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The Pseudo Bonaventuran Lives of Christ

Author : Ian Johnson
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This volume presents pioneering studies on the most important English tradition of representing Christ's life which reshape our understanding of late medieval vernacular and religious textual culture.

Cushions Kitchens and Christ

Author : Louise Campion
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This book represents the first full-length study of the prevalence of domestic imagery in late medieval religious literature. It examines as yet understudied patterns of household imagery and allegory across four fifteenth-century spiritual texts, all of which are Middle English translations of earlier Latin works. These texts are drawn from a range of popular genres of medieval religious writing, including the spiritual guidance text, Life of Christ, and collection of revelations received by visionary women. All of the texts discussed in this book have identifiable late medieval readers, which further enables a discussion of the way in which these book users might have responded to the domestic images in each one. This is a hugely important area of enquiry, as the literal late medieval household was becoming increasingly culturally important during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, and these texts’ frequent recourse to domestic imagery would have been especially pertinent.

Manuscript Culture and Medieval Devotional Traditions

Author : Jennifer N. Brown
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Essays exploring the great religious and devotional works of the Middle Ages in their manuscript and other contexts.

Discovering the Riches of the Word

Author :
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The contributions to Discovering the Riches of the Word. Religious Reading in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe explore new approaches to the study of religious reading in a long term (from the thirteenth to the seventeenth century) and geographically broad perspective.

Medieval Authorship and Cultural Exchange in the Late Fifteenth Century

Author : Rombert Stapel
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Medieval Authorship and Cultural Exchange in the Late Fifteenth Century is a multidisciplinary study of late medieval authorship and the military orders, framed as a whodunit that uncovers the anonymous author of the ‘Utrecht Chronicle of the Teutonic Order’. Through a close analysis of the Utrecht Chronicle of the Teutonic Order and its manuscripts, and by exploiting a wide range of scholarly techniques, from traditional philology and extensive codicological examinations to modern digital humanities techniques, the book argues that the recently resurfaced Vienna manuscript is actually an author’s copy, written in direct cooperation with the original author. This important assertion leads to a reinterpretation of the text, its sources and composition, authorship, and the context in which it was conceived. It allows us to associate the text with an upsurge of historiographical activities by various military orders across the continent, seemingly in response to the publication and aggressive dissemination of the account of the Siege of Rhodes by Guillaume Caoursin in 1480. Furthermore, the text can be positioned at the crossroads between different cultural spheres, ranging from the Baltic region to the Low Countries, spanning French, German, Dutch, and Latin linguistic traditions. This book will appeal to scholars and students of medieval history, as well as those interested in cultural history and the military religious orders.

The Medieval Mystical Tradition in England

Author : Marion Glasscoe
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These papers are the proceedings of the fourth international Exeter Symposium. They promote enquiry into, and understanding of, the medieval mystics and the cultural context to which they belong. Here, historians, literary critics, theologians, philosophers and bibliographical scholars explore ways in which the contemplative tradition was mediated and perceived in the very early and very late medieval period, and ask fundamental questions about the nature of contemporary understanding of this subject. CONTRIBUTORS: GEORGE R. KEISER, SUE ELLEN HOLBROOK, WILLIAM F. POLLARD, JAMES HOGG, SANDRA MCENTIRE, ANNE SAVAGE, PETER DINZELBACHER, NICHOLAS WATSON, PETER MOORE, ROBERT K. FORMAN

The Quest for the Christ Child in the Later Middle Ages

Author : Mary Dzon
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Beginning in the twelfth century, clergy and laity alike started wondering with intensity about the historical and developmental details of Jesus' early life. Was the Christ Child like other children, whose characteristics and capabilities depended on their age? Was he sweet and tender, or formidable and powerful? Not finding sufficient information in the Gospels, which are almost completely silent about Jesus' childhood, medieval Christians turned to centuries-old apocryphal texts for answers. In The Quest for the Christ Child in the Later Middle Ages, Mary Dzon demonstrates how these apocryphal legends fostered a vibrant and creative medieval piety. Popular tales about the Christ Child entertained the laity and at the same time were reviled by some members of the intellectual elite of the church. In either case, such legends, so persistent, left their mark on theological, devotional, and literary texts. The Cistercian abbot Aelred of Rievaulx urged his monastic readers to imitate the Christ Child's development through spiritual growth; Francis of Assisi encouraged his followers to emulate the Christ Child's poverty and rusticity; Thomas Aquinas, for his part, believed that apocryphal stories about the Christ Child would encourage youths to be presumptuous, while Birgitta of Sweden provided pious alternatives in her many Marian revelations. Through close readings of such writings, Dzon explores the continued transmission and appeal of apocryphal legends throughout the Middle Ages and demonstrates the significant impact that the Christ Child had in shaping the medieval religious imagination.

Pepysian Meditations on the Passion of Christ

Author : Mayumi Taguchi
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The Middle English prose ‘Pepysian Meditations on the Passion of Christ’ (PMPC) survives uniquely in Cambridge, Magdalene College, MS Pepys 2125 and has not previously been published. It is one of several Middle English translations of the Passion sequence of the pseudo-Bonaventuran Latin ‘Meditationes Vitae Christi’ (MVC). This part of the MVC circulated independently and in this form is known in modern scholarship as the ‘Meditationes de Passione Christi’ (MPC). The editors argue that although the Middle English version in Pepys 2125 followed the model of the MPC, it is probable that the translation derives directly from a recension of the MPC. Although the translator handles the original with a degree of freedom, the text is not indebted to other sources. The Introduction includes an extensive description of the manuscript which is a late medieval devotional miscellany, and a detailed account of the language of the PMPC. It also addresses the textual tradition out of which the PMPC grew and the work of the translator. The edited text is followed by a commentary, glossary and bibliography.

The Mirror of the Blessed Life of Jesus Christ

Author : Nicholas Love
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Published in 2005: At a time when the church sought to control and constrain lay access to vernacular and paramystical texts, the author’s translation, sanctioned by the Archbishop of Canterbury, met a pressing need for religious guidance among lay people. It became one of the most copied works of the fifteenth century.

Self Commentary in Early Modern European Literature 1400 1700

Author : Francesco Venturi
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An investigation into the various ways in which Renaissance writers comment on, present, and defend their own works, and at the same time themselves in Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, and the Dutch Republic.