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The Origins of Ethical Failures

Author : Dennis Gentilin
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In 2001, as a young university graduate, Dennis Gentilin became a member of a FX trading desk at one of Australia’s largest banks, the National Australia Bank. In the years that followed the desk became involved in a trading scandal that resulted in the resignation of the chairman and CEO, the upheaval of the board of directors, significant financial loss, and incalculable reputational damage. It was in this environment that the true meaning of business ethics was revealed to Gentilin. In this ground breaking book, Gentilin draws on both his personal experience and the emerging literature in the various disciplines of psychology to provide a very unique insight into the origins of ethical failures. The intellectual depth Gentilin provides coupled with his real life reflections make this book a must read for senior leaders, regulators, consultants, students and practitioners. Amongst other things, the book highlights the shortcomings associated with the traditional approaches used to explain and address ethical failures and illustrates how easily we can all, individuals and organisations alike, be complicit to unethical conduct. More importantly, it provides lessons and guidance to all leaders who aspire to build institutions that are more resilient to ethical failure.

The Origins and Development of the Triadic Structure of Faith in H Richard Niebuhr

Author : Joseph S. Pagano (Ph. D.)
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Previous studies of H. Richard Niebuhr's intellectual background have fallen into two groups: those that stress the German and especially Kantian sources of Niebuhr's thought, and those that emphasize the American and especially pragmatic sources of his thought. Joseph S. Pagano provides a way beyond these seemingly antagonistic positions. Through careful readings of the philosophical background of the triadic structure, Pagano demonstrates that Niebuhr's intellectual background was both Kantian and pragmatic. He also provides the first book-length study of the development of the triadic structure of faith in Niebuhr's theology and ethics. This book is a particularly insightful reference for scholars in ethics, religious studies, theology, philosophy, and church history.

Encyclopedia of Ethical Legal and Policy Issues in Biotechnology

Author : Thomas H. Murray
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This set is comprehensive and technically literate and more informative on regulation and policy issues. Thomas Murray is a world-renowned leader in this field.

Beyond Failure

Author : Frank G. Goble
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The Ethics of Banking

Author : Peter Koslowski
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The Ethics of Banking analyzes the systemic and the ethical mistakes that led to the crisis. It keeps the middle ground between excusing all failures by the argument of a systemic crisis not to be taken responsibility for by the financial managers and the moralistic reproach that only moral failure is at the origin of the crisis. It investigates the role of speculation in the formation of the crisis and distinguishes between productive speculation for hedging and for securing market liquidity on the one hand, and unproductive and even detrimental hyper-speculation going far beyond of the degree of speculation that is necessary in a developed economy for the liquidity of financial markets, on the other hand. Hyper-speculation has increased the risks of the financial system and is still doing so.

Ethical Theory and Social Issues

Author : David Theo Goldberg
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Legal and Ethical Issues Raised by HIV AIDS

Author : Ralf Jürgens
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Ethical Issues in Engineering

Author : Deborah G. Johnson
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This anthology focuses on ethical issues confronting individual engineers and the entire engineering profession.

Ethical Issues in Social Work

Author :
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Science and Earth History

Author : Arthur Newell Strahler
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In this comprehensive treatment of the ongoing conflict between creationists and evolutionary scientists, well-known geomorphologist Arthur Strahler carefully examines creationists' claims of scientific evidence for the six-day divine creation of the universe, followed by the catastrophic flood of Noah, as claimed in Genesis. The creationists' arguments are examined and evaluated against the findings of mainstream science in the fields of cosmology, astronomy, geophysics, geology, paleontology, and evolutionary biology.Updated with a new preface and responses to recent attacks on evolutionary theory, Science and Earth History can serve as both a popular overview of earth history and as a scholarly anecdote to the fictions of creationism once again finding their way into classrooms and universities. Strahler illuminates the controversy by reviewing the philosophy, methodology, and sociology of empirical science, as contrasted with the belief systems of religion and pseudoscience. The author also includes lucid criteria for distinguishing science from pseudoscience, and reviews the great discoveries and developments in science that point to the evolution of life over the earth's three-billion-year history.Arthur Strahler was professor and chairman of geomorphology at the Department of Geology of Columbia University.

Ethical Issues in Modern Medicine

Author : John Arras
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This comprehensive anthology represents the key issues and problems in the field of medical ethics through the most up-to-date readings and case studies available. Each of the book’s six parts is prefaced with helpful introductions that raise important questions and skillfully contextualize the positions and main points of the articles that follow.

The Student Journalist and Legal and Ethical Issues

Author : Samuel N. Feldman
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Research Ethics

Author : Deborah R. Barnbaum
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For undergraduate/graduate-level Research Ethics courses in natural or social sciences. Based on the important premise that ethical research is better research, this text explores the ethical complexities of research in order to enhance researchers' existing capacities for ethical reflection and decision making. This comprehensive introduction to ethical research questions examines all aspects of the research process from the choice of research questions to publication of results and the role of the scientist in the community.

Ethical Issues in Business

Author : Joseph D. Van Zandt
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"Keeping pace with recent developments, almost a third of the Eighth Edition is new. Ethical Issues in Business offers a mix of case studies - nine of which are new to this edition - and theoretical articles - ten of which are new to this edition. The articles range from classics in moral theory and economics, to modern commentaries by business executives."--Jacket.

Ethical Issues in Modern Medicine

Author : John D. Arras
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A textbook for undergraduates. Some 70 selections (more than half are new to this edition) follow an introductory essay. Current controversies (surrogacy, genetic engineering, proxy consent) are thoroughly covered. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Origins of English Literary Modernism 1870 1914

Author : Gregory Tague
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Focuses on non-dramatic works of the early modernism period in England while emphasizing the origins and developments of key writers and poets, providing broad coverage of topics ranging from cultural anthropology and mythology to impressionism and the emergence of literary magazines.

The Economics and the Ethics of Constitutional Order

Author : James M. Buchanan
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Nobel Laureate James Buchanan questions how people can live together in peace, prosperity, and justice

Professional Issues in Speech language Pathology and Audiology

Author : Franklin H. Silverman
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"This is a practical guide that covers key professional issues currently under discussion in the field. This book will help readers and practitioners develop a more objective attitude toward change and increase their ability to adapt by equipping them with coping strategies for dealing with these inevitable changes. As changes occur in this country's health care delivery, many new clinical and professional issues are impacting the practice of Speech Pathology and Audiology. This book provides a discussion of issues of the next century that will have to be tackled by the next generation of speech-language pathologists and audiologists. "Chapters include: Professional Ethics; Credentialing; Malpractice and Other Torts; Influencing Legislation; Coping with Managed Health Care; Being Culturally Sensitive; and much more! "For anyone who focuses on professional affairs and issues in speech-language pathology and audiology.

Religious Issues and Interreligious Dialogues

Author : Charles Wei-hsun Fu
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A monumental collection--essential for academic and seminary libraries and highly recommended for public libraries as well. Library Journal An important new voice in contemporary philosophical- theologial discourse, this book highlights a number of issues that have been of particular concern to scholars, religious leaders, politicians, and the general public since the end of World War II. The contributors' purpose is to force a reexamination of basic concerns in religion, religious beliefs, and religious studies -- and to encourage both a reshaping of entrenched attitudes and a continuation of meaningful dialogue among different religious groups. To this end, they address a wide range of topics, from the perplexing problem of relativism and the issue of feminism in the church to questions of Muslim identity and Hindu-Christian dialogue. Divided into two principal parts, the book begins by exploring a broad spectrum of religious issues. Norbert Samuelson analyzes theism and atheism in Western religious philosophy, Ernest Stoeffler focuses on the parallel trends of conservatism and liberalism in American Protestantism; Gustavo Benavides examines religion and modernization in Latin America. Additional papers address a universal theology, Christianity and sociopolitical thought, postwar neo-Confucian philosophy, among other topics. In the second section, the contributors turn to interreligious dialogues, examining the ways in which various religions have attempted to forge deeper mutual understanding -- often in the face of rising sociopolitical tensions. Taken together, these essays offer an eloquent testimonial to the critical importance of interreligious dialogue in contemporary society. Religious Issues and Interreligious Dialogues will be an important addition to the reading list for studies in world religions, contemporary religious issues, and comparative religion.

A Comparative History of Bank Failures

Author : Sten Jonsson
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Starting with Medici and Fugger and ending with Barings and Royal Bank of Scotland under neo-liberal de-regulation, the author gives an account of how a number of banks failed over a 500 year-period. The author offers an explanation of the leading ideas about the world and good society at the time, and summarizes this narrative using Streeck & Schmitter’s three bases for regulation of society: Community (spontaneous solidarity), State (hierarchical control), and Market (dispersed competition). The bank failures are presented in the context of social philosophies of the day (scholasticism, mercantilism, neo-liberalism, and libertarianism), and the changing business practices (Bills of Exchange, rents and financial instruments of various kinds). The dominating explanation of financial crises has been market-related. Here, the author argues that managerial failures are an important contributor. He demonstrates the failure of management to act on early signals such as existential risk, strategic stress syndrome, and lack of proper oversight by top management. The author encourages a return to ethical principles for banks, suggesting that his ethical aspect should be at the core of the credit process of banks in the future. With its interdisciplinary approach, this book will be an important contribution to the discussion surrounding bank failures. It will interest any scholar looking at the origins of financial crises and will be particularly useful for post-graduate students of economic and financial history, banking, finance and accounting.