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The Real Me

Author : Natalie Grant
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Teenage girls and soccer moms. Housewives and corporate executives. Young professionals and those who are retired. No matter their professions or responsibilities, women of all ages and all walks of life often struggle with an all-consuming issue-self-image. We as Americans are continually obsessed with the grass-is-greener, anything-else-is-better-than-what -we-have philosophy. And that is never truer for women than when it comes to our bodies and our self-images. The media and the world around us tell us that we should be perfect in every way. But this kind of scrutiny and obsession with perfection leaves women feeling unloved, unattractive, frustrated, and even depressed. In The Real Me, contemporary Christian singer and songwriter Natalie Grant is on a mission to especially help young women deal with this struggle and to find acceptance in how God created them. And this struggle is something that Natalie understands fully-she gives the reader an inside look at her own struggle with image issues that led her on the path to bulimia. In acknowledging her pain and sharing her struggle, she offers practical help and hope to women of all ages.

The Real Me

Author : Vicky Pattison
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'I believe in grafting hard, training right, eating well . . . and having a good time!' WORK HARD Vicky Pattison knows that achieving your dreams takes hard work, hustle, a sense of humour and a killer outfit. And now she's sharing her insider secrets for the first time: how to dress for success, how to eat well and keep healthy on the go and how to stay true to yourself when the going gets tough. PLAY HARD But Vicky wouldn't be Vicky if she didn't also know how to cut loose and have fun. The Real Me has everything you and your squad need for an epic night out or the ultimate girls' night in. And for the morning after, there's honest and hilarious advice on curing a hangover . . . and a broken heart. The Real Me is packed with recipes, fashion and beauty tips, training programmes and straight-talking advice on dealing with everything from job interviews to first dates. This is the ultimate guide to living life to the full, the Vicky Pattison way. 'I'm finally proud of myself and happy with who I am inside and out, and I want every woman in the world to feel like that too.' Vicky x

The Real Me

Author : Laura-Jane Cote
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Being the real you can be a challenge! This book is a workbook filled with inspirational stories, poems, and exercises to guide you to find your voice and the courage to live authentically. Written with humor and real-life learning experiences, the reader will find it easy to relate to the material. The spiritual tutorial sections assist you develop your own intuitive counsel and connect with your higher self.

The Real Me

Author : Erica Hebble
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Who am I? I thought I had gotten past this question once I left my teens. But in actuality, I struggle with this question more as an adult than I ever did as a teenager. In his first letter, Peter is very clear on who we are as Christians. The bigger issue is how we allow that identity to affect the way we live.

Being the Real Me

Author : Brigitte Bertrand
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Have you ever felt overwhelmed, sad, or simply frustrated with life in general? Well, I have. This was not a pleasant time for me, and it took a long time to recover. I felt compelled to write about my journey with depression. My goal is to share with you how I survived, how I got through it. I felt very alone in this journey, and now I realize that I did not need to be. You are not alone, and being depressed should not be seen as a taboo. It is an illness like any other, and there is hope. In this book, I share with you my life story, from my childhood to the present day. I hope it will give you a glimpse of what depression looks like. You might be surprised by what you find!

In Search of the Real Me Achieving Personal Balance

Author : David French, Ph.D.
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Realistic, achievable self-healing is attainable with Dr. French's "Search for Personal Balance" technique. With this method of stress reduction, the internal and external sources of stress are identified and eliminated. The exercises and techniques within this guide will help cure illnesses with emotional components and aid parents in understanding the psychological development of their children

Shawnay Bonnana The Real Me

Author : Shawnay Bonnana
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Will the Real Me Please Stand Up

Author : Pam Kanaly
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Will the Real Me Please Stand Up explores this daunting question of true identity. Through 100 spiritual endowments known as the 'I Am Blessings, ' Pam Kanaly unfolds your immense value to God. These 'I Am Blessings' define the core of your true personhood and implore you to take hold of your God-given inheritance for expansive living. You have the power to conquer defeat and step into a triumphant life. As a child of the King, are you enjoying your spiritual heritage or are you living beneath your privileges? It's time for the real you to arise and embrace your identity in Jesus Christ. Let's Go Deeper study guide also available through Tate Publishing. Teaching DVD available through

The Real Me Behind the Diguise for Everyone Else

Author : Kieshan Wilburn
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The real me behind the disguise for everyone else is a powerful self-evaluation about the disguises that I and many people struggle with: putting different masks on in different situations and around different people; looking for closures in life that sometime isn’t meant to have closure to; looking for love in all the wrong places; not loving yourself or putting yourself first; basically living your life for everyone else but you. I mean, its hit many different topics in life that many of us struggle with every day, from falling in love, getting your heart broken multiple times, forcing pieces to the life puzzle that just don’t fit, asking questions that never get answered, losing yourself in loving someone else, dealing with being a single parent, to feeling like just giving up on life because, at times, it become too overwhelming, even getting even with revenge. We have some lovemaking wrapped up in this too, along with family issues, and much more. This is a book that relates to everyone in the world on many different levels. Just know everyone has a story and is, most of the time, similar to another’s. You are never alone.

Whatever Happened to the Real Me

Author : Neva Coyle
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Many women are so overwhelmed by the hullabaloo of daily demands that they have lost touch with themselves. Somehow who we really are gets buried beneath a flurry of activities, and we mistakenly define ourselves by what we do. In this thought-provoking book, best-selling author Neva Coyle helps readers diagnose the degree to which they have lost themselves in their busyness. And step-by-step she leads them to solitude and down a Bible-oriented pathway past superficial self-definitions to find who they really are. Readers will shed fears and insecurities as they discover their real identity in Christ.