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The Oldest Old in Everyday Life

Author : Ruth E. Dunkle
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This is a valuable resource for researchers, practitioners, and students in the health and psychological arenas including gerontology, social work, nursing, and psychology."--BOOK JACKET.

Cardiac Management in the Frail Elderly Patient and the Oldest Old

Author : Andrea Ungar
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This book focuses specifically on the management of cardiovascular disease in elderly patients with particular frailties and in the “oldest old”. It is clearly explained how treatment in these patients differs from that in patients in their seventies who respond well to therapies and do not present frailties or organ failures. Although not young, the latter patients can be treated almost like any other patient, according to established guidelines. In contrast, the frail, compromised elderly and the oldest old require specific measures that target their needs, including with respect to underlying renal conditions. The book considers all those pathologies that have a high prevalence in the general population, explaining advanced treatment concepts and all aspects of assessment. Key clinical points are highlighted, and the text is supplemented with numerous informative figures and tables. The authors are respected experts, for the most part geriatric physicians, and the book is especially addressed to cardiologists, who may lack the described targeted information and treatment tools.

Active Ageing in Europe

Author : Dragana Avramov
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This study investigates the demographic characteristics of the "oldest old" (people aged 80 and more). The European Population Committee of the Council of Europe decided to undertake this research, given that it is the fastest growing age group within the population and there is an increased realization that the group has different needs and is different socially, economically and physically from the "younger old" (ages 60 - 79). The report describes changing age and sex structure, existing living arrangements and some of the socio-economic characteristics of this population group. It provides valuable material for policymakers since the subject is closely linked to issues such as rising health care costs, community care, and provisions for institutionalised housing.

The Oldest Old

Author :
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Clinical Perspectives on Elderly Sexuality

Author : Jennifer L. Hillman
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With the growth of the older adult population and the increasing need for healthcare providers with geriatric training, students and practitioners must become familiar with the multifaceted issues of elderly sexuality. This text features a combination of research findings, clinical case studies and specific guidelines for assessment and intervention. A variety of topics typically neglected in this population, such as body image and eating disorders, HIV, the long-term impact of sexual trauma in late life, sexuality in institutional settings, sexuality for partners of older adults with dementia and other chronic illnesses, traditional and non-traditional relationships, and information about medications that can cause sexual dysfunction are reviewed in detail. In addition, practitioners are given practical suggestions for interviewing older adults about sexual issues, working with character-disordered older adults, managing sexualized transference in the therapeutic relationship, mediating conflict between professionals on interdisciplinary teams, and assessing HIV and HIV-induced dementia. This volume will be of interest to both clinicians and students of psychology, social work, gerontology, sociology, and physical therapy.

Meeting the Needs of the Frail Elderly

Author : United States. Congress. House. Select Committee on Aging. Subcommittee on Human Services
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Psychological Perspectives of Helplessness and Control in the Elderly

Author : P.S. Fry
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The past few years have witnessed widespread acceptance of the notion that few elderly individuals are willing to stand by silently in the process of growing, and to relinquish whatever actual controls, autonomy or control beliefs they had in the past. Increasingly, old age is viewed as the dynamics of growth in mastery, control and self-efficacy, on the one hand, and a relative decline in psychological and physical resources on the other. It is the intent of this volume to communicate both aspects of these changes, and to offer a comprehensive review of the cross-fertilization of the field of gerontology and the psychology of reactance, freedom and control. Leading psychologists and social science researchers from the United States, Canada and Europe give their views on the meaning and application of control-related constructs having specific implications for the field of human aging. They address themselves to one or more of the major themes, issues or concerns which currently figure in discussions of control beliefs and control constructs as they apply to aging and old age. Written primarily for scholars, researchers and developmental theorists interested in the complexities and generativity of control constructs and their applications for the psychological well-being of older adults, the data and issues presented will be equally informative to gero-psychologists and mental health professionals concerned with healthy adaptive functioning of the elderly.

Analyses of Canada s Oldest Old

Author : Betty Havens
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Living arrangements, demographics, age, sex, marital status, education, housing, income, health, mental health, stress, causes of stress, functional status, independence, leisure activities, social interaction, seniors, elderly, social support, quality of life.

Positive Ageing and Learning from Centenarians

Author : Michel Poulain
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Positive Ageing and Learning from Centenarians evaluates the mechanisms of positive ageing in a uniquely interdisciplinary way to explore the question of how we age and how some people age successfully. Drawing together the findings of recognised longevity researchers from around the world, the book applies an integrated vision to educational and social aspects of human ageing. It examines research into centenarians, and considers most of the disciplines related to longevity and healthy aging and aspects such as education, psychology, philosophy, anthropology, demography, sociology, economics as well as those related to nutrition and biological factors of longevity. The book examines how the results of these scientific investigations could improve the well-being of the oldest olds in the future, especially in the context of ageing societies. It provides an answer to the question of what we can learn from centenarians and what lessons we can from their lifestyle, which can contribute to live longer, better and happier. Based on cutting-edge research, the book will be highly relevant reading for researchers, academics and students in the field of ageing and longevity, mental health research, health science, gerontology and psychology.

Abuse and Neglect of the Elderly in India

Author : Mala Kapur Shankardass
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This book highlights different aspects of the problem of elder abuse and neglect in India, and discusses its forms as well as means of prevention, intervention and management. It presents a framework for understanding the occurrence of elder abuse and neglect in India, placing the discussion within the global context. Elder abuse and neglect is a growing concern in South Asia, and this is the first comprehensive account of the topic from India. It uses data from different parts of India to describe the various dimensions of elder abuse and neglect among different population categories and sections in society. Covering rural and urban areas in different states, it discusses current perspectives on elder abuse and neglect at the household level, widows, HIV-affected populations, and those residing in institutions. This book comprises views from experts in the field and is of interest to researchers and academics from the social and behavioural sciences, policy makers, and NGOs.

Aging in East and West

Author : Dr. Vern L. Bengtson, PhD
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Widely recognized experts present the first comparative analysis of recent developments among six Eastern and Western nations concerning population aging and its consequences. Chapters focus on demographic trends, sociocultural contexts, and policy implications. Nations selected as case studies include: the Peopleís Republic of China, the Republic of Korea, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The editors and contributors call attention to the varied trajectories and effects of population aging in culturally diverse societies that are often at different stages or on different paths of economic development. Such analyses bring into sharper focus those conditions that are unique, or similar, and emphasize the ways in which cultural stereotypes of aging and the elderly complicate our understanding of the effects of world-wide population aging.

Established Populations for Epidemiologic Studies of the Elderly

Author :
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Active ageing in Europe

Author : Ronald C. Schoenmaeckers
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Feminist Perspectives on Family Care

Author : Nancy R. Hooyman
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This book analyzes the phenomenon of family care for three populations of adult dependents with chronic disabilities: adults with developmental disabilities; adults with serious, persistent mental illness; and the frail elderly. Family care of relatives spanning the life course and across cultures is emphasized.

Serving the Elderly

Author : Paul Kim
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Broadly speaking there are two kinds of professional practice skills relevant to the burgeoning field of gerontological human service: clinical modalities and macro strategies. This book identifies seven essential approaches to clinical gerontology, including five of the most important macro skills that all professionals in the field will need to acquire, and it presents each of them in a single collection intended to serve as a basic text and reference work for academic and in-service training. Each contributor to this volume speaks with recognized expertise on his/her preferred subject, while mindful of the larger purpose of the collection as a whole. In a concluding chapter, Dr. Kim draws on his own long and successful experience in obtaining financial support for his programs and provides a wealth of useful information on the preparation of grant proposals and the conduct of other fundraising activities. Serving the Elderly is adaptable to the uses of a wide variety of geriatric health care providers, from students and trainees in social work, clinical psychology, and other care-giving professions to already established practitioners who are branching out in gerontology.

Estimating the Number of Centenarians and the Oldest old in Thailand

Author : Sutthida Chuanwan
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Health and Inequalities Among the Oldest Old

Author : Mats Thorslund
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Racial Differences in Mortality Among the Elderly

Author : Mark Alexander
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Racial Differences in Life Expectancy Among Elderly African Americans and Whites

Author : Laura B. Shrestha
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First published in 1997. This book is based on the author’s dissertation written while a student in the Population Studies Center of the University of Pennsylvania. The catalyst for the research was the recognition that major uncertainties exist about the quality of population and death data for the elderly in the United States as a result of coverage and content errors in the censuses and death registration. Furthermore, different patterns appear to exist for the two major racial groupings in the United States: whites and African- Americans. The book evaluates the consistency of reported data between the two major sources of data for calculation of mortality statistics in the United States: censuses and death registration. The focus is on the older population (aged 60 and above), where mortality trends have the greatest impact on social programs and where data quality is most problematic.

Growth of America s Oldest old Population

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