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The Owl s Nest

Author : Eugenie Marlitt
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The owl s nest in the City

Author : Edward Lovel
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The Owl s Nest

Author : Dorothy Gladys Spicer
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Seven stories that show the particular flavor of Friesland, the most northern province of the Netherlands.

The Owl s Nest

Author : Anne Gilbert
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How to Spot an Owl

Author : Patricia Taylor Sutton
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Long considered creatures of myth and mystery, owls actually are commonplace if one knows how and where to look--often no further than one's own backyard. The Suttons--husband and wife naturalist team--have created a lavish, full-color spotter's guide, with a thorough description of owls, their habitat, range, diet, breeding and nesting habits.


Author : Cynthia Berger
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Provides information on the life cycle, behavior, and habitats of owls, including an identification guide for all North American owls.

The Absolute Truth And Other Uncertainties

Author : Fairfield Goodale
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"We were told that everything in the Buchenwald camp was as it had been on the day of liberation-torture devices, gallows, crematoria containing charred human remains, gas chambers, piles of teeth with gold extracted, lamp shades of tattooed human skin-except that the diet and living conditions of the current population of 20,000 prisoners were a bit improved, and they were free within the barbed wire compound to move wherever they were physically able to with their slow, torturous, tiny-stepped shuffle. Their striped uniforms, bearing yellow stars and sometimes pinkish insignia, were baggy and hung in tatters from skeleton frames, yet each prisoner's appearance and demeanor displayed every vestige of dignity he could muster. No hangdogs, no whimpering, no complaining, no visible tears. They were beyond that, and above it." All of the author's proceeds from the sale of The Absolute Truth And Other Uncertainties-A Remembrance will be donated to the Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital Foundation, Santa Barbara, California.

The Owl and the Woodpecker

Author : Paul Bannick
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An intimate blend of personal field notes, rich natural history, and stunning photographs in the wild, this perfect holiday book for all bird-watchers provides an in-depth look at two of our most iconic--and important-- bird species. Great for photography lovers, conservationists and backyard enthusiasts alike, it includes an overview map of habitats and a foreword by award-winning artist and writer Tony Angell.Every wild place and urban area in North America hosts an owl or a woodpecker species, while healthy natural places often boast representatives of both. The diversity of these two families of birds, and the ways in which they define and enrich the ecosystems they inhabit, are the subject of this vivid new book by photographer and naturalist Paul Bannick. The Owl and the Woodpecker showcases a sense of these birds' natural rhythms, as well as the integral spirit of our wild places. Based on hundreds of hours in the field photographing these fascinating and wily birds, Bannick evokes all 41 North American species of owls and woodpeckers, across 11 key habitats. And by revealing the impact of two of our most iconic birds, Bannick has created a wholly unique approach to birding and conservation.

Elizabeth Bishop

Author : Bonnie Costello
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In this finely written companion to Elizabeth Bishop's poetry, Bonnie Costello gives a compelling use of Bishop and her ways of seeing and writing.

Hawks and Owls of Eastern North America

Author : Donald S. Heintzelman
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Describes the habitat, distribution, food sources, nesting cycle, behavior, and migration of hawks and owls found in the Eastern United States and Canada.