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The Quest for Global Dominance

Author : Anil K. Gupta
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Anil K. Gupta, Vijay Govindarajan, and Haiyan Wang are among the most distinguished experts in the field of globalization. In The Quest for Global Dominance they present the lessons from their twenty-year study of over two hundred corporations. They argue that, in order for a company to create and maintain its position as a globally dominant player, executives must ensure that their company leads its industry in the following four essential tasks: Identifying market opportunities worldwide and pursuing them by establishing the necessary presence in all key markets Converting global presence into global competitive advantage by identifying and developing the opportunities for value creation that global presence offers Cultivating a global mindset by viewing cultural and geographic diversity as an opportunity, not just a challenge Leveraging the rise of emerging markets especially China and India to transform the company's growth prospects, global cost structure, and pace of innovation

Hegemony or Survival

Author : Noam Chomsky
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Hegemony or Survival is Noam Chomsky's essential polemic on American foreign policy. Noam Chomsky, the world's foremost intellectual activist, presents an irrefutable analysis of America's pursuit of total domination and the catastrophic consequences that are sure to follow. From the funding of repressive regimes to the current 'war on terror', from the toppling of governments opposing its beliefs to the invasion of Iraq, America pursues its global strategy no matter what the cost. With the rigour and insight that have made him our most important unraveller of accredited lies, Noam Chomsky reveals the truth and the true motives behind America's quest for dominance - and seeks also to show how the world may yet step back from the brink. 'A devastating history of American foreign policy since 1945 as well as a dissection of the current "war on terror"' Tim Adams, Observer 'Anybody who thinks about American foreign policy has to read and contemplate Hegemony or Survival' Independent 'One of the radical heroes of our age. A towering intellect' Guardian Noam Chomsky is the author of numerous bestselling political books, including Hegemony or Survival, Failed States, Interventions, What We Say Goes, Hopes and Prospects, How the World Works and Occupy, all of which are published by Hamish Hamilton/Penguin.

The Quest for Global Dominance

Author : Vijay Govindarajan
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Two renowned global strategy experts present a cutting-edge guide to building an effective global presence by providing logic-driven frameworks that have been developed, refined, and used in coporations throughout the world.

The Wa of Myanmar and China s Quest for Global Dominance

Author : Bertil Lintner
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The United Wa State Army (UWSA) is a nonstate armed group that administers an autonomous zone in the difficult-to-reach Wa Hills of eastern Myanmar. As China expands its geopolitical interests across Asia through the Belt and Road Initiative, the Wa have come to play a pivotal role in Beijing's efforts to extend its influence in Myanmar. In a book relevant to current debates about geopolitics in Asia, the illicit drug trade, Myanmar's decades-long civil wars, and ongoing efforts to negotiate a settlement, Bertil Lintner, the only foreign journalist to visit the Wa areas when they were controlled by the Communist Party of Burma, traces the history of the Wa Hills and the struggles of its people, providing a rare look at the UWSA.

China s Quest for Global Dominance

Author : P. J. S. Sandhu
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Today, the whole world is watching China with great interest and that includes India. China has been termed – a threat, a challenge, an opportunity, a concern, a competitor, the next superpower, a global player and many more things. It depends, who is looking at it and from where? In 2009, United Service Institution (USI) of India decided to commence a five years study programme on China. Towards that end, we held the National Security Seminar 2009 titled 'Rising China – Opportunity or Strategic Challenge' on 25-26 November 2009. Its proceedings have been published in the form of a book.

International Human Resource Management

Author : Helen De Cieri
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Since the late 1970s scholars and practitioners of international management have paid increasing attention to the impact of globalisation on the management of human resources across national boundaries. This collection of important articles and essays provides a comprehensive review and critique of developments and future directions in International Human Resource Management. Focusing on three major developments or approaches - Cross-Cultural Management, Comparative HRM and Strategic HRM, the volume explores challenges and opportunities facing researchers, international managers and employees.

A Handbook on Legal Languages and the Quest for Linguistic Equality in South Africa and Beyond

Author : Zakeera Docrat
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A Handbook on Legal Languages and the Quest for Linguistic Equality in South Africa and Beyond is an interdisciplinary publication located in the discipline of forensic linguistics/ language and law. This handbook includes varying comparative African and global case studies on the use of language(s) in courtroom discourse and higher education institutions: Kenya; Morocco; Nigeria; Australia; Belgium Canada and India. These African and global case studies form the backdrop for the critique of the monolingual English language of record policy for South African courts, the core of this handbook, discussed in relation to case law and the beleaguered legal interpretation profession. This handbook argues that linguistic transformation and decolonisation of South Africa’s legal and higher education systems needs to be undertaken where legal practitioners are linguistically equipped to litigate in a bilingual/ multilingual courtroom that enables access to justice for the majority of African language speaking litigants, enforcing their constitutional language rights.

Hegemony or Survival

Author : Noam Chomsky
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"Reading Chomsky today is sobering and instructive . . . He is a global phenomenon . . . perhaps the most widely read voice on foreign policy on the planet." -The New York Times Book Review An immediate national bestseller, Hegemony or Survival demonstrates how, for more than half a century the United States has been pursuing a grand imperial strategy with the aim of staking out the globe. Our leaders have shown themselves willing-as in the Cuban missile crisis-to follow the dream of dominance no matter how high the risks. World-renowned intellectual Noam Chomsky investigates how we came to this perilous moment and why our rulers are willing to jeopardize the future of our species. With the striking logic that is his trademark, Chomsky tracks the U.S. government's aggressive pursuit of "full spectrum dominance" and vividly lays out how the most recent manifestations of the politics of global control-from unilateralism to the dismantling of international agreements to state terrorism-cohere in a drive for hegemony that ultimately threatens our existence. Lucidly written, thoroughly documented, and featuring a new afterword by the author, Hegemony or Survival is a definitive statement from one of today's most influential thinkers. Noam Chomsky was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on December 7, 1928. He studied linguistics, mathematics, and philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania. In 1955, he received his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania and began teaching at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he is a Professor in the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy. During the years 1951 to 1955, Chomsky was a Junior Fellow of the Harvard University Society of Fellows. While a Junior Fellow he completed his doctoral dissertation entitled, "Transformational Analysis." The major theoretical viewpoints of the dissertation appeared in the monograph Syntactic Structure, which was published in 1957 and is widely credited with having revolutionized the field of modern linguistics. This formed part of a more extensive work, The Logical Structure of Linguistic Theory, circulated in mimeograph in 1955 and published in 1975. In 1961, Chomsky was appointed full professor in the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics (now the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy) at MIT. From 1966 to 1976 he held the Ferrari P. Ward Professorship of Modern Languages and Linguistics. In 1976 he was appointed Institute Professor, a position he held until 2002. Chomsky is the author of numerous works, including Hegemony or Survival. He is also the author of 9-11 (Seven Stories Press), Rogue States (South End Press), Understanding Power (New Press), New Horizons in the Study of Language and Mind (Cambridge University Press), The Minimalist Program (MIT Press), and many other titles. In 1988, Chomsky received the Kyoto Prize in Basic Science, given "to honor those who have contributed significantly to the scientific, cultural, and spiritual development of mankind." The p0prize noted that "Dr. Chomsky's theoretical system remains an outstanding monument of 20th century science and thought. He can certainly be said to be one of the great academicians and scientists of this century." Chomsky lives in Lexington, Massachusetts. For more than half a century, the United States has been pursing a grand imperial strategy with the aim of staking out the globe. Our leaders have shown themselves willing—as in the Cuban missile crisis—to follow the dream of dominance no matter how high the risks. Now the Bush administration is intensifying this process, driving us toward the final frontiers of imperial control, toward a choice between the prerogatives of power and a livable Earth. In Hegemony or Survival, Noam Chomsky investigates how we came to this moment, what kind of peril we find ourselves in, and why our rulers are willing to jeopardize the future of our species. With the striking logic that is his trademark, Chomsky dissects America's quest for global supremacy, tracking the U.S. government's aggressive pursuit of policies intended to achieve "full spectrum dominance" at any cost. He vividly lays out how the most recent manifestations of the politics of global control—from unilateralism and the dismantling of international agreements to state terrorism and the militarization of space—cohere in a drive for hegemony that ultimately threatens our survival. In our era, he argues, empire is a recipe for an earthy wasteland. Lucid, rigorous, and thoroughly documented, Hegemony or Survival is Chomsky's most urgent and sweeping work in years. Certain to spark widespread debate, it is a definitive statement from one of the world's most influential political thinkers. "A thoughtful, well-argued antidote to the conventional wisdom. [Chomsky] is a national resource, never afraid to challenge power, and is solidly within the honoured tradition of American radicalism."—Ronald Steel, The Nation "[Chomsky] may be the most widely read American voice on foreign policy on the planet today . . . [In this book, he] argues that the Bush administration's war on terrorism builds upon a long tradition of foreign interventions carried out in the name of 'liberation' or 'counterterror,' of special interests run amok and of disdain for international institutions that dare to challenge American hegemony . . . Because every state justifies its wars on the grounds of self-defense or altruism, Chomsky is correct that any 'profession of noble intent is predictable, and therefore carries no information.' He is also right to object to the historical amnesia that American statesmen bring to their dealings with other states. He seethes at the hypocrisy of Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, and Colin Powell, who invoked Saddam Hussein's 1988 gassing attacks in order to help justify the recent war, but who did not see fit to explain why the Reagan administration (which they served as senior officials) doubled its aid to Hussein's regime after learning of the gassings . . . And it is essential to demand, as Chomsky does, that a country with the might of the U.S. stop being so selective in applying its principles. We will not allow our sovereignty to be infringed by international treaty commitments in the areas of human rights or even arms control, but we demand that others should. We rebuff the complaints of foreigners about the 650 people who remain holed up in Guantánamo kennels, denied access to lawyers and family members, with not even their names released. Yet we expect others to take heed of our protests about due process. We have 'official enemies'—those whose police abuses, arms shipments, and electoral thefts we eagerly expose (Zimbabwe, Burma, North Korea, Iran). But the sins of our allies in the war on terror (Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel, Pakistan, Russia, Uzbekistan) are met with 'intentional ignorance' . . . [Chomsky] is right to demand that officials in Washington devote themselves more zealously to strengthening international institutions, curbing arms flows, and advancing human rights."—Samantha Power, The New York Times Book Review "With relentless logic, Chomsky bids us to listen closely to what our leaders tell us—and to discern what they are leaving out . . . Agree with him or not, we lose out by not listening."—Business Week "If, for reasons of chance, or circumstance, (or sloth), you have to pick just one book on the subject of the American Empire, pick this one. It's the Full Monty. It's Chomsky at his best. Hegemony or Survival is necessary reading."—Arundhati Roy "Recent developments, above all the Iraq War, affirm what Chomsky has known all along: The United States is a terrorist state—odious, immoral, drunk on its own wild ambitions, and a threat to all mankind. As a consequence, Americans today find themselves trapped in a 'nightmare' of the nation's own making. [Chomsky maintains that] awakening from that nightmare requires that the U.S. abandon its ambitions of global hegemony and accept the imperative of radical political reform . . . Chomsky is correct that in its relations with the rest of the world the United States has been guilty of inconsistency and mendacity and of deploying its professed ideals to disguise acts of naked self-interest . . . [He is also] right in noting that America today has arrogated to itself something akin to imperial prerogatives."—Andrew J. Bacevich, The Washington Post Book World "It is possible that, if the United States goes the way of nineteenth-century Britain, Chomsky's interpretation will be the standard among historians a hundred years from now."—The New Yorker "Claiming that the U.S. is a rogue nation in its foreign policies and its 'contempt for international law,' Chomsky brings together many themes he has mined in the past, making this cogent and provocative book an important addition to an ongoing public discussion about U.S. f0policy."—Publishers Weekly

China and the South China Sea A quest for dominance in global politics

Author : Ebonine Victor
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Master's Thesis from the year 2016 in the subject Politics - Basics and General, grade: 71, , course: International Relations, language: English, abstract: The study aims at uncovering the immediate and remote causes of china’s land reclamations and assertiveness in the South China Sea. It uncovers that it is not unconnected with the strategic importance of South China Sea, a sea that connects the Western-Pacific and Indian Ocean, routes that account for more than half of the world trade and containing large deposits of marine lives and hydrocarbons. Privatizing all these resources and the routes will lift China to the height of global power status, a position that will enable it to challenge the supremacy of U.S. hence, its sand filling and structures building agenda in South China Sea. Within the lenses of structural and offensive realism, the study captures the reasons for China’s actions, modernization agenda and even U.S "pivot" to Asia-Pacific as the quest for survival in a world without a government to restrain the actions of the states. The international system becomes a zero-sum game where the winner takes it all. Also, using the qualitative method of analysis to validate the research questions raised, the study finds out that the historic claims raised by China in its nine-dashed line is not founded in the UNCLOS. With the global security dilemma which continues to play out in the South China Sea, the study predicts that the dispute will not end anytime soon. Therefore, as part of efforts to reduce tension in the region, there is need for Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), which has seemed impotent to tackle the dispute to forge one voice against China. With the idea of joint development of resources still the best option for the claimants, United States should show more commitment in the region in other to deter an assertive and aggressive China, which has recently shown greater international activism especially since the enthronement of Xi Jiping, the President of Peoples Republic of China.

Strategic Management

Author : Michael A. Hitt
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This text explains how firms achieve strategic competitiveness, emphasizing integration of resources and capabilities to obtain a sustained competitive advantage. The text integrates the resource-based view of the firm with the more traditional model.