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The Power of the Pope During the Middle Ages

Author : Jean Edme Auguste Gosselin
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Topographies of Power in the Early Middle Ages

Author : Frans Theuws
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Saint-Maurice d'Agaune - Gudme - Vistula - Francia - Maastricht - Aachen - Gaul - Cordoba.

The Power of the Pope During the Middle Ages Or An Historical Inquiry Into the Origin of the Temporal Power of the Holy See and the Constitutional Laws of the Middle Ages Relating to the Deposition of Sovereigns

Author : Gosselin (M.)
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A Biography of Power Research and Excavations at the Iron Age oppidum of Bagendon Gloucestershire 1979 2017

Author : Tom Moore
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This book explores the changing nature of power and identity from the Iron Age to the Roman period in Britain. It provides fresh insights into the origins and nature of one of the lesser-known, but perhaps most significant, Late Iron Age 'oppida' in Britain: Bagendon in Gloucestershire.

Gilly the Grateful Superhero Teaching kids of all ages the power of gratitude

Author : Ruth King
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Bobbie is a little boy who isn't very appreciative for the good things he has. One day, a special superhero named Gilly comes to visit. Gilly has a unique superpower to teach kids of all ages the importance of practicing gratitude and being thankful for everyone and everything. Throughout the day, Gilly teaches Bobbie how to be thankful for all the blessings he has in his life, no matter how basic. From the food he eats, to the school he attends and for his family and home, Bobbie learns to feel gratitude for it all. This rhyming, vibrant picture book for children follows Gilly as he teaches the art of gratefulness.

Women and Power in the Middle Ages

Author : Mary Erler
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Power in medieval society has traditionally been ascribed to figures of public authority--violent knights and conflicting sovereigns who altered the surface of civic life through the exercise of law and force. The wives and consorts of these powerful men have generally been viewed as decorative attendants, while common women were presumed to have had no power or consequence. Reassessing the conventional definition of power that has shaped such portrayals, Women and Power in the Middle Ages reveals the varied manifestations of female power in the medieval household and community--from the cultural power wielded by the wives of Venetian patriarchs to the economic power of English peasant women and the religious power of female saints. Among the specific topics addresses are Griselda's manipulation of silence as power in Chaucer's "The Clerk's Tale"; the extensive networks of influence devised by Lady Honor Lisle; and the role of medieval women book owners as arbiters of lay piety and ambassadors of culture. In every case, the essays seek to transcend simple polarities of public and private, male and female, in order to provide a more realistic analysis of the workings of power in feudal society.

Ideas of Power in the Late Middle Ages 1296 1417

Author : Joseph Canning
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Through a focused and systematic examination of late medieval scholastic writers - theologians, philosophers and jurists - Joseph Canning explores how ideas about power and legitimate authority were developed over the 'long fourteenth century'. The author provides a new model for understanding late medieval political thought, taking full account of the intensive engagement with political reality characteristic of writers in this period. He argues that they used Aristotelian and Augustinian ideas to develop radically new approaches to power and authority, especially in response to political and religious crises. The book examines the disputes between King Philip IV of France and Pope Boniface VIII and draws upon the writings of Dante Alighieri, Marsilius of Padua, William of Ockham, Bartolus, Baldus and John Wyclif to demonstrate the variety of forms of discourse used in the period. It focuses on the most fundamental problem in the history of political thought - where does legitimate authority lie?

Chain Store Age

Author :
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Love Sex Marriage in the Middle Ages

Author : Conor McCarthy
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First published in 2004. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Littell s Living Age

Author : Eliakim Littell
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