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The Poetics and the Poetry of Ren Char

Author : Virginia A. La Charité
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This study is based on a detailed analysis of the textual variants and revisions that reflect the poet's linear development from his poetic debut in 1922 to the present. It shows how his poetry is mainly devoted to thinking about poetic creation, while his aphorisms are reflections on nature and the role of the poet.

The Poetics and the Poetry of Rene Char

Author : Virginia Anding La Charite
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Stone Lyre

Author : René Char
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"Rene Char is the conscience of modern French poetry and also its calm of mind. Nancy Naomi Carlson, in these splendid translations, casts new light upon the sublime consequence of Char's poetic character, and in Stone lyre the case for sublimity is purely made." ---Donald Revell, poet and translator of Rimbaud and Apollinaire "Early Surrealist, resistance fighter, anti-nuclear activist, and exquisite poet, Rene Char is at the heart of 20th century French poetry. In this insightful selection from across his long career, Carlson gives English-language readers a real sense of Char's depth and breadth. And her masterful translations catch the barely contained drama that gives Char's work such tension and presence, while her excellent ear picks up not only the sound relationships that weave through the originals, but also their delicate, seductive rhythms. A beautiful accomplishment."---Cole Swensen, poet, translator, and founding editor of La Presse

Rene Char

Author : James R. Lawler
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Although René Char's distinctive voice has brought him to the forefront of contemporary French writers; his complex poetry has remained virtually inaccessible to the general reader. In this book an eminent authority on French literature describes Char's evolution and, through close readings, offers a clear and rewarding introduction to the poet's œuvre. James Lawler first traces Char's growth by delineating the myth that has guided his poetry for forty years. While the Surrealists exerted an early influence on the writer, his work diverged from theirs as he gave voice to a more personal attitude toward nature and art, to a refashioned poetics and thought. The author shows how Char's development culminates in the visionary symbolism of La Paroi et la Prairie, in which wall and prairie epitomize the unresolved tension of his mature writings. Throughout his readings, Professor Lawler supplements close textual analysis with consideration of thematic, mythological, and moral elements of the poetry, discussing each aspect as it illuminates the nature of Char's sensibility. "The ten short poems [of La Paroi et la Prairie] are typical of their author," he writes, "and paradigmatic of a work that is a summit of French poetry since Valéry and Apollinaire." Originally published in 1978. The Princeton Legacy Library uses the latest print-on-demand technology to again make available previously out-of-print books from the distinguished backlist of Princeton University Press. These editions preserve the original texts of these important books while presenting them in durable paperback and hardcover editions. The goal of the Princeton Legacy Library is to vastly increase access to the rich scholarly heritage found in the thousands of books published by Princeton University Press since its founding in 1905.

The Poetic Theory of Rene Char

Author : Agueda Pizarro
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The Brittle Age

Author : René Char
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Poetry. Bilingual Edition. Translated from the French by Gustaf Sobin. When Gustaf Sobin arrived in France at the age of twenty-seven in 1963, he befriended the poet Rene Char, who, as Sobin writes, "taught me my trade." "Rene Char taught me, first, to read particulars: that the meticulously observed detail, drawn from nature, could provide the key to the deepest reaches of the imaginary. One and the other, the visible and the invisible, were but the interface of a single, singular, vibratory surface: that of the poem itself." THE BRITTLE AGE AND RETURNING UPLAND are two volumes from Char's work of the mid to late 1960s that Sobin chose to translate in full. Here, side by side with Char's French text, it is possible to see Sobin building his poetic vocabulary within and as a result of the practice of his mentor, "scrupulously tracking the very trajectories of desire, [leading] one onto the sonorous landscapes of the revelatory."

Poetry as Memory

Author : Allan D. MacVicar
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Ren Char s Poetry

Author : Maurice Blanchot
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The Facts on File Companion to World Poetry

Author : R. Victoria Arana
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Rene Char and the Poetic Aphoriam

Author : Karen Marriam
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Poetic Illumination

Author : Rosemary Lancaster
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In 1980 an exhibition of the Illuminated Manuscripts of René Char held in Paris took the artistic and literary worlds by surprise. It featured illustrations by twenty-eight artists of an array of Char’s hand-written poems. Char’s artistic associations, spanning seven decades, remain remarkable today. Not only was he amply illustrated by those he called his “substantial allies”; the dedicatory poems and prose pieces they inspired, written with revelatory flair, constitute a unique corpus in the history of art and poetic enterprise. This book brings together an exemplary number of the artists Char prized over time: Dali and Kandinsky in the early years; later, Picasso, Braque and Miró; yet later, Vieira da Silva, Nicolas de Staël and Alexandre Galperine. It also considers the poet’s fascination with Corot, Courbet, La Tour, Van Gogh and the cave art of Lascaux.

Encyclopedia of Literary Translation Into English A L

Author : O. Classe
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Includes articles about translations of the works of specific authors and also more general topics pertaining to literary translation.

A Critical Bibliography of French Literature

Author : Douglas W. Alden
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The numerous selections in this volume give, for the first time, a true idea of the range of Swift's writing over half a century. Besides many familiar works, the editors have included correspondence, political pamphlets, poetry, a sermon, and pieces for the popular press.

Six French Poets of Our Time

Author : Robert W. Greene
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During the last sixty to seventy years avant-garde poetry in France has evolved in two directions: one toward poetry conceived as a means to an end, the other toward poetry as an end in itself. Focusing on Pierre Reverdy, Francis Ponge, René Char, André du Bouchet, Jacques Dupin, and Marcelin Pleynet as the modern French poets who most faithfully reflect these directions, Robert Greene's chronological study allows us to follow the two-pronged evolution of French poetry since 1910. Situating his argument in a detailed historical context and basing it on comparisons with artistic movements and the poets' own writings on art, and on extended analyses of selected representative poems, the author is able to establish a new intellectual-historical perspective on contemporary poetry. Professor Greene finds that whereas Reverdy, Char, du Bouchet, and Dupin all embrace a conception of poetry as quest, as a search for the absolute, as the Way of beauty or truth, Ponge and Pleynet hold to a view of poetry as jête, as a celebration of the relative, as the play and display of language in action. What knits them together, he concludes, is the way in which each poet sums up his era as a stage in the development of twentieth-century French poetry. Originally published in 1979. The Princeton Legacy Library uses the latest print-on-demand technology to again make available previously out-of-print books from the distinguished backlist of Princeton University Press. These editions preserve the original texts of these important books while presenting them in durable paperback and hardcover editions. The goal of the Princeton Legacy Library is to vastly increase access to the rich scholarly heritage found in the thousands of books published by Princeton University Press since its founding in 1905.

Selected Poems of Ren Char

Author : René Char
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No Siege is Absolute

Author : René Char
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Encyclopedia of World Poetry

Author : R. Victoria Arana
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Provides a comprehensive introduction to 20th- and 21st-century world poets and their most famous, most distinctive, and most influential poems.

In Dark Again in Wonder

Author : Robert Baker
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At the center of In Dark Again in Wonder are readings of René Char (1907-88) and George Oppen (1908-84). Both of these poets achieved recognition at a young age, Char among the French surrealists in the 1930s, Oppen among the American objectivists in the same decade. Both were independent individuals who, having found their way to communities of inventive writers, stepped back and shaped their own idiosyncratic paths. Both responded decisively to the social upheavals of the 1930s and '40s. Oppen committed himself to radical politics in the '30s, a decision that, as it turned out, led to his not writing poetry for nearly twenty-five years. Char fought in the Resistance in the '40s. Both, in their mature work, developed a kind of poetry that is at once a love poetry, a meditative poetry, and a poetry of encounter. The concluding chapter of the book places the questions raised by Char's and Oppen's work in a larger context, tracing the cultural history that shapes our modern experience of inhabiting a tension between an historical and a metaphysical horizon of experience, or, as this appears in a different but related light, a tension between a sociological and an existential understanding of our lives. Char and Oppen are both poets concerned with the old philosophical questions that are still with us—the nature of spiritual freedom, the gathering of the self in relation to death, the meditation on the whole, the turn to Nature as the open space of the whole under the conditions of modernity, the clarification of the ground of vision in eros and love, and the search for the good life—while at the same time they fully engage the social predicaments and promises of their world. "A brilliant, philosophical, and aesthetic approach to twentieth-century poetry that casts important light on the great poetic works of René Char and George Oppen. Revealing the ongoing role of wonder in the post-Romantic tradition, it points to two remarkable poets whose work embodies imagination in the knowledge of inevitable loss, renewal in the awareness of despair. This is a book worth reading for its insight into two poets and the larger literary and philosophical currents in which they lived and worked." —Sandra L. Bermann, Princeton University "This is a brilliant, erudite, beautifully written, and compelling book, one that makes an important contribution to our understanding not only of the two poets on whom it focuses but of the period they inhabit and that we, as their inheritors, continue to inhabit. Robert Baker wears his considerable learning lightly, but he has deep knowledge both of the history of European and American poetry and of the history of philosophy. He has thought deeply and passionately about poetry, philosophy, history, and the ways in which they intertwine." —Henry Weinfield, University of Notre Dame "Robert Baker has written a fine and unusual book: a study of two remarkable poets, one French and the other American, and a concluding reflection of considerable literary and intellectual reach on the gap between history and metaphysics in which both poets found themselves and in which we still subsist. Bake'rs style is synthetic, magisterial, drawing on a capacious knowledge of literature and the history of ideas." —Kevin Hart, University of Virginia

Poetry and Dialogism

Author : M. Scanlon
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These essays extend an ongoing conversation on dialogic qualities of poetry by positing various foundations, practices, and purposes of poetic dialogism. The authors enrich and diversify the theoretical discourse on dialogic poetry and connect it to fertile critical fields like ethnic studies, translation studies, and ethics and literature.

Modern French Poets

Author : Jean-François Leroux
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Essays on French poets of the twentieth-century discusses collective creations, open-ended storytelling, Cubism, surrealism, avant-garde poetry, symbolism, as well as reflections on the various creative processes employed by these French poets.