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The Politics of American Economic Policy Making

Author : Paul Peretz
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4.3. The Expansion of the Public Economy: A Comparative Analysis -- 4.4. The Electoral-Economic Cycle -- 4.5. Elections and the Economy in the 1980s: Short-and Long-Tenn Effects -- 4.6. A Model of the Political Economy of the United States -- 4.7. Recent Trends in Tax: Progressivity -- Recent Trends in Economic Outcomes -- About the Editor

Latin America vs East Asia A Comparative Development Perspective

Author : Jingyuan Lin
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This study makes a solid case for the now prevalent contention that the development model of East Asian NICs is less costly (i.e. over inflation levels and more equitable income distribution), more adaptive to fluctuating would market conditions (eg. successful adjustment to the two oil crises) and more sustainable (i.e. high growth rates, even in the turbulent 1970s) than that of the Latin American NICs. In considering these issues, this book examines the major Latin American countries' economic problems and development experiences in light of the more successful stabilization and development experiences of the East Asian countries, Taiwan and South Korea in particular.

Democratization Development and the Patrimonial State in the Age of Globalization

Author : Eric N. Budd
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Postcolonial Third World states have historically faced two major challenges: the promotion of economic development and the creation of stable democracies. These challenges persist today; in the face of globalization. While some developing former colonial countries have gotten a foothold up on globalization others are not so fortunate. In Democratization, Development and the Patrimonial State in the Age of Globalization author Eric Budd investigates and compares forms of patrimonialism in several developing states. The traditional criticism of development countries, leveled by liberal democracies and their constituents, is that too much patrimonialism acts as a barrier in the face of economic development and democratization. The author considers this criticism through a comparative study of the Philippines, Peru, Taiwan, Chile, Ecuador, and Indonesia. Each case holds a specific relationship to patrimonialism. As a result these cases provide the author with a unique window into the question of patrimonialism and its effect on economic development and the development of democratic societies. Democratization, Development and the Patrimonial State in the Age of Globalization offers a significant contribution to disciplinary discussions in international relations, economics, sociology, development studies and globalization studies.


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The Political Economy of Uneven Development

Author : Shaoguang Wang
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Exploring one of the most dynamic and contested regions of the world, this series includes works on political, economic, cultural, and social changes in modern and contemporary Asia and the Pacific.


Author : Biplab Dasgupta
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In this comprehensive appraisal of Indian economic reforms, the author recounts how reforms were initiated and how they unfolded in stages since 1991. He analyzes all the components of the structural adjustment programme including in the agrarian, industrial, banking, public sector, fiscal reforms, trade, environmental and labour sectors. In keeping with his ideological and political convictions, the author questions the benefits of the reforms and argues that an uncritical acceptance of IMF/World Bank/WTO/ conditions has not served to benefit the majority of Indian society.

The Europeanization of French Foreign Policy

Author : R. Wong
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This study examines the record of French and EU interactions with China, Japan and Vietnam in the areas of economic exchanges, political security relations and human rights to establish if there has been a trend of converging 'European' politics and collective European conceptions of interest and identity. It argues that the utility and impact of EU institutions on French foreign policy behaviour is more significant than is commonly imagined or admitted, and that foreign policies of EU member states tend over the long term towards convergence.

Japan s Foreign Aid to Africa

Author : Pedro Amakasu Raposo
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The Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) was established in 1993 with the intention of creating opportunities for trade and investment on both sides and the promotion of sustainable development. In 2003, the conference translated Japanese aid policy to Africa into three key pillars: human centered development, poverty reduction through economic growth, and the consolidation of peace, and since 2005 Africa has on several occasions been the largest recipient of Japanese overseas aid. Tracing Japanese foreign aid to Africa during and after the Cold War, this book examines how the TICAD process sits at the intersection of international relations and domestic decision making. Indeed, it questions whether the increase in aid has been driven by domestic changes such as demands from civil society and donor interest, or pressures emanating from the international system. Taking Angola and Mozambique as case studies, the book explores how Japan’s development cooperation with Africa has assisted previously war torn states make the transition from war to peace, and in doing so demonstrates the centrality of human security to Japanese foreign policy as a means of ensuring sustainable development. This book will have great interdisciplinary appeal to students and scholars of Japanese and African studies, Japanese politics, international relations theory, foreign policy, economic development and sustainable development.

Private Business and Economic Reform in China

Author : Susan Young
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Based on Party and state documents, Chinese newspaper reports and surveys, the Chinese and Western scholarly literature and the author's own fieldwork, this important study examines the private sector as a case study of the mechanics of reform in China, emphasizing the relationships among local officials, private businesses, and central policy. The book traces the growth of private business in China since 1978 and focuses on the interaction between private sector policy and other reforms and examines how this has affected China's political economy.