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The Pathway To Excellence

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On Systems Biology and the Pathway Analysis of Metabolic Networks

Author : Christophe Heinz Schilling
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Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Author : Sharon J. Derry
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Interdisciplinary Collaboration calls attention to a serious need to study the problems and processes of interdisciplinary inquiry, to reflect on the current state of scientific knowledge regarding interdisciplinary collaboration, and to encourage research that studies interdisciplinary cognition in relation to the ecological contexts in which it occurs. It contains reflections and research on interdisciplinarity found in a number of different contexts by practitioners and scientists from a number of disciplines and several chapters represent attempts by cognitive scientists to look critically at the cognitive science enterprise itself. Representing all of the seven disciplines listed in the official logo of the Cognitive Science Society and its journal--anthropology, artificial intelligence, education, linguistics, neuroscience, philosophy, and psychology--this book is divided into three parts: *Part I sets the stage by providing three broad overviews of literature and theory on interdisciplinary research and education. *Part II examines varied forms of interdisciplinarity in situ rather than the more traditional macrolevel interview or survey approaches to studying group work. *Part III consists of noted cognitive scientists who reflect on their experiences and turn the analytical lenses of their own disciplines to the critical examination of cognitive science itself as a case study in interdisciplinary collaboration. Interdisciplinary Collaboration is intended for scholars at the graduate level and beyond in cognitive science and education.

The Pathway of Promise

Author : John Ross Macduff
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Pathways and Crime Prevention

Author : Alan France
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Deals with the development of prevention policies and approaches that involve intervention 'early' in the lives of children, young people and their families. This book explores evidence that has been emerging from longitudinal and developmental prevention research.

The Pathway for Oxygen

Author : Ewald R. Weibel
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It is rare indeed for one book to be both a first-rate classroom text and a major contribution to scholarship. The Pathway for Oxygen is such a book, offering a new approach to respiratory physiology and morphology that quantitatively links the two. Professionalism in science has led to a compartmentalization of biology. Function is the domain of the physiologist, structure that of the morphologist, and they often operate with vastly disparate concepts and procedures. Yet the performance of the respiratory system depends both on structural and on functional properties that cannot be separated. The first chapter of The Pathway for Oxygen engages the student with the design and function of the vertebrate respiratory organs from a comparative viewpoint. The second chapter adds to that foundation the link between cell energetics and oxygen needs of the whole animal. With Chapter 3 the excitement begins--new ideas, fresh attacks on old problems, and a fuller account of the power of the quantitative approach Dr. Weibel has pioneered. The Pathway for Oxygen will be read eagerly by medical students, graduate students, advanced undergraduates in zoology--and by their professors.

Signalling Pathways in Embryonic Development

Author : Juan J. Sanz-Ezquerro
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The formation of a complex multicellular organism from a single cell is one of the most amazing processes of biology. Embryonic development is characterised by the careful regulation of cellular behaviours such that cells proliferate, migrate, differentiate and form tissues at the correct place and time. These processes are genetically controlled and depend both on the history of cells, their lineage, and on the activities of signalling pathways, which coordinate the cell interactions leading to organogenesis. The aim of the Frontiers research topic “Signalling pathways in embryonic development” has been to provide a forum for experts in cell and developmental biology to share recent advances in the field of signalling during embryonic development. Sixteen articles in a variety of formats are united in this Topic, offering a valuable collection for researchers looking for an update in the knowledge of signalling pathways operating during embryogenesis. The works, focused mainly on vertebrates, explore different aspects of this theme from cell communication to organ formation and have implications for areas as distant as evolution or pathology. Understanding developmental signalling pathways is important for several reasons. It gives us information about basic mechanisms of cell function and interactions needed for morphogenesis and organogenesis. It uncovers the basis of congenital malformations, since errors at any step of cell signalling during development are a major cause of defects. This fundamental insight gives us clues to understand the mechanisms operating in evolution that explain diversity in form and function. And finally, it allows the identification of possible causes of disease in the adult organism (such as cancer or degenerative diseases) pinpointing possible targets for therapeutic approaches.

The Weekly Reporter

Author : David Sutherland
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With v. 26 is bound: A general digest of criminal cases reported in the Weekly reporter. By D. E. Cranenburgh. Calcutta, 1893.

Health Care Resource Management

Author : Sylvia Anderson Price
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This text provides a comprehensive analysis of the utilization of health care resources and issues relevant to nurses and health care personnel. It emphasizes cost-effective approaches to the delivery of health care the nurse's important role in delivering high quality care. This text also provides some new and innovative perspectives on how nurses and health care personnel can manage resources efficiently, and it takes a look at the present and future challenges of health care resource management. * Provides an analysis of resource management systems that will minimize resource consumption to maximize consumer satisfaction. Presents a conceptual model for managing health care. * Provides a broad perspective on the need for effective health resource management specific to nursing and the health care industry. * Presents discussion and analysis of quality improvement outcomes and promotes strategies for cost containment. * Addresses the financial and economic forces impacting nursing care as well as the entire health care industry. * Analyzes the future trends and challenges related to resource management, which nurses will face as our health care delivery system continues to evolve. * Presents case studies followed by thought-provoking questions throughout the text to help readers learn and understand how nurses impact the cost-effective utilization of resources within the health care delivery system.

Massachusetts Reports

Author : Massachusetts. Supreme Judicial Court
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