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The Subject of Race in American Science Fiction

Author : Sharon DeGraw
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While the connections between science fiction and race have largely been neglected by scholars, racial identity is a key element of the subjectivity constructed in American SF. In his Mars series, Edgar Rice Burroughs primarily supported essentialist constructions of racial identity, but also included a few elements of racial egalitarianism. Writing in the 1930s, George S. Schuyler revised Burroughs' normative SF triangle of white author, white audience, and white protagonist and promoted an individualistic, highly variable concept of race instead. While both Burroughs and Schuyler wrote SF focusing on racial identity, the largely separate genres of science fiction and African American literature prevented the similarities between the two authors from being adequately acknowledged and explored. Beginning in the 1960s, Samuel R. Delany more fully joined SF and African American literature. Delany expands on Schuyler's racial constructionist approach to identity, including gender and sexuality in addition to race. Critically intertwining the genres of SF and African American literature allows a critique of the racism in the science fiction and a more accurate and positive portrayal of the scientific connections in the African American literature. Connecting the popular fiction of Burroughs, the controversial career of Schuyler, and the postmodern texts of Delany illuminates a gradual change from a stable, essentialist construction of racial identity at the turn of the century to the variable, social construction of poststructuralist subjectivity today.

The Discourse of Race in Modern China

Author : Frank Dikötter
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Focusing on the discourse of race in modern China, this study looks at the emergence of racial stereotypes in the 19th century, the gradual formation of a racial discourse at the turn of the century and the emergence, institutionalization and habitualization of racial nationalism in this century.

The Future of the Colored Race in America

Author : William Aikman
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Reproduction of the original: The Future of the Colored Race in America by William Aikman

Race in a Godless World

Author : Nathan G. Alexander
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Is modern racism a product of secularisation and the decline of Christian universalism? The debate has raged for decades, but up to now, the actual racial views of historical atheists and freethinkers have never been subjected to a systematic analysis. Race in a Godless World sets out to correct the oversight. It centres on Britain and the United States in the second half of the nineteenth century, a time when popular atheist movements were emerging and scepticism about the truth of Christianity was becoming widespread. Covering racial and evolutionary science, imperialism, slavery and racial prejudice in theory and practice, it provides a much-needed account of the complex and sometimes contradictory ideas espoused by the transatlantic community of atheists and freethinkers. It also reflects on the social dimension of irreligiousness, exploring how working-class atheists’ experiences of exclusion could make them sympathetic to other marginalised groups.

Science Sexuality and Race in the United States and Australia 1780s 1890s

Author : Gregory D. Smithers
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This book combines transnational history with the comparative analysis of racial formation and reproductive sexuality in the settler colonial spaces of the United States and British Australia. Specifically, the book places "whiteness," and the changing definition of what it meant to be white in nineteenth-century America and Australia, at the center of our historical understanding of racial and sexual identities. In both the United States and Australia, "whiteness" was defined in opposition to the imagined cultural and biological inferiority of the "Indian," "Negro," and "Aboriginal savage." Moreover, Euro-Americans and Euro-Australians shared a common belief that "whiteness" was synonymous with the extension of settler colonial civilization. Despite this, two very different understandings of "whiteness" emerged in the nineteenth century. The book therefore asks why these different racial understandings of "whiteness" – and the quest to create culturally and racially homogeneous settler civilizations – developed in the United States and Australia.

History of the Negro Race in America from 1619 to 1880

Author : George Washington Williams
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Science Sexuality and Race in the United States and Australia 1780 1940 Revised Edition

Author : Gregory D. Smithers
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Science, Sexuality, and Race in the United States and Australia, 1780–1940, Revised Edition is a sociohistorical tour de force that examines the entwined formation of racial theory and sexual constructs within settler colonialism in the United States and Australia from the Age of Revolution to the Great Depression. Gregory D. Smithers historicizes the dissemination and application of scientific and social-scientific ideas within the process of nation building in two countries with large Indigenous populations and shows how intellectual constructs of race and sexuality were mobilized to subdue Aboriginal peoples. Building on the comparative settler-colonial and imperial histories that appeared after the book’s original publication, this completely revised edition includes two new chapters. In this singular contribution to the study of transnational and comparative settler colonialism, Smithers expands on recent scholarship to illuminate both the subject of the scientific study of race and sexuality and the national and interrelated histories of the United States and Australia.

Paul Elvstrom Explains the Racing Rules of Sailing

Author : Paul Elvstrom
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The 17th edition of this bestselling pocket reference for racers has been completely revised to cover the new rules for 2013-2016. It includes the full text of the new racing rules with a handy 'Quick Guide to the Changes' at the front. Each rule is carefully analysed, and the situations likely to be met with in a race are explained with helpful 'birds eye' line drawings cross-referenced to the relevant rule. Once again, the model boats that are very popular for use in protests are included, there are signal flags on the back cover for easy reference on the race course, and a plastic wallet keeps everything together and protects from spray. 'All you need to know' Sailing 'Definitely a book to have on board' The Island 'Indispensable for anyone who races' Nautical News

Housing and Race in Industrial Society

Author : David H. McKay
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This is a comparative study of the relationship between civil rights law, housing and urban policy in Britain and the United States. It focuses on the ways in which governments have attempted to remove racial discrimination and disadvantage in private and public sector housing. The study, first published in 1977, does not simply consist of an account of administrative and judicial attempts to remove discrimination. A major concern is to place civil rights laws in their total political, economic and social environments. The book explains and compares the nature of racial residential change in both countries, and assesses the impact of civil rights law on existing patterns of discrimination and disadvantage. Other public policies, in particular housing and urban policies, are examined and their relationship to anti-discrimination measures is analysed. In explaining differences between the two countries, emphasis is placed on the role of government in urban society, the political economies of urban areas, and the social and political differences between minority groups. Finally, the study identifies the limits to effective civil rights law enforcement and provides some indication as to the policy alternatives open to decision-makers in the two countries.

The Invention of Race in the European Middle Ages

Author : Geraldine Heng
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In The Invention of Race in the European Middle Ages, Geraldine Heng questions the common assumption that the concepts of race and racisms only began in the modern era. Examining Europe's encounters with Jews, Muslims, Africans, Native Americans, Mongols, and the Romani ('Gypsies'), from the 12th through 15th centuries, she shows how racial thinking, racial law, racial practices, and racial phenomena existed in medieval Europe before a recognizable vocabulary of race emerged in the West. Analysing sources in a variety of media, including stories, maps, statuary, illustrations, architectural features, history, saints' lives, religious commentary, laws, political and social institutions, and literature, she argues that religion - so much in play again today - enabled the positing of fundamental differences among humans that created strategic essentialisms to mark off human groups and populations for racialized treatment. Her ground-breaking study also shows how race figured in the emergence of homo europaeus and the identity of Western Europe in this time.