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The Pressure Cooker Cookbook Poultry Edition

Author : Jacquelyn D. Lyke
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***55% OFF for Bookstores! LAST DAYS*** Do you want to cook tasty dishes quickly? Your Customers Never Stop to Use this Awesome book! An electric pressure cooker is one of the easiest and most convenient tools for cooking fast, delicious, and mess-free meals, even when your schedule is jam-packed. This all-in-one pressure cooker cookbook will teach you to serve up mouthwatering recipes you can set and savor in no time. Buy it Now and let your customers get addicted to this amazing book!

The Instant Pot Cookbook Poultry Edition

Author : Karen Donnelly
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***55% OFF for Bookstores! LAST DAYS*** Do you want to live a life full of energy yet enjoying fast and easy to prepare meals? Your Customers Never Stop to Use this Awesome book! An Instant pot is just a single appliance with multifunctional features. It can perform the task of the steamer, electric pressure cooker, warming pot and rice cooker. It speeds up the cooking process by using 70 per cent less energy. And now many manufacturers have ventured into the production of this appliance, which is smart, time-saving and is used by millions of people around the world. So if you are a type with a very tight work schedule, this appliance is the right choice. The instant pot uses a pattern of cooking meals in a vessel that is sealed properly, holding the steam inside the pot below a pre-set pressure. As the water boiling point increases, so does the pressure increase as well. The built-up pressure allows the temperature to rise as well, thus making the cooking process quicker. Buy it Now and let your customers get addicted to this amazing book!

The Pressure Cooker Cookbook

Author : Catherine Phipps
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By cooking food at temperatures that are far higher than conventional ovens pressure cookers drastically reduce cooking times enabling us to cook in a cheaper, healthier and greener way. Pasta and rice can be made from scratch in less than 10 minutes; thrifty cooks can tenderise flavoursome cheap cuts in just 20 minutes and pulses can be cooked without having to soak them. As a busy working mother, Guardian writer Catherine Phipps is wholly reliant on her pressure cooker to produce quick and easy one-pot meals for her family. Her authoritative guide is aimed at those who are new to pressure cookers as well as established fans. Alongside recipes ranging from pot-roast chicken and seafood risotto to Boston baked beans, pulled pork sandwiches and Scotch eggs, and even cheesecake and chocolate pots, Catherine offers handy tips on how to adapt conventional recipes for the pressure cooker, safety ideas and a guide to using certain ingredients. With colour photography throughout, this is an indispensable partner for every pressure cooker owner.

The Pressure Cooker Cookbook Revised

Author : Toula Patsalis
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This greatly expanded and revised edition of The Pressure Cooker Cookbook confirms the versatility and ease of using modern pressure cookers to prepare quick, healthy, and flavorful dishes. From appetizers, soups and "cooked" salads to stews, roasts, side dishes, and desserts, Toula Patsalis offers more than 250 easy-to-prepare recipes for today's on-the-go lifestyle.

The Instant Pot Cookbook Poultry Edition The Best Collection of Instant Pot Recipes

Author : Betty J. Contreras
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***55% OFF for Bookstores! LAST DAYS*** Do you want to make effortless progress in your kitchen regardless of the occasion? Do you want to save time cooking healthy meals on any budget? Your Customers Never Stop to Use this Awesome book! In this pressure cooker cookbook you will find: Simple and quick solutions as to how to use your Instant Pot effectively Easy-to-cook and delicious-to-taste instant pot recipes Improved techniques on how to cook in the most efficient way using the Instant Pot Thanks to this great cooking device, the Instant Pot, cooking quick and budget-friendly meals is easier than ever. No matter if you're a solo eater, or if you cook for the whole family or friends - you'll always find dozens of recipes to satisfy everyone. Buy it Now and let your customers get addicted to this amazing book!

So Fast So Easy Pressure Cooker Cookbook

Author : Beth Hensperger
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What's not to love about the pressure cooker? Using pressure created by super-heated steam, the pressure cooker can cut cook times by 70 percent, meaning dinner is on the table faster, and with significantly less energy use. Your dinner will be more nutrient-rich because vitamins and other good things won't be lost in evaporating steam. And it will taste delicious and succulent because none of the food's moisture has been allowed to escape. Finally, today's modern pressure cooker has been re-engineered for safety and ease of use, including the development of the electric pressure cooker.

The Pressure Cooker Cookbook

Author : Toula Patsalis
File Size : 21.7 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Shares pressure cooker recipes for appetizers, soups, salads, main dishes, and desserts

The Gluten Free Instant Pot Cookbook Revised and Expanded Edition

Author : Jane Bonacci
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The Instant Pot and other electric pressure cookers provide a perfect way to cook gluten-free meals with a maximum of speed, convenience, nutrition, and flavor. For the millions of people who, by doctor's orders or by choice, must exclude or limit gluten in their diets, finding Instant Pot recipes has been a huge challenge. This timely book, now in an expanded edition with 50 new recipes and color photographs, solves the problem. Its recipes focus on dishes that are the most problematic for gluten-sensitive cooks, such as main-course dinners that typically have a grain component, as well as breakfasts and desserts, which also usually have wheat or gluten. In their place, The Gluten-Free Instant Pot Cookbook offers up tasty and creative gluten-free alternatives that cook up fast and delectably in the pressure cooker. Everyone in the household will love these dishes, even those who are not eating gluten-free. From hearty breakfast dishes like Creamy Poblano Frittata or Caribbean Breakfast Burritos, through substantial and warming soups like a Creamy and Spicy Butternut Squash Soup or a Pumpkin Black Bean Chili, and crowd-pleasing dinner dishes like Mom's Old-Fashioned Pot Roast, Gluten-Free Lasagna with Meat Sauce, and Pork Tenderloin Marsala with Wheat-Free Pasta, these are spectacular recipes that cook up lightning-fast in the electric pressure cooker. The Instant Pot and its cousins are also surprisingly powerful tools for making desserts, and the offerings here—all completely gluten-free—including Apple Cinnamon Bread Pudding, New York Style Cheesecake, Double Chocolate Fudge Cheesecake, and a scrumptious Mexican Chocolate Pound Cake. Add the power and convenience of the Instant Pot and its cousins to your gluten-free diet with The Gluten-Free Instant Pot Cookbook.

Pressure Cooker Cookbook

Author : Marguerite Patten
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Britain’s top selling cookery writer shares tried and tested recipes for pressure cookers. Slow-cooked flavor in a fast-paced world—pressure cookers are one of the greenest cooking methods imaginable. Sales are on the increase and even Jamie Oliver has launched one of his own. They allow us to cook quickly, cheaply, and efficiently because the food is cooked in liquid at temperatures far higher than in a conventional pan, which shortens cooking time by up to 70 percent. Because the method seals in flavor, cheaper ingredients can be used to great effect and since the cooking time is far shorter you save time and gas or electricity. The pressure cooker presents a distinct advantage for certain foods and for ingredients that need long cooking, it is a real winner. The most dramatic time and energy savings come with meat and poultry. Braised beef can be perfectly cooked in 30 minutes, osso bucco in 25 minutes, and a chicken tagine in 15 minutes. Perfect for today’s cooks.

The Pressure Cooker Cookbook

Author : Gina Steer
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Pressure cooking is fast and furious, allowing you to cook various elements of your meal at the same time. It is a quick and easy method with no end to the great dishes that can be created literally in a matter of minutes. With 100 quick and original recipes, The Pressure Cooker Cookbook demonstrates the diverse range of dishes that can be produced. Some are based on good old-fashioned steam-cooked favorites, while others take advantage of the versatility of pressure cooking. With recipes for speedy lunches and elaborate evening meals, this cookbook is an essential accompaniment to your pressure cooker.