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The Pleasures of Cooking for One

Author : Judith Jones
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From the legendary editor of some of the world’s greatest cooks—including Julia Child and James Beard—a passionate and practical book about the joys of cooking for one. Here, in convincing fashion, Judith Jones demonstrates that cooking for yourself presents unparalleled possibilities for both pleasure and experimentation: you can utilize whatever ingredients appeal, using farmers’ markets and specialty shops to enrich your palate and improve your health; you can feel free to fail, since a meal for one doesn’t have to be perfect; and you can use leftovers to innovate—in the course of a week, the remains of beef bourguignon might be reimagined as a ragù, pork tenderloin may become a stir-fry, a cup or two of wild rice produces both a refreshing pilaf and a rich pancake, and red snapper can be reinvented as a summery salad. It’s a fulfilling and immensely economical process, one perfectly suited for our times—although, as Jones points out, cooking for one also means we can occasionally indulge ourselves in a favorite treat. Throughout, Jones is both our instructor and our mentor, suggesting basic recipes—such as tomato sauce, preserved lemons, pesto, and homemade stock—that all cooks should have on hand; teaching us how to improvise using an ingenious strategy of building meals through the week; and supplying us with a lifetime’s worth of tips and shortcuts. From Child’s advice for buying fresh meat to Beard’s challenge to beginning crêpe-makers and Lidia Bastianich’s tips for cooking perfectly sauced pasta, Jones’s book presents a wealth of acquired knowledge from our finest cooks. The Pleasures of Cooking for One is a vibrant, wise celebration of food and enjoying our own company from one of our most treasured cooking experts.

The Lost Art of Real Cooking

Author : Ken Albala
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It's time to take back the kitchen. It's time to unlock the pantry and break free from the shackles of ready-made, industrial food. It's time to cook supper. The Lost Art of Real Cooking heralds a new old-fashioned approach to food-laborious and inconvenient, yet extraordinarily rewarding and worth bragging about. From jam, yogurt, and fresh pasta to salami, smoked meat, and strudel, Ken Albala and Rosanna Nafziger arm you with the knowledge and skills that let you connect on a deeper level with what goes into your body. Ken and Rosanna celebrate the patience it takes to make your own sauerkraut and pickles. They divulge the mysteries of capturing wild sourdoughs and culturing butter, the beauty of rendering lard, making cheese, and brewing beer, all without the fancy toys that take away from the adventure of truly experiencing your food. These foods were once made by the family, in the home, rather than a factory. And they can still be made in the smallest kitchens without expensive equipment, capturing flavors that speak of place and personality. What you won't find here is a collection of rigid rules for the perfect meal. Ken and Rosanna offer a wealth of recipes, history, and techniques that start with the basics and evolve into dishes that are entirely your own.

The Pleasures of Cooking

Author :
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How to Eat

Author : Nigella Lawson
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Relax and relish Nigella Lawson's delicious prose in her first, revelatory cookery book, published as a reading edition in Vintage Classics for the first time to celebrate twenty years of How to Eat. WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY JEANETTE WINTERSON ‘How to eat, how to cook, how to write: I want two copies of this book, one to reference in the kitchen and one to read in bed’ Yotam Ottolenghi When Nigella Lawson’s first book, How to Eat, was published in 1998, two things were immediately clear: that this fresh and fiercely intelligent voice would revolutionise cookery writing, and that How to Eat was an instant classic of the genre. Here was a versatile culinary bible, through which a generation discovered how to feel at home in the kitchen and found the confidence to experiment and adapt recipes to their own needs. This was the book to reach for when hastily organising a last-minute supper with friends, when planning a luxurious weekend lunch or contemplating a store-cupboard meal for one, or when trying to tempt a fussy toddler. This was a book about home cooking for busy lives. The chief revelation was the writing. Rather than a set of intimidating instructions, Nigella’s recipes provide inspiration. She has a gift for finding the right word to spark the reader’s imagination, evoking the taste of the ingredients, the simple, sensual pleasures of the practical process, the deep reward of the finished dish. Passionate, trenchant, convivial and wise, Nigella’s prose demands to be savoured, and ensures that the joy and value of How to Eat will endure for decades to come.

The Pleasures of Your Food Processor

Author : Norene Gilletz
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Contains more than 700 delicious recipes, jam-packed with tips to help cooks produce one-dish meals with the processor in minutes. Readers learn how to speed up the process of cooking their favorite meals, knead yeast doughs in less than a minute, and adapt baked goods to processor methods. Special holiday section included.

The L L Bean Game and Fish Cookbook

Author : Donald Angus Cameron
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Provides recipes for preparing venison, rabbit, squirrel, woodchuck, pheasant, quail, duck, geese, trout, salmon, shad, bass, sole and swordfish, and offers tips on cooking outdoors

The Pleasures of a Pigeon fancier

Author : Rev. Joseph Lucas
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The Way to Cook

Author : Julia Child
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Blending classic techniques with free-style American cooking and emphasizing freshness, lightness, and simpler preparations, this treasury of cooking from the "French Chef" features eight hundred master recipes and variations

Cooking Alone

Author : Kathleen Le Riche
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Supper for one? Whether you're a career girl, eccentric bedsitter or wild bachelor, this vintage 1950s cookery gem is the essential guide to dining in solitude (with a new foreword by Bee Wilson). The Career Woman (who buys a chicken as a treat) The Bedsitter (who experiments with newfangled gadgets) The Old Lady (who feeds her menagerie of pets) The Schoolboy Moocher (who makes toffee and wallows in grapes) The Bachelor (who learns to stockpile food) Meet the experts in cooking alone . . . 'Every servantless man and woman should read her.' Truth Supper for one? Cooking Alone (1954) is a delicious miniature compendium of tales inspired by a cast of eccentric solitary characters. Brimming with entertaining anecdotes, recipes (rabbit with aubergine and prunes, anyone?) and top tips (ever wondered how to store ice cream in a bedsit?), Kathleen Le Riche is a witty, charming guide to the single life. Reissued with a new foreword by Bee Wilson, this vintage delight is a hymn to the pleasures of dining solo. 'A clever book, and amusing too. Somebody ought to bestow its author's name upon a sauce.' Belfast News Letter 'Delightful . . . Ingenious.' Home and Country 'Remarkable. Aside from its wit and period charm, this [recognises] that the most important ingredient in the kitchen is the human ... Nearly seventy years on, this still feels like a radical message.' Bee Wilson 'Richly imagined ... There is great tenderness and defiance in Le Riche's attention to the pleasures of the solitary cook.' Rebecca May Johnson


Author : Nigella Lawson
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A celebration of Italian food that is fresh, delicious, and unpretentious with 120 quick and easy recipes to elevate weeknight meals into no-fuss feasts. Before she was a Food Network star and bestselling cookbook author, Nigella found her way to Florence, where she learned to cook like an Italian. With beautiful color photographs to inspire, Nigellissima has all the hallmarks of traditional Italian fare in its faithfulness to the freshest ingredients and simplest methods. From pasta and meat to fish, vegetables, and, of course, dolci, there is something for every mood, season, and occasion: Curly-Edged Pasta with Lamb Ragu; Spaghettini with Lemon and Garlic Breadcrumbs; Meatzza, a meatball mixture pressed into a pan and finished with traditional Margherita ingredients; and Baby Eggplant with Oregano and Red Onion. Never an afterthought, Nigella’s low-maintenance “sweet things” include Instant Chocolate-Orange Mousse; light, doughnut-like Sambuca Kisses; and One-Step No-Churn Coffee Ice Cream, to name just a few. Nigella believes that every ingredient must earn its place in a recipe, and she gives tips and techniques for making the most of your time in the kitchen. She guides you to stocking your pantry with a few supermarket ingredients and shows you how to make the most of them for spontaneous meals that taste boldly Italian. Nigellissima is a love letter to the pleasures of cooking—and eating—the way Italians do. With a nod to the traditional but in Nigella’s trademark style, here are recipes that excite the imagination without stressing the cook.

69 Pleasures

Author : Dorothy Adamiak
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If you are a food lover, health nut, and planet defender, this book is your must-have. If you are looking to lose a few pounds, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and boost energy without having to convulse in the kitchen for hours, only to face a pile of dishes afterwards, you are in luck. 69 Pleasures is a fresh breath on the cookbook shelf. It's different. -it will teach you how to play with 100% real food (no chemicals, no taste enhancers, no man-flavors) -it will coach you how to turn everyday groceries into 5-star restaurant dish marvel (you will shock your guests and yourself) -it will show you how to fill your house with a delicious aroma of healthy spices (instead of ketchup stains) -it will limit the kitchen mess to one pot or one slow cooker (seriously, just that) -it will make your gluten-sensitive belly happy (gluten and grains got ditched) -it will seriously boost your health due to the most microbiome-friendly ingredients (soft fibre, antioxidants) -it will prompt you to choose the most planet-friendly ingredients (so you can do your part) -it will help you stack a super-usable, junk-free pantry (you will only need a shelf or two) -it will reduce your energy bill, due to super energy-efficient cooking methods (forget the stoves, microwaves, and kitchen robots - not here) -it will start your table conversations and get the party going (just throw in the title and have everyone show off their urban dictionary skills) Yep, it's different. Enjoy!

One Pot Italian Cooking

Author : Massimo Capra
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"The ease of one-pot cooking meets the brio of Italian cuisine in a match made in food-lovers heaven. Chef Massimo Capra brings the joyful appetite of his native Italy to this tempting collection of recipes that are created in one pot - what could be simpler or more delicious? Nothing is more appetizing than the aroma of a slowlty simmering pot on the stove. It's a wafting hint of the meal to come, a welcoming message to dinner guets, one of the pleasures of home cooking." --Backcover.

Simple Pleasures

Author : Annabel Langbein
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"In more than 200 delicious recipes, all easily achievable by the home cook, Annabel draws on a global palette of flavours and her signature FridgeFixings to create dishes that are big on flavour while making the most of fresh seasonal produce"--Jacket flap.

Sameen Rushdie s Indian Cookery

Author : Sameen Rushdie
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Drawing together the traditional recipes from different Indian cuisines, Sameen Rushdie’s invitation to share in the pleasures of Indian cookery is irresistible. In Hindustani a good cook is one that ‘has special taste in their hands’, and the author demonstrates her skill, knowledge and love of the food that is prepared and eaten in homes, bazaars and eating houses of the subcontinent. Bearing the needs of the modern cook firmly in mind, she explains her recipes in full, where the dishes originate, how to use spices, how to balance flavor, color and texture and offers suggestions for menus. Sameen offers a marvelous array of meat, poultry and fish dishes, together with vegetable creations which will give heart to cooks at the end of their vegetarian repertoire. She explains where to find fresh ingredients and how to store, prepare and use them, and makes it clear which recipes are most suitable for the end of a busy day. She takes up the cause of the potato with some sumptuous suggestions, describes the intrinsic part daals play in an Indian meal, gives tips for cooking chawal (rice) in pullao and biryani dishes and provides recipes for chapattis, parathas and pooris. There is an excellent introduction to spices; which explains their traditional groupings as well as their medicinal value, and a section on relishes, raitas and chutneys. Meethay—or sweet things—hold a special place in Indian cuisine and recipes for these from the elaborate to the simple are included. There is also a discussion of hot and cold drinks. Whatever your degree of experience in the kitchen, Sameen Rushdie offers not only clearly laid-out recipes, but a grasp of the actual thinking behind different cooking methods. Her menu plans and ideas about color, textures and flavors are a delight, and a meal prepared under engaging instruction will be a revelation to all who enjoy Indian cookery. Covering meat, poultry, and fish, as well as vegetables, chutneys, relishes and sweet dishes, Sameen Rushdie’s book will be a revelation to all those who enjoy Indian cookery.

A Girl and Her Greens

Author : April Bloomfield
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From the chef, restaurant owner, and author of the critically lauded A Girl and Her Pig comes a beautiful, full-color cookbook that offers tantalizing seasonal recipes for a wide variety of vegetables, from summer standbys such as zucchini to earthy novelties like sunchokes. A Girl and Her Greens reflects the lighter side of the renowned chef whose name is nearly synonymous with nose-to-tail eating. In recipes such as Pot-Roasted Romanesco Broccoli, Onions with Sage Pesto, and Carrots with Spices, Yogurt, and Orange Blossom Water, April Bloomfield demonstrates the basic principle of her method: that unforgettable food comes out of simple, honest ingredients, an attention to detail, and a love for the sensual pleasures of cooking and eating. Written in her appealing, down-to-earth style, A Girl and Her Greens features beautiful color photography, lively illustrations, and insightful sidebars and tips on her techniques, as well as charming narratives that reveal her sources of inspiration.

John Hadamuscin s Simple Pleasures

Author : John Hadamuscin
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Every once in a while, during the course of a busy everyday day, there occurs a moment when we stop to appreciate one of life's seemingly ordinary, often underappreciated, wonders: cookies and milk; sitting by the fire on a winter afternoon; the first whiff of coffee in the morning; listening to the waves of the ocean; homemade ice cream on a hot summer evening; the first snow of winter. As the world and our lives become more and more complicated, these simple pleasures always bring us back down to earth -- and they're often the things that make it all seem worthwhile. In this warmhearted little book, with its pleasurable thoughts and comforting recipes, John Hadamuscin shares 101 of these wonderful moments of escape, a chance to feel the warmth of spring in the dead of winter, to dunk cookies in milk with a childlike innocence, to savor a favorite food with those we love, or to merely relax and enjoy a few solitary moments of contentment. So, as John says in his foreword, "Here are a few thoughts, a few pictures, and even a few recipes for some of my own simple pleasures, and I'd guess, some of yours, too. And if something here sparks off a memory of a simple pleasure or two of your own, all the better."

Argentina Cooks

Author : Shirley Lomax Brooks
File Size : 66.77 MB
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Collects 190 recipes for Argentine foods, grouped in nine regions, and includes a look at ingredients and techniques, comments on the country's landscape, history, traditions, and culture, and discussion of Argentine wines.

Canal House Cooks Every Day

Author : Melissa Hamilton
File Size : 58.57 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This magnificent compilation celebrates the everyday practice of simple cooking and the enjoyment of eating, two of the greatest pleasures in life. The Canal House series is a seasonal collection of Christopher and Melissa's favourite recipes-home cooking by home cooks for home cooks. All the recipes are easy to prepare, all completely doable for the novice and experienced cook alike. These two women believe the everyday practice of simple cooking and the enjoyment of eating are two of the greatest pleasures in life.

The Pleasures of the Table

Author : Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Epicure and gourmand Brillat-Savarin was one of the most influential food writers of all time. His 1825 book The Physiology of Taste defined our notions of French gastronomy, and his insistence that food be a civilizing pleasure for all has inspired the slow food movement and guided chefs worldwide. From discourses on the erotic properties of truffles and the origins of chocolate, to a defence of gourmandism and why 'a dessert without cheese is like a pretty woman with only one eye', the delightful writings in this selection are a hymn to the art of eating well.

The Pleasures of Eating Well

Author : Amanda Gale
File Size : 89.72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Healthy recipes from the COMO Shambhala team that deliver pleasure, confidence and inspiration too.