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The Politics of Zoos

Author : Jesse Donahue
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Zoos have found themselves continually under fire in recent decades. Animal rights activists initiated the attacks; at the same time regulatory agencies, anti-tax advocates, and an assortment of litigators have also targeted zoos. In an effort to defend themselves in this hostile landscape, zoos and aquariums joined forces under the leadership of the American Association of Zoological Parks and Aquariums (now called the AZA). They learned to use the political system to their own advantage while at the same time crafting a more progressive public mission. In The Politics of Zoos, Jesse Donahue and Erik Trump present a political biography of the AZA to show how the zoo community has emerged as a political player. Rather than recount the history of a faceless institution, the authors focus on the cohort of directors who navigated the political turbulence of the 1960s and 1970s and set the agenda for subsequent decades. Ironically, at a time when activists began to charge that zoos and aquariums did not know how to care for animals and did not care for the well-being of endangered species, the opposite was true. These institutions were increasingly attracting well-educated professionals who indeed cared a great deal. Amidst controversies over ownership and funding, capture and disposal, and the health and well-being of animals on display, AZA leaders acted not merely to protect their own interests in the political arena but to ensure the welfare of captive animals and to assist with the conservation of wild species. Donahue and Trump's original study of the politics of American zoos and aquariums from the 1960s to the present draws upon interviews, archival sources, congressional records, court cases, regulatory hearings, media accounts, and the authors' ongoing field research. It will appeal to zoo professionals, political scientists, historians, and those concerned with animal welfare.

The Political Zoo

Author : Michael Savage
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Savage s funniest, most biting book yet takes readers through the zoo of political debate, identifying and describing today s major players as the animals they resemble"

Summary The Political Zoo

Author : BusinessNews Publishing
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The must-read summary of Michael Savage's book: "The Political Zoo". This complete summary of "The Political Zoo" by Michael Savage, a renowned author and activist, presents his analogy of a zoo to portray the variety of political views that are currently in play in Washington. In his book, the author claims that this zoo analogy is appropriate as, much like zoo animals, Washington politicians act as though they are wild for their visitors: but they have become rather accustomed to their opulent diets and comfortable cages. Added-value of this summary: • Save time • Understand political opinion and behaviour in Washington • Expand your knowledge of American politics To learn more, read "The Political Zoo" and discover more about the politicians running America.

Political Animals

Author : Jesse Donahue
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Political Animals offers a unique study and perspective on the relationship between politics and the art found in American zoos and aquariums. Jesse Donahue and Erik Trump examine the ways that zoos and aquariums have successfully served as sculptural gardens for the masses and have incorporated art and architecture that convey political messages about both the patrons and the animals. This book demonstrates how art has been used for a range of economic and political purposes including providing jobs, a medium to reach out to minority interest groups, a fundraising tool, and a surrogate for the animals themselves. Donahue and Trump skillfully analyze and compare zoos to other areas of public art to highlight the calculated strategies on the part of the zoos that have incorporated a range of artistic styles for different audiences. Incorporating photographs of zoo and aquarium art from around the country, Political Animals is an exciting and captivating text for the mind and eye.

American Zoo

Author : David Grazian
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Orangutans swing from Kevlar-lined fire hoses. Giraffes feast on celebratory birthday cakes topped with carrots instead of candles. Hi-tech dinosaur robots growl among steel trees, while owls watch animated cartoons on old television sets. In American Zoo, sociologist David Grazian takes us on a safari through the contemporary zoo, alive with its many contradictions and strange wonders. Trading in his tweed jacket for a zoo uniform and a pair of muddy work boots, Grazian introduces us to zookeepers and animal rights activists, parents and toddlers, and the other human primates that make up the zoo's social world. He shows that in a major shift away from their unfortunate pasts, American zoos today emphasize naturalistic exhibits teeming with lush and immersive landscapes, breeding programs for endangered animals, and enrichment activities for their captive creatures. In doing so, zoos blur the imaginary boundaries we regularly use to separate culture from nature, humans from animals, and civilization from the wild. At the same time, zoos manage a wilderness of competing priorities—animal care, education, scientific research, and recreation—all while attempting to serve as centers for conservation in the wake of the current environmental and climate-change crisis. The world of the zoo reflects how we project our own prejudices and desires onto the animal kingdom, and invest nature with meaning and sentiment. A revealing portrayal of comic animals, delighted children, and feisty zookeepers, American Zoo is a remarkable close-up exploration of a classic cultural attraction.

Fear and Politics

Author : Leonard Woolf
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The Social Zoo

Author : Eustace Clare Grenville Murray
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Through the Lion Gate

Author : Gary Bruce
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"As an institution with broad public reach, the Berlin Zoo for more than 150 years helped to shape German views not only of the animal world, but of the human world far beyond Germany's borders. Entwined with the fate of the German capital, the zoo suffered near complete obliteration during WW II, but Berliners resurrected their zoo immediately afterwards, paving the way for it to obtain its current status as the most species-rich zoo in the world"--

Japanese Wartime Zoo Policy

Author : Mayumi Itoh
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The Japanese government disposed of "dangerous animals" (not only carnivores but also herbivores, such as elephants) in zoos and circuses during World War II, including those in Japan's three "colonies" - Korea, Taiwan, and Manchukuo, Japan's puppet state in current Northeast China. Strangely, the "disposal order" was issued in August 1943, more than 15 months before U.S. B-29 air raids on Japan began. While some European zoos also destroyed their animals, none of the authorities in Europe enforced the disposal of zoo animals as systematically as the Japanese Home Ministry. No country conducted as nationwide and systematic a disposal of captive animals as Japan. This policy was an integral part of the Japanese government propaganda to mobilize the whole civilian population into total war, rather than for the ostensible purpose of public safety.

Environmental Ethics

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American Zoos During the Depression

Author : Jesse C. Donahue
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American zoos flourished during the Great Depression, thanks to federal programs that enabled local governments to build new zoological parks, complete finished ones, and remodel outdated facilities. This historical text examines community leaders’ successful advocacy for zoo construction in the context of poverty and widespread suffering, arguing that they provided employment, stimulated tourism, and democratized leisure. Of particular interest is the rise of the zoo professional, which paved the way for science and conservation agendas. The text explores the New Deal’s profound impact on zoos and animal welfare and the legacy of its programs in zoos today.

Environmental Encyclopedia

Author :
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Preaching and Politics

Author : Tim J. R. Trumper
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Today's culture war raises questions about pulpit ministry; the answers to which are often assumed but rarely thought through. Drawing on his transatlantic studies of both politics and theology, scholar-pastor Tim Trumper weighs the various homiletical approaches to political engagement. In doing so, he eschews the predominant apolitical and party-political tendencies of the day, preferring a mediating biblical-political approach that upholds the sanctity of the preacher's calling and the expository method of preaching. The result is a tract for our times, one that calls for the sermonic pre-eminence of the Kingdom of Heaven and the prophetic application of its lessons to the church and to the world.

Publications of the Modern Language Association of America

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Encyclopedia of the United States in the Nineteenth Century Printing technology zoos

Author : Gale Group
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"The 19th century was arguably the most important in the nation's history, making the publication of this first-rate encyclopedia a significant event. Students using this 600-entry work, which is conveniently keyed to the National Standards for United States History, will find the entries easy to follow and enjoyable to read. It is an essential purchase for all public and academic libraries."--"Outstanding Reference Sources," American Libraries, May 2002.

Zoo Animals

Author : Geoff Hosey
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The keeping of zoo animals has become a central tool in the conservation of some of the world's most fascinating, yet threatened, species. But how do zoos operate on a day-to-day basis? What are the key problems zoos face in trying to feed, breed and keep healthy the animals in their care? How do they play their part in conserving biodiversity? Zoo Animals: Behaviour, Management and Welfare addresses the key questions surrounding the keeping of zoo animals, and reveals how we can apply our ever-growing understanding of animal behaviour to ensure zoo animals are managed as effectively as possible. Drawing on their extensive experience of zoo research, practice, and teaching, the authors blend together theory with a broad range of both mammalian and non-mammalian examples to give a highly-readable overview of this burgeoning field. Zoo Animals: Behaviour, Management, and Welfare is the ideal resource for anyone needing a thorough grounding in this subject, whether as a student or as a zoo professional. Online Resource Centre The Online Resource Centre features: For lecturers: - Figures from the book in electronic format, for use in lecture slides For students: - Tasks, and associated datasets, for use with Zootrition and/or related software - Annotated web link library - Legislation information: summary information, and related web links, regarding zoo-related legislation in countries other than the UK - Latest news: summaries of latest developments in the field, with links to relevant literature

The Woman at the Washington Zoo

Author : Marjorie Williams
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Marjorie Williams knew Washington from top to bottom. Beloved for her sharp analysis, elegant prose and exceptional ability to intuit character, Williams wrote political profiles for the Washington Post and Vanity Fair that came to be considered the final word on the capital's most powerful figures. Her accounts of playing ping-pong with Richard Darman, of Barbara Bush's stepmother quaking with fear at the mere thought of angering the First Lady, and of Bill Clinton angrily telling Al Gore why he failed to win the presidency — to name just three treasures collected here — open a window on a seldom-glimpsed human reality behind Washington's determinedly blank façade. Williams also penned a weekly column for the Post's op-ed page and epistolary book reviews for the online magazine Slate. Her essays for these and other publications tackled subjects ranging from politics to parenthood. During the last years of her life, she wrote about her own mortality as she battled liver cancer, using this harrowing experience to illuminate larger points about the nature of power and the randomness of life. Marjorie Williams was a woman in a man's town, an outsider reporting on the political elite. She was, like the narrator in Randall Jarrell's classic poem, "The Woman at the Washington Zoo," an observer of a strange and exotic culture. This splendid collection — at once insightful, funny and sad — digs into the psyche of the nation's capital, revealing not only the hidden selves of the people that run it, but the messy lives that the rest of us lead.

Program of the Annual Meeting American Historical Association

Author : American Historical Association
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Some programs include also the programs of societies meeting concurrently with the association.

The Politics of Neglect

Author : Roy L. Meek
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Indonesia News Service

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