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The Reluctant Father

Author : Diana Palmer
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Revisit a tale of unexpected family and love from New York Times bestselling author Diana Palmer Blake Donavan is a loner, and he likes it that way. There’s no room in his life for love …that is, until a little girl shows up on his doorstep and calls him “Daddy”! As a bewildered Blake struggles to come to terms with newfound fatherhood, he’s thrown for another loop. The woman he loved and lost, Meredith Blake, is back in town. And there might just be a chance for Blake and Meredith to give family a second chance…

The Reluctant Rector The Father Tom Mysteries Books 1 3

Author : J. R. Mathis
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A Small-Town Amateur Sleuth Mystery Romance Series Boxset The Reluctant Rector is a boxset of the first three books in The Father Tom Mysteries. Meet Father Tom Greer and Detective Helen Parr, former lovers reunited after twenty years, as they solve crimes old and new--and explore the profound mysteries of the human heart. The Penitent Priest (Book 1)--My wife died in my arms, the victim of a nameless killer's bullet. I should have died with her. But God had other plans for me. Fifteen years later, I'm back where it all happened. I just want to forget, but the past won't leave me alone. Now, I'm asking a woman who I left broken-hearted twenty years before to catch my wife's killer. I'm Father Tom Greer, a Catholic priest, and I'm playing with fire. The Framed Father (Book 2)--My wife’s killer finally caught, I was content to leave Myerton to serve in the isolation of the same monastery where I found my call to the priesthood. The temptations of the past still occupy my mind, but behind these walls I’m safe from them. A call from the Archbishop sends me back to Saint Clare’s, to find out if a young priest has broken his vows. Confident I’ll find nothing wrong, I’m content to return. Then a young woman is murdered, and the priest stands accused. Helen is on the case, and I must work with her again to find the truth. But the feelings we left unspoken before are harder to avoid, and I find my heart struggling with my head. Can I save a young man’s life without risking my soul? The Redemptive Return (Book 3)--My faith lies in tatters after the events of the summer. I’ve neglected my prayers. I’ve avoided my priestly duties. I am questioning everything about myself--except my feelings for Helen. When my estranged sister goes missing, I fly home to look for her--with Helen surprising me on the plane. My sister’s dead when I arrive. I’m too late to save her. But I swear to find her killer. But emotions are fragile things, and in the depths of my despair, my love for Helen bursts forth in a grief fueled frenzy of passion and longing. In coming home, what have I found--my damnation, or my redemption? Keywords: Murder, Mystery, Contemporary, Small Town, Forbidden Romance, Taboo, Priest, Amateur Sleuth, Woman Detective, Catholic Church, Celibacy, Father Brown, Platonic Friendships, Second-Chance, Suicide, Family Secrets, Later-in-life, box set, boxset, anthology, collection, church sex scandal, cold case, human trafficking, prostitution Authors: G.K. Chesterton, Louise Penny, Melissa Storm, Solomon Carter, Veronica Black, Levi Fuller, Christy Barritt, Dominika Best, Willow Rose, Clare Chase, Sage Parker,

Reluctant Father

Author : Elizabeth Oldfield
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The father of her child… So what was Gifford doing here in the Saychelles? Was he really arrogant enough just to walk back into Cass's life after ignoring her for eighteen months? He soon made it clear that he still wanted Cass. But how could he sit there and not even mention his son? Well, Cass wasn't about to let him get away with it. She decided to wheel in the star of the show…his baby.

The Reluctant Father

Author : Phillip Toledano
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A humourous and touching account of one man's troubled journey down the rocky road of fatherhood.

Reluctant Dad

Author : Carla Cassidy
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15th Anniversary Celebrating fifteen years of romance Silhouette INTIMATE MOMENTS Sisters THE BEAUTY, THE BODYGUARD AND THE BABYDominic Marcola was paid to guard Melissa Newman—not deliver her baby! But suddenly the cynical ex-cop was faced with the miracle of life—and love. Now the new mom and top suspect in a murder case had to prove her innocence and fight for the family she hoped Dominic would one day be a part of. Sisters by birth, friends by choice…and they're about to find true love in the most unexpected places!

Das Schicksal ist ein mieser Verr ter

Author : John Green
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Author : Elizabeth Oldfield
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Cassandra has come all the way to the Seychelles to help out at a cottage owned by the lover of her recently deceased uncle. She went because she thought she could start a new life there with her newborn son. However, one day while cleaning up, she went out front and froze where she stood. The man on the terrace, staring out at the sea… His name was Gifford, and he almost drove her mad with his love. They broke up a year and a half ago, and he cruelly ignored Cassandra’s letter telling that he had a son. So why has he suddenly reappeared in her life after all this time?

The Reluctant Bridegroom

Author : Shannon Farrington
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Conveniently Wed Marriage for any reason but love was once unthinkable to Maryland councilman Henry Nash. But when an innocent encounter with a criminal puts Henry's reputation in jeopardy, he'll make any sacrifice to maintain custody of his orphaned nieces. And an alliance with a powerful politician's daughter could secure the little girls' futures. As long as gentle Rebekah Van der Geld never hears the rumors surrounding her new groom... Refusing her father's choice of husband wasn't an option for dutiful Rebekah. But Henry's kindness is a happy revelation, and she's quickly falling for his adorable nieces--so she allows herself to hope this unconventional arrangement could become much more. But can it survive a shattering revelation that puts their new family in danger?

Reluctant Father

Author : Elizabeth Oldfield
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Enjoying God

Author : Tim Chester
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Issue 2 of Engage - daily Bible reading notes for teenagers. This issue looks at Genesis, John, Haggai, 1 Timothy, Psalms and Habakkuk! It also examines questions like 'how do we know God exists?', 'what's the point?' and contains articles on God as dad and cash values. Engage exists to help you plug into your Bible. Through Engage's pages we want to plunge into God's awesome word: discovering who God is and what He's like; seeing what God's done for us through Jesus; and exploring practical ways of living for Him. The Bible is packed with amazing stories and life-changing teaching. It's time to dive into the Bible and see God change our lives...