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The other side of reason

Author : David B. Gibson
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A journal in recognition of the passengers whose lives were changed forever in a tragic bus-train collision and in memory of those who died. “David Gibson’s reality was altered in a moment on September 18, 2013. His eloquent and poignant requiem chronicles his efforts to re-orient himself to a world whose boundaries and reference points abruptly disappeared…he chronicles his experiences in a way that helps us understand the hidden struggle of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD.” — Dr. Larry Cebulski, clinical psychologist.

The Other Side of the World

Author : Sally Farrell Odgers
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The Other Side

Author : Kevin McColley
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"Raised on a small Ohio farm just across the river from Kentucky, Jacob remains largely indifferent to the impending struggle between the North and South. His father allows two runaway slaves to be hidden on their land. Jacob finds himself drawn to the beautiful Sarah. When the local militia discovers the slaves, Jacob is forced to watch the militiamen abuse his mother and destroy his home. When Jacob can take the abuse no more, he kills one of the soldiers and flees for his life, crossing to the other side of the river."--Jacket.

The Chronicle

Author :
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Martin Martin s On the Other Side

Author : Mark Wernham
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The future ain't what it used to be... Jensen interceptor is a man on a mission. Promoted to the lofty ranks of government spy - though he's not quite sure why - his first assignment is to monitor the Martin Martinists, a suspected terrorist cult who believe that, way back in 2008, a TV psychic called Martin Martin was the saviour. As Jensen infiltrates the cell he finds his ideas about life and love being challenged, and when he starts to receive bizarre visions which may or may not be coming from Martin Martin himself, his world is turned literally upside down...

The Other Side of the Sun

Author : Madeleine L'Engle
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From the National Book Award–winning author of A Wrinkle in Time, an atmospheric novel of a young British bride in the American South after the Civil War. When nineteen-year-old Stella marries Theron Renier, she has no idea what kind of clan she’s joined. Soon after their arrival at Illyria, the Reniers’ rambling beachside home, Theron is sent on a diplomatic mission, leaving Stella alone with his family. As she tries to settle into her new life, Stella quickly discovers that the Reniers are not what they seem. Trapped in a world unlike anything she’s ever known, vulnerable Stella attempts to uncover her new family’s dangerous secrets—and stirs up a darkness that was meant to stay buried. From the beloved, National Book Award–winning author of A Wrinkle in Time, The Other Side of the Sun showcases Madeleine L’Engle’s talent for involving and suspenseful storytelling. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Madeleine L’Engle including rare images from the author’s estate.

The Twilight of the Gothic

Author : Joseph Crawford
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This book explores the history of the paranormal romance genre; from its origins in the revisionist horror fiction of the 1970s, via its emergence as a minor sub-genre of romantic fiction in the early 1990s, to its contemporary expansion in recent years into an often-controversial genre of mainstream fiction. Tracing the genre from its roots in older Gothic fiction written by and for women, it explores the interconnected histories of Gothic and romantic fiction, from Ann Radcliffe and Jane Austen in the eighteenth century to Buffy, Twilight, True Blood and The Vampire Diaries in the present day. In doing so, it investigates the extent to which the post-Twilight paranormal romance really does represent a break from older traditions of Gothic fiction – and just what it is about the genre that has made it so extraordinarily divisive, captivating millions of readers whilst simultaneously infuriating and repelling so many others.

Twilight s Last Gleaming

Author : John Michael Greer
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A chilling high-concept geo-political thriller where a declining United States and a resurgent China come to the brink of all out nuclear war.The year is 2028. Oil is the black gold that controls the fortunes of all nations and the once-mighty United States is down to the dregs. A giant oil field is discovered off the Tanzanian coast and the newly elected US President finds his solution to America's ailing economy. While the US blindly plots and plans regime change in this hitherto insignificant African nation, Tanzania's allies - the Chinese - start their own secret machinations. The explosion that follows shatters a decades-old balance of global power and triggers a crisis on American soil that the United States may not survive.Political conspiracies, military manouvers, and covert activities are woven together in this fast-paced, gripping novel that paints a stark warning of an uncomfortably likely future.

The Other Side

Author : Judy Botello
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This memoir reads like a novel: a love story told in a series of travel adventures spanning more than twenty years on the Baja peninsula.

The Other Side

Author : Mary E. Twomey
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How far would you go to protect the people you love? With the joy of leaving Undraland behind, the anticipation of returning back to the Other Side, where Lucy is most familiar, has everyone in high spirits. Soon she realizes that there will be no white picket fence, no home, and no life until the final portal to the Land of Be is destroyed. Pesta uses every tool at her disposal to claw at Lucy, stopping at nothing to take down the one girl who’s managed to escape her clutches time and time again. Lucy Kincaid sheds her pacifist ideals once and for all as she fights for the people she loves, destroying the remnants of hope for a happy future in the process. The Other Side is book five in a nine-part fantasy romance series written by USA Today Bestselling Author Mary E. Twomey. Google Subjects: paranormal romance, Scandinavian folklore, fairytales, myths and legends, fairy tales, young adult, YA, high school, paranormal, romance, paranormal books, YA paranormal fantasy, YA paranormal romance series, series or anthology, magic, coming of age, epic fantasy series, YA magic, fantasy and magic, YA coming of age, YA ebook, ebook, YA high school romance, YA teen, teen book, YA urban fantasy, YA shifters, YA shifter romance, scandinavian folklore 101, garden gnomes, urban fantasy series, teen magic, YA paranormal fantasy, YA ebooks, YA books, YA trilogy, YA urban fantasy romance, teen and young adult books, teen books for girls in high school, teen love triangle, paranormal, paranormal fantasy, young adult urban fantasy, young adult fantasy, young adult teen, young adult witches, young adult witch romance, young adult fantasy and magic, fantasy romance, free first in series