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The Real Jerk

Author : Al Pottinger
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There's a Jamaican phrase, ''Out of many, one people,'' that is reflected in the style of cooking from the Caribbean: distinct, bold flavours coming together to create an electric experience. Such is the case with The Real Jerk. This is new Caribbean cuisine, cooking borne out of tradition, steeped in history, and brought into a new world where styles and tastes fuse to become something entirely different. The Real Jerk: New Caribbean Cuisine includes such favourite recipes as jerk chicken, curry goat, oxtail, shrimp creole, and ackee and codfish (Jamaica's national dish). There are also vegetarian dishes, a chapter with kids favourites, desserts, soups and salads, and all things Caribbean. Alongside the recipes and menu suggestions are stories about the tales behind the traditions, the history of the hearth, and anecdotes about Caribbean living, whether in the islands, or on the mainland. Not to mention black and white photographs and illustrations, and sixteen full-colour images of the best Caribbean cooking to be had this side of the islands. Let The Real Jerk transport you to new Caribbean cuisine: a blend of tastes and cultures unlike any you've visited before.

The Mentality Of A Jerk

Author :
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He leans up against a wall, many a wall have been subjected to this treatment, waiting for his next target to be innocently about their tasks for the day, not really caring if it's a torment he chases, or fleeting passions that will mean nothing more than a breeze does, cool , fun, but abandoned if or when it turns into an actual wind. Nor will he care if someone catches him at this game, for charm is an assured thing to get one out of many difficulties, ignoring the many centuries worth of warnings about the shortfall of such behaviours simply thinking " Hey, that was those losers, they weren't" the sentiment of all self importance is enough sign language for even a mime to give up it's paint, humbled by a master. Who will it's victim of happenstance entertainment be today? oh the joy , it's a feeling eminence, yet obvious cliches of psychologists everywhere, this one is obvious, yet why does it think this way?? Will we ever know? Maybe some can guess , many have tried and fallen to it's charms, yet there's still a thought , no one is THAT impervious to scrutiny..........but be aware.....for if you argue with this one, for surely you will become him, and then he will smile, bow, and move off be become what he has always wanted to nice easy going guy everyone likes........

Azul and the Forbidden Techno mods

Author : A.R. Miller
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Azul, on his 12th birthday, receives his invitation to Tintagel Academy of Techno-Wizardry. When he accepted, Azul became the target of a group of rebellious computer characters that infect his avatar with super abilities that also corrupt his nature. Azul must resist the temptation to use his powers for selfish ends, while learning his school lessons by actually crafting (building) them. With the help of his twin friends, Azul is able to overcome the challenges of both the real and virtual worlds. A riveting novel by a first-time author. Azul and the Forbidden Techno-MODs is a fun story with charming characters who will win your heart.

The True Adventures of a Vagabond

Author : John DePasquale
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The True Adventures of a Vagabond is the story of a young boy growing up in Brooklyn without a father and learning first hand street sense where nothing comes easy for survival in a big city that would, curiously and eventually come in handy in his successful street-smart career as a Special Agent. His early years unwittingly started the chain of life events that would lead him to many foreign countries and meeting some of the most powerful men in the world. The early story continues with the stealing of a car, the engagement to his first wife who happened to be engaged to someone else, and a direction with more question marks than answers, and who, with everything going against a kid growing up in an urban environment, became one of the highest decorated Special Agent within his field of expertise. Most of SA DePasquale's writings emerged in the form of hundreds of Criminal Investigations later prosecuted in a federal court. Along the way in his notable career, from Asia to Africa to Latin America and elsewhere, SA DePasquale enjoyed an insider-view at the highest levels of government and intelligence that few are privy to. He participated in major drug arrests and investigations that included U.S. involvement, in more ways than commonly acknowledged, with the South American drug trade and the capture of Manuel Noriega. SA DePasquale's career ended in retirement after being informed by his superiors that an up-coming inspection was more important then the surveillance of a known drug dealers home who had been threatened with death by his suppliers, this lack of surveillance resulted not only with the death of the drug dealer but the brutal death of his four young kids. The writing was on the wall, passing an inspection was more important then the life of others, it was time for him to leave. After retirement his adventures continued, looking for answers in places there were none, what was SA DePasquale looking for? Maybe after reading this book someone has the answers, until then his adventures continue.

ABC Travel Greenbook

Author : Martinique Lewis
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The ABC Travel Greenbook is the #1 resource for Black travelers to connect with the African Diaspora globally! This book was created to honor our roots, and celebrate Black owned businesses on 6 out of 7 continents. With this resource we are encouraging patronage that keeps the black dollar circulating, preserving our businesses worldwide, for generations to come. The ABC Travel Greenbook holds the information that search engines can’t tell you. In it are the communities, restaurants, tours, festivals, and more that have been overlooked by travel publications pertaining to black culture. Want to get your haircut in Budapest? Or take the Black history tour in Cartagena? The ABC Travel Greenbook has got you covered from A-Z.

On a Scale from Idiot to Complete Jerk

Author : Alison Hughes
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J.J.'s science report has everything: graphs, charts, case studies, a quiz and the best subject matter of all time--jerks (and a few idiots).

Joint Custody with a Jerk

Author : Julie A. Ross, M.A.
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From parenting expert Julie A. Ross and writer Judy Corcoran comes the fully revised Joint Custody with a Jerk, the highly praised guide to co-parenting with an uncooperative ex-spouse, now updated to provide real solutions to tough family issues. It's a fact that parenting is hard enough in a family where two parents love and respect each other... After divorce, when the respect has diminished and the love has often turned to intense dislike, co-parenting can be nearly impossible, driving one or both parents to the brink of insanity. Joint Custody with a Jerk offers many proven communication techniques that help you deal with your difficult ex-husband or ex-wife. By outlining common problems and teaching tools to examine your own role in these sticky situations, this book conveys strategies for effective mediation that are easy to apply, sensible, timely and innovative. This revised edition of a bestselling classic sheds light on how today's digital forms of communication can both hurt and help in custody conflicts, and offers updated information throughout that brings age-old issues into the present day.

Jerk Magnet

Author : Katy Franklin
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I'm 30 and single. In the fifteen years I've been dating, I have noticed a blatant and unfortunate pattern forming. Jerks are drawn to me at an alarming rate, as if being pulled by some invisible, powerful magnet. And I am drawn to them. I frequently find myself in the company of idiotic, selfish, moronic, immature, cheap, cheating, lying, perverted douchebags. And while they may have a few discerning, semi-endearing, semi-reedeming qualities about them, they all have one crucial and critical characteristic in common: they are Jerks. And almost exclusively, I date them. ""Jerk Magnet"" is about my experiences going out with less than desirable men. There is Rob, the irrational, jealous boyfriend, Ricky, the non-commital guy and Kyle, the cheapskate loser. Even Serena is included in the group, my good friend who slept with the guy I was dating. From Los Angeles to Chicago, working many different jobs, from a Primetime Casting Assistant at a major television network to being a waitress at a Hooters-esque bar, it's no secret I struck out big-time in love. But with the help of my best friends, Erin and Natasha, fellow members of the Jerk Magnets Anonymous Club, I met undeniably crazy characters, formed irreplaceable relationships, was taught to face every situation with grace, humility and humor...and most importantly, learned to laugh at myself and just (barely) survive the world of dating jerks.

Diaspora Pride People Places and Things V4

Author : Indiana Robinson
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Promise of a New Beginning

Author : Addison Cole
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Discover the magic of the Bradens, and fall in love with Addison Cole's rich and romantic storytelling. Addison Cole is the sweet-romance pen name of New York Times bestselling author Melissa Foster. Addison Cole novels are the sweet editions of Melissa's steamy romance Love in Bloom series, and are written to stand alone, or to be enjoyed as part of the larger Sweet with Heat series. Sweet with Heat novels convey all of the passion you'd expect to find between two people in love without any graphic scenes or harsh language. If you are looking for a more explicit romance, pick up the steamy edition of this title, Bursting with Love, by Melissa Foster. In PROMISE OF A NEW BEGINNING... After having her heart broken by a country music star, Savannah Braden has sworn off men. She takes a break from her fast-paced Manhattan lifestyle for a weekend at a survivor camp to rebuild her confidence and readjust her priorities. But when she meets the handsome guide, Jack Remington, she's drawn to everything about him—from his powerful physique to his brooding stare—despite the big chip on his shoulder. Powerless to ignore the heated glances and mounting attraction, Savannah begins to reassess her hasty decision. After losing his wife in a tragic accident, Jack Remington found solace in the Colorado Mountains. This solitary existence allows him to wallow in his guilt and punish himself for having made a decision that he believes cost his wife her life. He never expected to want to return to the life he once knew—but then again, he never expected to meet gorgeous, stubborn, and competitive Savannah Braden. One passionate kiss is all it takes to crack the walls the two have built to protect themselves, and allow love to slip in. While Jack fights his way through his guilt, and struggles to get back into the lives of those he left behind, Savannah is there to help him heal, and together they nurture hope that they've finally found their forever loves. ** SWEET WITH HEAT: WESTON BRADENS A Love So Sweet Our Sweet Destiny Unraveling the Truth About Love The Art of Loving Lacy Promise of a New Beginning And Then There Was Us ALSO AVAILABLE for your binge-reading pleasure, more fun, heartwarming, flirty, and romantic love stories. The Seaside and Bayside series are set in the quaint small towns of Cape Cod, making them perfect beach reads! SWEET WITH HEAT: SEASIDE SUMMERS SERIES Read, Write, Love at Seaside Dreaming at Seaside Hearts at Seaside Sunsets at Seaside Secrets at Seaside Nights at Seaside Seized by Love at Seaside Embraced at Seaside Lovers at Seaside Whispers at Seaside SWEET WITH HEAT: BAYSIDE SUMMERS SERIES Sweet Love at Bayside Sweet Passions at Bayside Sweet Heat at Bayside Sweet Escape at Bayside ** "Addison Cole's stories are the perfect blend of sizzle and sweet. You won't be able to stop reading." - New York Times bestselling author RaeAnne Thayne "Romance, fun, emotions, and happily ever afters that will warm your heart, Addison Cole writes charming and unforgettable stories about real people and love in its most wonderfully moving forms." - New York Times bestselling author Violet Duke "Addison Cole has created characters you'll fall in love with and a seaside world you'll never want to leave." USA Today bestselling author Chris Keniston "An absolute treat to read and cannot wait for more from Addison Cole." ~ New York Times bestselling author Sawyer Bennett (aka Juliette Poe, on "Read, Write, Love at Seaside") *** Addison Cole is the sweet alter ego of New York Times and USA Today bestselling and award-winning author Melissa Foster. She writes humorous and emotional sweet contemporary romance. Her books do not include explicit sex scenes or harsh language. Addison spends her summers on Cape Cod, where she dreams up wonderful love stories in her house overlooking Cape Cod Bay. Addison enjoys discussing her books with book clubs and reader groups and welcomes an invitation to your event. The perfect beach read for fans of Susan Mallery, Debbie Macomber, Sherryl Woods, Linda Lael Miller, Brenda Novak, Inglath Cooper, and other big-family, small-town romance fans. The Bradens are wealthy and loyal, and you're guaranteed to enjoy a loving happily ever after.