music has helped bring us together.

Look What God Has Done

Author : Arletta Lockett
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This book of Testimonies is my personal relationship with God. His love drew me unto him when I was a little girl. As a teenager He stayed with me through my mistakes. Now as an older woman, I know God as my savior, healer, way maker, protector, and a friend. God is the lover of my soul. I have learned to listen to God’s voice and to let His word be my light and guide in the journey of my life. Revelation 12: 11 “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony: and they loved not their lives unto the death.”

Get It Done When You re Depressed

Author : John Preston, Psy.D., ABPP.
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Shake the blues away. Everyone knows that depression can lead to guilt, sadness, frustration, and in the case of 15-20% of people with depression, suicide. Because we live in a culture that rewards (and often worships) productivity, when a depressed person can't meet the expectations of society, the depression becomes worse and a vicious cycle begins. The goal of Getting Things Done When You're Depressed is to break this cycle. Readers will learn: - How to prepare yourself mentally for working while depressed - How to structure your environment so you can work more easily - How to work with others - How to prevent depression

Life is a Cruise The Log of Done Dreamin

Author : Lawrence Rick
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The Night of God s Suicide

Author : Barney Vincelette
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This is savage satire on religious fundamentalism and pop culture. Mephistopheles took over the religions of the world and after thousands of years of holy wars, genocides, inquisitions and holocausts, will unite his religions and establish his kingdom on Earth. Trailer Park Buford, college football hero, is arrested for raping and murdering a six-year-old girl, but because he is so passionately admired by sports fans, corporate America spends billions on his defense. The oratory in the trial is so brilliant that bin Laden, who sees it on television, concludes that Buford is the Seventh Mullah, makes peace with the television evangelism industry, and Buford becomes Buford Christ. Mephistopheles' new religion turns the world into a low class trailer park that is so ugly that it causes God to begin His suicide. But little Laurie, the only child to survive an encounter with Buford, stands alone and fights back against Mephistopheles as the stars go out. The universe hangs in the balance.

Two Fires in the Night

Author : Richard Jepperson
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The Worst Thing I ve Done

Author : Ursula Hegi
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-- ask me, Annie. Ask me what's the worst thing I've done. Ask, goddammit. Because then you'll know I'll never go beyond last night. Tonight, Annie is driving alone from North Sea to Montauk and back again, as she has every night since her husband, Mason, challenged what she believed about herself and about their marriage. Eating junk food and listening to talk radio, Annie tries to shut out her rage, her pain, but Mason's voice persists within her, as urgent as the voices of the anonymous callers who confess their misery to the radio psychologists. Once again, Ursula Hegi writes along that border where bliss and sorrow meet. Sensuous, funny, and mysterious, her new novel takes us into an exuberant and troubled friendship. Since early childhood, Annie, Jake, and Mason have had a special bond. When Annie's parents die on the same night that she and Mason are married, the three friends decide to raise Annie's newborn sister, Opal, together. Annie struggles to be both a sister and a mother to Opal, a wife to Mason, and a friend to Jake. Not surprisingly, their relationships, already entangled, grow dangerous, too close, on the line. One fateful night the three friends miss the moment when they could still turn back, and they goad each other to step across the line, with shocking, unforeseen consequences. Set on the East End of Long Island, The Worst Thing I've Done is an incandescent story of love, friendship, and marriage; of joy and betrayal; of an artist's struggle to reconnect with her work; and of how we can choose our mothers, our families. Beautifully written and brilliantly vivid, it explores the resilience in the protagonists' lives, and their courage to move forward despite an uncertain future.

Close Up Magic for the Night Club Magician

Author : Jean Hugard
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Christopher Milbourne presents a selection of classic magic tricks originally published over the course of 50 years in "The Sphinx," the most famous magazine for magicians.

The Night the Rich Men Burned

Author : Malcolm Mackay
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Longlisted for the CWA Steel Dagger for Best Thriller 2015. There's nothing so terrifying as money . . . Two friends, Alex Glass and Oliver Peterkinney, look for work and for escape from their lives spent growing up on Glasgow's most desperate fringes. Soon they will become involved in one of the city's darkest and most dangerous trades. But while one rises quickly up the ranks, the other will fall prey to the industry's addictive lifestyle and ever-spiralling debts. Meanwhile, the three most powerful rivals in the business – Marty Jones, ruthless pimp; Potty Cruickshank, member of the old guard; and Billy Patterson, brutal newcomer – vie for prominence. And now Peterkinney, young and darkly ambitious, is beginning to make himself known . . . Before long, violence will spill out onto the streets, as those at the top make deadly attempts to out-manoeuvre one another for a bigger share of the spoils. Peterkinney and Glass will find themselves at the very centre of this war; and as the pressure builds, each will find their actions – and inactions – coming back to haunt them. But it is those they love who will suffer most . . . From the award-winning author of the Glasgow Trilogy, The Night the Rich Men Burned is a novel for our times, and Malcolm Mackay's most ambitious work to date.

The night walker The woman s prize The island princess The noble gentleman The coronation The coxcomb The sea voyage Wit at several weapons

Author : Francis Beaumont
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The Works of Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher The night walker The woman s prize The island princess The noble gentleman The coronation The coxcomb The sea voyage Wit at several weapons

Author : Francis Beaumont
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I See What You ve Done

Author : V. E. Bowers
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I SEE WHAT YOUVE DONE When Hope received her new eyes it was because she wanted to see the colors of the rainbow once again. However what she saw was pure evil. Now as every bloody nightmare becomes more real, until Hope herself could feel the pain of Bobby Blues next victim. And what terror her donor and the others must have gone throughh until their heart stopped beating. With twist and turns let will let you as the reader Guessing? What is the link between Hopes new eyes and a serial Killer named Bobby Blue?