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The Palgrave International Handbook of Education for Citizenship and Social Justice

Author : Andrew Peterson
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This state-of-the-art, comprehensive Handbook is the first of its kind to fully explore the interconnections between social justice and education for citizenship on an international scale. Various educational policies and practices are predicated on notions of social justice, yet each of these are explicitly or implicitly shaped by, and in turn themselves shape, particular notions of citizenship/education for citizenship. Showcasing current research and theories from a diverse range of perspectives and including chapters from internationally renowned scholars, this Handbook seeks to examine the philosophical, psychological, social, political, and cultural backgrounds, factors and contexts that are constitutive of contemporary research on education for citizenship and social justice and aims to analyse the transformative role of education regarding social justice issues. Split into two sections, the first contains chapters that explore central issues relating to social justice and their interconnections to education for citizenship whilst the second contains chapters that explore issues of education for citizenship and social justice within the contexts of particular nations from around the world. Global in its perspective and definitive in content, this one-stop volume will be an indispensable reference resource for a wide range of academics, students and researchers in the fields of Education, Sociology, Social Policy, Citizenship Studies and Political Science.

Handbook of Research on Education for Participative Citizenship and Global Prosperity

Author : Pineda-Alfonso, José A.
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Active participation in processes of change are an essential aspect of community participation, and proper recognition of opportunities for participation facilitate community engagement nationally and internationally. Education and its relation to citizenship in recent years has become one of the most important fields of research. From different areas and contexts, it has been revealed that there is a prevailing need for education for citizens to take part actively in the processes of change and improvement that the current global situation requires. The Handbook of Research on Education for Participative Citizenship and Global Prosperity is a pivotal reference source focusing on the productions and fields of study that are carried out all over the world on education for citizenship, namely the devices that provide young people with the consciousness and highlight the aspects of an active democratic life. While highlighting topics such as citizenship identity, educational policy, and social justice, this publication explores participation instruction, as well as the methods of community involvement. This book is ideally designed for educational administrators, policymakers, researchers, professionals, and educators seeking current research on instructional methods for teaching active community and political involvement.

Refugee Education

Author : Joanna McIntyre
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In the last five years, more child refugees have made perilous journeys into Europe than at any point since the Second World War. Once refugee children begin to establish their new lives, education becomes a priority. However, access to high-quality inclusive education can be challenging and is a social justice issue for schools, policymakers and for the research community. Underpinned by strong theoretical framings and based on socially just principles, this book provides a detailed exploration into this ethically charged, emotive and complex subject. Refugee Education offers an interdisciplinary perspective to critical debates and public discourse about the topic, contextualized by the voices of young refugees and those seeking to support them in and out of education. Shaped by practitioners, the book develops an inclusive model of education for refugee children based on the concepts of safety, belonging and success, and presents practical tools for planning and operationalizing the ethics of inclusive education. This book includes a wide range of case study examples which reveal the positive outcomes that are possible, given the right inputs. It is essential reading for teachers, senior leaders and policymakers as well as academic researchers in education, social policy, migration and refugee studies.

Handbook of Research on Fostering Social Justice Through Intercultural and Multilingual Communication

Author : Meletiadou, Eleni
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Students taught with a social justice framework will ideally have a stronger sense of what is just and fair and choose careers and lifestyles that support their communities. Over time, students look at current and historical events—even their own actions—through the lens of social justice, promoting better decision-making. Building trust impacts the bottom line for global companies, and multilingual communication is a core pillar for effective growth. It is essential to promote this trust through social justice and educate learners on intercultural and multilingual communication. The Handbook of Research on Fostering Social Justice Through Intercultural and Multilingual Communication explores innovative teaching, learning, and assessment practices that foster social justice and enhance intercultural and multilingual communication in primary, secondary, post-secondary, and higher education. It demonstrates the value of adopting a social justice lens in education by broadening and strengthening the evidence base of the impact that this can make for students, educators, and society as a whole. Covering topics such as game-based assessment, social adaptation, and plurilingual classroom citizenship, this premier reference source is an excellent resource for educators and administrators of both K-12 and higher education, librarians, pre-service teachers, teacher educators, government officials, educational managers, linguists, researchers, and academicians.

The International Handbook of Teacher Ethos

Author : Fritz Oser
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This volume is the first handbook that brings together cutting-edge international research on teacher ethos from a broad array of disciplines. The main focus will be on research that illustrates current conceptualizations of ethos and its importance for acting effectively and responsibly in and out of the classroom. Research will encompass updated empirical and philosophical work that points to the difference in learning when teaching is practised as a moral activity instead of a merely functional one. Authors are among the world’s foremost researchers whose work crosses over from moral education into psychology, neuroscience, sociology, philosophy, pedagogy, and curriculum, drawing on these various fields of research. Today, more than ever, we understand that teachers, like other professionals, need more than subject-matter expertise for acting responsibly and doing their best in their daily duties. Doing so requires possessing a guiding system of professional ethics, moral positioning, goals, norms, and values – in other words: a professional ethos. While the handbook concentrates on Western domains in the current era, the work will extend to other cultures and times as well. With this comprehensive range of perspectives, the book will be attractive and useful for researchers on teachers and teaching as well as for teacher educators, curriculum designers, educational officials, and, last-but-not-least, anyone who is interested in what makes a good teacher. This volume is also a tribute to Fritz Oser, a leading scholar in research on ethos, who sadly passed-away during the compilation of this handbook.

The Palgrave International Handbook of School Discipline Surveillance and Social Control

Author : Jo Deakin
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Truly international in scope, this Handbook focuses on approaches to discipline, surveillance and social control from around the world, critically examining the strategies and practices schools employ to monitor students and control their behavior. Bringing together leading scholars from a range of disciplinary backgrounds, the chapters scrutinize, analyze and compare schools' practices across the globe, providing a critical review of existing evidence, debates and understandings, while looking forward to address emerging important questions and key policy issues. The chapters are divided into four sections. Part 1 offers accounts of international trends in school discipline, surveillance and punishment; Part 2 examines the merging of school strategies with criminal justice practices; Part 3 focuses on developments in school technological surveillance; and Part 4 concludes by discussing restorative and balanced approaches to school discipline and behavior management. As the first Handbook to draw together these multiple themes into one text, and the first international comparative collection on school discipline, surveillance and social control, it will appeal to scholars across a range of fields including sociology, education, criminology, critical security studies and psychology, providing a unique, timely, and indispensable resource for undergraduate educators and researchers.

Alternative Schooling Social Justice and Marginalised Students

Author : Stewart Riddle
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This book examines the experiences and perspectives of students and teachers at an alternative music school, which caters for young learners who have been marginalised and disenfranchised from mainstream schooling. The school utilises a rich music-infused curriculum that connects to the lives of its students, alongside a democratic ethos and ethic of care for members of the school community, including the students, teachers, and parents. The combination of personal narratives together with detailed critical discussion, provides a compelling argument for how schools can make a major difference to the lives of young people. The case study presented in this book offers one potential response to the institutionalised social and educational inequities that young people continue to face, and highlights the important lessons from alternative schooling for education more broadly. It will be of particular interest to researchers in the areas of education and sociology, especially those concerned with matters of social justice and equity in education.

Cross cultural Studies Newest Developments In Japan And The Uk

Author : Yumiko Hada
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This book brings together contributions from leading authors in a range of fields related to Japan and the United Kingdom. Adopting a comparative perspective, it tackles topics ranging from the politics of opposition, democracy, immigration and citizenship, to education, sportsmanship and popular culture, as well as issues of immigration and identity. Each chapter presents and clarifies the differences, similarities and exchanges between the two countries to emphasise that, though little exists in isolation in this global age, in-depth knowledge of particular regions remains vital. This book argues for a deeper understanding of the UK and Japan in pursuit of hope, and casts a reflection on the self and one's own sense of place and identity. It will be an invaluable resource for anyone interested in cross-cultural theory and comparisons between Japan and the United Kingdom.

Global Citizenship Education in Australian Schools

Author : Andrew Peterson
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This book explores how Australian secondary schools prepare their students for global citizenship. Globalisation has irrevocably changed modern countries and societies, and the benefits and pressures this brings are being felt as never before. Drawing on empirical data from six Australian secondary schools, the author examines how school leaders and teachers understand global citizenship, how they translate this into their practice, and how students experience and make sense of global citizenship education. In doing so, the book portrays how school leaders, teachers and students grapple with key issues central to global citizenship education, including how they work to mediate some of the tensions involved. While the book concentrates on the Australian context, its findings and analysis have resonance for other countries in which global citizenship education operates as a core goal of education and schooling.

Global Citizenship Education in Teacher Education

Author : Daniel Schugurensky
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Global Citizenship Education and Teacher Education brings together scholars and practitioners from all continents to explore the role of teacher education in formulating a practice of citizenship that has a global scope and is guided by critical and emancipatory approaches. By considering educational responses to global challenges —such as global warming, rising levels of inequalities, intensification of armed conflicts, growing streams of international migration, and the impact of neoliberal policies—this book provides valuable analyses for researchers, teacher educators, and educators. The volume examines historical and conceptual issues relating to the incorporation of global citizenship education in teacher education, and presents examples from across the world that showcase main trends in research and practice from across the world. This book is of great interest to graduate and postgraduate students, researchers, and libraries in the fields of citizenship education, global education, teacher education, international and comparative education, and education policy and politics.