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The Promise and Peril of Credit

Author : Francesca Trivellato
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How an antisemitic legend gave voice to widespread fears surrounding the expansion of private credit in Western capitalism The Promise and Peril of Credit takes an incisive look at pivotal episodes in the West’s centuries-long struggle to define the place of private finance in the social and political order. It does so through the lens of a persistent legend about Jews and money that reflected the anxieties surrounding the rise of impersonal credit markets. By the close of the Middle Ages, new and sophisticated credit instruments made it easier for European merchants to move funds across the globe. Bills of exchange were by far the most arcane of these financial innovations. Intangible and written in a cryptic language, they fueled world trade but also lured naive investors into risky businesses. Francesca Trivellato recounts how the invention of these abstruse credit contracts was falsely attributed to Jews, and how this story gave voice to deep-seated fears about the unseen perils of the new paper economy. She locates the legend’s earliest version in a seventeenth-century handbook on maritime law and traces its legacy all the way to the work of the founders of modern social theory—from Marx to Weber and Sombart. Deftly weaving together economic, legal, social, cultural, and intellectual history, Trivellato vividly describes how Christian writers drew on the story to define and redefine what constituted the proper boundaries of credit in a modern world increasingly dominated by finance.

Hamilton s Paradox

Author : Jonathan Rodden
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As new federations take shape and old ones are revived around the world, a difficult challenge is to create incentives for fiscal discipline. By combining theory, quantitative analysis, and historical and contemporary case studies, this book lays out the first systematic explanation of why decentralized countries have had dramatically different fiscal experiences. It provides insights into current policy debates from Latin America to the European Union, and a new perspective on a tension between the promise and peril of federalism that has characterized the literature since The Federalist Papers.

The Cultural History of Money and Credit

Author : Chia Yin Hsu
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In the wake of the financial crisis in 2008, historians have turned with renewed urgency to understanding the economic dimension of historical change. In this collection, nine scholars present original research into the historical development of money and credit during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and explore the social and cultural significance of financial phenomena from a global perspective. Together with an introduction by the editors, chapters emphasize themes of creditworthiness and access to credit, the role of the state in the loan market, modernization, colonialism, and global connections between markets. The first section of the volume, "Creditworthiness and Credit Risks," examines microfinancial markets in South India and Sri Lanka, Brazil, and the United States, in which access to credit depended largely on reputation, while larger investors showed a strong interest in policing economic behavior and encouraging thrift among market participants. The second section, "The Loan Market and the State," concerns attempts by national governments to regulate the lending activities of merchants and banks for social ends, from the liberal regime of nineteenth-century Switzerland to the far more statist policies of post-revolutionary Mexico, and U.S. legislation that strove to eliminate discrimination in lending. The third section, "Money, Commercial Exchange, and Global Connections," focuses on colonial and semicolonial societies in the Philippines, China, and Zimbabwe, where currency reform and the development of organized financial markets engendered conflict over competing models of economic development, often pitting the colony against the metropole. This volume offers a cultural history by considering money and credit as social relations, and explores how such relations were constructed and articulated by contemporaries. Chapters employ a variety of methodologies, including analyses of popular literature and the viewpoints of experts and professionals, investigations of policy measures and emerging social practices, and interpretations of quantitative data.

Promise Or Peril

Author : Robert A. Liston
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Some of the most intelligent minds in the nation believe that the answer to our problem is technology; but, it must be handled correctly, for the good of man.

Untrammeled Thinking the Promise and Peril of the Second Amenia Conference 1920 1940

Author : Lauren L. Kientz
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The Promise and Peril of International Trade

Author : Jeff Colgan
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The Promise and Peril of International Trade is a lively, accessible book that explores how the trade system affects elements of critical importance to Canadian society, such as the environment, the economy, and the arts. Accessible to the general reader, The Promise and Peril of International Trade explores how international trade should and can be harnessed for social good, and that Canada's commitment to international institutions and agreements pertaining to trade, such as the WTO and NAFTA, should reflect this aim. The book examines trade-related social issues, such as genetically modified foods, immigration, environmental health, and national culture. Much of the book focuses on Canada, but not exclusively. It also addresses the impact of international trade on developing countries with small economies. Moving beyond the problems and challenges of current trade policy, the book contains constructive proposals for policymakers and the public. How should a country like Canada interact with the WTO? How should trade deals like the NAFTA be structured to do the most good, both for Canada and its trading partners? How well are we managing trade today? This book is designed to help answer these questions.

The Silo Effect

Author : Gillian Tett
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An award-winning columnist and journalist describes how businesses that structure their teams into functional departments, or "silos," actually hinder work, cripple innovation, restrict thinking and force normally smart people to ignore risks and opportunities. --

The Peril and Promise of Performance Pay

Author : Donald B. Gratz
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This book provides an invaluable resource for school teachers, administrators, board members, policy makers, and citizens who would like to understand what's behind performance pay, what might work and what will not, and how to build a school improvement effort that includes teacher compensation as one of its strategies.

Tomorrow the Peril and the Promise

Author : Singapore National Trades Union Congress. Secretary General
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The Global Debt Crisis

Author : Paul E. Peterson
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Debt crises have placed strains not only on the European Union's nascent federal system but also on the federal system in the United States. Old confrontations over fiscal responsibility are being renewed, often in a more virulent form, in places as far flung as Detroit, Michigan, and Valencia, Spain, to say nothing of Greece and Cyprus. Increasing the complexity of the issue has been public sector collective bargaining, now a component of most federal systems. The attendant political controversies have become the debate of a generation. Paul Peterson and Daniel Nadler have assembled experts from both sides of the Atlantic to break down the structural flaws in federal systems of government that have led to economic and political turmoil. Proposed solutions offer ways to preserve and restore vibrant federal systems that meet the needs of communities struggling for survival in an increasingly unified global economy. Contributors: Andrew G. Biggs (American Enterprise Institute); César Colino (National Distance Education University, Madrid); Eloísa del Pino (Instituto de Políticas y Bienes Públicos, Madrid); Henrik Enderlein (Hertie School of Governance, Berlin); Cory Koedel (University of Missouri); Carlos Xabel Lastra-Anadón (Harvard University); Daniel Nadler (Harvard University); Shawn Ni (University of Missouri); Amy Nugent (Government of Ontario, Canada); James Pearce (Mowat Centre, University of Toronto, Canada); Paul E. Peterson (Harvard University); Michael Podgursky (University of Missouri); Jason Richwine (Washington, D.C.); Jonathan Rodden (Stanford Uni versity); Daniel Shoag (Harvard University); Richard Simeon (University of Toronto, Canada); Camillo von Müller (University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, and Leuphana University, Germany); Daniel Ziblatt (Harvard University)

American Higher Education in Crisis

Author : Goldie Blumenstyk
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American higher education is at a crossroads. Technological innovations and disruptive market forces are buffeting colleges and universities at the very time their financial structure grows increasingly fragile. Disinvestment by states has driven up tuition prices at public colleges, and student debt has reached a startling record-high of one trillion dollars. Cost-minded students and their families--and the public at large--are questioning the worth of a college education, even as study after study shows how important it is to economic and social mobility. And as elite institutions trim financial aid and change other business practices in search of more sustainable business models, racial and economic stratification in American higher education is only growing. In American Higher Education in Crisis?: What Everyone Needs to Know, Goldie Blumenstyk, who has been reporting on higher education trends for 25 years, guides readers through the forces and trends that have brought the education system to this point, and highlights some of the ways they will reshape America's colleges in the years to come. Blumenstyk hones in on debates over the value of post-secondary education, problems of affordability, and concerns about the growing economic divide. Fewer and fewer people can afford the constantly increasing tuition price of college, Blumenstyk shows, and yet college graduates in the United States now earn on average twice as much as those with only a high-school education. She also discusses faculty tenure and growing administrative bureaucracies on campuses; considers new demands for accountability such as those reflected in the U.S. Department of Education's College Scorecard; and questions how the money chase in big-time college athletics, revelations about colleges falsifying rankings data, and corporate-style presidential salaries have soured public perception. Higher education is facing a serious set of challenges, but solutions have also begun to emerge. Blumenstyk highlights how institutions are responding to the rise of alternative-educational opportunities and the new academic and business models that are appearing, and considers how the Obama administration and public organizations are working to address questions of affordability, diversity, and academic integrity. She addresses some of the advances in technology colleges are employing to attract and retain students; outlines emerging competency-based programs that are reshaping conceptions of a college degree, and offers readers a look at promising innovations that could alter the higher education landscape in the near future. An extremely timely and focused look at this embattled and evolving arena, this primer emphasizes how open-ended the conversation about higher education's future remains, and illuminates how big the stakes are for students, colleges, and the nation.

Privacy in Peril

Author : James B. Rule
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A thought-provoking study reveals that legal uses of our personal information by the government and private industry are more widespread and more dangerous to our interests than we would ever suspect, in an incisive analysis of the erosion of privacy in American society.

Security Analysis And Portfolio Management Paperback Second Edition

Author : Ambika Prasad Dash
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Security Analysis and Portfolio Management endeavours to provide concepts, text and cases for a course on Security Analysis and Portfolio Management, which is widely taught in the business schools around the world. It is consciously planned to help students to acquire knowledge, develop analytical skills and gain insights pertaining to how a fund manager strikes winning strategies for investment by using time-tested, validated and proven techniques which ranges from fundamental analysis to mundane mathematical models. The book is divided in four broad parts. " Part One describes the global investment scenario, major investment decisions, and the dynamics of the securities markets. " Part Two deals with the critical aspects of risk and return culminating in Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM). " Part Three discusses the most important analysis in investment decisions, wherein good mathematical models are factored in and applied to live conditions through building up case analysis. " Part Four deals with the exotic instruments of derivatives and its applications, where cutting-edge research around the globe is going on. The book is designed to meet the expectations of common investors as well as hard core professionals (fund managers) in putting the precious resources at risk for higher returns. New in this edition: The following chapters are added to make the book more result oriented, contemporary, focused and comprehensive. " Dynamics of the Indian economy " Fundamental Analysis: Valuation of companies " Performance of mutual fund in India " Sub-prime crisis and securitization " Private equity

Dekker Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Author : James A. Schwarz
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Public Affairs Information Service Bulletin

Author :
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American Culture in Peril

Author : Charles W. Dunn
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Thirty years ago, Ronald Reagan rode a wave of patriotism to the White House by calling for a return to what he considered to be traditional American values--personal liberty, free markets, and limited government. After the cultural struggles and generational clashes of the 1960s and 70s, it appeared that many Americans were eager to abide by Reagan's set of core American principles. Yet, despite Reagan's continuing popularity, modern America remains widely perceived as a nation weakened by its divisions. While debates over cultural values have been common throughout the country's history, they seem particularly vitriolic today. Some argue that these differences have resulted in a perpetually gridlocked government caught between left and right, red states and blue. Since the American Founding, commonly shared cultural values have been considered to be the glue that would bind the nation's citizens together. However, how do we identify, define and interpret the foundations of American culture in a profoundly divided, pluralistic country? In American Culture in Peril, Charles W. Dunn assembles top scholars and public intellectuals to examine Reagan's impact on American culture in the twenty-first century. The contributors assess topics vital to our conversations about American culture and society, including changing views of the family, the impact of popular culture, and the evolving relationship between religion, communities, and the state. Others investigate modern liberalism and the possibilities of reclaiming a renewed conservatism today. American Culture in Peril illuminates Reagan's powerful legacy and investigates whether his traditional view of American culture can successfully compete in postmodern America. Contributors Hadley Arkes Paul A. Cantor Allan Carlson Jean Bethke Elshtain Charles R. Kesler Wilfred M. McClay Ken Myers

Revisiting the Contracts Scholarship of Stewart Macaulay

Author : Jean Braucher
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This book contains the papers prepared for a conference held at the Wisconsin Law School in 2011 to honour the work of Stewart Macaulay, one of the most famous contracts scholars of his generation. Macaulay has been writing about contracts and contract law for over 50 years; the 1960s were particularly productive years for him, when he introduced many novel ideas into the scholarly world. Macaulay's foundational work for what is now called relational contract theory was published during this period. Macaulay is also known for his use of empirical research and interdisciplinary theories to illuminate our knowledge of contracting practices. The papers in this volume reflect, in diverse ways, on the subsequent influence and the contemporary relevance of Macaulay's work. All the contributors are important contracts scholars in their own right: David Campbell and John Wightman from the UK, Brian Bix, Jay Feinman, Robert Gordon, Claire Hill, Charles Knapp, Ethan Leib, Deborah Post, Edward Rubin, Carol Sanger, Robert Scott, Gordon Smith, Josh Whitford (with Li-Wen Lin) and William Woodward from the USA. The volume also reproduces Macaulay's most cited paper, 'Non-Contractual Relations in Business', and excerpts from two other important papers of his, 'Private Legislation and the Duty to Read-Business Run by IBM Machine, the Law of Contracts and Credit Cards', and 'The Real and The Paper Deal: Empirical Pictures of Relationships, Complexity and the Urge for Transparent Simple Rules'.

Corbin on Contracts

Author : Arthur Linton Corbin
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Raising the Bar Building Capacity

Author : Jorge Ruiz de Velasco
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California's approximately 500 continuation high schools are estimated to serve more than 115,000 California high school students each year--a number that approaches almost 10 percent of all high school students and as many as one of every seven high school seniors. Continuation schools are, however, more racially and ethnically concentrated than the state's traditional comprehensive high schools. Hispanic students comprise 55 percent of all students in continuation schools, and although African American enrollments in continuation schools approximate those of comprehensive schools statewide, they tend to be overrepresented in many districts. California law contemplates more intensive services and accelerated credit accrual strategies so that students who are vulnerable to dropping out of school might have a renewed opportunity to graduate from high school with a regular diploma. Based on a statewide study of these schools, however, the authors conclude that, as a whole, they are failing to provide the academic and critical support services that students need to succeed. This report draws on the authors' two-phase study of continuation high schools in California. In Phase I, during the winter and spring of 2007, the authors' research team visited 26 school districts and 40 schools in nine southern, central and northern California counties. These schools differed in focus, student outcomes, size, and metropolitan status. In Phase II, researchers returned to three of the original nine counties (Santa Clara, Fresno, and San Diego) and visited 23 continuation high schools to explore more deeply the emerging "better practices" that characterize more successful continuation high schools. This report offers a bleak prologue of what the vast majority of the state's continuation high schools will offer those youth who find themselves falling behind but struggling to stay engaged in pursuit of a high school diploma. The authors offer several recommendations, drawn from the experience of the "beating the odds" schools they visited. (Contains 3 footnotes.) [For the full report, "Raising the Bar, Building Capacity: Driving Improvement in California's Continuation High Schools," see ED537702.].

Black Male d

Author : Tyrone C. Howard
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In his new book, the author of the bestseller Why Race and Culture Matter in Schools examines the chronic under-performance of African American males in U.S. schools. Citing a plethora of disturbing academic outcomes for Black males, this book focuses on the historical, structural, educational, psychological, emotional, and cultural factors that influence the teaching and learning process for this student population. Howard discusses the potential and promise of Black males by highlighting their voices to generate new insights, create new knowledge, and identify useful practices that can significantly improve the schooling experiences and life chances of Black males. Howard calls for a paradigm shift in how we think about, teach, and study Black males. Book Features: Examines current structures, ideologies, and practices that both help and hinder the educational and social prospects of Black males. Translates frequently cited theoretical principles into research-based classroom practice. Documents teacher-student interactions, student viewpoints, and discusses the troubling role that sports plays in the lives of many Black males. Highlights voices and perspectives from Black male students about ways to improve their schooling experiences and outcomes. Identifies community-based programs that are helping Black males succeed. “Howard is more than a reformer. He seeks to dismantle a system that stifles dreams, devours hopes, and destroys opportunities. . . . He offers us a road map for how to do this and an invitation to join him in this venture. Let us hope that more than a few of those who read this book will enthusiastically accept his offer and join him in this important work.” —From the Foreword by Pedro A. Noguera, New York University “Black Male(d) is a timely, masterfully crafted contribution to an important conversation about one of our nation’s most misunderstood populations. Anyone who is troubled by the status of Black boys in schools and society will find much that is useful in this book. The author’s brilliance is apparent and praiseworthy.” —Shaun R. Harper, Center for the Study of Race and Equity in Education, University of Pennsylvania “This book pushes educators to not only know more but to do more on behalf of Black males. This is the book that shows us how to reform practices, policies, and places in order to improve the human condition of Black males. Howard reminds us all that we absolutely must do better—our children’s lives depend on it!” —H. Richard Milner IV, Helen Faison Endowed Chair of Urban Education, University of Pittsburgh Tyrone C. Howard is professor of education at the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, University of California, Los Angeles.