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The Northern Wars

Author : Robert I. Frost
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This book provides an accessible study of the neglected but highly important series of wars fought for control of the Baltic and Northeastern Europe during the period 1558-1721. It is the first comprehensive history which considers the revolution in military strategy which took place in the battlefields of Eastern Europe. Robert Frost examines the impact of war on the very different social and political systems of Sweden, Denmark, Poland-Lithuania and Russia and he explains why it was Russia that emerged victorious from these wars. Based on extensive primary and secondary research (including much material that is unfamiliar in English) this book makes an important contribution to the debate on military change and political development in early modern Europe.

The Great Northern War

Author : James E Wisher
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War is Hell, especially when you’re surrounded by enemies. With the king of Garenland dead and the people eager for revenge, Otto and Wolfric turn their sights north, to Garenland’s ancient enemy, Straken. The Northern Army marches into enemy territory while back in the capital Otto rushes to train as many war wizards as he can. Outside forces refuse to leave them alone and Otto is forced to deal with an ever-growing array of foes, unreliable allies, and an enemy that will do anything to see Garenland fall. Can Otto overcome threats both internal and external to bring the war to a victorious close?

Armies of the Great Northern War 1700 1720

Author : Gabriele Esposito
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The Great Northern War was a long series of campaigns in which Russia, linked with several other countries in temporary alliances, confronted and eventually replaced Sweden as the predominant power in Northern Europe. While contemporary with the Duke of Marlborough's pivotal campaigns against France, the Great Northern War was in fact more decisive, since it reshaped the Northern European power balance up to the eve of the Napoleonic Wars. It began with a series of astonishing Swedish victories lead by King Charles XII, from Denmark to Poland and deep into Germany. But Peter the Great of Russia showed steadfast determination, and Charles overreached himself when he invaded Russia in 1708; the Russians adopted classic 'scorched earth' tactics until they could destroy the Swedish army at Poltava in 1709, one of the most overwhelming victories in history. Nevertheless, Sweden continued to fight, and frequently win, in Germany, Denmark and Norway, until Charles's death in battle in 1718, though the war itself did not conclude until 1721. This study explores, in detail, the numerous armies and complex alliances engaged in the war for Northern European dominance. Containing accurate full-colour artwork and unrivalled detail, Armies of the Great Northern War offers a vivid insight into the troops which battled for control of the North.

Exam Prep for The Northern Wars War State and Society in

Author :
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The history of the northern war commencing in 1812 to the Congress at Vienna in 1815

Author : John Hampdon
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The Crisis of Rome

Author : Gareth Sampson
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In the later 2nd century BC, after a period of rapid expansion and conquest, the Roman Republic found itself in crisis. In North Africa her armies were already bogged down in a long difficult guerrilla war in a harsh environment when invasion by a coalition of Germanic tribes, the Cimbri, Teutones and Ambrones, threatened Italy and Rome itself, inflicting painful defeats on Roman forces in pitched battle.Gaius Marius was the man of the hour. The first war he brought to an end through tactical brilliance, bringing the Numidian King Jugurtha back in chains. Before his ship even returned to Italy, the senate elected Marius to lead the war against the northern invaders. Reorganising and reinvigorating the demoralised Roman legions, he led them to two remarkable victories in the space of months, crushing the Teutones and Ambrones at Aquiae Sextae and the Cimbri at Vercellae.The Roman army emerged from this period of crisis a much leaner and more professional force and the author examines the extent to which the 'Marian Reforms' were responsible for this and the extent to which they can be attributed to Marius himself.

After the Deluge

Author : Robert I. Frost
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Robert Frost examines the reasons for the collapse of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth after the Swedish invasion of 1655.

George I and the Northern War

Author : James Frederick Chance
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The Age of Wars of Religion 1000 1650

Author : Cathal J. Nolan
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Offers a variety of entries on the cultural, military, and political history, as well as geography, biography, and philosophy, of this period. This work also offers detailed information on the major events, places, battles, figures, technologies, and ideas behind six centuries of global conflicts.

The New Zealand Wars and the Victorian Interpretation of Racial Conflict

Author : James Belich
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The New Zealand Wars is a powerful revisionist history. Revealing the enormous tactical and military skill of Maori, and the inability of the 'Victorian interpretation of racial conflict' to acknowledge those qualities, this account of the New Zealand Wars changed how the country's history was understood. Belich undertakes a complete reinterpretation of the crucial episode in New Zealand history and the result is a very different picture from the one previously given in historical works. Maori, in this new view, won the Northern War and stalemated the British in the Taranaki War of 1860-61 only to be defeated by 18,000 British troops in the Waikato War of 1863-64. The secret of effective Maori resistance was an innovative military system, the modern pa, a trench-and-bunker fortification of a sophistication not achieved in Europe until 1915. According to the author: 'The degree of Maori success in all four major wars is still underestimated - even to the point where, in the case of one war, the wrong side is said to have won.' Here, Belich sets out to show how historical distortions have arisen over time and revises our understanding of New Zealand history by using fresh evidence and a systematic re-analysis of old evidence.

Northern Europe in the Early Modern Period

Author : David Kirby
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This is the first in a sequence of books which explores the history of The Baltic World and Northern Europe. In this period, Sweden was a major European power, occupying a central position in international politics. Her rise and decline, and the passing of regional hegemony to the new powers of Russia and Prussia, are central features in the book. Dr Kirby describes the evolving social and political systems of the principal Baltic states of the time, he gives the key events and processes in European history a new interest and freshness by showing them from the unfamiliar perspective of the northern world.

The War of the Gaedhil with the Gaill

Author : James Henthorn Todd
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Russia s Wars of Emergence 1460 1730

Author : Carol Stevens
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Russia’s emergence as a Great Power in the eighteenth century is usually attributed to Peter I’s radical programme of ‘Westernising’ reforms. But the Russian military did not simply copy European armies. Adapting the tactics of its neighbours on both sides, Russia created a powerful strategy of its own, integrating steppe defence with European concerns. In Russia’s Wars of Emergence, Carol Belkin Stevens examines the social and political factors underpinning Muscovite military history, the eventual success of the Russian Empire and the sacrifices made for power.

Osman s Dream

Author : Caroline Finkel
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The Ottoman chronicles recount that the first sultan, Osman, dreamt of the dynasty he would found - a tree, fully-formed, emerged from his navel, symbolising the vigour of his successors and the extent of their domains. This is the first book to tell the full story of the Ottoman dynasty that for six centuries held sway over territories stretching, at their greatest, from Hungary to the Persian Gulf, and from North Africa to the Caucasus. Understanding the realization of Osman's vision is essential for anyone who seeks to understand the modern world.

The New Cambridge Modern History Volume 6 The Rise of Great Britain and Russia 1688 1715 25

Author : J. S. Bromley
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Volume VI draws attention to two of the paramount developments which, with the growth of the Hapsburg monarchy, affected all of Europe and many parts of the Americas during the period under survey. War, politics, and society in Western Europe are studied from the English Revolution to the death of Louis XIV, and elsewhere from the accession of Charles XII to the death of Peter the Great (and for the Ottoman Empire to 1730). There is a survey of European maritime commerce extending to all important traffic within the overseas world, and a chapter on population and prices in Europe. Although much space is necessarily occupied by war and diplomacy, and by new methods of conducting them, the cultural and religious history of the period was of fundamental importance to the Enlightenment that was to follow. In this and other respects, the present volume complements volumes V and VII.

Marcus Aureliusa Rain Miracle and the Marcomannic Wars

Author : Péter Kovács
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The rain and lightning miracles are the best-known events of Marcus Aurelius' northern wars. Several pagan and Christian versions existed in Antiquity. The author studies and publishes for the first time all the sources and the development of the legend from Antiquity to the 14th century.

The Cambridge History of Russia Volume 2 Imperial Russia 1689 1917

Author : Research Professor Dominic Lieven
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A definitive new history of Russia from early Rus' to the collapse of the Soviet Union

Encyclop dia Americana

Author :
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Guido Redi

Author : JAFK
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Guido was born in Florence in Tuscany in the late seventeenth century but under the worst circumstances he was abandoned to the street as an urchin who had a telltale six fingers on his left hand. This will dog him the rest of his life. He is rescued by the Sisters of Clare and is taken to a doctor and his wife. He was home schooled by the doctors wife who was a linguist. He quickly accelerated his studies and was considered a prodigy from a very young age. Consequently he was fluent in reading and writing in all the romance languages. He was accepted into the University of Bologna the age of sixteen where he excelled in translating the ancient languages of Greek Latin and Hebrew. He finished his studies before his eighteenth birthday and returned to Florence. He was duped into following a man to Spain that he has unintentionally offended this starts his trek through Spain being pursued by the inquisition which eventually leads him the London where he begins his startling career. This book starts here and chronicles this climb to the heights of wealth and power just at the turn of the eighteenth century.

Tradition and Transformation

Author : Abbebe Kifleyesus
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The Argobba are an ethnic and religious minority in southeastern Wallo and northeastern Sawa. Despite living in harsh environments and menace from more dominant ethnic groups, they have for centuries maintained their agricultural activity, trader and weaver identity, and religious unity.At present they are undergoing rapid cultural change, and are caught up in a tension between encapsulation and the struggle for the survival of Argobba cultural tradition and political position in what once was a strategic location. This book presents a perceptive historical and cultural analysis of change and continuity, looks at how the Argobba define and redefine their agricultural and commercial ways of living as a response to threats from Oromo migration, Amhara settler penetration and Adal aggression, and examines the past and present condition of Argobba social and economic transformation in north-central Ethiopia.