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The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and Environmentalism

Author : Christopher C. Horner
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InThe Politically Incorrect Guide(tm) to Global Warming and Environmentalism, Christopher C. Horner tears the cover off the Left's manipulation of environmental issues for political purposes--and lays out incontrovertible evidence for the fact that catastrophic man-made global warming is just more Chicken-Little hysteria, not actual science. He explains why, although Al Gore and his cronies among the media elites and UN globalists endlessly bleat that "global warming" is an unprecedented global crisis, they really think of it as a dream come true. It's the ideal scare campaign for those who hate capitalism and love big government.

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change

Author : Marc Morano
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"The climate scare ends with this book." —SEAN HANNITY "This book arms every citizen with a comprehensive dossier on just how science, economics, and politics have been distorted and corrupted in the name of saving the planet." —MARK LEVIN Less freedom. More regulation. Higher costs. Make no mistake: those are the surefire consequences of the modern global warming campaign waged by political and cultural elites, who have long ago abandoned fact-based science for dramatic fearmongering in order to push increased central planning. The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change gives a voice -- backed by statistics, real-life stories, and incontrovertible evidence -- to the millions of "deplorable" Americans skeptical about the multibillion dollar "climate change" complex, whose claims have time and time again been proven wrong.

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Science

Author : Tom Bethell
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Argues that the explanations of issues such as global warming, stem cell research, and evolution that are presented to the public are actually formulated by liberals seeking to advance their own agenda and preserve their research funding.

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Christianity

Author : Michael P. Foley
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You think you know about Christianity, but did you know... God likes "organized religion"; it's clear from both the New and Old Testaments Christians have always believed that men and women are equal The correct pronoun for angels is "he" Science was stillborn everywhere outside the Christian West Christianity, which first taught the world to value victims, is now the victim of a victimhood culture Many "miracles" are actually historical facts Famous atheists haven't been disinterested seekers of truth, but indiviudals with "issues" of their own Planned Parenthood kills more people every six days than the Spanish Inquisition killed in 350 years Michael Foley is an associate professor of patristics in the Great Texts Program at Baylor University. He is also the author of Drinking with the Saints: The Sinner's Guide to a Holy Happy Hour.

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism

Author : John Zmirak
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A book to challenge the status quo, spark a debate, and get people talking about the issues and questions we face as a country!

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Real American Heroes

Author : Brion McClanahan
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As presidential candidates sling dirt at each other, America desperately needs a few real heroes. Tragically, liberal historians and educators have virtually erased traditional American heroes from history. According to the Left, the Founding Fathers were not noble architects of America, but selfish demagogues. And self–made entrepreneurs like Rockefeller were robber–barons and corporate polluters. Instead of honoring great men from America’s past, kids today now idolize rock stars, pro athletes and Hollywood celebrities. In his new book, The Politically Incorrect Guide™ to Real American Heroes, author Brion McClanahan rescues the legendary deeds of the greatest Americans and shows why we ought to venerate heroes like Captain John Smith, adventurer Daniel Boone, General Robert E. Lee and many more. The Politically Incorrect Guide™ to Real American Heroes not only resuscitates America’s forgotten heroes, but sheds light on the Left’s most cherished figures, including Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the Kennedys. With biting wit and devastating detail, McClanahan strikes back against the multicultural narrative peddled by liberal historians who make heroes out of pop culture icons and corrupt politicians. In America’s hour of peril, McClanahan’s book is a timely and entertaining call to remember the heritage of this great nation and the heroes who built it.

Why We Hate the Oil Companies

Author : John Hofmeister
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As president of Shell Oil, John Hofmeister was known for being a straight shooter, willing to challenge his peers throughout the industry. Now, he's a man on a mission, the founder of Citizens for Affordable Energy, crisscrossing the country in a grassroots campaign to change the way we look at energy in this country. While pundits proffer false new promises of green energy independence, or flatly deny the existence of a problem, Hofmeister offers an insider's view of what's behind the energy companies' posturing, and how politicians use energy misinformation, disinformation, and lack of information to get and stay elected. He tackles the energy controversy head-on, without regard for political correctness. He also provides a new framework for solving difficult problems, identifying solutions that will lead to a future of comfortable lifestyles, affordable and clean energy, environmental protection, and sustained economic competitiveness.

Disordered World

Author : Amin Maalouf
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Tranlsated from the French by George Miller A dazzling and ultimately hopeful exploration and analysis of our disordered and volatile post-9/11 world by one of the leading international writers and thinkers of our times.

Red Hot Lies

Author : Christopher C. Horner
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Liars--Al Gore, the United Nations, the New York Times. The global warming lobby, relentless in its push for bigger government, more spending, and more regulation, will use any means necessary to scare you out of your wits--as well as your tax dollars and your liberties--with threats of rising oceans, deadly droughts, and unspeakable future consequences of "climate change." In pursuing their anti-energy, anti-capitalist, and pro-government agenda, the global warming alarmists--and unscrupulous scientists who see this scare as their gravy train to federal grants and foundation money--resort to dirty tricks, smear campaigns, and outright lies, abandoning scientific standards, journalistic integrity, and the old-fashioned notions of free speech and open debate. In Red Hot Lies, bestselling author Christopher Horner--himself the target of Greenpeace dirty tricks and alarmist smears--exposes the dark underbelly of the environmental movement. Power-hungry politicians blacklist scientists who reject global warming alarmism. U.S. senators threaten companies that fund climate change dissenters. Mainstream media outlets openly reject the notion of "balance." The occasional unguarded scientist candidly admits the need to twist the facts to paint an uglier picture in order to keep the faucet of government money flowing. In the name of "saving the planet," anything goes. But why the nasty tactics? Why the cover ups, lies, and intimidation? Because Al Gore and his ilk want to use big government at the local, state, federal, and global level to run your life, and they can brook no opposition. But the actual facts, as Red Hot Lies makes clear, aren't nearly as scary as their fiction.

Allgemeine Erkl rung der Menschenrechte

Author :
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Doing Qualitative Research

Author : David Silverman
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The Indispensable, Bestselling Qualitative Textbook isáNow Chock-Full of Examples and Pedagogy for theáAmerican Market!David SilvermanÆs seminal Doing Qualitative Research, originally written primarily for the European market, has been completely revised and adapted foráU.S.ástudentsáwith the help of Amir Marvasti of Penn State Altoona. It contains interdisciplinary and real-world examples and student diaries that speak to those readers undertaking new research projects and qualitative dissertations in the U.S.Key Features Offers a thorough review of the major methods in qualitative research and data analysis techniques specific to each methodGives practical advice on key issues, such as defining ôoriginalityö and narrowing down a topicProvides a thorough review of the major methods in qualitative research and data analysis techniques specific to each methodPresents End-of-Chapter Narratives accounts of current or former graduate studentsÆ experiences with the topics covered in the respective chaptersContains web-based exercises designed to help students and their instructors incorporate web-based learning in their coursesIncludes exercises to test readersÆ knowledge and to encourage the development of relevant skillsIntended AudienceThis lively, accessible textbook is ideal for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in the social sciencesùincluding those in sociology, education, communications, anthropology, and health departments.

Gardening Eden

Author : Michael Abbate
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Before the snake, the apple, and the Ten Commandments, God created a garden… “Spiritual environmentalism” did not start out as an oxymoron–it was an invitation. Yet today, many believe God’s first job description for humankind has been replaced by other “worthier pursuits”. Why has this simple instruction become so controversial? How does one sort through all the mixed messages? Is changing our lives to save the world really our responsibility–or even possible? Gardening Eden invites you to consider a new, spiritual perspective to practical environmentalism. The question is not whether our souls find expression and inspiration in our incredible planet, but how best to preserve that fundamental connection. Green living is no longer a fad–simple lifestyle solutions are now available to everyone. Discover creation care as an act of worship and a call to deeper harmony with our Creator, our fellow gardeners, and our living Earth. Gardening Eden is the primer in how this shift will transform not only our world, but your very soul.

Political Correctness

Author : Source Wikipedia
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 97. Chapters: Euphemism, Common Era, Consensus reality, Collateral damage, Islands of the North Atlantic, Native American name controversy, Spoilt Rotten: The Toxic Cult of Sentimentality, Christmas controversy, Truthiness, Loony left, Family values, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, Linguistic prescription, Suppressed research in the Soviet Union, Censorship on MTV, Pavlovian session, Diane Ravitch, Suppression of dissent, Politically Correct Bedtime Stories, Controversies about the word "niggardly," Deutsche Physik, Intercollegiate Studies Institute, Self-censorship, Dumbing down, Reality tunnel, Hyphenated American, Freedom of thought, Language ideology, Social engineering, Ideograph, Speech code, Elephant in the room, The Politically Incorrect Guide, Affirmative action bake sale, Baa, Baa, Black Sheep, PCU, Diversity training, People-first language, Noble lie, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam, Anti-racist mathematics, Damn with faint praise, Indoctrinate U, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Science, Whitewash, Code word, Language politics, Language and thought, Newspaper theft, Pious fiction, Tokenism, Manhole, Counterstereotype, Campaign Against Political Correctness, Political socialization, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming:, Post-racial America, Gender-blind, Japan bashing, Distancing language, The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History, People's Republic of South Yorkshire, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism, Polite fiction, Respect diversity, Xenocentrism, Mining for Diversity, Ideological repression, Polite lie, Moral credential, Wooden language. Excerpt: Common Era (sometimes Current Era or Present Era), abbreviated as CE (or PE), is an alternative designation for the calendar era originally introduced by Dionysius Exiguus in the 6th century, traditionally iden...

The British National Bibliography

Author : Arthur James Wells
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The Liberal War on Transparency

Author : Christopher C. Horner
File Size : 67.77 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A Simon & Schuster eBook. Simon & Schuster has a great book for every reader.

Adaptation and Climate Change

Author : Sarah Flint Erdreich
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Provides essays that cover varying opinions on climate change and its effect on human beings, discussing whether or not humans will have to adapt to climate change, the extent of its impact, and the role of laws in combating it.

The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Civil War

Author : H. W. Crocker
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Suggests that that the Confederate States of America had a strong constitutional case, and that modern ideas of this region and time period rely heavily on stereotypes and misinformation.

The Oxford Companion to Global Change

Author : David Cuff
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In recent years, global change has become increasingly important in technological, ecological and political spheres. This companion examines the environmental events of recent times, and investigates long-term trends as well as broader issues of global change.


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Michigan State Journal of International Law

Author :
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