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The Profit of the Earth

Author : Courtney Fullilove
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While there is enormous public interest in biodiversity, food sourcing, and sustainable agriculture, romantic attachments to heirloom seeds and family farms have provoked misleading fantasies of an unrecoverable agrarian past. The reality, as Courtney Fullilove shows, is that seeds are inherently political objects transformed by the ways they are gathered, preserved, distributed, regenerated, and improved. In The Profit of the Earth, Fullilove unearths the history of American agricultural development and of seeds as tools and talismans put in its service. Organized into three thematic parts, The Profit of the Earth is a narrative history of the collection, circulation, and preservation of seeds. Fullilove begins with the political economy of agricultural improvement, recovering the efforts of the US Patent Office and the nascent US Department of Agriculture to import seeds and cuttings for free distribution to American farmers. She then turns to immigrant agricultural knowledge, exploring how public and private institutions attempting to boost midwestern wheat yields drew on the resources of willing and unwilling settlers. Last, she explores the impact of these cereal monocultures on biocultural diversity, chronicling a fin-de-siècle Ohio pharmacist’s attempt to source Purple Coneflower from the diminishing prairie. Through these captivating narratives of improvisation, appropriation, and loss, Fullilove explores contradictions between ideologies of property rights and common use that persist in national and international development—ultimately challenging readers to rethink fantasies of global agriculture’s past and future.

The Book of Ecclesiastes

Author : Robert Buchanan
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The Earth Plants and Man

Author : Joakim Frederik Schouw
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How on Earth

Author : Donnie Maclurcan
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Providing a ground-breaking exploration of how a global economy can flourish in a not-for-profit world, How on Earth develops a viable model for a new triple bottom line - people, planet, and not-for-profit - that embodies the evolution we have been waiting for. From construction and manufacturing, to software development, food catering and retail, the not-for-profit ethic is permeating global commerce, with not-for-profit entities increasingly generating their own income, rather than relying on philanthropy. Cooperatives, community interest companies, government-owned corporations and social enterprises all show how reinvesting, rather than privatizing their profits, is the healthiest and most sustainable way to manage a business. Many not-for-profit (NFP) enterprises are now outperforming their for-profit counterparts. Not-for-profit entities have marked advantages in terms of finance, human resources, productivity, innovation, governance, value creation and market reputation. Being mission-driven and reinvesting their profits also means that NFP businesses outperform their for-profit counterparts in terms of social and ecological sustainability. As the economy shifts in the direction of NFPs, the business ethic of enough translates to an economics of enough.

Draining for profit and draining for health Illustrated

Author : George Edwin WARING
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Heaven upon Earth or the best Friend in the worst of times Delivered in several sermons The third edition enlarged

Author : James Janeway
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Ouranogaia heaven on earth a poem

Author : Kenelm Henry Digby
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International Molders and Foundry Workers Journal

Author :
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The Earth and Man

Author : Arnold Guyot
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The New Existence of Man Upon the Earth To which are Added an Outline of Mr Owen s Early Life and an Appendix Containing His Addresses Published in 1815 and 1817

Author : Robert Owen
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The Earth as Modified by Human Action

Author : George Perkins Marsh
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There can be no doubt that moisture is given, out by trees and evaporated in extremely cold winter weather, and unless new fluid were supplied from the roots by the exercise of some vital function, the tree would be exhausted of its juices before winter was over. But this is not observed to be the fact, and, though the point is disputed, respectable authorities declare that "wood felled in the depth of winter is the heaviest and fullest of sap."

Poultry for Profit

Author : P. H. Jacobs
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The Public

Author :
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Mining Magazine

Author :
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Cabbage and Cauliflower for Profit

Author : J. M. Lupton
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Earth Resources Data and Information Service

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Science and Technology. Subcommittee on Space Science and Applications
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International Horseshoers Monthly Magazine

Author : Roady Kenehan
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Onions for Profit

Author : Tuisco Greiner
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The Great Comet Now Rapidly Approaching Will it Strike the Earth Being an Inquiry Into the Probability of a Collision Etc With Plates By James Bedford

Author :
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The Earth and Its Inhabitants

Author : Elisée Reclus
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