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Healing with Pressure Point Therapy

Author : Jack Forem
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This comprehensive guide shows readers how to treat common health problems using a variety of pressure point therapies: acupressure, shiatsu, reflexology, acu-yoga, and trigger-point therapy. For each condition, readers can experiment to discover which of these methods work best for them. Forem offers therapies for more than 65 complaints from acne, arthritis, and weight control to eyestrain, headaches, and impotence.More than 50 clear illustrations show readers exactly what they need to do. A section of master drawings show the complete array of points and meridians -- the same ones used in acupuncture. Then each section offers simpler drawings illustrating only the specific points needed for the condition being discussed. Concise instructions on pressure techniques accompany the illustrations.

The Power of Pressure Points

Author : R. Barry Harmon
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“This Book introduces martial artists to the most effective and commonly used pressure points”. R. Barry Harmon, License Acupuncturist, 9th Dahn Black Belt in the World Kuk Sool Association Any mistakes in the research or information in this book is the total and complete responsibility of the writer. In no way should any contributors be held responsible for the writer’s opinions or mistakes. This book is meant to help martial artists understand the power, use, and effectiveness of using pressure points for striking and grabbing purposes. This book will cover the most effective, the most common, and the most practical pressure points in martial arts; therefore, I will not cover every single pressure point that is used in martial art, acupuncture or healing. It will also include points or areas that are not regular pressure points but specific common areas that are used for martial art striking or grabbing. I will not be discussing the anatomical or energetic effects of each point when struck but the effects of the strike on the pressure point. In other words, I explain what may happen to the individual when a particular pressure point is hit. It was a very difficult decision to choose how much information to place in this book. The goal of this book is to include enough information to help the reader understand the pressure points and their possibilities. I have tried to avoid overwhelming the reader with more information than most martial artists are interested in studying. That said, I decided to include a little more information than most might be interested in concerning the theories of Ki, Um (Yin) -Yang, Five Elements, Channel theory, and pressure points. This information is specifically included for those martial artists that are interested in a more in-depth study.

Acupressure for Common Ailments

Author : Chris Jarmey
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Shows how the simple application of finger pressure to specific points of the body can stimulate and alleviate many common ailments

Pressure Point Atlas

Author : Michael Patrick
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The Encyclopedia of Pressure Points! Want to know what will happen when you strike a particular Pressure Point? Want to know which points are lethal or which ones lead to knockouts? This Atlas is a roadmap of the body energetically! Classifications such as Five Element Points, Horary Points, Sedation Points, Tonification Points, Window of the Sky Points, Destructive Points, Constructive Points, and much more, are defined and listed. Want to know which points were the 36 Vital Points listed in the Bubishi, the old secret text of the Okinawan masters? They are here! Angle of activation as well as detailed explanations of each point with polarity, element, and more is laid out in explicit detail. Full of tables and anatomical diagrams, you will go back to this reference over and over! Charts are great, but you need this book in your pocket or gym bag. Some customers have bought multiple copies: one for the school and one for home. Some even keep a copy in their vehicle! Heck, some even buy extras because they have worn their first copy out! One customer wanted extra copies to have just in case he lost his original! Once you read this book, you will understand why! This is an invaluable reference tool that you cannot be without in your training! Pick up a copy, or two, today!


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Heal Yourself with Chinese Pressure Points

Author : Laurent Turlin
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Through targeted self-massage, acupressure can relieve ailments ranging from headaches and colds to stress and insomnia. This comprehensive introduction, packed with illustrations and diagrams, presents the 12 key acupressure points along with a simple overview of the body's meridian system of energy channels. Easy-to-follow instructions outline different massage techniques before presenting directions for healing over 40 common conditions using just 12 pressure points.

Acupressure Guide

Author : Dr. Satish Goel
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Reflexology and Acupressure

Author : Janet Wright
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Pressure Points

Author : J.D. Payne
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Each generation of believers faces numerous challenges to the mission of the church. While the church does not have control over the large issues of each generation, its response to them is a matter of Kingdom stewardship. J. D. Payne gets to the heart of the twelve most important problems we face today. In Pressure Points J. D. helps us see how we can prevent these global issues from pushing the church off its biblical moorings, so we can absorb the pressures while responding in a way that remains faithful to the church’s calling and mission. Come to see that despite all the challenges, some of the greatest days for Kingdom advancement are ahead of us. Topics include: Unreached people groups Truth and pluralism The West as a mission field The majority world church World religions International migration Globalization Poverty Urbanization Children and youth Healthcare Oral learners

Pressure Points

Author : David Pollock MBA
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An ounce of prevention is a worth a pound of cure! That old saying especially applies to the many financial challenges facing the local church today. Written for pastors, finance staff, and board members of local churches, Pressure Points identifies and offers solutions to many of those difficult and sometimes thorny issues that commonly surface when dealing with church finances. David R. Pollock has served as church Business Administrator and consultant for dozens of churches for over 30 years. Overall he has successfully managed businesses and non-profit organizations since 1979 He has written dozens of magazine and book articles including: The Clergy Journal Moody Monthly Your Church NACBA Ledger CMA Report Pastors Tax & Money Guide Leadership Handbooks for Practical Theology, Vol.3 The Church Leaders Answer Book Currently serving as an Adjunct Professor of Church Business Administration ats the Masters Seminary, David has also authored Business Management in the Local Church, published by Moody Press, Chicago.