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The Politics of Children s Survival

Author : George Kent
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The central concern of this pioneering study is the high rate of child mortality worldwide and the prospects for reducing this rate. Taking as his major focus socioeconomic factors and their effect on children's survival, Kent examines the social and political roots of child mortality around the world and finds that the problem arises from widespread powerlessness in the populations of less developed countries. Thus, he argues, remedies should center on strategies of empowerment, designed so that their benefits persist long after the intervention has ended.

The Politics of Survival

Author : Lara Trout
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How can sincere, well-meaning people unintentionally perpetuate discrimination based on race, sex, sexuality, or other socio-political factors? To address this question, Lara Trout engages a neglected dimension of Charles S. Peirce's philosophy - human embodiment - in order to highlight the compatibility between Peirce's ideas and contemporary work in social criticism. This compatibility, which has been neglected in both Peircean and social criticism scholarship, emerges when the body is fore-grounded among the affective dimensions of Peirce's philosophy (including feeling, emotion, belief, doubt, instinct, and habit). Trout explains unintentional discrimination by situating Peircean affectivity within a post-Darwinian context, using the work of contemporary neuroscientist Antonio Damasio to facilitate this contextual move. Since children are vulnerable, naïve, and dependent upon their caretakers for survival, they must trust their caretaker's testimony about reality. This dependency, coupled with societal norms that reinforce historically dominant perspectives (such as being heterosexual, male, middle-class, and/or white), fosters the internalization of discriminatory habits that function non-consciously in adulthood. The Politics of Survival brings Peirce and social criticism into conversation. On the one hand, Peircean cognition, epistemology, phenomenology, and metaphysics dovetail with social critical insights into the inter-relationships among body and mind, emotion and reason, self and society. Moreover, Peirce's epistemological ideal of an infinitely inclusive community of inquiry into knowledge and reality implies a repudiation of exclusionary prejudice. On the other hand, work in feminism and race theory illustrates how the application of Peirce's infinitely inclusive communal ideal can be undermined by non-conscious habits of exclusion internalized in childhood by members belonging to historically dominant groups, such as the economically privileged, heterosexuals, men, and whites. Trout offers a Peircean response to this application problem that both acknowledges the "blind spots" of non-conscious discrimination and recommends a communally situated network of remedies including agapic love, critical common-sensism, scientific method, and self-control.

Child Survival

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Africa Child Survival Initiative

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Famine and Survival Strategies

Author : Dessalegn Rahmato
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What do peasants do in the face of severe food crisis and ecological stress, and how do they manage to survive on their own? This study revolves around a case study conducted by the author in the awraja (district) in the Ambassel Wollo province in northeastern Ethiopia. This is in the region that was hit hardest by the 1984-85 famine, which Rahmato calls "the worst tragedy rural Ethiopia had ever experienced". The author also critically examines other literature on famine response. The focus of this study is on what happens before famine comes, and how the peasants prepare for it. From a wealth of evidence, the author concludes that the seeds of famine are sown during the years of recovery.

AR 600 8 24 04 12 2006 OFFICER TRANSFERS AND DISCHARGES Survival Ebooks

Author : Us Department Of Defense
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AR 600-8-24 04/12/2006 OFFICER TRANSFERS AND DISCHARGES , Survival Ebooks

Indigenous Peoples An Encyclopedia of Culture History and Threats to Survival 4 volumes

Author : Victoria R. Williams
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The book is an essential resource for those interested in investigating the lives, histories, and futures of indigenous peoples around the world. Perfect for readers looking to learn more about cultural groups around the world, this four-volume work examines approximately 400 indigenous groups globally. The encyclopedia investigates the history, social structure, and culture of peoples from all corners of the world, including their role in the world, their politics, and their customs and traditions. Alphabetically arranged entries focus on groups living in all world regions, some of which are well-known with large populations, and others that are lesser-known with only a handful of surviving members. Each entry includes sections on the group's geography and environment; history and politics; society, culture, and tradition; access to health care and education; and threats to survival. Each entry concludes with See Also cross-references and a list of Further Reading resources to guide readers in their research. Included in the encyclopedia are also Native Voices inset boxes, allowing readers a glimpse into the daily lives of members of these indigenous groups, as well as an appendix featuring the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. • Allows for easy cross-cultural comparisons to be made from entry to entry • Includes an appendix with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples so readers can easily access it as a resource • Showcases "Native Voices" boxes throughout the work, allowing readers to get a snapshot of a "day in the life" of members of various cultural group • Offers "See Also" features at the end of each entry to easily cross-reference entries • Provides accessible insight into many aspects of indigenous life, including history, society and culture, healthcare and education, and environment

The Rotarian

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Established in 1911, The Rotarian is the official magazine of Rotary International and is circulated worldwide. Each issue contains feature articles, columns, and departments about, or of interest to, Rotarians. Seventeen Nobel Prize winners and 19 Pulitzer Prize winners – from Mahatma Ghandi to Kurt Vonnegut Jr. – have written for the magazine.

Rethinking Children s Rights

Author : Phil Jones
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Rethinking Children's Rights explores attitudes towards and experiences of children's rights. Phil Jones and Sue Welch draw on a wide range of thought, research and practice from different fields and countries to debate, challenge and re-appraise long held beliefs, attitudes and ways of working and living with children. This second edition contains updated references to legislation and research underpinning children's rights, reflecting on recent scholarship and on the current world context. New research and examples are discussed around: - online protection and privacy - evaluating UK progress and the children's rights review by the United Nations - recent insights on the implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) - new debates about the construction and development of children's rights - new debates about the relationships between social exclusion and children's rights Recent developments in the definition of rights are considered from a variety of perspectives and in relation to different arenas of children's lives. This second edition brings an increased focus on exploring the notion of disjunction between the rhetoric of policy and legislation and the enacted and perceived experiences of children's rights. Themes discussed include power relations between adults and children, the child's voice, intercultural perspectives, social justice, gender and disability. Examples of research, activities, interviews with researchers and guidance on further reading make this an essential text for those studying childhood.

Children s Rights

Author : Ursula Kilkelly
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The articles in this volume shed light on some of the major tensions in the field of children?s rights (such as the ways in which children?s best interests and respect for their autonomy can be reconciled), challenges (such as how the CRC can be made a reality in the lives of children in the face of ignorance, apathy or outright opposition) and critiques (whether children?s rights are a Western imposition or a successful global consensus). Along the way, the writing covers a myriad of issues, encompassing the opposition to the CRC in the US; gay parenting: Dr Seuss?s take on children?s autonomy; the voice of neonates on their health care; the role of NGO in supporting child labourers in India, and young people in detention and more.