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The Philosophy of Don Hasdai Crescas

Author : Meyer Waxman
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Looks at the philosophies of Hasdai Crescas during the 1300's who swam against the current of the words of his contemporaries. He opposed the speculative reasoning of Aristotle and dared to criticize the introduction of Aristotelian views into the religious philosophy of his own people.

The Cambridge Companion to Medieval Jewish Philosophy

Author : Daniel H. Frank
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A History of Jewish Philosophy in the Middle Ages

Author : Colette Sirat
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This comprehensive survey of medieval Jewish philosophy provides in-depth coverage for such major figures as Saadiah Gaon, Maimonides, Abraham Ibn Ezra, Judah Halevi, Abraham Ibn Daoud and Gersonides.

Crescas Light of the Lord Or Hashem

Author : Roslyn Weiss
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This book is the first complete English translation of Hasdai Crescas's Light of the Lord, widely acknowledged as a seminal work of medieval Jewish philosophy, one second in importance only to Maimonides' Guide of the Perplexed. In it Crescas takes on not only Maimonides but, through him, Aristotle, and challenges views of physics and metaphysics that had become entrenched in medieval thought. Once the Aristotelian underpinnings of medieval thought are dislodged, Crescas introduces alternative physical views and reinstates the classical Jewish God as a God of love and benefaction rather than a self-intellecting intellect. The end for humankind then is to become attached in love to the God of love through devoted service.

The Philosophical Review

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Sephardic and Mizrahi Jewry

Author : Zion Zohar
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Sephardic Jews have contributed some of the most important Jewish philosophers, poets, biblical commentators, Talmudic and Halachic scholars, and scientists, and have had a significant impact on the development of Jewish mysticism. Sephardic and Mizrahi Jewry brings together original work from the world's leading scholars to present a deep introductory overview of their history and culture over the past 1500 years.

Medieval Philosophers

Author : Gale Cengage
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Essays on the philosophical thinkers who lived between the end of the Roman Empire, circa 400, and the beginning of the modern era, circa 1490.

Jewish Philosophy

Author : Leon D. Stitskin
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A History of Jewish Literature The struggle of mysticism and tradition against philosophical rationalism

Author : Israel Zinberg
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An Index to English Periodical Literature on the Old Testament and Ancient Near Eastern Studies

Author : William G. Hupper
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Library has v. 1-4 only.

The Journal of Philosophy

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Covers topics in philosophy, psychology, and scientific methods. Vols. 31- include "A Bibliography of philosophy," 1933-

Jewish Philosophers

Author : Steven T. Katz
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Physics and Metaphysics in asdai Crescas

Author : Warren Harvey
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This book examines central themes in the thought of Rabbi Hasdai Crescas (c. 1340-1410/11), the great Catalan Jewish philosopher who contributed to the revolution of modern science and profoundly influenced Spinoza. Part I treats of Crescas' radical critique of the Aristotelian concepts of space, time, and the vacuum, and analyzes his vision of an infinite universe; it discusses his criticisms of Maimonides' proofs of God, and expounds his own proof; and it concludes with a discussion of his concept of God as infinite Love. Part II contains three essays on Crescas' strictly deterministic theory of human choice.

The Encyclopedia of Philosophy

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Author : Howard Kreisel
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More than any other topic, prophecy represents the point at which the Divine meets the human, the Absolute meets the relative. How can a human being attain the Word of God? In what manner does God, when conceived as eternal and transcendent, address corporeal, transitory creatures? What happens to God's divine Truth when it is beheld by minds limited in their power to apprehend, and influenced by the intellectual currents of their time and place? How were these issues viewed by the great Jewish philosophers of the past, who took the divine communication and all it entails seriously, while at the same time desired to understand it as much as humanly possible in the course of dealing with a myriad of other issues that occupied their attention? This book offers an in-depth study of prophecy in the thought of seven of the leading medieval Jewish philosophers: R. Saadiah Gaon, R. Judah Halevi, Maimonides, Gersonides, R. Hasdai Crescas, R. Joseph Albo and Baruch Spinoza. It attempts to capture the `original voice' of these thinkers by looking at the intellectual milieus in which they developed their philosophies, and by carefully analyzing their views in their textual contexts. It also deals with the relation between the earlier approaches and the later ones. Overall, this book presents a significant model for narrating the history of an idea.

Crescas Critique of Aristotle

Author : Harry Austryn Wolfson
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"Text and translation of the twenty-five porpositions of Book 1 of the Or Adonal": p. [129]-315.

The Jewish Quarterly Review

Author : Cyrus Adler
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Philosophy in a Time of Crisis

Author : Seymour Feldman
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The expulsion from Spain did not only result in the destruction and dispersion of Spanish Jewry but led to a crisis in Jewish faith. Don Isaac Abravanel provided a systematic treatment of the main philosophical and theological beliefs of Judaism in an attempt to resolve the inner doubts of his co-religionists. In their Italian exile his son Judah too recognized that Jews were now living in a new cultural world, but he forged a different road for Jews to pursue in their entry into the culture of the Renaissance. This book presents a picture of one family facing the challenges of a new era in Jewish history.

The Idea of Freedom A dialectical examination of the controversies about freedom

Author : Mortimer Jerome Adler
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Church Quarterly Review

Author :
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