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The Oxford Companion to Charles Dickens

Author : Paul Schlicke
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First published 1999 under different title.

Oxford Reader s Companion to Dickens

Author : Paul Schlicke
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The Oxford Companion to Dickens (published in hardback as The Oxford Reader's Companion to Dickens) offers in one volume a lively and authoritative compendium of information about Dickens: his life, his works, his reputation and his cultural context. In addition to entries on his works, his characters, his friends and places mentioned in his works, it includes extensive information about the age in which he lived and worked: the people, events, and institutions which provided the contextfor his work; the houses he lived in, the countries he visited, the ideas he satirised, the circumstances he responded to, the culture he participated in. Compiled by a distinguished editorial team, The Oxford Companion to Dickens provides a synthesis of the state of the art of Dickens studies and contains a more authoritative, concise, extensive and accessible range of information than any other reference work on Dickens.

The Oxford Handbook of Charles Dickens

Author : Robert L. Patten
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The Oxford Handbook of Charles Dickens is a comprehensive and up-to-date collection on Dickens's life and works. It includes original chapters on all of Dickens's writing and new considerations of his contexts, from the social, political, and economic to the scientific, commercial, and religious. The contributions speak in new ways about his depictions of families, environmental degradation, and improvements of the industrial age, as well as the law, charity, and communications. His treatment of gender, his mastery of prose in all its varieties and genres, and his range of affects and dramatization all come under stimulating reconsideration. His understanding of British history, of empire and colonization, of his own nation and foreign ones, and of selfhood and otherness, like all the other topics, is explained in terms easy to comprehend and profoundly relevant to global modernity.

Oxford Reader s Companion to Conrad

Author : Owen Knowles
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Scholarly, ambitious and scrupulous'. This is how the TLS recently described the Oxford Reader's Companion Series. In September 2000, the book which pioneered the series, The Oxford Reader's Companion to Dickens came out in paperback. Now the Oxford Reader's Companions to Hardy, Trollope, Conrad, and George Eliot will follow on from that success. In this format these books are designed specifically to appeal to students of literature. Each contains a more comprehensive and accessiblerange of information than any other reference work on these writers. Jozef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski had an astonishing life. 'Pole, Catholic, and nobleman' is how he described himself as at the age of 5. He was born in the Ukraine of Polish parents and spent his childhood in exile. It was only after fifteen years at sea that he began writing in English, his third language and the one whose genius had, as he put it, 'adopted' him. Owen Knowles and Gene M. Moore, together with their teamof distinguished Advisers and Contributors, have created a unique and authoritative reference work on all things Conradian. Over 400 entries cover Conrad's novels, stories, essays, and reviews; his friends, family, and associates; films and adaptations; ships and voyages; places associated with his life and works; his influences and sources; his reputation and critical approaches to his work; historical contexts to his life. Entries include: Conrad's life: health, Polish inheritance,the sea, ships and voyages People: Borys Conrad, Apollo and Ewa Korzeniowski, J. M. Barrie, Stephen Crane, Stefan Zeromski Places: America, Bangkok, Berdyczow, Congo, Cracow, Marseilles Novels: Almayer's Folly, Lord Jim, Nostromo Stories, essays, and reviews: 'An Anarchist', 'Typhoon', 'Autocracy and War', 'Legends', 'Tales of the Sea' Influences and Sources: James Brooke, Alighieri Dante, Charles Dickens, Napoleon Bonaparte, Emile Zola Characters: Almayer family, Mr Jones, Jim, Captain Mitchell, Nostromo, the Professor, Edith Travers Reputation: biographies, films, influences on other writers, portraits and other images, translations Historical context: First World War, Polish question, women's suffrage movement In addition to the A-Z entries the Companion offers extra material: a classified contents list with headwords grouped in thematic batches, Conrad's family tree, a useful chronology spanning Conrad's life, maps showing Conrad's travels, an index ofreferences to Conrad's works, and an alphabetical list of frequently cited texts.

The Oxford Companion to English Literature

Author : Dinah Birch
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The Oxford Companion to English Literature has long been established as the leading reference resource for students, teachers, scholars, and general readers of English literature. It provides unrivalled coverage of all aspects of English literature - from writers, their works, and the historical and cultural context in which they wrote, to critics, literary theory, and allusions. For the seventh edition, the Companion has been thoroughly revised and updated to meet the needs and concerns of today's students and general readers. Over 1,000 new entries have been added, ranging from new writers - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Patrick Marber, David Mitchell, Arundhati Roy - to increased coverage of writers and literary movements from around the world. Coverage of American literature has been substantially increased, with new entries on writers such as Cormac McCarthy and Amy Tan and on movements and publications. Contextual and historical coverage has also been expanded, with new entries on European history and culture, post-colonial literature, as well as writers and literary movements from around the world that have influenced English literature. The Companion has always been a quick and dependable source of reference for students, and the new edition confirms its pre-eminent role as the go-to resource of first choice. All entries have been reviewed, and details of new works, biographies, and criticism have been brought right up to date. So also has coverage of the themes, approaches and concepts encountered by students today, from terms to articles on literary theory and theorists. There is increased coverage of writers from around the world, as well as from Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, and of contextual topics, including film and television, music, and art. Cross-referencing has been thoroughly updated, with stronger linking from writers to thematic and conceptual entries. Meanwhile coverage of popular genres such as children's literature, science fiction, biography, reportage, crime fiction, fantasy or travel literature has been increased substantially, with new entries on writers from Philip Pullman to Anne Frank and from Anais Nin to Douglas Adams. The seventh edition of this classic Companion - now under the editorship of Dinah Birch, assisted by a team of 28 distinguished associate editors, and over 150 contributors - ensures that it retains its status as the most authoritative, informative, and accessible guide to literature available.

Texts Contexts and Intertextuality

Author : Norbert Lennartz
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Galt Charles Dickens lange Zeit als der Verfasser umfangreicher seichter und sentimentaler Kinderliteratur, als Produzent leicht konsumierbarer Massenware, so zeigt diese Aufsatzsammlung, dass Dickens nicht nur Leser hochwertiger Literatur war, sondern dass er seine Werke im Kontext sowohl der großen Weltliteratur als auch der zeitgenössischen wissenschaftlichen und wirtschaftlichen Debatten wahrgenommen sehen wollte. Von Sidney, Shakespeare, Cervantes, über Swift, Smollett bis hin zu Bulwer-Lytton reicht die Riege der Autoren, die Dickens im Kosmos seiner Romane verarbeitete und zu einem intertextuellen Netz verwob.

The Oxford Companion to Consciousness

Author : Tim Bayne
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Consciousness is undoubtedly one of the last remaining scientific mysteries and hence one of the greatest contemporary scientific challenges. How does the brain's activity result in the rich phenomenology that characterizes our waking life? Are animals conscious? Why did consciousness evolve? How does science proceed to answer such questions? Can we define what consciousness is? Can we measure it? Can we use experimental results to further our understanding of disorders of consciousness, such as those seen in schizophrenia, delirium, or altered states of consciousness? These questions are at the heart of contemporary research in the domain. Answering them requires a fundamentally interdisciplinary approach that engages not only philosophers, but also neuroscientists and psychologists in a joint effort to develop novel approaches that reflect both the stunning recent advances in imaging methods as well as the continuing refinement of our concepts of consciousness. In this light, the Oxford Companion to Consciousness is the most complete authoritative survey of contemporary research on consciousness. Five years in the making and including over 250 concise entries written by leaders in the field, the volume covers both fundamental knowledge as well as more recent advances in this rapidly changing domain. Structured as an easy-to-use dictionary and extensively cross-referenced, the Companion offers contributions from philosophy of mind to neuroscience, from experimental psychology to clinical findings, so reflecting the profoundly interdisciplinary nature of the domain. Particular care has been taken to ensure that each of the entries is accessible to the general reader and that the overall volume represents a comprehensive snapshot of the contemporary study of consciousness. The result is a unique compendium that will prove indispensable to anyone interested in consciousness, from beginning students wishing to clarify a concept to professional consciousness researchers looking for the best characterization of a particular phenomenon.

Forgiveness in Victorian Literature

Author : Richard Hughes Gibson
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Forgiveness was a preoccupation of writers in the Victorian period, bridging literatures highbrow and low, sacred and secular. Yet if forgiveness represented a common value and language, literary scholarship has often ignored the diverse meanings and practices behind this apparently uncomplicated value in the Victorian period. Forgiveness in Victorian Literature examines how eminent writers such as Charles Dickens, George Eliot, Thomas Hardy, and Oscar Wilde wrestled with the religious and social meanings of forgiveness in an age of theological controversy and increasing pluralism in ethical matters. Richard Gibson discovers unorthodox uses of the language of forgiveness and delicate negotiations between rival ethical and religious frameworks, which complicated forgiveness's traditional powers to create or restore community and, within narratives, offered resolution and closure. Illuminated by contemporary philosophical and theological investigations of forgiveness, this study also suggests that Victorian literature offers new perspectives on the ongoing debate about the possibility and potency of forgiving.

Concise Oxford Companion to the English Language

Author : Thomas Burns McArthur
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Providing a single-volume source of information about the English language, this text takes in language examples from Cockney to Creole across a historical range from Chaucer to Chomsky.

Oxford Reader s Companion to Trollope

Author : R. C. Terry
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'Scholarly, ambitious and scrupulous'. This is how the TLS recently described the Oxford Reader's Companion Series. In September 2000, the book which pioneered the series, The Oxford Reader's Companion to Dickens, came out in paperback. Now the Oxford Reader's Companions to Trollope, Hardy, Conrad, and George Eliot will follow on from its success. In this format each of these books, designed specifically to appeal to students of literature, contains a more comprehensive and accessiblerange of information than any other reference work on these writers. 'The busiest man of letters'. Few writers before or since have covered so much territory or written so many books. His output was formidable. The Oxford Reader's Companion to Trollope encompasses all the latest scholarship on this fascinating writer in one single volume. Thirty-six contributors have come together to bring a wealth of biographical, bibliographical, and historical information to illuminate the wider literary and cultural context of Trollope's life and work. Over 500 A-Z entries cover Trollope's literature; his work as biographer, journalist and travel writer; subsequent criticism and praise of his work; his family members, friends, and acquaintances; the social context of his life; his influences and the things he influenced; his interests and ideas. Entries include: Works: 'England and America', 'Clarrisa', 'Modern Literature', 'Cicero as a Man of Letters', 'The Higher Education ofWomen', 'On The Eastern Question', 'The Civil Service as a Profession', 'Letters from South Africa' Novels: Barchester Towers, Can You Forgive Her?, Orley Farm, The Small House at Allington, The Way We Live Now Biography and auto-biography: An Autobiography, Lord Palmerston, Thackeray Plays: Did He Steal It?, The Noble Jilt Short stories: 'Christmas at Thompson Hall', 'Mrs Brumby', 'Not If I Know It' Unpublished works: 'History of World Literature', Commonplace Book Private life: holidays abroad, food and drink, portraits and photographs, smoking Public life: public service of Anthony Trollope, Trollope and the Civil Service Trollope the writer: comedy in Trollope's work, heroes and heroines, language and style, working habits Issues and social context: charity and philanthropy, education, government, suffrage, agnosticism, atheism, art and artists, dancing, fashion, marriage and divorce, monarchy, old age In addition to A-Z entries, the book offers additional material: a useful thematic overview of entries, a chronology of Trollope's life, family trees, a comprehensive bibliography for further reading and maps of Trollope's travels.