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The Post Soviet Handbook

Author : M. Holt Ruffin
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Post-Soviet Handbook: A Guide to Grassroots Organizations and Internet Resources

The Political Economy of Post Soviet Russia

Author : V. Tikhomirov
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This book deals with general political and economic developments that took place in Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union. The major aim of the book is to analyse successes and failures of Russian reform attempts, as well as their effect on the development of Russian regions, particularly from the point of view of interrelation between socio-economic tendencies and political developments. Analysis concentrates on both national dynamics and dynamics of development in three main groups of regions (mining, agricultural and manufacturing).

Post Soviet Civil Society

Author : Anders Uhlin
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The development of civil society has varied greatly across the former Soviet Union. The Baltic states have achieved a high level of integration with the West and European Union membership, while some regions in Russia lag far behind. Now for the first time there is a comparative study of civil society and democratization across post-Soviet national borders. Acknowledging the enormous variation throughout the region, the book offers unique data on developments in Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Applying an innovative analytical framework derived from theories of democratization, civil society, social movements and transnational relations, the researchers have formulated broader comparisons and generalisations without neglecting the specific post-Soviet context. The book provides a systematic comparison across sectors as well as nations, and includes chapters on NGOs, the state and conflict, and transnationalisation. Quantitative survey data is combined with qualitative interviews and case study research to both confirm previous findings about the weakness of post-communist civil society and to qualify previous research.

Environmental Justice and Sustainability in the Former Soviet Union

Author : Julian Agyeman
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An examination of the awareness of environmental and social justice issues in the former Soviet republics--from the Western-style democracies of the Baltic region to the totalitarian regimes of Central Asia--and the resulting activism in those states. The legacy of environmental catastrophe in the states of the former Soviet Union includes desertification, pollution, and the toxic aftermath of industrial accidents, the most notorious of which was the Chernobyl disaster of 1986. This book examines the development of environmental activism in Russia and the former Soviet republics in response to these problems and its effect on policy and planning. It also shows that because of increasing economic, ethnic, and social inequality in the former Soviet states, debates over environmental justice are beginning to come to the fore. The book explores the varying environmental, social, political, and economic circumstances of these countries--which range from the Western-style democracies of the Baltic states to the totalitarian regimes of Central Asia--and how they affect the ecological, environmental, and public health. Among the topics covered are environmentalism in Russia (including the progressive nature of its laws on environmental protection, which are undermined by overburdened and underpaid law enforcement); the effect of oil wealth on Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan; the role of nationalism in Latvian environmentalism; the struggle of Russia's indigenous peoples for environmental justice; public participation in Estonia's environmental movement; and lack of access to natural capital in Tajikistan. Environmental Justice and Sustainability in the Former Soviet Union makes clear that although fragile transition economies, varying degrees of democratization, and a focus on national security can stymie progress toward "just sustainability," the diverse states of the former Soviet Union are making some progress toward "green" and environmental justice issues separately.

The CIS Handbook

Author : Patrick Heenan
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First Published in 2000. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Oxford Handbook of the Radical Right

Author : Jens Rydgren
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The resurgence of strong radical right-wing parties and movements constitutes one of the most significant political changes in democratic states during the past several decades, particularly in Europe. The radical right's comeback has notably attracted interest from political scientists, sociologists, and historians, although the majority of past research focuses on party and electoral politics. In contrast, The Oxford Handbook of the Radical Right not only covers existing literature, but also shows how the radical right forms movements rather than parties. Editor Jens Rydren has gathered an international cast of contributors to cover concepts and definitions; ideologies and discourses; and a range of contemporary issues such as religion, globalization, gender, and activism. Further, this volume is one of few to provide a number of cases focusing on areas outside of Europe, including Russia, the US, Australia, Israel, and Japan. By integrating various strands of scholarship on the radical right that covers different regions and different research perspectives, this Handbook provides an authoritative and state of the art overview of the topic and will set the agenda for scholarship on the radical right for years to come.

The Oxford Handbook of Russian Religious Thought

Author : George Pattison
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The Oxford Handbook of Russian Religious Thought is an authoritative new reference and interpretive volume detailing the origins, development, and influence of one of the richest aspects of Russian cultural and intellectual life - its religious ideas. After setting the historical background and context, the Handbook follows the leading figures and movements in modern Russian religious thought through a period of immense historical upheavals, including seventy years of officially atheist communist rule and the growth of an exiled diaspora with, e.g., its journal The Way. Therefore the shape of Russian religious thought cannot be separated from long-running debates with nihilism and atheism. Important thinkers such as Losev and Bakhtin had to guard their words in an environment of religious persecution, whilst some views were shaped by prison experiences. Before the Soviet period, Russian national identity was closely linked with religion - linkages which again are being forged in the new Russia. Relevant in this connection are complex relationships with Judaism. In addition to religious thinkers such as Philaret, Chaadaev, Khomiakov, Kireevsky, Soloviev, Florensky, Bulgakov, Berdyaev, Shestov, Frank, Karsavin, and Alexander Men, the Handbook also looks at the role of religion in aesthetics, music, poetry, art, film, and the novelists Dostoevsky and Tolstoy. Ideas, institutions, and movements discussed include the Church academies, Slavophilism and Westernism, theosis, the name-glorifying (imiaslavie) controversy, the God-seekers and God-builders, Russian religious idealism and liberalism, and the Neopatristic school. Occultism is considered, as is the role of tradition and the influence of Russian religious thought in the West.

Ethnic Conflict in the Post Soviet World Case Studies and Analysis

Author : Leokadia Drobizheva
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Presents 16 case studies of ethnic conflict in the post-Soviet world. The book places ethnic conflict in the context of imperial collapse, democratization and state building.

25 Years of Transformations of Higher Education Systems in Post Soviet Countries

Author : Jeroen Huisman
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This book is open access under a CC BY 4.0 license. This open access book is a result of the first ever study of the transformations of the higher education institutional landscape in fifteen former USSR countries after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. It explores how the single Soviet model that developed across the vast and diverse territory of the Soviet Union over several decades has evolved into fifteen unique national systems, systems that have responded to national and global developments while still bearing some traces of the past. The book is distinctive as it presents a comprehensive analysis of the reforms and transformations in the region in the last 25 years; and it focuses on institutional landscape through the evolution of the institutional types established and developed in Pre-Soviet, Soviet and Post-Soviet time. It also embraces all fifteen countries of the former USSR, and provides a comparative analysis of transformations of institutional landscape across Post-Soviet systems. It will be highly relevant for students and researchers in the fields of higher education and and sociology, particularly those with an interest in historical and comparative studies.

The Countries of the Former Soviet Union at the Turn of the Twenty First Century

Author : Ian Jeffries
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Offering a unique level of coverage, this book provides a comprehensive survey of the political and economic development of the countries of the former Soviet Union from the mid-1990s onwards.

Routledge Handbook of Russian Politics and Society

Author : Graeme Gill
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There is an ever-burgeoning number of books analyzing the Russian experience, or aspects of it. This Handbook is the first single volume which gives both a broad survey of the literature as well as highlighting the cutting edge research in the area. Through both empirical data and theoretical investigation each chapter in the Routledge Handbook Russian of Politics and Society examines both the Russian experience and the existing literature, points to research trends, and identifies issues that remain to be resolved. Offering focused studies of the key elements of Russian social and political life, the book is organized into the following broad themes: General introduction Political institutions Political Economy Society Foreign Policy Politically, economically, and socially, Russia has one of the most interesting development trajectories of any major country. This Handbook seeks to answer questions about democratic transition, the relationship between the market and democracy, stability and authoritarian politics, the development of civil society, the role of crime and corruption, and the creation of a market economy. Providing a comprehensive resource for scholars and policy makers alike, this book is an important contribution to the study of Russian Studies, Eastern European studies, and International Relations.

Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Central Asia

Author : Rico Isaacs
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The Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Central Asia offers the first comprehensive, cross-disciplinary overview of key issues in Central Asian studies. The 30 chapters by leading and emerging scholars summarise major findings in the field and highlight long-term trends, recent observations and future developments in the region. The handbook features case studies of all five Central Asian republics and is organised thematically in seven sections: • History • Politics • Geography • International Relations • Political Economy • Society and Culture • Religion An essential cross-disciplinary reference work, the handbook offers an accessible and easyto- understand guide to the core issues permeating the region to enable readers to grasp the fundamental challenges, transformations and themes in contemporary Central Asia. It will be of interest to researchers, academics and students of the region and those working in the field of Area Studies, History, Anthropology, Politics and International Relations.

Listening on the Short Waves 1945 to Today

Author : Jerome S. Berg
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"This book presents the histories of the major North American shortwave clubs and reviews the professional and listener-generated shortwave literature of the era. It also covers the DX programs and other listening fare to which shortwave listeners were most attracted and the QSL-cards they sought as confirmation of their reception."--Provided by publisher.

Handbook of Global International Policy

Author : Stuart Nagel
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Written by nearly 25 authorities in the field, the Handbook of Global International Policy focuses on public policy issues among and within nations on every continent-comparing approaches and applications to real-world problems. Beginning with a thorough introduction to the subject, the Handbook reviews former and emerging U.S. decision-making foreign policies in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Africa, and Haiti rebel conflicts and restored relations among Eritrea, the Sudan, and Ethiopia Spanish enclaves in Northern Africa pre- and post-Cold War policies in East Asia, including North and South Korea arms control and disarmament programs around the world ongoing risks in the Middle East nationalism and its effect in Slovenia and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia peacekeeping efforts in Eastern Europe by Russia civil and military relations between North-Rhine Westphalia and the European Union England's public relations effort regarding European unity integration and national conflicts of the Zapatista movement in Mexico Columbia's attempts to apply military control and civil laws to combat internal problems the findings of the Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion Project case and more! With over 1000 key literature citations and illustrations, the Handbook of Global International Policy serves as timely reading for public administrators and public policy experts, political scientists, economists, sociologists, attorneys, and upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines.

The Newly Independent States of Eurasia

Author : Stephen K. Batalden
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Looks at the history of the former Soviet republics, and describes the problems currently facing each new country

The Oxford Handbook of Interdisciplinarity

Author : Robert Frodeman
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The Oxford Handbook of Interdisciplinarity provides a synoptic account of the current state of interdisciplinary research, education, and administration-knowledge that spans the disciplines, and crosses the space between the academic community and society at large. Its 36 chapters and 14 case studies provide a snapshot of the state of knowledge integration as interdisciplinarity approaches its century mark.

The Post Containment Handbook

Author : Robert Cullen
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"The Post-containment Handbook" is a source-book for anyone concerned about US-Soviet economic relations and the upcoming debate over their normalization. It is filled with original essays and key documents charting the history of trade agreements, diplomatic relations, and human rights issues as they bear on the commerce between the superpowers. Debate on the issues will heat up with the September 1990 expiration of the Export Administration Act - the major instrument by which the United States has regulated exports to the Soviet Union. The terms of the debate are clear - the Soviet Union wants to enter the world economy; President Bush has said that the United States must move beyond containment - and that he wants perestroika to succeed. Top priority is a normal US-Soviet economic and commercial relationship. The handbook contains the text of such documents as the Jackson-Vanik Amendment, the Stevenson and Byrd Amendments, previous trade agreements governing credit, COCOM procedures, and extensive excerpts from the Export Administration Act. Letters, laws, and original essays round out the documentary portrait of this most important economic policy arena.

The Oxford Handbook of Peaceful Change in International Relations

Author : T. V. Paul
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"Abstract: With the rapid rise of China and the relative decline of the United States, the topic of power transition conflicts is back in popular and scholarly attention. The discipline of International Relations offers much on why violent power transition conflicts occur, yet very few substantive treatments exist on why and how peaceful changes happen in world politics. This Handbook is the first comprehensive treatment of the subject of peaceful change in International Relations. It contains some 41 chapters, all written by scholars from different theoretical and conceptual backgrounds examining the multi-faceted dimensions of this subject. In the first part, key conceptual and definitional clarifications are offered and in the second part, papers address the historical origins of peaceful change as an International Relations subject matter during the Inter-War, Cold War, and Post-Cold War eras. In the third part, each of the IR theoretical traditions and paradigms in particular Realism, liberalism, constructivism and critical perspectives and their distinct views on peaceful change are analyzed. In the fourth part papers tackle the key material, ideational and social sources of change. In the fifth part, the papers explore selected great and middle powers and their foreign policy contributions to peaceful change, realizing that many of these states have violent past or tend not to pursue peaceful policies consistently. In part six, the contributors evaluate the peaceful change that occurred in the world's key regions. In the final part, the editors address prospective research agenda and trajectories on this important subject matter. Keywords: Peaceful Change; War; Security; International Relations Theory; Sources of Change; Systemic Theory; Realism; Liberalism; Constructivism; Critical Theories"--

World Wise Schools Destination Kyrgyzstan Study Guide WWS 29T 96

Author :
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The Palgrave Handbook of Women and Gender in Twentieth Century Russia and the Soviet Union

Author : Melanie Ilic
File Size : 22.49 MB
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This handbook brings together recent and emerging research in the broad areas of women and gender studies focusing on pre-revolutionary Russia, the Soviet Union and the post-Soviet Russian Federation. For the Soviet period in particular, individual chapters extend the geographic coverage of the book beyond Russia itself to examine women and gender relations in the Soviet ‘East’ (Tatarstan), Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan) and the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). Within the boundaries of the Russian Federation, the scope moves beyond the typically studied urban centres of Moscow and St Petersburg to examine the regions (Krasnodar, Novosibirsk), rural societies and village life. Its chapters examine the construction of gender identities and shifts in gender roles during the twentieth century, as well as the changing status and roles of women vis-a-vis men in Soviet political institutions, the workplace and society more generally. This volume draws on a broad range of disciplinary and methodological approaches currently being employed in the academic field of Russian studies. The origins of the individual contributions can be identified in a range of conventional subject disciplines – history, literature, sociology, political science, cultural studies – but the chapters also adopt a cross- and inter-disciplinary approach to the topic of study. This handbook therefore builds on and extends the foundations of Russian women’s and gender studies as it has emerged and developed in recent decades, and demonstrate the international, indeed global, reach of such research