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The Nuptial Mystery

Author : Angelo Scola
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Translated by Michelle K. Borras The idea of love pervades our society, yet it is nearly impossible to answer the question What is love? especially as we witness the divorce of love from sexuality and of sexuality from procreation. Aware that many people today are skeptical about marriage, Angelo Cardinal Scola nevertheless suggests that only in the category of nuptial mystery do we find a way to adequately describe the phenomenon of love. A bright new leader in the Catholic Church, Cardinal Scola argues that the male-female relationship lies near the heart of what it means to bear the image of God. Scola's book explores the essential sexual differences that both separate and unite men and women, and it shows how men and women can realize their purpose in marriage or celibacy. Conversant with papal teaching and Catholic writers from Aquinas to von Balthasar, Cardinal Scola writes with a deep regard for marriage and the family. His Nuptial Mystery will leave readers with a thoroughly Christian appreciation for incarnate love.

Human Sexuality and the Nuptial Mystery

Author : Roy R. Jeal
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This collection of essays was originally presented at the St. Margaret's Consultation on Doctrine, Liturgy, and Preaching held at St. Margaret's Anglican Church in Winnipeg, Canada in 2008. They consider human sexuality and marriage from a distinctly theological rather than polemical standpoint, aiming to avoid frequently polarized debates. The interesting commonality indicated in the articles is that sex and marriage are not about self-fulfillment, but are outwardly directed, aimed toward the other person, toward growth, maturity, and deepened spirituality, for the benefit of the church, for productive good, and for children. The first section explores theological and ethical issues surrounding human sexuality and aims toward understanding the nature of relationships in these contexts. The second section explores the spiritual nature of marriage and the history of thinking on marriage and family within Christian theology. For those interested in pursuing truly theological engagement with marriage and sexuality, this collection is required reading.

God and Eros

Author : Colin Patterson
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What can God and eros have to do with each other? Against Nietzsche's claim that Christianity poisoned eros, God and Eros rereads the mystery of human love as an ecstatic sharing in the mystery of the triune God who is Love. Body, sex, and affectivity, far from being locked in a lower order called "nature," instead belong to a sacramental order that is permeated by the call to love. In presentations designed to appeal to a general audience, the faculty of the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family, Melbourne, approach this mystery through the lens of St. John Paul II's "theology of the body," with the goal to both introduce and more clearly illumine its major features. In particular, emphasis is placed on how a theology of the body is not just about "sex." Rather, it is above all about how each and every person--no matter what her state of life--is stamped by the watermark of being-from and being-for. Working within this broader perspective, God and Eros offers the reader a lively, engaging, and at times challenging tour of the full "ethos of the nuptial mystery."

The Sacrament of Love

Author : Paul Evdokimov
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Reason Revelation and Metaphysics

Author : Montague Brown
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Any realist metaphysics must include an integrated account of the transcendentals and the analogy of being, for an adequate metaphysics must be about everything, and all things share in some key metaphysical characteristic—being, unity, truth, goodness, and beauty. However, they do not share in them in exactly the same way. Therefore, there is need to explain the transcendental characteristics in an analogical way. By using the phrase “transcendental analogies,” Reason, Revelation and Metaphysics claims that there are analogies of unity, truth, goodness, and beauty, which are related to, but irreducible to, the analogy of being. As this book is a systematic study of the topic, theoretical reason has primacy in the project and metaphysics is given pride of place. But reason is practical and aesthetic as well; that is, our consciences urge us to seek what is good, and we are delighted by what is beautiful. Although goodness and beauty are not reducible to truth, they must be included in any adequate metaphysical account, for metaphysics looks to explain everything. Although metaphysics is traditionally thought to be a philosophical project involving ontology and natural theology, Montague Brown argues that an adequate metaphysics must ultimately be theological, including within its scope the truths of revelation. Philosophical reason’s examination of the transcendental analogies raises questions that it cannot answer. We experience a world of many beings, truths, goods, and beauties. Recognizing that these many instances have something in common, we affirm a transcendent instance of each (traditionally called God). However, although we know that a transcendent instance exists, we do not know its nature: therefore, we cannot say how it is related to the other instances. If we try to apply this transcendent instance as the prime analogate to shed light on the other analogates, we must fail, for the abstractness and universality of the transcendent instance can add nothing to our understanding of the particular instances. Wanting to know how the many exist and are related, philosophical reason finds no way forward and recognizes its need for help. It is the thesis of this book that reason finds this help only in the revelation of the God’s covenantal relation with the world. The first principle of all things—most perfectly revealed in Jesus Christ, perfect God and perfect man—is really and freely related to us. Only by accepting this revealed prime analogate can the transcendental analogies bear fruit in our ongoing quest for understanding.

The Mystery of Christian Marriage through the Ages

Author : Anna M. Silvas
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Deep prayer. Cleaving to our Lord Jesus Christ. Immersion in the Scriptures. Baptismal and eucharistic faith in quest of ever-deeper understanding. Historical un-naivety. A theological care for the truth that abides. An interest in diagnosing cultural and civilizational shifts. Attention to the words and teachings of the Church Fathers. Linguistic sensitivity. All these operational elements come together in this book, which seeks to search out the "Nuptial Mystery" of the human condition--"from the beginning" when we were first created, through the dramatic damage contracted in the Fall, as it plays itself out in the struggles of human history, towards the beckoning fulfillment of all things in the world that is to come. This is not just another book on marriage, but an education in a way of theologically "seeing" the Mystery of Christ written into our human vocation as male and female, called to spousal covenant, open to the primacy of God, fruitful with a fruitfulness coming from God, and leading us to the bridegroom on the cross, come to espouse his bride, the church.


Author : Charles E. Curran
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A collection of the best contemporary essays on the theology and ethics of marriage.

Mystery and Sacrament of Love

Author : Marc Cardinal Ouellet
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Marriage and the family are at the forefront of the burning questions being debated by civil society and the church today. Cultural changes in our increasingly secularized society have dire consequences in the family sphere, requiring a Christian response that is faithful to the Churchs tradition, says Marc Cardinal Ouellet. In Mystery and Sacrament of Love Ouellet clearly expounds a theology of marriage and the Catholic Churchs understanding of the sacrament celebrated between spouses and God. Developed with influences from Pope Francis, the theological intuitions of Vatican II, the contributions of Saint John Paul II (the pope of the family), and the innovative thought of Hans Urs von Balthasar, Ouellets study lays the foundations for a faithful resurgence of well-being for families in our contemporary day and age.

Nova Et Vetera

Author :
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A History of All Religions

Author : William Burder
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The History of All Religions of the World

Author : William Burder
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Theology of the Body Explained

Author : Christopher West
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Christopher West makes John Paul II's theology of the body available for the first time to people at all levels within the Christian community. Love, sexuality, and human flourishing are inseparable. Those who doubted this will find West's book a transforming experience, and those who have been wounded will find liberation and peace. A wonderful education on the meaning of being human. Christopher West teaches the theology of the body and sexual ethics at St John Vianney Theological Seminary in Denver. He is also visiting faculty member of the John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family in Melbourne, Australia.

The Quiver

Author :
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V. 12 contains: The Archer...Christmas, 1877.

The Knot Tied

Author : William Tegg
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This review of marital customs illuminates the wide range of cultural differences around the world.

The Village Picnic and Other Poems

Author : Thomas Durfee
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Transactions of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society

Author : Wisconsin State Horticultural Society
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The Mystery of Human Personhood

Author : Pope John Paul II
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THE MYSTERY OF HUMANITY: An African Approach to the Theology of the Body in the Works of John Paul 11 and Benedict XVI Author: Dr.Bartholomew Okonkwo,STD Credentials: Ph.D,Madonna University Description: The THE MYSTERY OF HUMANITY has ,as its departure point, John Paul's series of lectures that came to be known as the theology of the body. Who is right about what it means to be human? The Greeks envisioned an ideal humanity. Their ethereal sculptures depict a transcendent, spiritual model. But today many scientists view human beings as mere machines. And some believe we will be able to make machines with human-like intelligence in the near future. The biblical view of humanity is different from both of these. For the writers of Scripture, to be human is to be in the image of God. Guided by this view,John Paul II affords the rediscovery of the meaning of the whole of existence, the meaning of life,Through phenomenological application. And this application is especially needed in the modern theology of African Catholic faith. Benedict's writings are discussed especially in view of their relevance to the notion of the Human Person and the implicit and explicit dignity of the individual believer. TABLE OF CONTENTS The Prologue PART I: The Original Man 1. IN THE BEGINNING 2. THE ORIGINAL SOLITUDE 3. THE ORIGINAL UNITY 4. THE NUPTIAL MYSTERY 5. THE ORIGINAL INNOCENCE PART II: The Historical Man 6. THE EXPERIENCE OF SHAME 7. CHRIST APPEAL TO THE HUMAN HEART 8. MANICHEANS AND THE MASTERS OF SUSPICION 9. ETHOS AND EROS 10. THE REDEMPTION OF THE BODY PART III: The Eschatological Man 11. THE RESURRECTION OF THE BODY

The Downside Review

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Priestly Celibacy Today

Author : Thomas McGovern
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This book contains chapters on the developme nt of celibacy in the churches of the east and west, scriptu ral foundations and the theological arguments. Special atten tion is given to the spousal dimension of celibacy. '

The mysteries of the court of London

Author : George William M. Reynolds
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