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Visualization and Processing of Tensors and Higher Order Descriptors for Multi Valued Data

Author : Carl-Fredrik Westin
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Arising from the fourth Dagstuhl conference entitled Visualization and Processing of Tensors and Higher Order Descriptors for Multi-Valued Data (2011), this book offers a broad and vivid view of current work in this emerging field. Topics covered range from applications of the analysis of tensor fields to research on their mathematical and analytical properties. Part I, Tensor Data Visualization, surveys techniques for visualization of tensors and tensor fields in engineering, discusses the current state of the art and challenges, and examines tensor invariants and glyph design, including an overview of common glyphs. The second Part, Representation and Processing of Higher-order Descriptors, describes a matrix representation of local phase, outlines mathematical morphological operations techniques, extended for use in vector images, and generalizes erosion to the space of diffusion weighted MRI. Part III, Higher Order Tensors and Riemannian-Finsler Geometry, offers powerful mathematical language to model and analyze large and complex diffusion data such as High Angular Resolution Diffusion Imaging (HARDI) and Diffusion Kurtosis Imaging (DKI). A Part entitled Tensor Signal Processing presents new methods for processing tensor-valued data, including a novel perspective on performing voxel-wise morphometry of diffusion tensor data using kernel-based approach, explores the free-water diffusion model, and reviews proposed approaches for computing fabric tensors, emphasizing trabecular bone research. The last Part, Applications of Tensor Processing, discusses metric and curvature tensors, two of the most studied tensors in geometry processing. Also covered is a technique for diagnostic prediction of first-episode schizophrenia patients based on brain diffusion MRI data. The last chapter presents an interactive system integrating the visual analysis of diffusion MRI tractography with data from electroencephalography.

Data Visualization 2001

Author : D. Ebert
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This book contains 33 papers presented at the Third Joint Visualization Symposium of the Eurographics Association and the Technical Committee on Visualization and Graphics of the IEEE Computer Society. The main topics treated are: visualization of geoscience data; multi-resolution and adaptive techniques; unstructured data, multi-scale and visibility; flow visualization; biomedical applications; information visualization; object representation; volume rendering; information visualization applications; and automotive applications.

Graph Drawing and Network Visualization

Author : Fabrizio Frati
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This book constitutes revised selected papers from the 25th International Symposium on Graph Drawing and Network Visualization, GD 2017, held in Boston, MA, USA, in September 2017.The 34 full and 9 short papers presented in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 87 submissions. Also included in this book are 2 abstracts of keynote presentations, 16 poster abstracts, and 1 contest report. The papers are organized in topical sections named: straight-line representations; obstacles and visibility; topological graph theory; orthogonal representations and book embeddings; evaluations; tree drawings; graph layout designs; point-set embeddings; special representations; and beyond planarity.

Database Issues for Data Visualization

Author : John P. Lee
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This volume presents the proceedings of the International Workshop on Database Issues for Data Visualization, held in conjunction with the IEEE Visualization '93 conference in San Jose, California in October 1993. The book contains 13 technical contributions organized in sections on datamodels; system integration issues; and interaction, user interfaces, and presentation issues. In addition there are three introductory section surveys and an overall workshop description summarizing the whole event. In total, the reader is presented with a thoroughly refereed and carefully edited state-of-the-art report on the hot interdisciplinary topic of database issues and data visualization.

A Framework for Information Visualization Spreadsheets

Author : Ed Huai-hsin Chi
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Visualization in Biomedical Computing

Author : IEEE
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Proceedings of the 1st Conference on [title] held in Atlanta, May 1990. Visualization science is an emerging discipline aimed at developing approaches and tools to facilitate the interpretation of, and interaction with, large amounts of data--to enable researchers to "see" and comprehend, in a new and deeper manner, the systems they are studying. These papers help to define the field as approached by researchers, scientists, engineers, and toolmakers engaged in various aspects of scientific visualization in general, and visualization in biomedical computing in particular. No subject index. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Visualization and Data Analysis

Author :
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Animation and Scientific Visualization

Author : Rae A. Earnshaw
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During the past decade the field of computer graphics has undergone a significant evolution as the development of new tools and techniques has made possible the production of an increasingly sophisticatedand multifaceted array of visualizations-from animation to virtual environments. Animation and Scientific Visualization: Tools and Applications provides a comprehensive overview of the tools and techniques involved in these applications, with an emphasis on practical examples and experiences, and 32 pages of full-color plates. This book enables readers to see how animation and scientific visualization are invaluable aids to scientists and researchers.

An Overview of Visualization Techniques

Author : Jane Wilhelms
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The three main approaches to visualizing sampled volume data are: 1) imaging two-dimensional slices through the volume; 2) extraction of geometric representations such as polygonal surfaces from the volume, with their consequent rendering using standard graphics techniques; and 3) direct volume rendering, which uses complex mapping and shading techniques to create images directly from the volume data. This paper overviews these methods, with emphasis on the newest approach, direct volume rendering."

The Effect of the Spatial Visualization Factor on Achievement in Operations with Fractions

Author : Markita Louise Price Gulliver
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Scientific Visualization

Author : Gregory M. Nielson
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"Scientific Visualization" presents the state of the art in scientific visualization techniques, both as an overview for the inquiring scientist and as a basic foundation for developers. The three sections present an overview, explain frameworks and methodologies, and present techniques and algorithms. Extensive bibliographies are included.


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Data Visualization Techniques

Author : Chandrajit Bajaj
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Data visualization techniques are a means to manipulate sampled and computed data for comprehensive display. Visualized data can be static or in motion, to provide visual explanations of algorithms or general information. This book draws on examples from a broad selection of subject areas, such as atmospheric sciences or biology, which deal with diverse data analysis and visualization techniques. The various visualization methodologies covered in this book also include moving images as well as static. It is an important source of information for computer graphics software engineers, graduates and researchers who work in the field of visualization techniques. Unique features in this book include: Details of data visualization techniques for scalar, vector and tensor field data and accompanying data structures Explanation of how to express visual images in computational terms and turn these into display, with minimum delay Methodology for "probing" a displayed visualization, in order to elicit more detail Collection of information from several interrelated subject areas in one volume Trends in Software - edited by Balachander Krishnamurthy of AT&T Research - is a sister publication of the journal Software: Practice and Experience

Improving Aviation Safety with Information Visualization

Author : Cecilia Rodriguez Aragon
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Landscape Visualization

Author : Stephen Sheppard
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Visualization of Temporal and Spatial Data for Civilian and Defense Applications

Author : Glenn O. Allgood
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Radar Sensor Technology and Data Visualization

Author : Nickolas Lea Faust
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The Integration of an On line Parallel Debugger with a Visualization Methodology for Modeling Expected Behavior

Author : Joseph Lawrence Sharnowski
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Simulation and Visualization of Hydraulic Fracture Propagation in Poroelastic Rock

Author : Thomas James Boone
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Flow Visualization Techniques

Author :
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