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The P scales

Author : Francis Ndaji
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This is the first book devoted to the P scales; there has been no published research on the P scales. There is no documentation of the benefits that schools have derived from using the P scales, and no account has been given of how easy or otherwise teachers have found it to use the P scales in the assessment of their pupils. The book introduces the P scales and their application to teachers, describes the various subject areas of the scales and how to apply them in the assessment of pupils attainment levels. The book also describes how schools can use the assessment data collected in self-evaluation and setting of improvement targets for their pupils. It also discusses the P scales in terms of the validity and reliability of data collected and investigates the extent to which the scales measure what they were designed to measure. Head teachers have recounted their experiences of using the P scales, outlining the difficulties they have had in their schools using the scales and the benefits the schools have derived.


Author : Sue Briggs
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Teachers need realistic ideas to help them the day-to-day challenges of inclusion. Written by an experienced and sympathetic Inclusion Coordinator, Inclusion covers planning and setting targets using P scales and IEPs, photocopiable sheets and templates. The book helps teachers and TAs work together to best support students and promotes successful communication between teachers and students, and students and students.

Inclusion and How to Do It

Author : Sue Briggs
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There are greater numbers of children with SEN now attending mainstream schools - some of them with quite significant difficulties such as Down's Syndrome and autism. This book explains the challenges these children face and how teachers and support staff can ease their way. Differentiation is covered in detail, with practical guidance on how to make the curriculum accessible to the "hard to teach" children.

Understanding Assessment in Primary Education

Author : Sue Faragher
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Understanding assessment and being able to use it effectively is at the heart of successful primary teaching. Aware of current policy and research, this book looks at the role and purpose of assessment within education, as well as providing detailed practical guidance on the main types of classroom assessment, including formative, summative, formal and informal methods. Real classroom examples and activities illustrate the practical uses, benefits, and limitations of each form of assessment, enabling you to feel confident about implementing these strategies in your own teaching. Coverage includes: The assessment planning cycle Innovative forms of assessment, including portfolios, debates, role play and mind mapping Assessment of learners with diverse needs, including SEN and EAL The use of technology in assessment Engaging children through self-assessment and peer-assessment This is essential reading for all primary initial teacher education courses, including university-based (PGCE, PGDE, BA QTS, BEd), school-based (SCITT, School Direct, Teach First) and employment-based routes into teaching, and beginning teachers. Sue Faragher is Head of Al Basma British School, a large private school in Abu Dhabi.

Special Educational Needs

Author : Michael Farrell
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By examining related disciplines, Farrell provides a road map for special education and considers how special education can be better understood.

The Nitrogen Cycle at Regional to Global Scales

Author : Elizabeth W. Boyer
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This issue is the final report from the International SCOPE Project on Nitrogen Transport and Transformations: A Regional and Global Analysis. SCOPE (the Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment, ICSU) authorized the Nitrogen Project as an 8-year effort between 1994 and 2002 because of the need to better understand how humans have altered nitrogen cyc1ing globally and at the scale of large regions. Human activity has more than doubled the rate of formation of reactive nitrogen on the land surface of the earth, and the nitrogen cyc1e continues to accelerate. The distribution of this reactive nitrogen is not uniform, though, and some regions such as Europe and Asia have seen massive increases in reactive nitrogen, while other regions have seen little change. The SCOPE Nitrogen Project has synthesized detailed information on the nature of the human alteration of the nitrogen cyc1e through aseries of workshops over the past 8 years. These cumulatively have involved over 250 of previous workshops scientists from over 20 different nations. The results have been published in aseries of special journal issues and reports that synthesize information on nitrogen in the North Atlantic Ocean and its water sheds (Howarth 1996), nitrogen cycling in Asia (Hong-Chi Lin et al. 1996; Mosier et al.

Developing Inclusive School Practice

Author : Rita Cheminais
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This practical and comprehensive book for Inclusion Coordinators (SENCOs) covers all the essential aspects of how to manage inclusion more effectively. It informs coordinators about how to move inclusive policy and practice forward, within a range of educational settings. It views inclusion from an equal opportunities perspective, relating to all pupils, irrespective of their ability, disability, age, gender, ethnicity, language and background. The book explores appointing an inclusion coordinator, the role of the inclusion coordinator, time management for inclusion coordinators, and what an inclusion policy should contain. It covers auditing inclusive practice, reviewing and evaluating inclusion, OFSTED inspecting inclusion, and the role of the governor for inclusion. It also deals with additional target setting; using the revised P scales and the Emotional Behavioural Development (EBD) scales to track and monitor pupil progress; enhancing barrier free learning and participation opportunities; and what to include in a parents/carers guide on inclusion.

Encyclopedia of Primary Education

Author : Denis Hayes
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Brings together a wide ranging body of information relating to educational practice.

SAFE Mezin rodn certifikace otev en technologie

Author : Ian Lynch
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Advances in Personality Assessment

Author : J. N. Butcher
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First published in 1983. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Methodology in Evaluation of Psychiatric Treatment

Author : T. Helgason
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First published in 1983, this book is a review of psychiatric treatment by experts in the field from the member countries of the European Medical Research Councils, organized by the European Science Foundation. The volume starts by enumerating the various methods for evaluating psychiatric treatment or evaluating the results of treating specific syndromes, and continues with a chapter on the aims of psychiatric treatment and three on methods of classification of mental diseases. The rest of the book deals with evaluation of treatment, starting with special problems encountered in the difficult areas of evaluation of psychotherapy and social therapeutic methods. There are five chapters on various rating scales and methods and one chapter each on psychophysiological and biochemical criteria in the evaluation of treatment. The last contribution to the book is on ethical and practical problems in theraputic research.

Rebecca P Scales Radio and the Politics of Sound in Interwar France 1921 1939

Author :
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Key Issues In Special Education

Author : Michael Farrell
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Considerable challenges can face all those involved in teaching children with special educational needs. Complex policy and legislation, bureaucracy, inspection and limited resources can all appear difficult obstacles to those seeking to provide effective tuition. In this highly practical book, Michael Farrell unpicks and clarifies the role of educational standards in today's schools. Drawing extensively on detailed, real-life case studies, he closely explores such issues as: the definition of standards, identifying and providing for special educational needs, assessment and benchmarking, curriculum provision and target-setting, the role of the Code of Practice. Special educational needs coordinators, senior managers in schools and students completing initial training courses will find this an invaluable resource, which effortlessly simplifies an often complicated process.

Research Paper INT

Author :
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Meeting SEN in the Curriculum

Author : Sally McKeown
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This book includes: an explanation of the Government's inclusion/SEN strategy guidance on Departmental Policy an explanation of SEN terminology advice on creating an inclusive environment choosing the right hardware and software helpful case studies highlighting different uses of computer packages meeting the needs of different learning styles CD-ROM.

Emotional and Behavioral Problems of Young Children

Author : Gretchen A. Gimpel
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This indispensable book provides hands-on tools and resources for addressing common emotional and behavioral problems in preschool and kindergarten-age children. The focus is on evidence-based interventions that are practical and effective, and that help prevent the development of more serious difficulties later on. The clinician is taken step by step through managing everything from toileting, eating, and sleep problems to externalizing disorders, internalizing disorders, and the effects of physical or sexual abuse. A variety of assessment methods are demonstrated and guidelines provided for planning and implementing a range of home- and school-based interventions. Conveniently designed in a large-size format for ease of photocopying, the volume contains over 30 reproducible parent handouts and other clinical tools. Key Features *Early diagnosis and treatment are essential for success in later years *Includes practical interventions for use with parents *Many reproducible handouts and tools are provided Photocopy Rights The Publisher grants individual book purchasers nonassignable permission to reproduce selected materials in this book for professional use. For details and limitations, see copyright page.

Computational Approaches in Supramolecular Chemistry

Author : G. Wipff
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Supramolecular chemistry has been defined by J.-M. Lehn as "a highly interdisciplinary field of science covering the chemical, physical, and biological features of chemical species of higher complexity, that are held together and organized by means of intermolecular (noncovalent) binding interactions" (Science, 1993). Recognition, reactivity, and transport represent three basic functional features, in essence dynami~s, which may be translated into structural features. The purpose of the NATO workshop which took place september 1-5, 1993 at the Bischenberg (near Strasbourg) was to present computations which may contribute to the atomic level understanding of the structural and thermodynamical features involved in the processes of molecular recognition and supramolecular organization. of "supra-molecular modeling". Other The main focus was therefore, on the many facets applications of computers in chemistry, such as automation, simulation of processes, procedures for fitting kinetic or thermodynamic data, computer assisted synthetic strategies, use of data bases for structure elucidation or for bibliographic searches, have an obvious impact in supramolecular chemistry as well, but were not presented at the workshop.

Teaching English 3 11

Author : Cathy Burnett
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This title highlights aspects of progression and continuity in the teaching of English across the Foundation and Primary years and encourages readers to develop an understanding of key principles and the confidence to apply these appropriately to their classroom practice.

The NAEP 1994 Technical Report

Author : Nancy L. Allen
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Author : United States National Museum
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