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The People of Early Winchester

Author : Caroline M. Stuckert
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This volume traces the lives, health, and diseases of Winchester's inhabitants as seen in their skeletal remains from the mid-third century to the mid-sixteenth century, a period of over 1,300 years. Although the populations of other British urban areas, York and London in particular, have been studied over an extended period, this volume is unique in providing a continuous chronological window, rather than a series of isolated studies. It is particularly notable for the large sample of Anglo-Saxon burials dated to the 8th through the 10th centuries, which provide a bridge between the earlier Romano-British material and the later medieval samples. This study includes information on demography, physical characteristics, dental health, disease, and trauma collected from over 2,000 skeletons excavated from the Roman Cemetery at Lankhills and the Anglo-Saxon and medieval cemeteries of the Old and New Minster and Winchester Cathedral, as well as other early Anglo-Saxon sites in neighboring areas of Hampshire. The study establishes the underlying continuity of the population in spite of massive culture change between the Roman and Early Saxon periods, and delineates the increasing tendency to rounder skulls seen in the medieval period, a trend which is found in continental Europe at the same time. There were also significant differences through time in disease patterns and trauma. Leprosy, for example, is found only in post-Roman skeletons, while decapitations are seen only in Roman skeletons. Weapons injuries are confined to Anglo-Saxon and medieval individuals, although broken bones were common during the Roman period.

Human and Animal Biology

Author :
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Winchester Studies 9 I the People of Early Winchester

Author : Caroline M. Stuckert
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This is the only study to date that traces the biological history of the population in a single town, Winchester, for more than a millennium, as revealed through the skeletons excavated in major Romano-British, Anglo-Saxon, and medieval cemeteries. Changes in demography, health, and disease patterns are discussed and illustrated.

Catalogue of the Public Library Winchester Mass 1892

Author : Winchester Public Library (Winchester, Mass.)
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The Middle Ages Revisited Studies in the Archaeology and History of Medieval Southern England Presented to Professor David A Hinton

Author : Ben Jervis
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This volume, produced in honour of Professor David A. Hinton’s contribution to medieval studies, re-visits the sites, archaeologists and questions which have been central to the archaeology of medieval southern England. Contributions are focused on the medieval period (from the Anglo-Saxon period to the Reformation) in southern England.

Thomas Cooper Bishop of Winchester An Admonition to the People of England 1589

Author : Thomas Cooper
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Old and New London a Narrative of Its History Its People and Its Places by Walter Thornbury

Author : Edward Walford
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Winchester in the Great War

Author : John J. Eddleston
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The war of 1914–18 changed Britain forever. The movement for Irish Home Rule strengthened, women were in jobs they had never done before and, at the end of the war, were granted the vote for the first time. Political and military careers were won and lost and in all of these, Winchester played its part. Whilst this is a book about the Great War, that terrible conflagration which claimed so many lives, it is also expertly covers how that war touched the citizens of Winchester. It can be said that every city, town, village and hamlet contributed to the war effort but some cities, of which Winchester is certainly one, were of crucial importance to the final victory. It is true that Winchester was a major army depot, but it was also a city concerned with attempts to keep some normality in life. There were stories of loss but there was also humour, entertainment, fund raising, patriotism and tales of the darker side of life. With over thirty illustrations, some never seen before, Winchester in the Great War is a thorough account of the daily hardships and triumphs of those living in the city during one of the most defining and significant periods in the history of Britain.

Object and Economy in Medieval Winchester

Author : Martin Biddle
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Over six thousand objects were recovered during the Winchester excavations of 1961 to 1971 - by far the most extensive corpus of stratified and datable medieval objects yet presented from a single city. Martin Biddle and the team of eighty-three contributors assembled by the WinchesterResearch Unit have used this material to investigate not only the industries and arts, but the economic, cultural, and social life of medieval Winchester. Their findings are being published in two parts: the first part, by Katherine Barclay, will deal with the pottery remains; and this second partin two volumes by Martin Biddle covers all the objects from the finest products of the Anglo-Saxon goldsmith's skill to the iron tenter-hooks of the cloth industry. Martin Biddle's study of the objects identifies change through time, and traces variation across the broad social scale - from cottage to palace - represented in the excavated sites. Using the objects as evidence for the economy of the medieval city, it also throws new light on some of the greatquestions of medieval industry and artistic production: amongst them the development of the textile industry, the origins of wire-drawing and the manufacture of pins, the beginnings of window-glass production, and the earliest glass painting. These objects are an essential part of the evidence for the development and changing character of the excavated sites to be published in forthcoming volumes of Winchester Studies on the Minsters. To ensure complete integration between the objects and the sites, every object in this volume isrelated to the context in which it was found and a concordance provides a detailed conspectus phase by phase of each of the twenty sites excavated between 1961-71, and of the objects found in each phase.

Early Medieval Europe 300 1050

Author : David Rollason
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Early Medieval Europe 300–1050: A Guide for Studying and Teaching empowers students by providing them with the conceptual and methodological tools to investigate the period. Throughout the book, major research questions and historiographical debates are identified and guidance is given on how to engage with and evaluate key documentary sources as well as artistic and archaeological evidence. The book’s aim is to engender confidence in creative and independent historical thought. This second edition has been fully revised and expanded and now includes coverage of both Islamic and Byzantine history, surveying and critically examining the often radically different scholarly interpretations relating to them. Also new to this edition is an extensively updated and closely integrated companion website, which has been carefully designed to provide practical guidance to teachers and students, offering a wealth of reference materials and aids to mastering the period, and lighting the way for further exploration of written and non-written sources.? Accessibly written and containing over 70 carefully selected maps and images, Early Medieval Europe 300–1050 is an essential resource for students studying this period for the first time, as well as an invaluable aid to university teachers devising and delivering courses and modules on the period.

The Winchester Record

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The Experiences of an Enlisted Man in the Hospital in the Early Part of the War

Author : Xenophon Wheeler
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Early Medieval Britain

Author : Pam J. Crabtree
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The growth and development of towns and urbanism in the pre-modern world has been of interest to archaeologists since the nineteenth century. Much of the early archaeological research on urban origins focused on regions such as Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Mesoamerica. Intensive archaeological research that has been conducted since the 1960s, much of it as a result of urban redevelopment, has shed new light on the development of towns in Anglo-Saxon England. In this book, Pamela Crabtree uses up-to-date archaeological data to explore urban origins in early medieval Britain. She argues that many Roman towns remained important places on the landscape, despite losing most of their urban character by the fifth century. Beginning with the decline of towns in the fourth and fifth centuries, Crabtree then details the origins and development of towns in Britain from the 7th century through the Norman Conquest in the mid-eleventh century CE. She also sets the development of early medieval urbanism in Britain within a broader, comparative framework.

The History of Winchester Firearms 1866 1992

Author : Thomas Henshaw
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This new edition which updates the book through 1992 includes sections on the Model 101 O / U Rifle and O / U Rifle Shotgun models plus the Model 94. It also includes 22 new commemorative models.

The Young Folks Cyclop dia of Persons and Places

Author : John Denison Champlin
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The Papers of Ulysses S Grant

Author : John Y. Simon
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This volume provides a panoramic view of the Civil War unavailable elsewhere. Grant continued the siege of General Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Vir­ginia at Petersburg, but as summer ended, his armies had dramatic success elsewhere. On September 2, Major Gen­eral William T. Sherman occupied At­lanta; September 19, Major General Philip H. Sheridan defeated Lieutenant General Jubal A. Early at the battle of Winchester; and on October 19 Sheridan again defeated Early at the battle of Cedar Creek. President Abraham Lincoln's re­-election spelled doom for the Con­federacy. Sherman prepared to march; Major General George H. Thomas waited for Hood; Major General Edward R. S. Canby prepared to attack Mobile; Sheridan dominated the Shenandoah Valley; the end neared.

Winchester in the Early Middle Ages

Author : Emeritus Professor of History Frank Barlow
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London and Winchester were not described in the Domesday Book, but the royal properties in Winchester were surveyed for Henry I about 1110 and the whole city was surveyed for Bishop Henry of Blois in 1148. These two surveys survive in a single manuscript, known as the Winton Domesday, andconstitute the earliest and by far the most detailed description of an English or European town of the early Middle Ages. In the period covered Winchester probably achieved the peak of its medieval prosperity. From the reign of Alfred to that of Henry II it was a town of the first rank, initiallycentre of Wessex, then the principal royal city of the Old English state, and finally `capital' in some sense, but not the largest city, of the Norman Kingdom.In this book a team of scholars from Britain and Sweden, centred on the Wincheste Research Unit have undertaken a full edition, translation, and analyses of the surveys and of the city they depict. Drawing on the evidence derived from archaeological excavation and historical research in the citysince 1961, on personal- and place-name evidence, and on the recent advances in Anglo-Saxon numismatics, they provide an unparalleled account of one of the principal European cities of the eleventh and twelfth centuries.

Anglo Jewry since 1066

Author : Tony Kushner
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Anglo-Jewry since 1066: Place, locality and memory is a study of the history and memory of Anglo-Jewry from medieval times to the present and is the first to explore the construction of identities, both Jewish and non-Jewish, in relation to the concept of place. The introductory chapters provide a theoretical overview focusing on the nature of local studies then moves into a chronological frame, starting with medieval Winchester, moving to early modern Portsmouth and then chapters covering the evolution of Anglo-Jewry from emancipation to the twentieth century. Emphasis is placed on the impact on identities resulting from the complex relationship between migration (including transmigration) and settlement of minority groups. Drawing upon a wide range of approaches, including history, cultural and literary studies, geography, Jewish and ethnic and racial studies, Kushner uses extensive sources including novels, poems, art, travel literature, autobiographical writing, official documentation, newspapers and census data. This book will appeal to scholars interested in Jewish studies and British history

The Lives of the Bishops of Winchester

Author : Stephen Hyde Cassan
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Weed the People

Author : Bruce Barcott
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There is no other organization whose inner workings are more secretive than the Vatican - the spiritual and physical center - of the Catholic Church. Now, with a dynamic new leader in Pope Francis, all eyes are upon the church, as this immensely popular Pope seeks to bring the church back from the right to center, in what can almost be described as a populist stance, blurring the lines between politics, religion and culture. With topics including women, finance, scandal, and reform at the fore, never before have so many eyes been upon the church in what could be its defining moment for modern times. Now the most respected journalist covering the Vatican and the Catholic Church today, John L. Allen, reveals the inner workings of the Vatican to display the vast machinery, and the man at the helm in a way that no other writer can.The Boston Globe has stated that John L. Allen 'is basically the reporter that bishops and cardinals call to find out what's going on within the confines of the Vatican.'