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The Ties that Bind

Author : Jim Willis
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Its handy size, comprehensive content, 100 photographs, additional resources chapter as well as a search-friendly index make The Religion Book a must-have reference for the introductory study of religion and a beacon for every reader who seeks his or her own holy grail. Containing five hundred-plus pages Willis explores 300 key religious figures, prophets, deities, places, and scriptures that play important roles in the major religions of the world. Willis respectfully explains terms and concepts as they relate to their respective belief systems.

Religion and Time

Author : Anindita Niyogi Balslev
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These essays focus on the concept of time in the major religious traditions. The theme of time so central to the religious point of view offers a focal point for fruitful interreligious dialogue.

The Religions of India

Author : Roshen Dalal
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Homosexuality and Religion

Author : Jeffrey S. Siker
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Describes various religious attitudes and responses to the presence of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered persons in various religious traditions.

Encyclopedia of Women and Religion in North America

Author : Rosemary Skinner Keller
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A fundamental and well-illustrated reference collection for anyone interested in the role of women in North American religious life.

Law and Religion

Author : Peter Radan
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The intersection of law and religion is a growing area of study for academics working in both subject areas. This book draws together research on several collisions between the two arenas, including a study of religious clauses in the US constitution and the interplay between religion and law in Canada, Australia and South Africa. With an emphasis on common law traditions, this book will be essential reading for researchers and advanced students of law and religion.

The Religion

Author : Tim Willocks
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Their god is War. And every god needs his Devil. THE RELIGION Malta, 1565. The greatest war the world has ever seen is unleashed on the doomed island as the Turks do battle with the Knights. The Knights call themselves The Religion. The Turks call them the Hounds of Hell. Back in Sicily, the beautiful, rich Carla pines for her bastard son, lost in the bloody inferno across the water. Enter Mattias Tannhauser – warrior, hero and double agent. Under Carla’s command, he embarks on a death-defying mission to save her son. But can he evade the Inquisition and escape to run the Turkish blockade to victory in time?

What is Religion

Author : Robert George Crawford
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This text not only offers a fresh introduction to the different belief-systems flourishing across the modern world, but asks us to consider how the very boundaries of faith might be drawn now and in the future.

The Religions Book

Author : DK
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The Religions Book clearly and simply explains all of the important information about the world's major, and many minor, religions, in an easy-to-access format. Using easy-to-follow graphics and artworks, succinct quotations, and thoroughly accessible text, The Religions Book explores the beliefs that underpin religious traditions around the globe and how they developed. From primal beliefs to the world's great faiths and the continuing quest for spiritual meaning in our complex world, The Religions Book gets to the heart of what it means to believe in God and religion's place in society. The Religions Book includes: - A dedicated section for each of the world's five major faiths - Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism - Primal beliefs, ancient and classical mythology, and new religions - Brief biographies and context boxes to give the full historical context of selected religions Through clear and concise summaries, graphics, and quotations, The Religions Book will help even the complete novice understand the ideas behind faiths and the place of religion in the world.

Christianity and the Religions

Author : Edward Rommen
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The essays in this book take a fresh look at the biblical data and address the contemporary questions raised by religious pluralism. The reader will gain a greater understanding of different religions and gain an increased confidence in the majesty and greatness of the one true God.

The Religions of Canadians

Author : Jamie S. Scott
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The Religions of Canadians draws on the expert knowledge and personal insights of scholars in history, the social sciences, and the phenomenology of religion to introduce the beliefs and practices of nine religious traditions.

The Religions of the American Indians

Author : Åke Hultkrantz
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Examines the ceremonies, myths, religious beliefs, rituals, and cult organizations of the Incas, Aztecs, and Mayans as well as pre-literate Indian tribes in North and South America

Scorsese and Religion

Author : Christopher B. Barnett
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Scorsese and Religion explores and analyzes the religious vision of filmmaker Martin Scorsese’s oeuvre, showing that Scorsese cannot be properly understood without reflecting on the ways that his religious interests are expressed in and through his art.

The Religion of Islam

Author : Maulana Muhammad Ali
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Comprehensive and monumental work on the sources, principles and practices of Islam: a) Sources of Islam, its essentials and doctrines -- The Holy Quran, Hadith, Ijtihad and Ijma b) Principles of Islam, Iman (Faith), Attributes of God, Angels, Revelation, Revealed Books, Prophets, Finality of Prophethood of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, Life after Death, Taqdir, etc. c) Institutions and Practices of Islam: Prayer, Zakat (Charity), Fasting, Hajj (Pilgrimage) Jihad, Apostasy, Social Relations (Marriage, Property, Inheritance, etc.) Food, Penal Laws, the State, etc. Detailed index including an index of Arabic words and phrases.

The Religion

Author : Nicholas Condé
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An anthropology professor is drawn into a bizarre religious cult that marks his seven-year old son as a supreme sacrificial victim.

The Religious Traditions of Asia

Author : Joseph Mitsuo Kitagawa
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This essential student textbook consists of seventeen sections, all written by leading scholars in their different fields. They cover all the religious traditions of Southwest Asia, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Tibet, and East Asia. The major traditions that are described and discussed are (from the Southwest) Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Islam, and (from the East) Taoism, Confucianism and Shinto. In addition, the tradition of Bon in Tibet, the shamanistic religions of Inner Asia, and general Chinese, Korean and Japanese religion are also given full coverage. The emphasis throughout is on clear description and analysis, rather than evaluation. Ten maps are provided to add to the usefulness of this book, which has its origin in the acclaimed Encyclopedia of Religion, edited by Mircea Eliade of the University of Chicago.

The Religions of the Roman Empire

Author : John Ferguson
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The Religious Sense

Author : Luigi Giussani
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Giussani challenges us to penetrate the deepest levels of experience to discover our essential selves, breaking through the layers of opinions and judgments that have obscured our true needs. Asserting that all the tools necessary for self-discovery are inherent within us, he focuses primarily on reason, not as narrowly defined by modern philosophers, but as an openness to existence, a capacity to comprehend and affirm reality in all of its dimensions. Part of the so-called new religious revival, The Religious Sense avoids any sentimental or irrational reduction of the religious experience. It is a forthright and refreshing call to reassess our lives.

The Religion of the Veda

Author : Hermann Oldenberg
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Samkhya and Yoga systems of religious thought.

The Religion of Nature Delineated

Author : William Wollaston
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