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The Real Giants of Soccer Coaching

Author : Josh Faga
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The Real Giants of Soccer Coaching is a collection of the curated thoughts of nearly 30 top soccer coaches from around the globe. In this book, you will gain access to the depth and breadth of experience from some of the best coaches across all areas of the beautiful game: from grassroots to premier leagues and everything in between. You will learn theoretical details about tactical periodization, positional play, and the science of motor learning. You will also learn from Youth National Team coaches, NCAA National Championship winning coaches, and First Division coaches from top European clubs. This book is a resource that can direct your coaching education over and around the perilous pitfalls that often consume most coaches. After reading this book, you will have gained the experience, knowledge, and wisdom of some of the best coaches across all areas of the game. You don't have to go your coaching path alone. Take this book and bring the wisdom of these top coaches with you to help navigate every corner, turn, and hazard along your way to becoming a great coach.

Soccer Coaching

Author : Eric Batty
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Facing the Giants

Author : Alex Kendrick
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IT’S BEEN SIX YEARS without a winning season and Coach Grant Taylor's job is on the line. Unless the Shiloh Christian Eagles turn things around—and fast—he's history. Unfortunately, their leading scorer has just left for a rival school and the team has lost its drive. The pressure is on. On the home front, things aren't much better for Grant. His house is falling apart. His old clunker of a car keeps dying, and the coach and his wife have been unsuccessful in their attempts to start a family. But God is on the move—in many ways. When Grant receives a message from an unexpected visitor, he searches for a stronger purpose for his football team. When faced with unbelievable odds, Grant and his Shiloh Eagles must rise above their fear and step up to their greatest test of strength and courage.

The Sports Hall of Fame Encyclopedia

Author : David Blevins
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Provides a comprehensive listing, including biographical information and statistics, of each athlete inducted into one of the major sports halls of fame.

The Complete Guide to Soccer Fitness and Injury Prevention

Author : Donald T. Kirkendall
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What are the best fuel foods for soccer players? What training regimen will best prepare young soccer players and improve their resistance to injuries? This comprehensive guide to health and fitness for soccer players offers expert advice for soccer teams at all levels. With decades of combined experience treating and training elite soccer players, exercise physiologist Donald Kirkendall and orthopedic specialist William E. Garrett Jr. present complex issues in an easy-to-understand format. The book addresses the physical and mental demands of the game, including the differences between boys' and girls' games and the differences in the levels of play in youth, college, and professional leagues; nutrition fundamentals, including food, drink, and vitamin supplements; physiology and training methods, with an emphasis on the basic elements of flexibility, speed, strength, and conditioning; and injury treatment and prevention. For players looking to step up their game, for parents who want to keep their kids healthy, and for coaches seeking the advice of the pros, this guide is an indispensable reference to keep handy on the sidelines.

The Soccer Diaries

Author : Michael J. Agovino
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Although soccer had long been the world’s game when Michael J. Agovino first encountered it in 1982, here it was just a poor cousin to American football, to be found on obscure UHF channels and in foreign magazines. But as Agovino himself passionately pursued soccer, Americans got wise and turned it into one of the most popular sports in the country. Agovino’s love affair with soccer is a portrait of the game’s culture and an intimate history of the sport’s coming of age in the United States. Agovino’s quest takes him from the unkempt field in the Bronx where he taught himself to play to some of the sport’s most storied venues and historic matches. With Agovino we travel from school fields to Giants Stadium, then from England to Germany, Italy, and Spain, along the way taking in the final days of the North American Soccer League, the 1994 World Cup, and the birth of Major League Soccer. Offering the perspective of fan, player, and journalist, Agovino chronicles his obsession with the sport and its phenomenal evolution.

Armenian American Canadian Who s who of Outstanding Athletes Coaches and Sports Personalities 1906 1989

Author : Richard N. Demirjian
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The Viking Tradition

Author : Susan J. Bandy
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In 1902, Martha Berry founded the Industrial School for Boys to educate the children of the Southern Appalachian Mountains, and in 1909 the school admitted women. The institution grew from a mountain industrial school to a two-year college in its first twenty-four years, became a four-year college in 1930, and has since become one of the leading liberal arts colleges in the South. This volume portrays, in word and image, the role of sports at Berry College throughout its 100-year history. Situating athletics within the social and cultural life of the college, the book includes both intramural and intercollegiate sport, and traces the evolution of the Viking tradition as it both parallels and reflects the development of sport in the United States. The story begins with the recreational and leisure activities of the early years of the school and traces the continuation of the sporting spirit from the days of the "Silver and the Blue" through the post-war "Blue Jacket" tradition, and ends with the Viking years of the last four decades. Of notable interest in the book is the development of the women's sports program, which has brought four national titles to the college; the importance of soccer to the college; the well-rounded intercollegiate program, which currently fields teams in seven sports; and an excellent intramural program.

Goal Power

Author : Mandy Cross
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Follows the thrilling real-life story of the world's most unlikely girls' soccer team, sharing their glorious wins, painful losses, and struggles toward victory in the championship, and includes soccer tips and strategies by top soccer coaches. Original.

The Most Memorable Games in Giants History

Author : Jim Baker
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Championship moments of the New York Giants' 85-year history are commemorated and highlighted through interviews with Giants legends, including Frank Gifford and Eli Manning, and descriptions of memorable plays and other details of historical significance.

Play Faster Speed Agility Quickness for Soccer

Author : Thomas DeNigris
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Speed kills! Indeed. Speed in soccer can be a potent weapon in matches. With the game offering so many different systems of play, the Speed of Play system used by so many professional and top-level amateur teams can be taught to youth teams. Using the Total Soccer Fitness & Training’s “Speed of Play Coaching Pyramid,” this book can show coaches how to teach the Speed of Play system to their players using myriad Speed, Agility, and Quickness (SAQ) drills and concepts. Players can be coached to become faster both with and without the ball. And using the Total Soccer Fitness & Training’s “Building Blocks to Player Development,” this book shows how to incorporate individual and small-group into a team environment.

Football s New York Giants

Author : Lawrence A. Pervin
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The New York Giants returned to prominence with a Super Bowl victory in 2008, but the franchise has a long and proud history. This book focuses on six different eras of the team, from its 1925 inaugural season, through the “glory years” of the 1950s with stars Frank Gifford and Sam Huff, to its victory over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII, one of the greatest upsets in football history. Players, coaches, general managers, and critical games are highlighted, along with the Mara family, which has guided the franchise since its inception. The growth of the team’s popularity mirrors the rise of the NFL as America’s most popular spectator sport.

The Ladies League

Author : Elise Marie Edwards
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The Blue Book of College Athletics

Author :
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The Greater New York Sports Chronology

Author : Jeffrey A. Kroessler
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Jeffrey A. Kroessler's comprehensive and entertaining time line stretches from the pastoral entertainments of the Dutch to the corporate captivity of professional sports. He chronicles events ranging from the truly heroic to the heartbreaking, from moments of municipal greatness to inescapable social change. Through it all he plants the world of sport at the very center of New York's story. Fully illustrated, The Greater New York Sports Chronology covers the spectacle of blood sports like bullbaiting to the birth of baseball, the now-forgotten six-day pedestrian contests, and today's New York City Marathon. Alongside great moments like the Mets' "amazin'" World Series win in 1969, Joe Louis's historic bouts with Max Schmeling, Jackie Robinson's breaking of baseball's color line, and Secretariat's remarkable Triple Crown win at Belmont, we encounter the point-shaving scandals of college basketball and the corrupting influence of organized crime in professional boxing. Beyond immortals like Lou Gehrig and Joe Namath, we also find such once well known figures as Joe Lapchick, Marty Glickman, Gertrude Ederle, and Toots Shor. Year by year, this chronology recounts chess matches, America's Cup races, dog shows, golf tournaments, polo matches, tennis games, and more. Kroessler describes the historic venues, boxing arenas, gyms, stadiums, ballparks, and racetracks that have come and gone, yet made New York the undisputed capital of American sport. Witnessing it all, of course, are the greatest fans in the world.

The Guardian Index

Author :
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Sports Market Place

Author :
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Intimate Talks by Great Coaches

Author : Edward Dana Caulkins
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Ghana the Rediscovered Soccer Might

Author : Okyere Bonna MBA
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After a Long Wait Ghana Finally Made the FIFA World Cup Tournament in Germany in 2006. Over the past 25 years football has not only taken root as the world's major game in the world but has also blossomed in other branches of society, commerce and politics. Football or soccer, more than any other factor, has united whole regions, people and nations. To read the entire story, visit The Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) began the World Cup championship tournament in 1930 with a 13-team field in Uruguay. Sixty-four years later, 138 countries competed in qualifying rounds to fill 24 berths in the 1994 World Cup finals including an African nation. FIFA increased the World Cup '98 tournament field from 24 to 32 teams, and it remained at 32 in 2002 including automatic berths for defending champion France and co-hosts Japan and South Korea. The other 29 openings were allotted by region: Europe (13), Africa (5), South America (4), CONCACAF (3), Asia (2), the two remaining positions were determined by means of two home-and-away playoff series. One was between the #14 European team (Ireland) and the #3 Asian team (Iran) and the other was between the #5 South American team (Uruguay) and the champion of Oceania (Australia). Over the past 25 years football has not only taken root as the world's major game in the world but has also blossomed in other branches of society, commerce and politics. Football or soccer, more than any other factor, has united whole regions, people and nations. With approximately two hundred million active players, (FIFA estimate) football can be said to constitute a substantial chunk of the leisure industry. Indeed, today Football (soccer) has opened up new markets for itself and for the rest of the business world and will continue to be the all time sport of the century. FIFA World Cup tournaments have been played once in Asia (Japan/South Korea), three times in North America (Mexico 2 and U.S.), four times in South America (Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Uruguay) and ten times in Europe (France 2, Italy 2, England, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and West Germany). Ghana made a debut in the 1962 FIFA World Cup qualifiers but they were narrowly knocked out by Morocco and in subsequent years they found victory illusive. The 2002 FIFA World Cup qualification was a nightmare for Ghana having ended up in the fourth place behind Nigeria, Liberia and Sudan. Ghana's hopes of reaching the first Asian finals were effectively ended by a 3-1 defeat at home to Liberia and an unconvincing draw against Sierra Leone. Ghana's historic journey to the 2006 FIFA World Cup finals begun with a comfortable qualifying victory over Somalia. Lets hope Ghana continues to show up in subsequent FIFA World Cup tournaments. For Ghana, a place on world footballs greatest stage is long overdue. They have won four CAF African Cup of Nations titles in 1963, 1965, 1978 and 1982 - and twice captured the FIFA Under-17 World Championship. Moreover, they have produced some of Africas most talented footballers down the years including the international ace player Abedi Ayew Pele. The success of the Black Stars ironically comes at a time when they do not have as many big names but instead a youthful team with a disciplined approach fostered by coach Dujkovic, who offered an early statement of his no-nonsense approach. The Ghana national team was founded in 1957, the year of Ghanas independence from the British imperial regime. Since its establishment the Ghana Black Stars have won African Cup of Nations four times (1963, 1965, 1978, 1982), and CSSA Nations Cup four times (1982-1984, 198

The Legacy Letters

Author : Tuesday's Children
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Ten years after the tragic events of September 11, 2001, the family members of one hundred of the individuals lost on that terrible day look back-and forward-in this inspiring collection of letters. Filled with love, resilience, humor, wonder, and encouragement, the letters offer a unique perspective on the events of the unforgettable day that forever changed our world. The authors of these letters are adolescents, teens, young adults, spouses, parents, siblings, nieces, and grandparents. They are first- generation Americans, citizens of other nations, and lifelong New Yorkers. But they all share one thing: They honor their loved ones by living their lives with purpose, and a promise to never forget. These courageous family members share their grief and loss-and hope- speaking in their own words, with love, courage, and strength enough to inspire us all.