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The Quantum World

Author : Kenneth William Ford
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Helps the serious reader make sense of the mysterious science of quantum physics, covering the key discoveries of the twentieth century, such as granularity, the uncertainty principle, and superposition and entanglement, among other important topics.

The Quantum World

Author : Bernard d'Espagnat
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In this largely nontechnical book, eminent physicists and philosophers address the philosophical impact of recent advances in quantum physics. These are shown to shed new light on profound questions about realism, determinism, causality or locality. The participants contribute in the spirit of an open and honest discussion, reminiscent of the time when science and philosophy were inseparable. After the editors’ introduction, the next chapter reveals the strangeness of quantum mechanics and the subsequent discussions examine our notion of reality. The spotlight is then turned to the topic of decoherence. Bohm’s theory is critically examined in two chapters, and the relational interpretation of quantum mechanics is likewise described and discussed. The penultimate chapter presents a proposal for resolving the measurement problem, and finally the topic of loop quantum gravity is presented by one of its founding fathers, Carlo Rovelli. The original presentations and discussions on which this volume is based took place under the auspices of the French “Académie des Sciences Morales et Politiques”. The book will appeal to everybody interested in knowing how our description of the world is impacted by the results of the most powerful and successful theory that physicists have ever built.

The Quantum World

Author : New Scientist
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Forget everything you thought you knew about reality. The world is a seriously bizarre place. Things can exist in two places at once and travel backwards and forwards in time. Waves and particles are one and the same, and objects change their behaviour according to whether they are being watched. This is not some alternative universe but the realm of the very small, where quantum mechanics rules. In this weird world of atoms and their constituents, our common sense understanding of reality breaks down - yet quantum mechanics has never failed an experimental test. What does it all mean? For all its weirdness, quantum mechanics has given us many practical technologies including lasers and the transistors that underlie computers and all digital technology. In the future, it promises computers more powerful than any built before, the ability to communicate with absolute privacy, and even quantum teleportation. The Quantum World explores the past, present and future of quantum science, its applications and mind-bending implications. Discover how ideas from quantum mechanics are percolating out into the vast scale of the cosmos - perhaps, in the future, to reveal a new understanding of the big bang and the nature of space and time. ABOUT THE SERIES New Scientist Instant Expert books are definitive and accessible entry points to the most important subjects in science; subjects that challenge, attract debate, invite controversy and engage the most enquiring minds. Designed for curious readers who want to know how things work and why, the Instant Expert series explores the topics that really matter and their impact on individuals, society, and the planet, translating the scientific complexities around us into language that's open to everyone, and putting new ideas and discoveries into perspective and context.

The Mystery of the Quantum World

Author : Euan J. Squires
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Quantum mechanics stands as one of the most remarkable achievements of the 20th century, providing startling insight into the nature of matter and a spectacularly successful predictive theory. However, while the predictive ability of the quantum theory has been rigorously tested time and again, so that it now satisfies any criterion of reliability as a tool of scientific inquiry, fundamental difficulties remain with its interpretation. The Mystery of the Quantum World, Second Edition introduces the philosophical issues raised by the success of the quantum theory and lucidly outlines the different points of view adopted by various physicists striving to understand the meaning underlying the theories used every day. The author encourages you to see how the most successful of physical theories is relevant to issues outside physics. Revised and expanded, this edition includes a new chapter that introduces the most important of the recent developments in quantum theory. The authoritative selection of topics ensures that readers already familiar with the first edition of the book will extend their knowledge of quantum theory, and those with no previous knowledge acquire an insight into this fascinating world.

David Bohm

Author : Olival Freire Junior
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This authoritative biography addresses the life and work of the quantum physicist David Bohm. Although quantum physics is considered the soundest physical theory, its strange and paradoxical features have challenged - and continue to challenge - even the brightest thinkers. David Bohm dedicated his entire life to enhancing our understanding of quantum mysteries, in particular quantum nonlocality. His work took place at the height of the cultural/political upheaval in the 1950's, which led him to become the most notable American scientist to seek exile in the last century. The story of his life is as fascinating as his ideas on the quantum world are appealing.

The Quantum World

Author : J. C. Polkinghorne
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The Quantum World

Author : Michel Le Bellac
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Quantum physics has, on the one hand, drastically changed our theoretical description of the physical world and has, on the other hand, revolutionized everyday life, by allowing us to build lasers, atomic clocks used in GPS, and semiconductor-based devices such as laptop computers and smartphones. The object of this book is to give a self-contained introduction to both aspects. It contains a detailed account of the foundational principles: superposition, entanglement, quantum non-locality, decoherence and measurement theory, and of some selected applications: quantum cryptography and quantum computers, cold atoms, light emitting and laser diodes, and atomic clocks. The book is aimed at a general audience and the only prerequisite is a high-school background in mathematics.

Six Impossible Things

Author : John Gribbin
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A concise and engaging investigation of six interpretations of quantum physics. Rules of the quantum world seem to say that a cat can be both alive and dead at the same time and a particle can be in two places at once. And that particle is also a wave; everything in the quantum world can described in terms of waves—or entirely in terms of particles. These interpretations were all established by the end of the 1920s, by Erwin Schrödinger, Werner Heisenberg, Paul Dirac, and others. But no one has yet come up with a common sense explanation of what is going on. In this concise and engaging book, astrophysicist John Gribbin offers an overview of six of the leading interpretations of quantum mechanics. Gribbin calls his account “agnostic,” explaining that none of these interpretations is any better—or any worse—than any of the others. Gribbin presents the Copenhagen Interpretation, promoted by Niels Bohr and named by Heisenberg; the Pilot-Wave Interpretation, developed by Louis de Broglie; the Many Worlds Interpretation (termed “excess baggage” by Gribbin); the Decoherence Interpretation (“incoherent”); the Ensemble “Non-Interpretation”; and the Timeless Transactional Interpretation (which theorized waves going both forward and backward in time). All of these interpretations are crazy, Gribbin warns, and some are more crazy than others—but in the quantum world, being more crazy does not necessarily mean more wrong.

A Personal Journey into the Quantum World

Author : Jean Paul Corriveau
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“Jean Paul Corriveau’s A Personal Journey into the Quantum World is an ambitious examination of a number of scientific ideas. The book is intelligent and well written and a prodigious accomplishment.” —BlueInk Review “Through a précis of basic physics and quantum physics, Jean Paul Corriveau’s A Personal Journey into the Quantum World presents his own unified theory. Many of the ideas he presents are original and exciting.” —Clarion Review “Equal parts physics and philosophy, Corriveau’s text aims at demystifying the theories of quantum reality and relativity. It makes for a varied and enjoyable read that will likely provoke much thought and discussion and delight readers.” —Kirkus Review

Quantum World Of Ultra cold Atoms And Light The Book Iii Ultra cold Atoms

Author : Gardiner Crispin W
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The Quantum World

Author : Kenneth W. Ford
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The laws governing the very small and the very swift defy common sense and stretch our minds to the limit. Drawing on a deep familiarity with the discoveries of the twentieth century, Ford gives an appealing account of quantum physics that will help the serious reader make sense of a science that, for all its successes, remains mysterious.

Alice in Quantumland

Author : Robert Gilmore
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Hurry, hurry, hurry! Step right up! Welcome to Quantumland! Fall into an atom and dodge electrons! See the amazing Emperor think his clothes into existence! Dance with the Three Quark Brothers at the Particle MASSquerade! An you need is a sense of adventure-no mathematics required! Alice in Quantumland is Robert Gilmore's amazing fantasy ride through the landscape of quantum physics-the interrelated group of theories on the nature of subatomic particles that modern scientists use to, explain the physical universe. Through the allegory of Alice's adventures and encounters, Gilmore makes the essential features of the quantum world clear and accessible. It is a thrilling introduction to some essential, often difficult-to-grasp concepts about the world we inhabit. You've heard about Alice's adventures through the looking glass. Well, Alice is about to embark on another amazing journey. She's going to shrink again-to the size of a nuclear particle-but she's not going down the rabbit hole. She's headed for Quantumland. And what is Quantumland? Think of it as an intellectual amusement park smaller than an atom, where every ride, game, and attraction demonstrates a different aspect of quantum mechanics-the often baffling, always intriguing theoretical framework that seems to provide the most accurate explanations of the way things arc in the physical world. In this masterful blend of fantasy and science, Robert Gilmore uses the allegory of Alice's travels to make the uncertainty principle, Pauli's principle, high-energy particle physics, and other crucial parts of quantum theory accessible and exciting. Once in Quantumland, Alice experiences various quantum effects (at one point going backward in time and running into herself). She also meets a number of strange characters who help her (and you) understand the nature of the quantum world. There is: * the Uncertain Accountant, whose attempts to balance the books at the Heisenberg Energy Bank arc being flummoxed by energy fluctuations; * the State Agent, Who shows Alice how atoms can bc two places at once; * the Three Quark Brothers, who take Alice around the floor in one of the Castle Rutherford's famous Collider Dances; * the Emperor, whose conscious mind makes his new clothes real; and more. Cleverly conceived and written, and delightfully illustrated, Alice in Quantumland brings some crucial yet often elusive scientific concepts within reach of the everyday reader. You don't need to know much about mathematics to follow our heroine's escapades. There is only one equation in the entire book! All you need is a taste for intellectual adventure and healthy curiosity about the world around us.

It s All Elementary

Author : Necia H. Apfel
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Traces the search leading to the discovery of the smallest bits of matter, pieces too small to be subdivided, and discusses recent developments in the field of particle physics, or study of the invisible microworld of elementary particles.

Pythagoras and the Quantum World

Author : Ben Iverson
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Language of Nature

Author : David Judd Nutting
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Understanding The Quantum World and Scientific History Science is truly one of the deepest, the most complex, and the most relevant forms of knowledge in human history. It deals with such aspects like life, energy, matter, and molecules. But even until now, the study of science has been based on empirical knowledge since the time of Galileo and this fact brings out the call for a deeper form of scientific research which leads to the quantum world. In his groundbreaking new picture book Language of Nature: Quantum World Revealed, author David Judd Nutting presents to the world his views and in-depth study on science, nature and the world itself. Language of Nature begins with the task of explaining to its readers what the world of quantum physics is all about. Since science is based on knowledge derived from the five senses, researchers are unable to verify or demonstrate the quantum world which is actually transempirical. Quantum physics explains nature s selective process while the transempirical world of nature becomes a creative process, which experimental knowledge could never translate or explain effectively. Aside from presenting the quantum world, the book contains very rich information and photos on famous researchers (including Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison), technological development, scientific history, inventions, video games, the solar system and so much more. There is no doubt that readers will have so much to learn from the author s findings. Richly-layered, surprising and very intelligent, Language of Nature is easily one of the most educational and most unique picture books about science today. Readers, including students, researchers and scientists, will enjoy immersing themselves with this picture book, especially when it comes to getting an acceptable interpretation of the quantum world and getting all the details in the history of science. Language of Nature: Quantum World Revealed goes beyond conventional science and is truly an essential read!

The Quantum World of Ultra cold Atoms and Light

Author : Crispin W. Gardiner
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"This century has seen the development of technologies for manipulating and controlling matter and light at the level of individual photons and atoms, a realm in which physics is fully quantum-mechanical. The dominant experimental technology is the laser, and the theoretical paradigm is quantum optics. The Quantum World of Ultra-Cold Atoms and Light is a trilogy, which presents the quantum optics way of thinking and its applications to quantum devices. This book -- "Ultra-Cold Atoms" -- provides a theoretical treatment of ultra-cold Bosons and Fermions and their interactions with electromagnetic fields in a form consistent with the first two books in the trilogy. The book covers five main areas The physics of cold collisions, binding of atoms into molecules, and Feshbach resonances, Bose-Einstein condensation, at zero temperature, and at finite temperature, Quantum kinetic theory, Ultra-cold Fermions, Atoms in optical lattices. The central concept is the quantum stochastic paradigm, formulated for cold collision physics. For Bosons, this yields a suite of techniques; versions of the stochastic Gross-Pitaevskii equation, using which a wide range of dynamic and thermal properties are formulated. The eBook editions of the "Quantum World Trilogy" feature an extensive system of hyperlinks for ease of cross reference within the books, as well links to the other books in the trilogy. In the section Viewing the eBooks we explain how these links work, and give some advice on appropriate pdf viewer applications. For more information, please visit:"

The Theory of the Quantum World

Author : David Gross
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Ever since 1911, the Solvay Conferences have shaped modern physics. The 25th edition held in October 2011 in Brussels and chaired by David Gross continued this tradition and celebrated the first centennial of this illustrious series of conferences. The development and applications of quantum mechanics have always been the main threads in the history of the Solvay Conferences, hence the 25th Solvay conference gathered many of the leading figures working on a wide variety of profound problems in physics where quantum mechanical effects play a central role. The conference addressed some of the most pressing open questions in the field of physics. The proceedings contain the “rapporteur talks” which give a broad overview with unique insights by distinguished and renowned scientists. These lectures cover the seven sessions: “History and Reflections”, “Foundations of Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computation”, “Control of Quantum Systems”, “Quantum Condensed Matter”, “Particles and Fields”, “Quantum Gravity and String Theory” and it ended with a general discussion attempting to arrive at a synthesis. In the Solvay tradition, the proceedings also include the prepared comments to the rapporteur talks. The discussions among the participants — some of which quite lively and involving dramatically divergent points of view — have been carefully edited and are reproduced in full. Contents:History and Reflections (M Henneaux, J Heilbron and M Gell-Mann)Foundations of Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computation (A Aspect, A Leggett and J Preskill)Control of Quantum Systems (P Zoller, I Cirac and S Girvin)Quantum Condensed Matter (B Halperin and S Sachdev)Particles and Fields (H Georgi and F Wilczek)Quantum Gravity and String Theory (J Polchinski, J Maldacena and A Guth)General Discussion and Conclusions (D Gross, A Aspect, P Zoller, B Halperin, H Georgi and J Polchinski) Readership: Graduate students and researchers in physics. Keywords:Quantum Physics;Solvay ConferenceKey Features:Presents a broad overview of the role of quantum mechanics in contemporary physicsThe rapporteur talks, given by the leaders in the field, provide a beautiful review of the state of the art in each of the subfields discussedThe discussions — transcribed in full — provide a unique view on the thoughts of some of the most outstanding physicistsReviews: “This book does full justice to the great reputation of the Solvay Conferences. Some of the discussions are on the same topics as in the old days, many are new. It testifies that fundamental physics is still a thriving field of research.” Gerard 't Hooft Nobel Laureate “The 25th Solvay Conference had an ambitious theme: The theory of the quantum world, including foundations of quantum physics, cosmology, particle physics, condensed matter physics, quantum control and quantum simulations. It was exciting to see the strong connections between those different areas, and this excitement has been captured in these proceedings. This book documents that 100 years after the first Solvay Conference in Physics, quantum physics still poses puzzles and reveals surprises.” Wolfgang Ketterle Nobel Laureate “The 25th Solvay Conference of Physics was an extremely exciting event. It joined the tradition started by the original Solvay meetings at the beginning of the 20th century. A comprehensive overview of the status of Quantum Mechanics and its applications was presented by the world experts and the outstanding problems were discussed deeply. It is clear that this meeting will be as important and as influential as the previous Solvay meetings. The proceedings are an insightful reference about the broad range of topics that were discussed. Just like the previous proceedings, this will also be a document of historic significance.” Nathan Seiberg IAS Princeton “This was one of the most interesting meetings I attended in the last few years. I very much enjoyed being updated on current issues in particle physics, cosmology, and quantum gravity — topics that I wouldn't hear about in conferences that I typically attend. Nearly all talks were presented at an accessible level for the non-specialist, and the extended-discussion format was very informative.” David Wineland Nobel Laureate “Highly selected group of physicists, famous or very promising, were invited to assess recent advances and open problems.” RECENSIONI

The Quantum World of Ultra Cold Atoms and Light Book I Foundations of Quantum Optics

Author : Crispin Gardiner
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This century has seen the development of technologies for manipulating and controlling matter and light at the level of individual photons and atoms, a realm in which physics is fully quantum mechanical. The dominant experimental technology is the laser, and the theoretical paradigm is quantum optics. The Quantum World of Ultra-Cold Atoms and Light is a trilogy, which presents the quantum optics way of thinking and its applications to quantum devices. This book — Foundations of Quantum Optics — provides an introductory text on the theoretical techniques of quantum optics, containing the elements of what one needs to teach, learn, and “think” about quantum optics. There is a particular emphasis on the classical and quantum stochastic methods which have come to dominate the field. Book II will cover applications to quantum devices, such as quantum computers and simulators, and will include the more advanced techniques necessary to describe non-classical light fields. Book III will cover the field of ultra-cold atoms, for which the quantum-optical paradigm has proved to be highly applicable for quantitative work. For more information, please visit:

The Butterfly in the Quantum World

Author : Indubala I Satija
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Butterfly in the Quantum World by Indu Satija, with contributions by Douglas Hofstadter, is the first book ever to tell the story of the "Hofstadter butterfly", a beautiful and fascinating graph lying at the heart of the quantum theory of matter. The butterfly came out of a simple-sounding question: What happens if you immerse a crystal in a magnetic field? What energies can the electrons take on? From 1930 onwards, physicists struggled to answer this question, until 1974, when graduate student Douglas Hofstadter discovered that the answer was a graph consisting of nothing but copies of itself nested down infinitely many times. This wild mathematical object caught the physics world totally by surprise, and it continues to mesmerize physicists and mathematicians today. The butterfly plot is intimately related to many other important phenomena in number theory and physics, including Apollonian gaskets, the Foucault pendulum, quasicrystals, the quantum Hall effect, and many more. Its story reflects the magic, the mystery, and the simplicity of the laws of nature, and Indu Satija, in a wonderfully personal style, relates this story, enriching it with a vast number of lively historical anecdotes, many photographs, beautiful visual images, and even poems, making her book a great feast, for the eyes, for the mind and for the soul.

Controlling the Quantum World

Author : National Research Council
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As part of the Physics 2010 decadal survey project, the Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation requested that the National Research Council assess the opportunities, over roughly the next decade, in atomic, molecular, and optical (AMO) science and technology. In particular, the National Research Council was asked to cover the state of AMO science, emphasizing recent accomplishments and identifying new and compelling scientific questions. Controlling the Quantum World, discusses both the roles and challenges for AMO science in instrumentation; scientific research near absolute zero; development of extremely intense x-ray and laser sources; exploration and control of molecular processes; photonics at the nanoscale level; and development of quantum information technology. This book also offers an assessment of and recommendations about critical issues concerning maintaining U.S. leadership in AMO science and technology.