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Improving Research Based Knowledge of College Promise Programs

Author : Laura W. Perna
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Also known as “free tuition” and “free college” programs, college promise programs are an emerging approach for increasing higher education attainment of people in particular places. To maximize the effectiveness of their efforts and investments, program leaders and policymakers need research-based evidence to inform program design, implementation, and evaluation. With the goal of addressing this knowledge need, this volume presents a collection of research studies that examine several categories and variations of college promise programs. These theoretically grounded empirical investigations use varied data sources and analytic techniques to examine the effects of college promise programs that have different design features and operate in different places. Individually and collectively, the results of these studies have implications for the design and implementation of promise programs if these programs are to create meaningful improvements in attainment for people from underserved groups. The authors’ efforts also provide a useful foundation for the next generation of college promise research.

Summer s Promise

Author : Irene Brand
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TO EVERYTHING THERE IS A SEASON Rural North Carolina was the last place military man David Brown ever expected to call home. Brought here by tragedy, he now shared guardianship of his niece and nephew with a woman he'd never dreamed would share his home—or his attraction…. Wall Street banker Summer Weaver had never asked God for anything. Now she prayed for strength to care for her sister's orphaned children—and found herself leaning on their uncle for support. Summer never imagined that footloose David could ever become so steadfast—or that she'd be willing to give up everything that had seemed important for something that mattered far more….

Biologists and the Promise of American Life

Author : Philip J. Pauly
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Explorers, evolutionists, eugenicists, sexologists, and high school biology teachers--all have contributed to the prominence of the biological sciences in American life. In this book, Philip Pauly weaves their stories together into a fascinating history of biology in America over the last two hundred years. Beginning with the return of the Lewis and Clark expedition in 1806, botanists and zoologists identified science with national culture, linking their work to continental imperialism and the creation of an industrial republic. Pauly examines this nineteenth-century movement in local scientific communities with national reach: the partnership of Asa Gray and Louis Agassiz at Harvard University, the excitement of work at the Smithsonian Institution and the Geological Survey, and disputes at the Agriculture Department over the continent's future. He then describes the establishment of biology as an academic discipline in the late nineteenth century, and the retreat of life scientists from the problems of American nature. The early twentieth century, however, witnessed a new burst of public-oriented activity among biologists. Here Pauly chronicles such topics as the introduction of biology into high school curricula, the efforts of eugenicists to alter the "breeding" of Americans, and the influence of sexual biology on Americans' most private lives. Throughout much of American history, Pauly argues, life scientists linked their study of nature with a desire to culture--to use intelligence and craft to improve American plants, animals, and humans. They often disagreed and frequently overreached, but they sought to build a nation whose people would be prosperous, humane, secular, and liberal. Life scientists were significant participants in efforts to realize what Progressive Era oracle Herbert Croly called "the promise of American life." Pauly tells their story in its entirety and explains why now, in a society that is rapidly returning to a complex ethnic mix similar to the one that existed for a hundred years prior to the Cold War, it is important to reconnect with the progressive creators of American secular culture.

Delivering on the Promise

Author : James A. Hatch
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Business has long struggled with the notion of "human capital," but do companies really know the value of their people? All too frequently, companies lay off thousands of workers to boost share price while, at the same time, their annual reports promise that "people are our greatest asset!" Now, for the first time, human capital experts Brian Friedman, James Hatch, and David M. Walker show how companies can deliver on this promise. They reveal how Arthur Andersen's breakthrough five-stage framework, "Human Capital Appraisal," enables managers to measure, manage, and leverage their companies' investment in people. The authors describe specifically how managers can evaluate the current effectiveness of a firm's human capital strategies and the efficiency of its current Human Resources programs. They explain how to measure the amount of time and money management spends to recruit, develop, and manage human resources. Then they focus on how a firm can assess the return on this investment, minimize risk, and leverage the value of its human capital resources. Finally, the authors demonstrate how such leading companies as Colgate Palmolive, The Chicago Tribune, Mobil Oil, The Body Shop, Holy Cross Hospital, Hyatt Hotels, IBM, and British Petroleum are realizing the value of their people through human capital programs. This unique, proven, and proprietary methodology makes this invaluable book required reading for every chief executive, human resources director, and line manager.

Waiting on the Promise

Author : Lisa Bythewood
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There is no doubt that the universe is so uniquely created and designed, and in its magnificence holds all promises. It's the waiting on that revealed manifestation that sends us into troubled waters. Author, Lisa Bythewood reveals, through her real-life experiences, how to be still in the midst of it all and enjoy Waiting On The Promises.

The Promise of Alliance

Author : Ian Q. R. Thomas
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The nature and function of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) are uncertain now that the alliance has accomplished its primary objective of defending Western Europe from the perceived Soviet threat. Despite uncertainty about NATO's role in the post-Cold War world, its political and military leaders agree that it can continue to play a vital part in enhancing European security and maintaining international stability. This superb analysis explores the evolving functions and future directions of this unique organization, paying particular attention to the political cultures and goals of its member states. The Promise of Alliance is important reading for students and scholars of international relations, foreign affairs, and political theory.

The Pain in the Promise

Author : Nikki J
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Nikki was a bright and precocious child that loved her mom and siblings. Due to circumstances that she couldn't control, she ended up in foster care. There she experienced all sorts of abuse and fell victim to the system that should have protected her. Not long after adoption, a spiral of events led to the climatic throw down that forever changed the course of her life. Take the journey with her back to the beginning as she endured “the pain” of abuse and the instability of foster care; while staying determined to live “in the promise” of knowing that God will never leave you or forsake you. That if you hold on, keep the faith, and keep hope, He always has something better. According to most statistics Nikki J. should be a neglectful mother of at least three children, incarcerated, a high school dropout, or dead. But fortunately for the world she’s just too darn stubborn to do what anybody says. She decided to write this book instead. Take the ride to the beginning as against all odds Nikki hangs on long enough for her promise to arrive. Determined not to let her hurt, pain, anger, and disappointment determine her future; here’s her incredible story of forgiveness, unbelievable strength, hope, perseverance, and faith. Allow her experiences to spark change so no matter what your pain is, you keep faith in your promise!

Logan Likes Mary Anne The Baby Sitters Club 10

Author : Ann M. Martin
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The hit series is back, to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters!

Commentary on the Gospel According to St Matthew

Author : William Bruce
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Power and the Promise of School Reform

Author : William J. Reese
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This book examines how grass-roots movements operated during the early twentieth century to shape urban education in the United States.