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The Phonology of Akkadian Syllable Structure

Author : Edward L. Greenstein
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The present study adopts a generative theoretical approach and analyzes a number of phonological and morphological rules in Akkadian, especially: a- EPENTHESIS, i - ADD, VOWEL DELE TION, VOWEL SHORTENING, VOWEL LENGTHENING, and FEM ININE SUFFIX SELECTION. Where necessary, the rules are motivated, described in detail, and reformulated. It is shown that all these rules are subordinated to constraints on Akkadian syllable structure. The Akkadian syllable may have no more than three segments (with the possible ex ception of a word-final syllable having a long vowel), and phonological rules eliminate overweight syllables, or produce well- formed ones. Sumerian influence seems to have engendered VOWEL DELETION in Akkadian, but the constraints on syllable structure curtail its applica tion. Related issues such as stress, orthography, and Assyrian VOWEL HARMONY are also treated.

A Grammar of Akkadian Third Edition

Author : John Huehnergard
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Living Waters

Author : Egon Keck
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Living Waters - Scandinavian Oriental Studies. In Honour of Frede Løkkegaard

Phonologies of Asia and Africa

Author : Alan S. Kaye
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This large, 2-volume work presents more than 50 authoritative articles by leading specialists on a wide variety of ancient, medieval, and modern languages and dialects of the greater Near East and Africa, from a variety of language families. The articles are concise descriptive narratives presenting the basics of the phonology of the languages and dialects, with an emphasis on the phonological processes operative in them. A major goal of the work is a definite statement on the language and/or dialect in question with regard to genetics, typology, and/or universal elements. Of interest to general linguists as well as those specializing in Afro-Asiatic languages.

Morphologies of Asia and Africa

Author : Alan S. Kaye
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In 1997, Eisenbrauns published the highly-regarded two-volume Phonologies of Asia and Africa, edited by Alan Kaye with the assistance of Peter T. Daniels, and the book rapidly became the standard reference for the phonologies of the Afro-Asiatic languages. Now the concept has been extended, and Kaye has assembled nearly 50 scholars to write essays on the morphologies of the same language group. The coverage is complete, copious, and again will likely become the standard work in the field. Contributors are an international Who’s Who of Afro-Asiatic linguistics, from Appleyard to Leslau to Voigt. It is with great sadness that we report the death of Alan Kaye on May 31, 2007, while these volumes were in the final stages of preparation for the press. Alan was diagnosed with bone cancer on May 1 while on research leave in the United Arab Emirates and was brought home to Fullerton by his son on May 22.

The Akkadian Verb and Its Semitic Background

Author : N. J. C. Kouwenberg
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In this magnum opus, N. J. C. Kouwenberg presents a thoroughgoing, modern analysis of the Akkadian verbal system, taking into account all of the currently available evidence for the language during the course of the long period of its attestation. The book achieves this goal through two strategies: (1) to describe the Akkadian verbal system, as comprehensively as the data permit; and (2) to reconstruct its prehistory on the basis of internal evidence and reconstruction, comparison with cognate languages, and typological evidence. Akkadian has one of the longest documented histories of any language: data from nearly two-and-one-half millennia are available, even if the stream of data is sometimes interrupted and not always as copious as we would like. During the course of this history, numerous developments took place, illustrating how languages change over time and offering parallels for reconstruction of changes that occurred in poorly documented periods. As a result, this book will be of great interest, in the first place, for all students of Akkadian, both the language and the literature that is documented in that language; and in the second place, for all students of language and linguistics who are interested in the study of how languages are shaped, develop, and change during the course of a long history.

Amurru Akkadian A Linguistic Study Volume 2

Author : Shlomo Izre'el
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Gemination in the Akkadian Verb

Author : Kouwenberg
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This book offers an account of the role of gemination as a grammatical and lexical feature of Akkadian and a comprehensive treatment of the nominal and verbal categories that are characterized by it. It argues that gemination is basically an iconic phenomenon: its presence correlates with an extension in the meaning of the word vis-a-vis that of the corresponding word without gemination. This semantic extension is often realized as plurality; in other cases gemination has been subject to a process of grammaticalization, through which it has acquired a more abstract function, mostly that of underlining a high degree of salience or transitivity. Particular attention is paid to the D-stem, which is discussed exhaustively for the first time here. It is the most important and the most controversial of the verbal stems not only in Akkadian, but also in Semitic as a whole. It is shown that the use of the D-stems of transitive verbs is mainly determined by various kinds of verbal plurality. With regard to the "factitive" D-sems of intransitive verbs a new and more nuanced definition is given of the concepts of factitivity as opposed to causativity; this allows a more satisfactory account of the relationship between the D-stem and the causative S-stem. The book includes detailed discussions of many individual verbs and passages from Akkadian texts. Lists of words with gemination and extensive indexes provide valuable reference material.

Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics XXX

Author : Amel Khalfaoui
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This volume contains selected papers from the Thirtieth Annual Symposium on Arabic Linguistics that was held at Stony Brook University in 2016, as well as two articles that are based on papers presented at the Thirty-First Annual Symposium on Arabic Linguistics, held at the University of Oklahoma in 2017. The chapters are theoretical and experimental explorations of a variety of linguistic topics and engage ideas ranging over three broad areas of research: phonetics and phonology, syntax, and experimental and computational linguistics. They deal with Classical and Modern Standard Arabic as well as a variety of dialects, including Iraqi, Egyptian, Moroccan, and Syrian Arabic.

Principles of Akkadian Textual Criticism

Author : Martin Worthington
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Errors of many kinds abound in Akkadian writings, but this fact’s far-reaching implications have never been unraveled and systematized. To attempt this is the aim of this book. Drawing on scholarship from other fields, it outlines a framework for the critical evaluation of extant text and the formulation of conjectural emendations. Along the way, it explores issues at the interface of orthography, textual transmission, scribal education, grammar, literacy, and literary interpretation.