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The Purpose Based Library Finding Your Path to Survival Success and Growth

Author : John J. Huber
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In the years since John Huber’s trailblazing Lean Library Management was published, budget pressures on libraries have only increased. Yet libraries who have adopted his strategies have turned conventional management thinking—that if budgets are reduced, customer service suffers—on its head. These libraries have proven that by streamlining and improving customer services, they can eliminate wasteful activities and bring down costs. In The Purpose-Based Library, Huber and seasoned public library administrator Potter build on insight gleaned from decades of experience to demonstrate how libraries can create real growth opportunities through concentrating on their true mission and purpose, and without spending a lot more money. With a focus on putting ideas into action, they point the way towards New ways to think about metricsReexamining customer self-driven servicesEffectively leveraging the considerable footprint of librariesIdentifying and assessing community needs and realigning library services accordinglyActively encouraging community fundraisingOffering cutting-edge services and programsPacked with boots-on-the-ground commentary, this book presents strategies to help libraries survive and succeed.

Curriculum Based Library Instruction

Author : Amy Blevins
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Curriculum-Based Library Instruction: From Cultivating Faculty Relationships to Assessment highlights the movement beyond one-shot instruction sessions, specifically focusing on situations where academic librarians have developed curriculum based sessions and/or become involved in curriculum committees.

Computer Based Library Information Systems

Author : Madan Mohan Kashyap
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The purpose of this book is to give accounts of systems theory to help one to understand the process of systems analysis and design as well as design better information technology based systems in libraries; to describe the methodology for conducting system study and to explain the use and application of systems analysis and design tools and techniques.

Legal Research and Law Library Management

Author : Julius J. Marke
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Think Tank Library Brain Based Learning Plans for New Standards Grades K 5

Author : Paige Jaeger
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Transform your library into a "think tank" by helping teachers create an active learning environment in which students question, investigate, synthesize, conclude, and present information based on Common Core standards. • Includes relevant, rigorous, fun, and field-tested lesson plans for multiple disciplines • Provides reproducible pages to allow librarians and teachers to easily use a lesson • Offers a K–5 scaffolding approach to teaching information literacy skills • Features graphical illustrations and practical schemas that explain, illustrate, and model how brain-based learning works

Think Tank Library Brain Based Learning Plans for New Standards Grades 6 12

Author : Mary Boyd Ratzer
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Transform your library into a "think tank" by helping teachers create an active learning environment in which students question, investigate, synthesize, conclude, and present information based on Common Core standards. • Provides diverse, brain-friendly, and field-tested lesson plans that feature thinking targets, texts, and standards and enhance students' deep thinking skills • Presents a school-library focus driven by inquiry process and information literacy skills • Features graphical illustrations and practical schemas that explain, illustrate, and model how brain-based learning works • Includes an extensive, research-based bibliography

Wisconsin Library Bulletin

Author :
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Library Web Ecology

Author : Jacquelyn Erdman
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Library Web Ecology is a thorough reference to help professionals in Library and Information Science (LIS) to develop a sustainable, usable, and highly effective website. The book describes the entire process of developing and implementing a successful website. Topics include: managing a web team, developing a web culture, creating a strategic plan, conducting usability studies, evaluating technology trends, and marketing the website. Worksheets and examples are included to help library web professionals to prepare web development plans. Although this book is aimed at LIS professionals, a number of concepts can easily be applied to any organization that would like to develop a more effective website. Provides practical and realistic solutions to website problems Suggests different strategies, giving the pros and cons, so professionals can determine what strategy is best for their library Includes worksheets and examples

Lessons from Library Power

Author : Douglas Zweizig
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Studies the impact of updated collections, collaborative planning, and flexible scheduling on the integration of school libraries and discusses instruction, and curriculum and professional development.

Knowledge and Knowing in Library and Information Science

Author : John Budd
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This landmark work traces the heritage of thought, from the beginnings of modern science in the seventeenth century, until today, that has influenced the profession of library and information science.

Teaching Civics in the Library

Author : Renee Critcher Lyons
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Civics education is "on the books" in all 50 states, yet civic illiteracy is widespread. Only one third of 12th graders are able to explain the significance of the Declaration of Independence, and fewer than half of 8th graders know the purpose of the Bill of Rights. This instructional guide explores the foundations of civics education--and the reasons for its demise--with commentary from civics education leaders and scholars across the nation. Questions for eliciting civics discussion are provided for all grade levels, along with detailed civic action and service projects and reading plans. Best practices and grant writing options are included. The author argues for a return to early 20th century civics education and details the traditional and present-day role of America's libraries in developing a civic-minded populace. School and public librarians are urged to utilize trade books and carefully evaluated websites to integrate civics within educational and youth services offerings.

Public Library System and Services in Tamil Nadu

Author : dr. S.K. Asok Kumar
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Library Manpower

Author : United States. Bureau of Labor Statistics
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Equity and Excellence in the Public Library

Author : Mr Bob Usherwood
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This important volume by one of the leading scholars in the field examines and discusses how library professionals can meet the demands of policy makers to open up the public library system without destroying its values. Based on a critical literature review, a survey of library professionals and consultations with other stakeholders, the book discusses the challenges involved in providing a service that prioritizes equity and social inclusion while at the same time attempting to promote and maintain quality, excellence and ethical standards. In assessing how those responsible for public libraries around the world go about this task the author advocates a service that is sensitive to difference and seeks to provide access to the best.

Knowledge into Action Research and Evaluation in Library and Information Science

Author : Danny P. Wallace
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The only book currently available that comprehensively integrates research and evaluation for evidence-based library and information science practice.

Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries

Author : Christos Nikolaou
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Digital Libraries are complex and advanced forms of information systems which extend and augment their physical counterparts by amplifying existing resources and services and enabling development of new kinds of human problem solving and expression. Their complexity arises from the data-rich domain of discourse as well as from extended demands for multi-disciplinary input, involving distributed systems architectures, structured digital documents, collaboration support, human-computer interaction, information filtering, etc. In addition to the broad range of technical issues, ethics and intellectual property rights add to the complication that is normally associated with the development, maintenance, and use of Digital Libraries. The Second European Conference on Digital Libraries (ECDL’98) builds upon the success of the first of this series of European Conferences on Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries, held last year in Pisa, Italy, September 1-3, 1997. This series of conferences is partially funded by the TMR Programme of the European Commission and is actively supported and promoted by the European Research Consortium on Informatics and Mathematics (ERCIM). The aim is to bring together the different communities involved in the development of Digital Libraries, to review progress and to discuss strategies, research and technological development (RTD) issues, as well as specific topics related to the European context. These communities include professionals from universities, research centres, industry, government agencies, public libraries, etc.

Journal of the Medical Library Association

Author :
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Statistics and Performance Measures for Public Library Networked Services

Author : John Carlo Bertot
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Through practical examples and tested methods, Statistics and Performance Measures for Public Library Networked Services will show you to to: establish a core set of performance measures - for your particular setting - that will capture and describe patron use of online resources; collect and organize hard statistics based on the measures you set; assess the services you are providing and identify potential areas of growth; understand how your library's services are being used by patrons; and develop a specific picture of your library's network service and usage that can be communicated to staff, community and new funding streams."--BOOK JACKET.

The School Library Manager 5th Edition

Author : Blanche Woolls
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This very readable text is updated to encompass the new role of school librarians in managing the digital world in libraries. • Presents up-to-date information and thorough revisions of a well-established and popular textbook • Highlights the teaching role of today's school librarian • Emphasizes the newest AASL standards, the Common Core standards, and the management of 21st-century digital and virtual libraries and collections • Supplies comprehensive coverage of current issues in school library media center administration

International and National Library and Information Services

Author : George Chandler
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International and National Library and Information Services: A Review of Some Recent Developments 1970-80 is the second in a series that surveys developments in specific types of library and information services and subject fields over a period of 5 to 15 years, according to the nature of the topic. The survey is from the point of view of the role of national libraries in national and international library and information systems. Organized into 10 chapters, this book begins with a description of intergovernmental organizations; international library and information associations; and conference of directors of national libraries. Subsequent chapters discuss developments in this field of interest in the Americas, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North Africa, Asia, and Oceania. This book will be useful to public, school, and university libraries, and to schools of librarianship and information science.