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The Phylogenetic System of Ephemeroptera

Author : Nikita Kluge
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The book has general biological significance due to usage of the new non-ranking nomenclature and the rational layout of taxonomic text, which can be qualified as post-Linnaean systematics. While after the works by Lameere and Hennig, non-ranking classifications became widely used, this book represents the first experience of consistently non-ranking classification, including taxa of low taxonomic level (i.e. taxa traditionally regarded as genera, families et al.). In contrast to other recent attempts to elaborate a non-ranking nomenclature not contradictory to the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature, this one appears to be successful and can be applied to any zoological taxa (although its application in botany could be possible only after further elaboration). Biology is currently going through a crisis, which causes some investigators to use such non-scientific methods of reconstructing phylogeny as parsimony analysis. The author believes that the new method of phylogeny description and reconstruction used in this book will help indicate a way out of this crisis.

The Phylogenetic System of Ephemeroptera

Author : Nikita Kluge
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The Phylogenetic System of Ephemeroptera

Author : Nikita Kluge
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The fIrst draft version of this book, written in systematics of Neoptera) had two different editions English and named "Draft revision of supraspecies in Russian - in 1999 and in 2000 (Kluge 2000). taxa of Ephemeroptera (without Atalophlebiinae)", English version of this fIrst volume is also prepared, was prepared as an Internet publication in 1998; but not published yet. thanks to Dr. Michael Hubbard (Florida A & M Uni versity), it has been available from the web site "Ephemeroptera Galactica" since 1998. The second NEW TERMS, TAXA NAMES AND version, written in Russian and named "Revision of SYNONYMS supra-species taxa of Ephemeroptera (except for Atalophlebialfgl)", was prepared as an Internet publication in 2000; from 2001 till now it has been New terms: plesiomorphon (instead of wrongly available from the web site of Biological Faculty of used "plesion", p. 16); basitornal margin, tornoapical S-Petersburg University, http://www. bio. pu. ruJwinl margin, amphitornal margin of wing or wing bud entomollKLUGEIEPHEMER -"content_. htm. Both (p. 31); tergalius (instead of formerly used "tergalia" versions contain the systematics of all mayflies or "tergalium", p. 35); caudalius, tricaudale, basitri except for Atalophlebialfgl. The present Volume 1 caudale, cercotractor (p. 38). does not contain the systematics of Turbanoculata For some morphological terms type taxa are (i. e. Baetidae auct. ) nor of all Leptophlebialfg1 (i. e. designated. Till now this was not practised, but in Leptophlebiidae auct.

The Mayflies of Europe Ephemeroptera

Author : Ernst Bauernfeind
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The present handbook is designed to provide for the first time an up-to-date standard work for Ephemeroptera identification, including last instar larvae (nymphs), subimago (dun), male and female imagines. Recent changes in nomenclature are discussed in detail as well as gaps in current knowledge and probable pitfalls concerning the reliable identification of all taxa known so far from the region. Keys are provided for genera and introductory chapters characterize every family and genus.

Overview and Strategies of Ephemeroptera and Plecoptera

Author : Tercedor
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The papers included in this volume were presented at the VIth International Ephemeroptera Conference and the Xth International Symposium on Plecoptera, and at a Joint Symposium on Applied Aspects in the study of Mayflies and Stoneflies. One additional paper has been included, a review of the studies of on mayflies.

The Crato Fossil Beds of Brazil

Author : David M. Martill
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This beautifully illustrated 2007 volume describes the entire flora and fauna of the famous Lower Cretaceous Crato Formation of Brazil - one of the world's most important fossil deposits, exhibiting exceptional preservation. A wide range of invertebrates and vertebrates are covered, including extended sections on pterosaurs and insects. Two chapters are devoted to plants. Many of the chapters include descriptions of new species and re-descriptions and appraisals of taxa published in obscure places, rendering them available to a wider audience. Fossil descriptions are supported by detailed explanations of the geological history of the deposit and its tectonic setting. Drawing on expertise from around the world and specimens from the most important museum collections, this book forms an essential reference for researchers and enthusiasts with an interest in Mesozoic fossils.

Indian Insects

Author : S Ramani
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Insects are the most interesting and diverse group of organisms on earth, many of which are useful as pollinators of crops and wild plants while others are useful as natural enemies keeping pestiferous insects in check. It is important to conserve these insects for our survival and for this the diversity of insect species inhabiting the different ecosystems of our country must be known. The cornerstone to studies of any kind of organismal diversity is their taxonomic identity. Even after over two and half centuries of studies, so little is known of the insect wealth of our country. It has contributions from taxonomists who have been studying Indian insects for long, this book offers up to date information on many important groups of Indian insects seeking to fill the lacuna of a long felt need for a comprehensive work on the taxonomy of Indian insects. Salient features: Provides an up-to-date taxonomy of major insect groups of India Presents identification keys with illustrations of several important groups of Indian insects Gives a new insight into why insects are so abundant Addresses fundamental questions in mechanoreception and cross kingdom interactions using insects as model systems Indian Insects: Diversity and Science is a festschrift to Professor C. A. Viraktamath, an insect taxonomist par excellence. It has been designed to cater to the needs of academicians, researchers and students who wish to identify insects collected from local environments and will be an invaluable aid for those working in the areas of systematics, ecology, behaviour, diversity and the conservation of insects.

Freshwater Animal Diversity Assessment

Author : E.V. Balian
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This book offers a comprehensive study of species- and genus-level diversity and chorology of the global freshwater fauna to date. It gives a state of the art assessment of the diversity and distribution of Metazoa in the continental waters of the world.

Thorp and Covich s Freshwater Invertebrates

Author : Neusa Hamada
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Thorp and Covich’s Freshwater Invertebrates, Fourth Edition: Keys to Neotropical Hexapoda, Volume Three, provides a guide for identifying and evaluating a key subphylum, hexapoda, for Central America, South America and the Antarctic. This book is essential for anyone working in water quality management, conservation, ecology or related fields in this region, and is developed to be the most modern and consistent set of taxonomic keys available. It is part of a series that is designed to provide a highly comprehensive, current set of keys for a given bioregion, with all keys written in a consistent style. This series can be used for a full spectrum of interested readers, from students, to university professors and government agencies. Includes zoogeographic coverage of the entire Neotropics, from central México and the Caribbean Islands, to the tip of South America Identifies aquatic springtails (Collembola) and insects to the genus level for many groups, and family or subfamily level for less well known taxa Presents multiple keys, from higher to lower taxonomic levels that are appropriate for each users’ level of scientific knowledge and needs Provides a general introduction and sections on limitations, terminology and morphology, material preparation and preservation, and references

Evolution of the Insects

Author : David Grimaldi
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A comprehensive analysis of insect evolution examines the relationships and evolution of each order of hexapods, as well as major episodes in the evolutionary history of insects, their living diversity, evolutionary relationships, major fossil deposits, and key episodes in insect evolution, all enhanced by hundreds of illustrations, photographs, and diagrams.